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Which fucking one of you did this
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>Kill White Walker
>Wights all die
Shouldn't Beric drop dead as soon as Thoros died?
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How is this.
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>le anyone else 90s nostalgia??
Dogshit looking at that pseudo drawn poster
Is that Wil "The cucked generation" Wheaton?


First he was White and Gold
Now he's Blue and Black

Did they do it for the meme??
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>well well Jon Sno, what is so important you've come all the way to Kings Landing?
>that's cute, I got an undead soldier as well
>why don't you and dany play with it, in the dungeon, forever

and so jon sno and dany died and Cersei ruled the Seven Kingdoms

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Cersei's dumb, but not dumb enough to admit she has a fucking undead bodyguard, if anything she'd turn it over to Qyburn and see if it matches his own dark arts covertly.

How the fuck did Qyburn do it anyways? In the books I assumed he was Varys and a faceless man with death magic of some kind.
He was previously a maester but was kicked out of the citadel for human experimentation, so presumably something he learned while he was there.

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The short films in this were suprisingly funny.

Rest was complete garbage though.
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You will never have Naomi Watts as your mother fucking you ...
this was 4chan the movie

I hate absolutely everyone in this show. Every time I see it on TV, I hope the killer some how kills everyone of them.
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So I just got around to watching this a few years late, and it was pretty good.

The absolute best part of the show for me was the S2 cliffhanger ending. That whole set-up had such an immense amount of promise.

Unfortunately, it kind of tapered off towards the end, and the finale was pretty dumb. What the fuck did Kira even expect? Why would a time machine throw her into another timeline?

The time travel seemed pretty solid at first, but then it all kind of fell apart. Why did Alec's week jump destroy the universe? Every other example in the show is clearly the Many-worlds interpretation, because Kira changes the future through Alec, causing time travel to seemingly never be used again and creating the good future where she never went back in the first place. That's even more of a paradox than Alec's jump. Kellogg's deus ex machina "time tether" thing didn't make sense either, at the very least it would have deleted his bad future and all the travellers from it if you pretend many-worlds stopped applying for no reason.

I get that the show was planned to go longer and cut short, but there were better ways to end it. Overall, 7/10.
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Is Jungle Jitters the most kino WB cartoon ever made?

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I don't get this joke.
light nigga
dark nigga
faux nigga
real nigga

rich nigga
poor nigga
house nigga
field nigga
>mfw one of the fucking black people talked like an asian stereotype
man the 90s were a different time

bar none the best film i've see this decade

i know that hyperbolic af with examples such as drive and the social network among plenty others to fight for the throne.


it takes the concept of the recent steve jobs movie (3 key points in a persons life)

but it

>is shot almost flawlessly
>has the cinematic grounds of a classic
>covers brutal themes without hitting you over the head
>has next level acting without making that a focus
>feels like italian neo realism butt fucked (no pun) NWR or Malick
>leaves you with both questions and answers in an unconventional yet heartbreaking ending
>tricked me into believing Miami was LA - which means the location is in itself a character, not just a backdrop, which in turn adds to the brilliance and motifs
>made me cry
>made me laugh
>shocked me
>and tied it all into one little bundle that blew me the fuck away.

I'll get into themes and motifs at a later date but in short this movie ripped my soul out of my chest, spat on it, and threw it to the curb. It's been a long time since that happened, and we've had a plethora of amazing films this decade.
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>We need a guy to play the evil German Na-
>say no more senpai
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How many times he played a nazi?
>say no more Fraulein

Is that Gul Dukat

what was the point of this shit? i can understand thr reason why they did it for cameron's smurf but why the fuck was this needed here?
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To make Smaug a genuine performance for Cumberbatch rather than just a voice role.
I think they did it just for the behind the scenes pictures.
You dumb fuck

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Guys whats your favorite movie quote? Mine is

>Harlots, vacate the premises
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>I'm your daddy now
By black vader.
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I have commenced towards a level of dis-belief in your dedication towards twinkle motility

Why did the white walkers bother to steal living wildling babies if they can just turn dead things into white walkers as well? This eye clearly doesn't belong to a wight. Bravo dabids
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Also why can they turn babies but not adults, especially considering the first White Walker was an adult man.
In the books I assumed they were sacrificing Craster's boys since he could technically be considered a King, making him their own personal Kingsblood farm.
Every wight has blue eyes you mong.
The whole episode was a big fucking mess

Watching Edge Of Tomorrow for the first time, guys.
16 minutes in, so far so good!
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Keep us updated! :)

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