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>locks the hotel door
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I'd feel safe with Louis. As long as I didn't hear drums in the distance.
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*blocks your path*

Why is season 2 so kino ?
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I watched the whole series about a week ago, and each season was worse than the previous one. Why was season 3 so terrible? Lindelof is still a fucking hack.
its not, its full of niggers
it, along with young pope, are two of the best tv shows ever made. sopranos, the wire, etc, those are all great shows but they're too cynical to ever really transcend.

does anyone else kinda get what I'm talking about?

>consistently hear nothing but praise for the book series
>like stephen king so plan on reading them
>go to see the movie to get my hyped
>have no desire to read the books anymore

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>"It's the living in closet. Makes them devious."

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Duly noted.
>acting like a character that was a bad actor

his behavior always seemed really strange to me and it had to be intentional

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So uh...

did he?
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Obama would have had him killed had he touched her inappropriately.
>Implying Obama could touch Dan

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Why didn't Harry just dump the horcruxes in Mount Doom?
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Why didn't OP just watch a better show?
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ITT: Movies literally only you have seen
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that can not exist
It doesn't. He makes these threads all the time. I found the blog post or whatever that it's from and they have other "funny" fake movies. Autism.
Of course you are the perfect person for you and your body and your heart is filled out with your own ideas

>Hey, I'm attractive Charlie Sheen - let me make out with this ugly looking Jew

What did Ferris Bueller mean by this?
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Charlie Sheen is a notorious sex machine. He was going to fuck that guy behind the information booth before she came along.

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What became of the driver of the Black Maria?

He had a small role, but he participated in the greatest film ending, in any genre whatever, of all time.
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He's black so I'm assuming they got to him sometime later

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previously on /got/ >>86830166
What was her deal?
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You guys think Jon is going to find something in the Crypts next season after he knows Lyanna is his mother? The books will prob cover it
Modern day Isaac Hempstead Wright
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Years ago it was called the netflix killer, Years later time has got it right. Same for Amazon Prime Instant Video and Hulu. U mad?
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check em

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Even though PSH had dead for 3 1/2 years, I often have a tendency to forget that he isn't alive and making movies anymore. Like I'll go back and rewatch something like The Big Lebowski and it'll completely slip my mond that he's been dead for 3 years.
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Now that the dust has settled, what does /tv/ think about Felicity Jones's performance in Rogue One: A Star Wars® Story™ (2016)?
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We can all agree that after Mads she was one of the few standouts in the film right? Also, that she gave the best female performance in the franchise?

Real shame that it had to be in such a poorly written installment. That force be with you meme they kept saying over and over again was so fucking gay you could feel the poz cum spraying through the screen.

Also, I am claiming Felicity as my Star Wars universe waifu.
she was ok. the last hour of the film was on par with the originals. the first hour was awful garbage and I almost left the theater because of it. Glad I didn't.
I think she's cute.

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Honest thoughts on XRA?
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So fantastic I bought every episode individually, on the PSN, and regularly watch them on my PS3
i dont get it

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Woob woob oh wow zoom in zoom out doom doom oh wow door open now we're somewhere else dube dube oh wow the sound is linked to the motions oh wow this is great

Seriously, the last twenty five minutes especially are dog piss. Has this guy ever made a good movie? I think not
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I swear to god, normies love this flick. You'd think it would be Shaun of the Dead but it's not, it's this.
>preferring shaun of the dead to hot fuzz
What's wrong, not enough fart jokes for you? Fuck off Hot Fuzz is much better than shitty Shaun of the Dead.
Shut up, faggot.

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