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>Our eyes will be
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What's next for her career?
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HOH: xmas
Veto: jason
Nominations: mark/matt

previously on /bb/ >>86790883
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Those are some very nice legs.
first for tiff
Who's the hunk?

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Career enders edition


Meanwhile: >>86793230
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/tpg/ is dead

I just started watching. I'm on season 1 episode 3. Should I stop lurking these threads now?
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was his standup good?
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He put fame before the craft so no. The ending was just his delusional mind.
the end was ambigous like taxi driver but it would make sense for someone who pulled a move like this off to get booked after

I also thought his standup was good, they didn't show jerry lewis standup because it wasn't better
I thought his stand up was okay when I first saw this although I was like 16. Second time I saw I was about 25 and it was really lame and like that woman said he rushes it. Comedy was only a means to an end for him so it comes off as little surprise that his routine was not actually well developed. He should have actually honed his craft although considering he was just obsessed with being famous and acknowledged in the end it didn't really matter. He got what he wanted.

It's been a while since I watched this but I own it. Might pull it off the shelf and watch this weekend. I have a feeling it will be even more relevant today where people have become far more obsessed with celebrity and the quick road to stardom.

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Why would they cast this lady who looks nothing like starfite in any comic for the live action instead of maybe a latina actress with red/orange dyed hair.

Please dont call me pol garbage i just want to know why people cast such different looking actors from their portraying character when they could have secured a better look alike.
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jesus christ
maybe they pull a Gamorra and just paint it all over untill all traces of nigg is her round butt

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what the hell america!?
it was supposed to be a movie not a documentary!
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Was it worth it?
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What the hell Europe? It was supposed to be a book not an instruction manual!
>directed by Mike Judge

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What was the last good episode?

For me, it's Cock Magic

Last two seasons are 100% trash
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You're right.

Cash 4 Gold was another more recent gem. So many episodes are dull
Sarcastaball was utter shit but I liked how it showed unbridled sarcasm and how it destroys your life.

Whoa, guys...

I think Riddles of the Sphinx (1977) might be ACTUAL kino

Not sure what I just watched
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This is SHIT.

Every Marvel Netflix adaption since Daredevil season 1 has gone down in quality to the point where they feel like those unwatchable CW shows.

I'm upto the 7th episode and I'm struggling to finish it. Who writes this shit? It's everything wrong with the Marvel /capeshit films:

>Lack of character 'moment's
>everything has to be linked
>forgettable villains
>poor direction
>cheap and nasty choreography
>stilted dialogue
>wooden acting
>no tension etc
>Grating characters

So far Daredevil s01 sits at the top of the heap, while the rest are mostly shit. Iron Fist and Luke Cage especially, my god.
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I love listening to your little pissant soldiers trying to talk tough, it makes me laugh. If Matrix were here, it'd make me laugh too.

>Commando thread
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This kid just keeps outdoing himself.
He's carrying the show for me, every week I tune in just to see how this character can possibly get worse and every time I leave satisfied.
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>BTW I'm not cleaning up that plate even though I need this job to earn a living and my Orlock boss will send me off to the blood factory in a heartbeat if I look at him wrong
lmao the roast is toast, enjoy enslavement in the hivemind.
Yeah I fuckin love this kid. Singlehandedly destroying humanity every season one episode at a time.

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I dunno if I loved this or fucking hated it. Has anyone else seen this? I will say it sure as hell didn't need to be as long as it was. It dragged so much after the heist. Have you seen this /tv/?
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Craig's accent fucking sucked but I liked it despite the faults. It didn't need the FBI inclusion or the bit with Sebastian Stan as the NASCAR driver because neither went anywhere.

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ITT: Actresses that could probably kick your ass
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where are they
more like lick amirite?
Not with that stance and form.

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So, by all standards this is a mediocre show. How did it last so long and why is it so addicting? The theme is great, did Jerry sell his soul to get this kind of attention? How many of you actually enjoy the show?
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Everything is mediocre. Most is just trash.
It was somewhat original for it's time but now with the saturation following on it doesn't stand out as much.
The reason it caught on so well is because it pointed out how unnecessarily flawed the world is, and rather than change any thing about it the characters just complain about it (i.e. The Chinese Restaurant or the Parking Garage) like the rest of us. After watching it, people would see reality differently and ask "now why is this the way it is?" It holds up well because it points out daily things that haven't aged that we all can relate to, just haven't given much thought to beforehand. But I guess that only really applies to the episodes that Larry David wrote, because whenever it had nothing to do with Larry, it turned out to be corny garbage.

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