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When Ron and Harry stole that Ford Anglia to make it to Hogwarts, Snape wanted to have them expelled. Instead McGonagall told them they were allowed to stay, but assured them they would be punished.

Harry was punished by being forced to help Lockhart answer his fan mail. But what punishment did Ron receive?
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Didn't he have to polish trophies in the trophy room, and that's where he sees the name Tom Riddle for the first time?

something about polishing the dullest franchise etc etc
Brutal anal rape by the Womping Willow's branches

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>rising action
>falling action
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fuck yeah look at those 3s
thats my shitpost right there, get the camera
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Every series I've watched has let me down. The ones that let me down the least were:

>Breaking Bad
>The Wire
>House of Cards
>Mad Men
>Grace and Frankie
>Kimmy Schmidt
>House MD

I like either brilliantly done or cozy warm shows.

Does anyone have recommendations based on this list? Absolutely hate bad acting and movie mistakes. GoT has been a huge letdown in the last couple seasons but I still watch it.
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maybe it's time to kill yourself
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Christ fuck I had no idea this was a popular board. Self-bump.
True Detective S1

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Damn made me think...
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Do you think Guurm has ever had sex?

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It's just the way she goes.
who is ricky's real father?

I was hesitant to start watching this because it doesn't age well, but then I realized that a lot of the cliches/tropes that we take for granted on today's cop procedurals had a lot of inspiration from this show. Thoughts? Hot garbage or pretty cool?
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don johnson was so fucking cool back then
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Tubbs was badass with his shotgun

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Just two more weeks
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she is quintessentially birtish
when i see her i feel the urge to wave a british flag and go to a mosque
allah save the queen
>that episode where they go to a school to talk about some type of bread and not a single student is white
AHAHAHAHAHA the absolute state of cuck me in the butt island

Jason isaacs has the potential to be up there with Shatner and Stewart, shame he's going to have his screen time dilluted by some melodramatic tranny. I predict the more time he is on screen the higher ratings will be, and by season 2 we will be back to regular format.
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>Jason isaacs has the potential to be up there with Shatner and Stewart
No, because he's going to be the bad guy.

> I predict the more time he is on screen the higher ratings will be, and by season 2 we will be back to regular format
It's not getting a season 2. Netflix paid for the entire production of the show with the international broadcast rights deal they made which was over $100 million, CBS cannot possibly make more money than that from their streaming service to pay for another, and neither will Netflix. The only hope it has is them being able to trick someone else into paying for it, which they won't. I suspect this was all part of their plan and they'll just do another reboot when this flops, or try and continue the original anthology series idea using the new universe which they're creating in episode 1/2.
wow we got Nostradamus over here
His captain might be *A* bad guy but he won't be *THE* bad guy. At least it's a bit of a stretch to say he will be at this point.

It's shit

Just like all of early South Park
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>it's a "bait post with OP saying 'it's shit' and nothing else" episode
It's one of the greatest movies ever made but it led to the death of the show since everything became way more preachy after it.
But early South Park was best. It was silly and it was just about the kids being little naughty shits. After the movie, South Park started getting political with Trey and Parker injecting their nihilist-libertarian "dude don't rock the boat" bullshit. Now they chase current events with stale internet memes.

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child actors that DIDNT get their shit fucked up

and a discussion one how did they not get their shit fucked up? seriously, whats the formula since their are so many example of child stars not making it out in one piece, if at all
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she was never a child actor. she was 18 when cast in gilmore girls
i'm guessing for her there were other child stars that likely were getting the focus

As to how they came out relatively normal? They had good parents who didn't let schlomo stick his greasy dick in them.

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What do you call these cinematography spreads, and where can I find more of them?
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la mia vita.jpg
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kino shots

and this is the only site you can post them on
Kek, is there a site where I can generate these? Too lazy to open up photoshop
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Godzilla cinegrid.jpg
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You can find them on cinegrid threads

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Why does Tarantino never get called out for plagiarizing this amazing movie to make that piece of shit Resevoir Dogs?

That dogshit dildo turned what was probably the best undercover cop kino in Hong Kong Cinema to make a fuckawful Steve Buscemi meme that ended up being more like Steven Stapleton's armpit.

Resevoir Dogs is a boiling pot of cranberries and after you watch Ringo Lam's city on fire, which is what real fucking kino looks like, you realize that Tarantino is fucking over and it makes sense why his films are all so fucking terrible. He's a talentless hack that worked at a video store and plagiarized late 80s/early 90s Hong Kong and Taiwanese kino.
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But is there a scene as great as Stuck in the Middle with you?
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The entirety of City on Fire is better than that scene my dude.

Watch the film. Chow Yun-Fat delivered a performance that would win him an Oscar if the film were shot today. The entire movie is kino in casting, script, acting, set design, cinematography, sound production, aesthetics, action choreography, it's one of the best crime movies ever made.

The only problem with it is that it was made in the late 80s in Hong Kong and doesn't have an army of paid hollywood marketers to let you know how fucking amazing it is.

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>"I want a Darth Vader horror film where he kills rebels!"
>"The Force Awakens made a billion dollars, how could it be bad if it made so much money?"
>"The prequels are non-canon."
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>The Force Awakens needed to be familiar to a new hope to fix up the problem of the prequels!
>The diversity is genuinely interesting and refreshing.
>Man I think the esence of Ep. V is the big reveal of the Skywalker family, other than that is an ok film
>A New Hope was a slow boring improvable movie, that's why TFA is so good
>The prequels are good

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>whispers to himself
>"do not slither in...do not slither in"

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No replies in the DB for this post!

None of the villains were white males
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so are these cringey losers going to be in the avengers movie?

I would have preferred a season as Kingpin as the main antagonist tbqh
Maybe Stick for all of 5 minutes considering what he tried to do before he got sticked

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