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Another unfunny episode
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Are you the faggot who keeps recommending Sam Hyde? Norm interviews people he likes, but like half of you retards don't seem to understand that.
Is there any comedian as overrated here as """""based""""" Norm?
>Wow he's vaguely conservative! SOOOOOOOOOO based!
Go back watching Wayne's World, faggot

Post your /lit/ adaptations
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More like /shit/.
pls make it happen
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summer turning into a giant 100x slower
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Puffy vagina

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How do we make e7 leak bros
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justify why you want the episode to leak without using the phrases "i'm edgy as fuck" or "don't have a good relationship with my dad"

I need to have an anal evacuation.


haha guys fuck surburbs right so boring

wow a traditional wife has a drug problem? haha she probably hates her life am i right, i'm sure she would rather work 50 hour weeks and be childless

its really funny because black music is being juxtaposed with implicitly white-american culture

i think this was written by jews it's really weird how jews are always so good at exposing the non-hedonistic, non-progressive, illiberal nature of the 1960s US isnt that so weird???

also julianne moore is actually jewish and is wearing a blonde wig to look like a WASP isnt that also really cool guys?

but it would definitely be really racist if white-americans wrote and directed and starred in movies that deconstruct the black american identity i bet
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HOH: xmas
Veto: jason
Nominations: mark/matt

previously on /bb/ >>86725949
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nth for panda
jason grooming alex's toes

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How much of a genius was this man? Or was he a pseudo-intellectual filmmaker?
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hes looking like Andrew Ryan in this pic
>how much?

Entirely. His fucking home movie fragments with him and his Croatian lover are better than 90% of all films made. Stuff he threw together in 3 weeks (Macbeth) looks more engaging and creative than most other movie-makers. Welles doesn't have a bad finished movie, and most of his unfinished projects are still noteworthy. Welles movies are worth watching for how he masters shot composition, framing, and editing, which he is far ahead of most other directors.

He was just an emotionally fragile, blustering blowhard burnt out by years of betrayal, and really, really bad at negotiating for money.

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Chadgar edition
>bobbyfags please go
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First for w*ghts BTFO.
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The BOOARRR is pregnant

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Goodnight, Sweet prince.
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I will never forget Merlin, the Weird Witch of the North
he was probably a sneeder, who cares

now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?
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I still haven't unwrapped it. I'm afraid if I watch it I won't like rlm anymore
Critics are able to effectively tear something down (which anyone with a >90 IQ and a fairly large vocabulary can do) but when it comes to creating something of their own instead of latching on to a pre-existing work like a parasitic leech, their lack of talent and creativity clearly shows. Unable to create anything of value himself, the eternal contrarian cannot express himself by any other means than to snidely reflect his surroundings like a faulty mirror. In a sense, professional critics are the most pitiful of creatures. They are able to understand and analyze what it is exactly that they enjoy about art, as well as what makes good art, but when it comes to creating it, they always miss the mark. They will forever be outside looking in, sarcastically mocking artists who have that special quality that they will never be able to attain.
I'm asking what went wrong with the movie, not a monologue about people who didn't like it

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She's 82
best M ever
old people die sweety

what the FUCK was his problem?
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you bitch

This is one cool latino stallion
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>literally dying of stomach cancer in every scene
>still turns in the best performance in the movie

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You anons think there is a chance for a Conan show? There is a huge market for tv fantasy for adults and GOT wont last forever. Conan easily has more than enought sex, epic battles, incest and murder. Take notes HBO.
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Conan already has a show on TBS
Already happened in the 90s.

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I really don't get this one.
Being ugly is a god mistake?
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fuck off back to /his/ Christy
>Plastic Sneedery Center
>Correcting Chuck's Mistakes

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