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Frontier Trilogy.png
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Is this the best trilogy of the last decade?

Also Why are you flanking me?
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What was his username again?
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james cuck.webm
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Why is James scared?
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They're both dyel wimps.
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What did he mean by this?
what video is that from?

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simpsons jokes you never understood
>clang clang clang went the trolley
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The trolley makes the clang sound as it goes
Isn't it just some showtune?

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The Jews of Westeros

Lannisters are Brits.

Tyrells are French.

Littlefinger and the Ironbank are jews.
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Baratheons are the Germans, late to the game to unite, plagued by infighting
Dorne is the Spanish
Targaryens are Italians
The north are the Scottish
Lannister = Lancaster
Stark = York
GoT is a rip off of the War of the Roses.

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This is a thread dedicated to the discussion of the last kingdom Viking story

Why is it so much better than other Netflix originals?
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It's not a netflix original though.
it's uk/netflix isn't it? or history channel too?
anyways i dig it too
It's a BBC show that was picked up by Nerflix for distribution.

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>runs away from home at 12, says in an interview that she grew up quick and doesn't patronize children
>becomes a presenter for G4, self-aware of how she was pretty much talking cleavage on a channel mostly watched by teenagers
>contract with G4 wasn't renewed; terminated by NBCUniversal for undisclosed reasons
>hosts America's Best Dance Crew
>always favors the younger dancers and crews; goes out of her way to interview them
>always says she'd most like to hang out with (insert kid dancer/crew), every season
>disappears off the face of the Earth
>reappears on social media, promoting a boy band
>social media presence consists of random pics/videos of her hanging out with teenage boys everywhere BUT a studio - homes, cars, etc.
>boy band never ends up releasing any music or doing any type of promotional material
>(the small amount of) people who follow her catch onto it
>disappears off the face of the Earth again
>divorces husband; reappears on social media with an entirely new name

Is this some pizzagate-tier shit going on?
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>pizzagate tier shit
If you mean is this a bunch of bullshit drummed up by a group of autists no. Just a female pedo.
What's her name?
And link to this boyband sht you're on about?
Sounds like she needs a shot of B12.

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>ywn be taken in by a rich crazy MILF that buys you presents and loves old movies
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This film proves women are all conniving cunts.
I know a guy in his early 20s who got sick of his parents bitching at him to stop playing video games and get a job, so he went on Craigslist and found some local crazy middle-aged woman to mooch off of instead. Haven't heard from him since.
The problem with old movies is that I can never tell what age people are suppose to be . Everyone looks 45
Like rich old actress only looked moderately older than the main guy

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What are some movies with older women being seductive?
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>ywn be Saradon's boytoy
File: thegraduate.jpg (829KB, 1600x2400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Posting the obvious one here

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Who was in the wrong here?

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Whats that?
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your mum
link you asshole
All torrents for 7x07 are cp. Don't download unless you want to get imprisoned!

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Can someone please explain to me why, in a world where the wheel has been almost completely replaced with reliable hover technology, someone would design an enormous tank that can be rendered completely ineffective by tripping over its own big stupid legs?
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it looks cool. That's the only reason. It makes no sense at all
It's all terrain.

Will any talk/variety show ever reach this level of kino?
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The only good bits of Eric Andre are when he does the street skits because they remind me of Jackass, which was much better
Fuck off Kraft Punk
The street skits remind me a lot more of mah now irrelevant nigga Tom Green.

what are kino based around classic myths?
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kino based around classic myths
Gods of Egypt is 10/10 trashkino
Did they film that at the real thing?

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Macbeth In Space.jpg
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>Claims to be a film buff
>Has never seen Macbeth In Space

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Good times.
classic /tv/ core

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