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What's his next move?
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>That tan line around his eyes
Did he fucking wear goggles in prison?
Fuckin ruining the kardashians according ti the rumors
Is he our guy?

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Not necessarily something like initial D but something slighty more cinematic yet simplistic, kind of material which is made to be uplifted by fillmmaker's craftmanship like drive or old school driver films
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You know the Initial D song "Dream Away" ?

Are you an American, if so, can you explain what the fuck does "why can't I dream away from you" means? It is like saying "why can't I stop thinking about you" or something?

The expression dream away is hard to grasp for a non-American such as myself.
Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift
Speed Tribes dramatic version not a doco

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Has anyone seen an early screening of the new saw sequel Jigsaw? I've looked around and some people claim to have seen an early edit but I'd appreciate any spoilers or info they could give me.
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Some people claim that Hoffman is returning and will die in a horrific trap early in the film, however the likelihood that the actors involvement in the film being kept a secret by the producers is unlikely based on past experience

In true DCEU fashion, where there is smoke, there is most definitely a fire. After months of rumors suggesting that Ben Affleck was out of Matt Reeves' The Batman project, it now appears to be true. A new report released today pointed to a quote from Reeves implying that The Batman is a standalone movie and that it will take place outside of the DCEU.

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You're retarded.
How can anybody read all this bullshit and admit theres an actual shill campain to shit on WB?
nah you is

Why didn't he just push Obi-Wan into a lava lake?
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Remember what happened an hour earlier in the fight when they force pushed eachother and were both blown back? How would this be a better outcome?

When will Steven Seagal finally play the Jedi Master role that his gravitas deserves?
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Please Rian Johnson make this happen
>Anyone know why Anakin did Bobby Youngling?
Let me tell you something that might be a bit dangerous. I was raised in Japan. I was schooled in martial arts. I was given the title of master. They take a movie “The Last Samurai.” They have a 5-foot-2-inch little guy, whether he was straight or gay, I don’t know. I don’t care. He had never been to Japan. He doesn’t speak Japanese. He has never held a sword. They make him the Last Samurai. We got 450,000 phone calls [laughs] from everybody in the world saying, “That role was perfect for you. How did that happen?” Most of the people I know didn’t like the film and didn’t go see it. It’s just a classic example of Hollywood and the politics.

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Um, excuse me but why wasn't I informed of how good this show is? I'm already on season 2 and the plot just keeps thickening.

Also Sisko is nuts who the hell put him in charge of anything
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Just wait till you get to all the ferengi episodes
Just you wait, first 3 seasons are the worst for the most part
Also alternate universe kira is the hottest shit ever
>ywn be tortured by mirrorverse-kira
why live

Is this legitimately the scariest film of all time?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

>dude I want to kill Danny now lmao
what did she mean by this
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i just started watching this recently, is she hot or not?

i'm so fucking confused, colleen on the other hand is fucking perfect in every way imaginable.
She's really cute. If you look at pictures of her from just a couple years ago she looks the sameish. The wrinkles just look jarring with her "cute" features ie big eyes, skinny body, slightly larger head. full cheeks.
Nothing survives time. Especially not light skin.
how does an asian have an ass like Colleen's?

>literally more DC movies in development than marvel movies ever made combined

>two concurrent cinematic universes

> nothing but chad directors

wtf bros
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you can tell DC is good because retarded fanboys spend days trying to convince everyone how good it is.

I always need to be told when things are good, I couldn't just figure it out from watching the movies.
Smart animeposter

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Where can i stream force awakens for free?
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Netflix trial month

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This board can neither:

1. Think of how to defeat the thing
2. Figure out the mystery at the end of jurassic park 2

only I, the smartest /tv/goer has done that. No, I won't tell you the answer, you won't learn to think for yourself that way.
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what mystery
The mystery is that we were dinos all along.

Move aside chump.

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RIP Patrice
everyone wants to be a nigga but nobody wants to be a nigga

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Heineken is pretty shit
>Vid related

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Whenever they make another GI Joe movie, it should include Beachhead (Wayne R Sneeden)
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lol beach head
oi mate yer a fokin beech 'ead

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