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On par with Drew
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Yeah I don't hate her either.
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lacks the same level of banter tho, so no

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Oops, wrong pic

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You want goreposting?

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what is some Bollywood kino?
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>indian flick
>a big number 2
Thie joke just writes itself.

damn, steve smith sounds like that?

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Worst episode of the entire show.

thats fucking wrong
Found the pleb



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What are your favorite kung fu kino movies?
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Police Story, Drunken Master, and Legend of the Drunken Master
Five Deadly Venoms
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Drunken Master
Meals on Wheels
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Along with these, would anything else be considered the Jackie Chan core?

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So what pairings does /tv/ like?
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Tormund and Clegane, the bear (fucker) and the hound, both cunts.
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Briggskino edition.

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greetings children
Fallout: New Vegas is £2.49 on Steam at the moment - I just got it and when it's installed I'm gonna install the Fallout Who Vegas Mod.

Has anyone here ever used it before and if so, is it any good / worth installing



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I need a movie to help me feel and relate. A very long time ago I fell for a girl that I never completely got over. It was unrequitted love and every time I think of her, all I feel is pain and regret. Recently she started coming back to my church I met her so many years ago and now I'm extremely depressed. What movies would /tv/ recommend? Is Drive a good feel movie?
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Bee movie
Just propose to her in front of everyone in the church.

That will show her, she won't say no under the eyes of God.
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It's more complicated than that. She pretty much hates me and the last couple times I tried talking to her she avoided me like the plague. She never exactly heard my side on anything, but I'll admit I was young and immature and if I could go back, I'd present myself better. Girls hate being doted on and put on a pedestal like that and that's what I did before. I'm not looking for another chance. I'm just depressed that she came back after I was doing so well without her.

RIP in peace, Jay Thomas.

I'm really sad. I'm even sadder he didn't get a sticky.
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top left is liev Schreiber. is he okay?

He was cool on Cheers.
Not real. His radio show is on right now on SiriusXM.

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Why does this scene feel so fucking good lads?
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because your life is empty.
it recalls the Polish cavalry saving Vienna from the turks
Lil bitch got what he deserved smdh
Don't come to Mordor if you don't wanna play with the big dogs bix nood

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It's just me or this return is literally better than the previous 2 seasons so far? Also is this return one of the best reboot of a "classic" serie? What went so fucking right about it?
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>What went so fucking right about it?
Brought back the original writers/director, and gave them even more creative control than they had on the original series.
Pretty much. I've been rewatching S1 and S2 alongside S3 and without the nostalgia S1 and S2 are not actually that good. They have a really comfy atmosphere and good sense of place but on an episode to episode basis S3 is almost always more entertaining.
>S1 and S2 are not actually that good
I'll never understand such bald opinions. In what way? Multiple well-written characters with interlocking storylines, done in a mostly intelligent manner until the writers ran out of things to talk about halfway through season 2.

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>claims to be a film buff
>never seen Rochelle Rochelle
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>/tv/ prides itself on its ability to detect true kino
>No threads on the cinematic masterpiece "Chunnel"
fuck you anon, you hyped me for a fictitious film
Sack Lunch is better.

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what movie is this from ?
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Its from a tv show
Fargo season 1
Fargo season 1

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Dany edition

Previous: >>86823878
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