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Eureka thread. Favorite episode, character, etc? Has /TV ever watched it?
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Probably one of the most comfy things ever shown on television
I've been using it as background Kino.
I hate this show desu

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>still no new GoT episode leak
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You just know the hackers have already watched it, trading it for that sweet numale girlfriend's roastie

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>mfw they're with the vipers
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They look like one of those weight loss ads - before and way before

/notable/ /tv/ /ourguy/ /ourgirl/ /pairings/

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>Orlando Bloom Has a "Bit of a Foot Fetish," Says Wife Miranda Kerr

Is he, dare I say, /our guy/? He's gonna suck on KP's 10/10 godtier solepusy every night.

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wut the fuck
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>she make my heart stop, drop and roll
>I'm on fire, baby, yes I know
>she make my heart stop, drop and roll
>I'm on fire when you touch my soul
>dood gay robots XD
>dood 10 min flute lesson
>doodbro cgi aliums, the kids love computer graphix
>muh stronk female lead
>no helmets rofl
time for a male lead in an alien movie
This felt like a B tier horror movie that somehow involved Aliens and Prometheus. I had to immediately put on Alien after wards to get this dumb shit off my mind.

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How do you feel about Brad Leone?
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I could give a knats fart about you and your gay boyfriend OP.
hes fine but this isnt really /tv/ is it?

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What did /tv/ think of Skins?
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first two gens turned my entire class into tryhard assholes
In what way?
Sid went to my mates 21st birthday and got knocked out for trying to pinch ciggies off people and then mouthing off. Fun fact.

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Game of Thrones last Episode is called "The Dragon and the Wolf"

We won again.
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>It’s all so subjective, you know? I guess I shouldn’t complain. I’ve learned over the years that people get upset when they tell you something is their favorite movie and you go, “Really? You liked that piece of s**t?” That’s the sort of thing Sean Penn would say. So I now tell people, “Thank you, that’s great,” and move on. But you know, I remember John Lennon saying that if he could, he’d go back and burn most of the work the Beatles did. He said he’d rerecord all the f**king songs, and I get that. Most of my work I would just stomp into the ground and start over again.


Is Gary Oldman /ourguy/?
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how do u get the black text x)
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write something in the title, you summerfag

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>Character is driving in a straight line
>The move the steering wheel from side to side
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>he doesn't make 500 micro-adjustments per second
So this is the power of brainlets
>character is riding a bike
>crashes it
this never happens irl

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Starring Kyle MacLachlan Edition


Meanwhile: >>86730896
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early ray
>5 Woody Woodpeckers
>5 Woodsmen


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Best episode edition.

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Interesting how the Capaldi era "clicked" with more hardcore fans (who actually watch the classics and listen to audios) than fans who only watch Nu.
gonna link to here i guess

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I come across an interesting if not infamous website, seemingly as old as the internet itself yet never truly explored by the average mind.

*grabs a live chicken and bites its head off*

As I was saying, my journey for fame, fortune, and food has brought me to 4chan; known to some as the true birthplace of the modern internet. Specifically I find myself on /tv/, a den of the absurd, the dying, the reborn, and the contrarian; dedicated to the "discussion" of all that takes place in front of a camera lens.

*kills the last animal of an endangered species*

I see Aiden Gillen, a close friend of mine who has become a peculiar case; blossomed into somewhat of an ironic god for the ever sarcastic masses of 4chan. A simple phrase from his opening lines in "The Dark Knight Rises" immortalizes him in the memetic dreams of /tv/. Not long after, I encounter a scantily clad prepubescent girl who makes some vulgar sexually suggestive approaches towards me -- likely the work of the less reputable men who lurk in the shadows of /tv/. A fight breaks out nearby, two overweight men with poor hygiene fighting over the sexual history of a B list actress. I smell the pungent aroma of passed gas; it smells good. It smells like beautiful disgusting chaos. I'm starting to feel at home here.

*shoots a doe in mid birth and uses its umbilical cord to strangle the barely newborn fawn*

I ask the locals for their opinions of my own work on television and it doesn't bode well for me, I'm called a pretentious faggot and told to kill myself. The lingering insecurity of my sexual past flares up like a gazelle blown apart by a stick of dynamite, and I leave to ponder about my experiences with /tv/...and of course...find something to eat.

*drags the corpse of a homeless man into a nearby kitchen*
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man some weird shit came out of the 80s
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This is flawed as fuck but those Michael Mann aesthetics, fucking love it
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