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If Starfire is black can Static be white?
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no one cares about Static anyway so sure.

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Spiderman 2 is legit one of the best super hero movies of all time.
Try to find a movie today that has a scene as great as the train sequence. I think that's why a lot of the Marvel movies today kind of lack is because they don't have that human element. It's a hero risking everything, his identify, his life, his entire reputation just to save, what? 40 people? And in the end, they save him.
It's great.
They need more of that in these movies.
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I'm with you, OP. Homecoming was really poor imo because it lacks exactly that spark of humanity. There is nothing at all provided to the audience that comes close to getting you to give a shit about Holland's Spiderman.
Any film with Kiki in is perfect

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what are some of the best examples in television or film where the young good looking rebel tries to fight the evil empire but fails

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ITT: post fanservice films
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This movie was shit

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Why did Jon get fat too?
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Despite memes about SJW, pandering and liberalism, people ignored the actual and disconcerting agenda:
With Jon and Dany coupling, HBO is trying to legitimise incest to the general public.

They started this in season 4, slowly coerxing us into barely accepting the Jamie/Cersei romance, complete with sympathetic "we don´t choose who we love." lines in the script.

The arrow was knocked back then, and through this season, the show has drawn the arrow of incest-accept by cheaply manipulating the audience to "ship" the pairing of our de facto protagonists, despite being extremely closely related.

Prepare for next week, when Jon and Dany will have sex, and it will, despite being blatant incest to a degree that´s illegal and considered abhorrent in every civilization and culture ever, be a crowning moment and "victory" for the good guys.

Even fucking animals realize that aunts/nieces are *not* for breeding, yet HBO, D&D and GRRM will brainwash an entire generation to rethink the ideas of "free love".

This has happened before. Just wait for the excuses to start popping up on the internet, wait for other shows to slowly implement this way of thinking.

Western civilization has already abandoned so many morals. Just wait till incest is legal as long as protection is used. It will happen, and GoT set it off.
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The story was written in 1990 there is no agenda, retard.

>>he lets his morals be influenced by some shitty sword and sorcery show

If that's the case your civilization was already dead in the water.
Or maybe that the Targaryens have bred with their siblings or other close relatives for centuries.

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One of the best season finales i have seen on tv in a long time.

That was fucking hype as shit.

Blood drive thread.
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>Blood Drive
How's 4th grade fαm?
hows it being a faggot you child
I thought next week's episode was the season finale. Either way it was a great episode with that twist that caught me off guard.

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Is browsing tv tropes the /tv/ equivalent of watching a let's play?
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You'd have a point if /tv/-related things in tvtropes weren't a minority compared to everything else in that site.
What do you mean?
I don't use the site so I'm not sure.
its a good time wasting site and has alot of good insight on writing and sometimes history, but hit random a bunch of times and 9 out of 10 hits will be a fucking webcomic or a fanfiction of some anime

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Yes, yes, well done, Jimmy Savile, well done HOWEVER
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Is that....normal pooing, Mark?
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Christ that episode had me cackling. Johnson was a pretty cool guy.
what episode?

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this was the only good scene in the movie desu
Get inside

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is boarposting the new baneposting?
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oh my god am I witnessing the birth of a new meme

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>fantasy chinese location
>"Sea/Temple/Dragon/Land/River of Jade"
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Any more movies like Angel Heart, the 9th gate or blade runner?
you know, lonely detectives trying to solve a complicated case
usually with some thriller, horror bits
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Who framed roger rabbit
Who Blew The Whistle?
LA Confidential
Along came a spider

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What's your favorite show for smart people?
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Arrested Development
Game of Thrones

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