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Should I watch Firefly knowing that I'll be disappointed no matter how much I like or dislike it?
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Take it or leave it. Only the last episode is actually good.
Sure. Just watched it for the first time recently and i almost stopped during the pilot, but i ended up enjoying it. my opinion is that Its next level corny and cringy at times and the hack writers like to throw in blatantly aweful cliche dialogue a lot but they still manage to pull off some pretty damn good episodes here and there that show that it had some serious potential. The question is is serenity worth watching?
who the fuck gives a shit what you do

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>Ah, really? Because you didn't kick me out when you begged me to be on this show.
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>Ah, would you rather meet my buddy Sneed?
Chuck's Suck and Cuck
>I'm just a weather girl, sweetie, I don't choose guests

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We could have avoided the complaints of time travel and teleportation if Dany had changed her mind and went after Jon herself. They could have even had a cool scene where Gendry arrived at Eastwatchcout of breath and then Dany SWOOSHES overhead
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Got posters should fuck off to reddit. The show is irredeemable. Kys

but, anon, the writers are idiot hack pedopervs who are only interested in kill boys kill handsomeguys kill favecharacter kill dragon kill kill kill kill
This would've made more sense

Chucks fuck and suck was a brothel operated by Chuck. one of the patrons was Mayor Quimby. Chuck had hidden cameras in the rooms and used a video to try and blackmail the mayor.

Quimby, knowing that the video would end his career and marriage turned to Fat Tony. Tony ordered a hit on Chuck and then the mob took over the business, handing it over to Sneed. a Jewish associate of Tony's.

Sneeds is currently a "legitimate business" used to launder money.
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Post this on reddit and fuck off
did the hit on chuck work out or is it still in progress
Post this on reddit and fuck off

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>60s film
>Existentialist themed

Why did so many directors think this entry level philosophy was so cool back then?
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Ego death meme inspired by too much LSD and shrooms
Bergman's Persona was unironically good though desu
OP here, I am 30 minutes into Persona. I paused it to make this thread.

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>remember when Sisko wanted to get Eddington for making him feel silly
>by poisoning habitable colony planets in the DMZ (which is an act if war, btw) of all Maquis planets?
>remember when he displaced thousands of people of those planets?
>remember when Sisko did all this because of his autistic hunch that Eddington only saw himself as Valjean? Despite that literally not changing how absolutely savage it was to shoot torpedoes of biological weapons at civilians?
I have never agreed with a "villain" faster in my fucking life, Eddington was 100 percent correct.
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I don't care to discuss DS9, even if you're criticizing it.
Uh, okay? Thanks for the info?

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>somebody famous... like an actor

what were the Wackovski tranny-faggot-queers trying to communicate here?
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The Matrix is just their lifelong power fantasy of becoming cum sluts. I can't even watch this movie anymore now that I know the full story.
Well what would you want to be?
that's easy

Is this kino?
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>it's real
>A woman threatens to leave her husband unless he installs a toilet in their home. In order to win her love and respect back, he sets on a journey to fight against the backward society.
>almost 3 hours long

Looks like kino
the name translates to Toilet: a love story

Will there ever be another comedian like this?

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Look up John Ford interview with bogdanovich
I hope not. Jerry Lewis always seemed like an asshole. Even when he was young. His comedy sucked too. I don't miss him.

And another thing, fuck his charity.

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no one talks about the real heroes of this show
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We've discussed this before they are a hivemind. One raven reads One raven writes.

I love the family in this movie. Could you imagine having a family this larger and supportive?

I grew up in a huge but completely separate family. Only the barest support between one another. No really happiness and celebration. I want to be part of this family.

But I wouldn't marry Toula. She is boring.
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I forget who Toula is, but I love this movie and the sequel. And I completely agree that a large + supportive family is the dream. It's almost as if the old world traditions existed to make us happy....
She acts like a chubbier Tina Fey in the sequel

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Thats Chuck Jr.He started the buisness after his father sold the store to Sneed.
That's clearly not a garden though....
How does this fit into the Simpsons universe? I don't get the joke either.

> Beer garden
> ?

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What could have been.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Why would you green screen a man before shooting him out of a plane?
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I miss Baneposting. I used to start 200 'BANE?'-threads a day and net thousands of replies. Now I just spam Blacked.com porn on /pol/, but it just isn't the same.
>blacked on /pol/
>not blacked on /tv/

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Wtf happened to this kino? I used to watch this every day when i was 5-6 years old.
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>Wtf happened to this kino?
I dunno man? Wtf do you mean?
What do you mean what happened? Did you lose your copy or something?
Is Rick Moranis dead?

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