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>Black person appears in movie
>Jerry Goldsmith orchestra starts.
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Redeemed himself while Ridley Scott is ridiculed.

Watched it again after seeing it for the first time 12 years ago or so. Boy was it disappointing. This movie is mediocre at best. The only amazing thing about it was this:
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women can't understand.don't force it.

I'm sorry about your vagina.
Fuck you. Gladiator is the pure kino

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>game of thrones will be praised one day as the best show ever
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your lips look like a butthole
that's Breaking Bad
Unlikely, there'll be constant arguments over when exactly it turned to shit, or when it jumped the shark.

My personal idea of this time is season 5. Season 4 wasn't as good as seasons 1-3, but was still good. Season 5, 6 and 7 are bad.
Season 7 was better than season 6, but it has problems with the season being rushed and too many fan-service scenes.

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/tv/, name the best Nicolas Cage kino
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Ghost Rider
The Mummy

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The year was 1970. This man had been away for a very long time; about six years. He was very excited to see his old friends, but in his excitement he hadn't notice how much things have changed...
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you know Quasimodo predicted all of this.
This commonly happens when an old member of the clique comes back that's been gone for a bit and there's some new guys that weren't there before. I'm not talking about the mob, just ordinary crews of guys. He starts fucking with the new guys to sort of re-cement his place in the hierarchy....
He insulted him a lil bit.

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holy trinity.jpg
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Webm thread lets do this
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Anybody know what this is from?

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What is the time frame of this movie? It (presumably) starts in Autumn 1962, but I've read that the homecoming parade is supposed to be on November 21, 1963. IIRC, we don't hear anything about summer or another school year.
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God-like alien believe that mortals are inferior and must all die, who I'm talking about?
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you forgot the enchantress
Zod was trying to kill humans because he wanted to take the planet not because he thought they where "inferior" due to his godlike powers.
On Krypton he was the same as humans and if the machine changed Earth he would have been like them again.
Also Ares is an actual god and he gets his power from conflict not killing all humans

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Tonight is the season finale of Dark Matter and maybe the last ever episode.
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So no season 4?
Don't worry most of the cast will show up in the next Canadian scifi show.
Shit show. No one gives a damn. And you waifu is a shit.

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Just finished this movie, what did I think of it /tv/?
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reported for cunnyposting

here's (you)r $3.50

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>we need the cheapest guy we can find, somebody who'll work for any pay but still popular enough who can bring an audience
>he's already on his way
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>we need a black guy that will work for food
>say no more
>Brendan passed on the curse of the Mummy to Tom

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basically the same show, only difference being one of them is kid-friendly.

Why is this concept so popular with people?
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Because they need cues to know when to laugh and clap

They're not even kind of similar

Drake and Josh is actually good
They like to think they're the man on the left.
The truth is if they're watching this show they're most likely the one on the right.

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>I mean this guy was a real jerk!
/norm/ thread?
Anyone else think Dana Carvey was the worst episode of S3 so far? Just unfunny and uninteresting. What does /tv/ think of the new season? I just want to see the Seinfeld episode.
Tyson episode was surprisingly good. Bobby Lee was fine until he had a panic attack or something. Silverman episode was middling but watchable. I wish more episodes were two hours.
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>Tyson episode was surprisingly good.
How can you even say that? Tyson was the worst. Norm babysitting a 70 iq brain damaged monkey eating peanuts. I liked Dana and bobby Lee. I watched Silverman even though shes a loxist.
I couldn't finish the tython episode nor the silverman episode so I didn't even try this one. I've watched every episode of every other season at least twice but this one is ass

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