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mwaHAWWWWW the Brasilian macaco has always been celebrated for its délicia. There's a Brasilian sopa by Paul Masson, inspired by that same Brasilian excellence. It's fermented in the bowl, and like the best macaco, it's vintage dated.
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He's right, you know
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shutup bald manlet faggot
the average /tv/ user doesn't even have the attention span to read all the text in that image OP
I took a landscape architecture course, once. It was a very fun elective course where this older gentleman basically just showed pictures of his vacations to national parks and such. The big message he always tried to get out was that nature is not art. That art may imitate nature or be inspired by it, but that nature alone is not art.

Renoir is 100% correct. Don't simply recreate what already exists. Expand upon it and create something more imaginative and fantastic. Film makers today are spoiled and lazy and it shows.

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Is this the worst sequel of all time?
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Please apespond
No. Battle for the Planet of the Apes is a worse film in the exact same series.
Godfather part III or son of the mask.

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We all agree that this movie is a masterpiece, right?
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>From the director of the most overrated movies of all times
>another overrated piece of "visually pleasing" """masterpiece""" trash
>pls notice me :)
I can't wait for Cinema Sins to tear it apart. I expect at least 100 sins.

>British soldiers casually walking through a village within enemy territory with their rifles shoulders and none of them keeping watch.


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Why wasn't he the one to buy Chuck's store ? Is it all part of his Master Plan ?
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His name is Charles Montgomery Burns. Chuck is short for Charles.
Chuck = Burns
Sneed = Snrub

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to stay frosty guys
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Professional HEMA fighter here

Gendry's "weapon" is retarded
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>professional HEMA fighter

Please post the real version.
it looks unbalanced as fuck....

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>movie not releases, /tv/ complains about the cast
>movie releases, /tv/ still complains about the cast

what did you actually like/hate about it /tv/?
I didn't mind the characters being different from the original, but I think that they are generally more shallow and uninteresting
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>not released*
I feel like a retard
The new Light is the biggest mongoloid I've ever seen.
Why can't amerifats identify themselfs with an intelligent, egocentric, asexualized death god like the original Kira? Why does he have to be a stupid edgy emo?

Fuck this country and it's constant rape of Japanese culture. As if Dragon Ball Evolution wasn't enought.

IT - Stephen King Talks About The New IT Movie (2017)

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A Chinese kino
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I have to admit that Jiang Wen is talented

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Why'd she do it?
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Do what, Jason?
Why'd who do what?
post here feet

So, what was he doing for 20 odd years?
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Post Horror/Thriller Kinos
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Great movie OP
Are you the director of this? I see you post it in every bloody thread...

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Which will happen first ?

A Nolan directed film winning a best director or best picture oscar


A Snyder directed film winning an Oscar in any category however minor.
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>one makes movies that have broad appeal, but are The Big Bang Theory of cinema allowing the stupid to feel smart, the ignorant feel informed
>the other makes films that have an excess of underlying themes and many of them are so filled with subplots, parallel metaphors, and metaphors they need to either have 4 hour director's cuts or be edited heavily to get to the bones of the movie
Honestly Nolan is watchable, Snyder makes more interesting film, but Nolan will probably get a best picture because his films are very well marketed during the award seasons and that has way more impact than the film itself.
This has been posted a million times but it's something everyone should be aware of: http://www.vulture.com/2014/01/miramax-oscar-campaigns-harvey-weinstein-timeline.html
The idea that a film won best picture/director/lead/etc is in no way indicative that it was better than any of its competitors. The only thing awards convey currently is the marketing effort to win the award was better than its competitors or it had the right 'message'

>Hidden figures was even nominated
>Birdman, which I love, beat Whiplash
>12 years a slave beat Captain Phillips, Wolf of Wall Street, and fucking Nebraska
suicide squad won an oscar so anything is possible. Anything is possible because the oscars are a virtue signalling, failing joke of an organization.

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