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>Dude fuck alpha males that impregnate lots of women

What did the beta males that wrote GOTG2 mean by this?
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>impregnates loads of women
>kills undesirable children
>wants to conquer the universe and destroy it in the process


if only his parents had told him it was okay to wear skirts and suck dicks none of that would have happened
Star-Lord is a Chad himself and is the hero, so your argument is moot.
He only fucked one human, the rest were weird aliens. I think you're reaching.

>The best horror movie in my opinion is getting a sequel
>Same writer from the first is writing the second one too
>The three strangers from the original are returning
>"It'll be easier next time"
Was there a time you were excited about a sequel to a movie you loved, also general Strangers discussion.
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Way too late for this.
10 years too late.
Agreed. The original is pretty good but I don't really forsee the sequel doing anything new with the home invasion genre.

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is Ramsay a hack who only received his michelin stars because he's a tv personality? Remember that Marco made this little bitch cry.
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I love Ramsay. Don't you dare talk shit about him
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cmere you
he made a starch on starch sandwich on his youtube channel. I don't think there is any redeeming yourself from advertising a starch on starch sandwich. And remember, marco made this little bitch cry

>man and women on video having consensual sex.
>woman says she doesn't remember

Olivia Benson's on the case!
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>super famous guest star plays a seemingly nice working class schlub
>turns out they fuck kids
I would do something especially heinous to Olivia
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Why is this movie so great
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i can't believe you cunts baited me into watching this. it was 7/10 at best.
Because it's based on a true story.
literally god-tier story and outstanding animation

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What does /tv/ think about Shameless?
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I like vulgar humor but this show tries too hard for it's own good

It's cringy

>Good morning
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Truly garbage, but I don't care if other people like. I just don't get why they like it. All the problems in every episode are because the father is too drunk or high or because the main daughter fucked another dude while she was married to someone. It's just retarded. The other plot lines aren't any better. A gay kid who is so gay he goes crazy, and a kid who gets to rail his teacher. This show truly feels like a show based on a scummy reality tv show.
Haven't seen it.
Is it anything like Raising Hope?

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will the MCU pussy out?
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>make a movie about increasingly dangerous villains punching each other
>last movies had the heroes punching each other
>final movie will be about the punchiest of punchers
such a boring franchise
Does Cap die here?
They fuck, it's cannon

Why was there so much fucking fetish pandering in the new R&M episode?
>breast expansion
>weight gain
>dumbing down
>getting turned inside-out (idk probably a fetish)
Seriously what the fuck are they trying to do here?
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Sounds like an average RnM episode to me.
>(idk probably a fetish)
You don't know?
they are old school sci fi references pleb
>honey i shrunk the kids
>attack of the 50 ft woman

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Was he best boy
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And who was best girl
chad kino
It's good kino

This film is important enough to be taught in schools.
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ive always wanted to watch this but isnt their a prequel? or can I go ahead and watch this?
Watch the show first
You need to watch the 26 episode series first.

It sounds like a chore but I can't stress enough that the payoff is more than worth it.

Cast it
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Kevin James - Reinhard

Adam Sandler - Yang Wenli

Seth Rogan - Oberstein
Season 1 and 2 Reinhard.
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Are you okay?
Daniel Lopatin is a hack
Completely wrong, he's literally the only artist working in the medium of popular music.

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Do YOU cotton to freaks around these parts?
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I watched season 1. Mildly enjoyed it. Wasn't the best thing I ever saw, but not the worst. Started season 2, holy fuck it is terrible. What happened between 1 and 2 to get even worse like this?
Season 2 ep 7 is actually hilarious, so it's kinda a hit or miss
Yeah i dont know what the fuck happened. It felt like an entirely different show somehow.

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...and has he followed his feet?
Has he found his way home?
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Ya know what? Prince of Thieves was great.
lord of the rings thread?
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Yes William, with the pigs. With the pigs

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What next for my Bridget Regan
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Plz no bully
whats the bridgetcore? so far I've only watched and enjoyed much Legend of the bondage-loving lesbians

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