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With the viewers going down to 800k, a half from the previous season, Precher is going to hell or heaven for next season?
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Probably, but let's face it, it wastes way too much screentime.
Probably going to cancellation. Boring season.
>it wastes way too much screentime

I just watched the first season and indeed feels like it waste too much screen time. Season 2 is worst?

>just finished this now

Which Chad are you most like, /tv/? (Yes let's pretend they all are.)
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Is there really any difference? What annoys me about this movie is that there are no nerdy characters who eventually best these jocks. Nor does it paint the jock lifestyle as negatie in anyway. Literally all of them are fucking and having parties.
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>tfw I legitimately think it was one of the best movies of the year due to its verisimilitude and effortless nature
>tfw I've seen it five times already

Mostly Finn. As a fellow chad I use my charisma and charm to my advantage, and Finn has that in full stock. We're practically the same person spiritually

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>How many gazebos do you she-males need?
How did they get away with that?
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different times
because the joke is that Wiggum is dumb, not that Brits are effeminate nancy boys (which they are, but I digress)
So simpsons is funny and sneed isn't. I think I finally get it.

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It feels bad, anons. This was almost a back to back, seven year long Renaissance of some of the best science fiction stories on fucking television for the time. Why they refuse to continue to make shows in the post-Dominion War timeline really baffles me.

Also Star Trek General, best captain edition. Protip: It's Picard.
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The last three seasons are DS9-tier.
I'm not sure modern audiences would bother to watch boring story driven science fiction that isn't about people shooting lasers at each other. Also in order to provide an inclusive vision of the future nowadays they'd have to include transgender otherkin and shit.

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>it aint me starts playing
just watched fallen angels.
fucking kino
are Simon and Garfunkel really in that movie?

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considering her natural reactions while watching GoT
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Yeah, Amelia is /ourgirl/.
I want to kidnap her

looks fresh and juicy

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looks like kathy griffin

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Left or right?
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Red Letter Media
Million Dollar Extreme

Any other good or at least comfy makers of ourguyographie?
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hahaha, no seriously...

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Is this poetry?
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It was the last time they saw eachother as friends
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who was in the wrong here?
His face shape change in the 2nd pic is fucking with my head

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Who was in the wrong here?
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Top 10 Anime Betrayals

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What do you guys think of Mr. Robot?
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essential redditcore
more like Mr. Reddit
normies: Let's write 4chan the TV show!
4chan users: This is my 10/10 sister WWYD

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These SJW cucks are what's killing good TV and cinematography in our time. Notice how cheerful and happy they are when the deus ex machina dragons appear. That's only what they care about and people like D&D are there to supply their needs.
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You do realize that you are an idiot right?
Are you offended, or perhaps I should say, triggered?
whoa dude, are you seriously trying to insinuate that the average media consumer only cares about empty spectacle? Like, whoa, I feel like Neo. I know kung fu.

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>just watched black swan for the 1st time, i really liked it
ITT we rate and discuss Black Swan
>i give it 9/10
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I liked it but I thought the soundtrack was a bit of a disappointment.
Not Aronofsky's best work, and way too on the nose.
how many times did Natalie Portman read on her script (masterbates)?

How did you KNOoOoOoOoOoW about the ACCOUNT?
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