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What was up with the handgesture that Vince gave Chuck Norris?

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I guess it's supposed to be a palm strike?
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dim mak

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I would wash my hands constantly and not share craft service with that guy if were on that set
>aids isnt that contageous
Trusting the guy that did mountains of coke and popularised live in porn stars not to shit and piss his fluids everywhere..... Nope
What's with that cast? Is this a 9/11 comedy?
Apparently it's directed by the same guy that directed The Bronx Bull, which I had randomly watched on netflix once and thought was a pretty good movie, but this is the first time I've actually looked it up to find it has really bad ratings and got very little attention.

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You see, while indeed program television, I much intellectual knowledgeable enjoy more "Rick and Morty"
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I also much English.
haha yeah
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

new meme
apple go boom boom
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when i say new meme new meme

Cast the inevitable remake.
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Ill starting
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Are either of these shows any good? Was talking with work mates about tv shows and they said that they really liked these two.
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Luther is ok. The Fall kinda sucks.

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What happened to game of thrones?
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the fans didn't care when they did retarded shit so they kept doing more of it
With so many characters dying and not that many new ones getting introduced, the show has shifted from political intrigue to the final boss fight between the realm and the White Walkers.

>actors demanding to much money
>fat fuck didn't release the books
>a bunch of the best actors were characters that are already dead
>audience is full of normies that would never understand a more complicated plot
>the series now is more action based than dialogue based

to be honest, a lot happened

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>he died in Black Friday
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>this came out 6 years ago
I was 12 years old laughing so hard I would cry from watching South Park now I don't even giggle at it anymore...

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ITT: Film or TV that had events that closely resembled your life.

Evil Dead Remake
>Addict Sister
>Chad brother wanting to reconnect with old family and friends
>Love of family pet enough to go over the edge
>Wierd position of not knowing who to trust amongst maybe friends and family

Anyone else relate?
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but without the prostitutes or the one night stands or the successful career or the looks.
Shame the junky aspect was the only interesting stuff in the evil dead remake and they ignored it in favor of all that boring braindead gore, a pale imitation of one aspect of the originals
Nigga..what? Shame?

True facts there, although I still enjoy the movie


"The elderly Tom Parfitt (Michael Palin) fakes a fall at his long-term terraced house in bleak Yorkshire, to escape to a care home. However, moments after arriving the social worker that delivered Tom is thrown from the seemingly impenetrable fourth floor window of Tom's room, with only her and the frail Tom inside. This mystifies teenaged care assistant Hannah (Jodie Comer), although local police, including depressed detective Rob Fairholme (Mark Addy) are largely uninterested. One by one, strange things begin happening to those in contact with Tom, including Hannah and her family, and Tom soon vanishes from his hospital bed without explanation. Returning to Tom's home, Hannah starts to piece together several clues which lead her to Scarborough, where a dark secret from Tom's past comes to light and it becomes apparent that the paranormal is moving against them."

I just finished watching this and was wondering about the ending; was Michael Palin’s character actually dead the whole time, having died as a child when the ship he was on sunk in 1914?

He says that his parents were killed in WWI in a German naval bombardment of Scarborough and he was left an orphan and that his Muslim Indian nanny left to return to India on a ship that struck a mine but a framed newspaper clipping in his house of the sinking mentions all hands lost, so I’m thinking his nanny tried to take him with her to India and they both died.
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Sir Not Appearing In This Film is Michael Palin's son.
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remember me 1.webm
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This is Sigourney Weaver. Say something nice about her even though she sucked in Defenders.
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I like that sweet little blueberry pancake ass of hers.
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>Blueberry pancake ass
That sounds awful
She did a relatively good job running this site before she sold it to a Jap.

/tv/: Griffith, Stroheim, Flaherty, early Murnau

reddit: Lynch, Malick, Tarkovsky, Dreyer, Bresson
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>early Murnau
That's how I know you're a contrarian hipster faggot. He only got better with each film.
nah, he peaked right before he left for America
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>He only got better with each film.

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Name a greater popcorn flick
Go ahead I'll wait
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say what you want, but justin theroux is a pretty damn good actor
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