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What are some movies set in Britain?
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The Cuckold

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>you are going to ruin the good show

Protip: add afro-american and make him a Sisco
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He was hilarious desu. As much as I loved original Pierre, him being recasted as a completely different character is one of the funniest things I've ever seen done.
>He was hilarious desu.
No he wasn't
He looked to forced

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I didn't want to feel today, /tv/. And nice get

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Wat if an potato aspires to be a actress?
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I'd mash her potato

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So what's the deal, is this shit legit?
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if i check my mailbox later and the card still hasn't arrived, well
The only catch I've heard is that they sell your data. Like, take in your age/gender/etc and what kind of movies you're seeing. Other than that it seems pretty straight up. The only other thing is it seems like the card/app can be kind of a hassle sometimes

Maybe but it's been a clusterfuck. I signed up a week ago based on a list of theaters. Once you sign up, you're charged instantly. Download the app and...No theaters. They dont tell you in the promo material that you apparently have to wait to get the card, which is now delayed 3 weeks, before theaters populate on the app. Which is what customer service told me the one time out of dozens i was able to get through to them. But then they was a lie, as the app is now fully populated w/ theaters and showtimes and i wish i could actually use it before some of these flicks leave but again, gotta wait for the card.

They've clearly been overwhelmed, and i get that, but they could have been more honest about the process.

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I started watching Vikings and it's alright, but there's this weird feeling that the showrunners think they're being extremely kino when the show is fairly average. Fever Ray as the opening, really?
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1st season is probably the worst desu, barely any dialogue and scenes dont transition well into eachother

S2 onwards is kino
I suppose I'll continue then. Thanks.
Goes to shit after some time but I don't remember when

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>kissed my wife for the first time after watching this dogshit movie
>now our first kiss is tied to a garbage film we both refuse to watch again
>thanks movie 43
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Ok, where do you want the thread to go from here op?
>opening soon
that joke is better than anything on that movie
Wait... you married someone before even kissing them? Are you Pakistani and she's 12?

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No replies in the DB for this post!

Just watched this and holy fuck it was pretty mediocre
I liked the first GoTG and thought it was a fun space adventure flick but this one was so boring.
Kurt Russell basically carried this one all by himself.
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It's the best the MCU is going to get.

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What went wrong?
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the critics consensus says it
it should have been a show or at least 2+ hours
also almost no dafoe/ryuk who ended up being the best part besides whigham as elvis
weebs hating it

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>hitman calls person who hired him to kill someone
>"It's done"
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Based content thread.
So I just found this gem, was wondering if you guys might have found some great content out there.
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Lets have a best of the best thread, just recommend your favourite movies and shows.

I'll start with Lord of the rings and the walking dead.
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>walking dead
>"best of the best"

fair enough but I meant like favourites as well
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well then, Sopranos is my all time favorite, the show really had everything, good actors, good writing, good visuals

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Leaving humanity behind edition.

Previous >>86854218
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first for azor stannis
is stannis dead?
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Who was right?
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Unless Jimmy invents a machine that lets him print receipts with his brain, it doesn't matter if he can do basic math in his head instead of putting it in the register.
Formerly Skeet's
this, Jimmy is a cunt who's fucking McSpankies over if they ever get investigated

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