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IT - Pennywise Behind The Scenes Footage

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i can cringe to this
highly edited BTS footage of some dude acting like heat legend's jokester

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Why is he so humble even when he's an absolute genius?
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>take the works of Shakespeare, throw in some Tolkien and Frank Herbert, mix it around a little and hope nobody notices
>"absolute genius"
Hey, George.
And yet you're too retarded to make mad dosh yourself..

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Message machine broken?
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>still no TFA commentary track
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Would you rather fuck Jay, Mike, or Rich?
I made that shoop!

>repeat the same joke like 5 times before switching to a variant of the same joke another 5-10 times
>90% of the jokes are basically "das rayciss"
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Yeah that's when you do when you have no talent.
except that's not the show you're describing, try to not think about an imageboard when making a coherent critique you dumb motherfucker.

Is it good?
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he's half wight. he couldn't get beyond the wall anyway.
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There's no room on the door.
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there's clearly no use for him at all beyond the wall

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will it be kino?
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>her dad was killed by John Landis

Small world!
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I would kill her pusy in this kino
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what about now that she's a wet mommy
they were estranged a long time before he died

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and yet only Marvel matters, how do they do it !!!???
>"no one even knows who Wonder Woman is, DC IS FINISHED!"
>rumors that a former WB employee says that WW is a mess
>"DCucks on suicide watch! JUST!"

>trailers come out

>critics first reactions on twitter were overwhelmingly positive
>"fucking shills I swear, look at this review on IMDb saying it's shit without talking about the movie at all, damn this is going to be hilarious!!"

>embargo drops, WW has more praise than Logan and anything in the MCU since Avengers or so
>"fucking SJW shills this movie is SHIT audience scores are going to crush it lmao"

>audience scores currently sit at 92% on a 4.5/5 rating, higher than anything Marvel
>"h-heh well who cares it's still going to fucking BOMB look at this picture of an empty theater (I swear these retards were posting those pictures here lol)"

>WW crushes all predictions and opens at more than $100M, beating IM1, GotG, Doctor Strange, Logan, TWS and more
>"w-well until you see the DROP, 80% at least, DC is dead bury it consider this mercy etc etc"

>"T-The Mummy will crash this movie with no survivors! Can't Bruise The Cruise!"
>it critically panned and flopped

>WW has one of the smallest drop for a CBM ever and the 3rd weekend drop is even smaller
>on it's 3rd weekend it's making more than CW and AoU (Avengers movies)
>already outgrossed TWS and Doctor Strange entire domestic runs after two weeks and it's making more money overseas than dom so far while no release yet in Ger/Jap/foreign markets

>"Cars 3 will bury it!"
>doesn't even make a dent

>"Transformers 5 will finish it!"
>WW doesn't drop, actually rises 23%, T5 tracking for the lowest opening of its franchise ($63-65M)

>"WW bombed! it hasn't even passed 500M! DC is finished!"
>crosses $600M threshold on the same day anon posted this

>"how is this happ-"
>$650M on its 4th weekend

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When will /tv/ finally admit that they love Rick and Morty? How can you be so contrarian?
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The animation is choppy. That's what I don't like about it.
*BUUURRRP* The Jews Morty the Jews!
Black people CUUUUUUUUUCKED Jerry's dad, Morty! Y-y-y-y-y-you're other grandpa is a *BUUUUUUUUUURRRRP* a cuck!
Women can't do anything right, am I right? Of course I am Morty that wasn't a question, it was a statement, Morty.
WUBADUBBAWUB WUB Abradolf Lincler in the house! It's Lincoln with Hitler WHAAAAAAAAA!
T-t-t-take the redpill Morty. Just take the red *BUUUUURRRRP* pill Morty!
It's more of a budget issue than anything else I think and it still has more production value than other Adult Swim shows.

I don't get it. He's nothing remarkable but he's not bad, specially compared to average capeshit in which actors of the same level get praised. But everyone seems to think he "RUINED" The Defenders. Wtf? His acting is hardly any worse than Luke's if anything.
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Nigger cage's acting is worse
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The terrible, terrible story and writing is what ruined the Defenders.

I counted. There were seven instances where the villains looked at a hero and said something to the effect of: You and I aren't so different.

Honestly it's how Danny was written that's terrible, people just can't tell the difference between bad writing and bad acting.

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Why couldn't Walt just keep porn mags around the toilet like a normal adult man??
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Why didn't eagles take Walter's cocaine to Hogwarts?
Walt just figured Hank was a douchey bro who was too unsophisticated to read Whitman.
>Keeping porn mags in the bathroom

Do Ameriburgers actually do this?

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>Joe: Okay Sal, now go suck that guy off!
>Sal: You guys are the worst.
>Q: If you don't blow, you lose!
>Sal: ... I'm so sorry.
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>Q: Joe, call that guy a nigger

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ITT: Death Note jokes you never understoo
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