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How would you rank this season now that its over /tv/ ?
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Its the best, the quality is only rising.
They have a lot of interesting factions, but it feels like lagging somehow. Is not as engaging as it was in Season 1.

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>medical procedure without modern anesthetics
>gives character a bottle of whiskey
>they take one swig and immediately begin the surgery without waiting at least 25 minutes for the effects to kick in
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No one wants to watch some asshole waiting to get drunk for 25 minutes.
I watched a movie on ABC Family during Halloween years ago and there was a surgery scene in an icebath. spooked tf out of me
>medical procedure without modern anesthetics
>doctor takes a swig of whiskey before using it to disinfect patient's wounds

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What do you guys think of these clips? Personally I'm really interested in Hang the Dj
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Also, Black Mirror thread. I forgot the name because I suck cocks

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The only good thing Netflix's done

Why don't you see female action stars or women in action roles that look like they could kick ass?
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Normies are intimidated by strong women.
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it's unfair to girls who work really hard
imagine her challenging you to a wrestling match and then holding you down and sitting on your face

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What the fuck happened in the end? Can someone explain the plot of this movie to me?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I would like to produce a movie where the protagonists save the world using old fads and memes.
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Sneed vs CIA.
Star Trek Beyond already did it

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>"Game of Thrones is le SJW propaganda!!!!"
>Pic related
>A nigger, a faggot and a feminist ruin the greatest city that ever was

What say you now?
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>In the books
>Nigger is as pale as milk
>Faggot is a warlock
>Feminist gets almost assassinated and flees in disgrace
why do stupid fragile white males get triggered over everything

just kys

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Me in the back.
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I am ready to lick her purse sir.
Is purse a euphemism for butthole?
based purseposter

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Sup nigga
You wanna talk some shit?
Call me, to start some shit, bitch
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Mane fuck you
Dawrk Niggas
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Cat niggas

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>used spinning
>had the high ground
>still lost
Why was George so massively inconsistent when it came to the established rules of his universe?
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>had the high ground
From a certain point of view
it really depends on the perspective.
Obi Wan didn't have the high ground, but he did have the moral high ground.

Whats the point of this fucking movie?
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What's the point of any movie?
To entertain or raise a question in the viewers head, would be one
To bore us to death. It was actually conceived as a remedy for the increasing insomnia epidemic of the time, so the government commissioned Kubrick to make a film that stimulated sleep.
What they didn't suspect was that nu males, pseudo intellectuals and snobs would try so hard to find a deeper meaning to this work, and that they'd act superior and be obnoxious little shits for "understanding" the film.

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>I'll hit the dragon that doesn't have my enemies

What was he thinking?
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the scene showing the spear flying through the air has the spear angled crooked.
He was thinking he could kill off the difficult target first (the flying dragon) and then easily kill the one that's on the ground, since it wouldn't have enough time to escape. Unfortunately his 95% xcom hit chance RNG fucked him over.
Probably thinking, I need that dragon to destroy the wall so my army can invade. He's after Bran the struggle over the iron throne doesn't concern him, you fucking dipshit faggot retard motherfucker

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is it leaked yet?
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