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We all know George Costanza is the greatest sitcom character of all time, but sit down and let me explain why.
>Carried the show on his back alongside Kramer
>Got bitches regularly despite being stocky and balding
>Unaware alpha, had confidence issues at times but didn't let it stop him and neither should you
>Both women and men wanted him, he had black dudes twice his size sending him nudes but ya boy George ain't no faggot
>Revived a dying whale with no training
>One of the Old Masters of gaming, had a mastery of Frogger that would make anyone on /vr/ cream their jeans
>Invented the Roommate Switch, a foolproof method of switching bitches that can lead to a threesome if your charisma is high enough
>Tricked a vegan into eating meat like a normal person after she made fun of his dick in the cold
>Double dipped at a party and still managed to make the guy who called him out on it look like the bad guy
>Boss being a jackass? Poison his ass and get away with it
>Fiancee being a bitch? Fuck it, poison her too, who gives a shit
>Ruined the life of his high school gym teacher for bullying him
>Hung out with the New York Yankees
>George threads appear on an almost weekly basis, both he and the man who played him are immortalized in the form of memes
>Man who plays him doesn't have shit taste in anime girls, but George himself doesn't bother with chinese cartoons
>Got locked up in the end because the world just wasn't ready for him, but he'll be back
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Costanza, Niles Crane and Carlton Banks are the trifecta of based sitcom characters
I never saw Frasier, is Crane really that good?
There's two Crane. Frasier Crane, the main character and his brother Niles.

Both are based

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Was the sex scene between Pennywise and Bev really necessary?
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>"Well hello, beautiful."
Is Pennywise a Nolanfag?

Post source.

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Except for Alien/Prometheus, is there any good lovecraftian kino out there?
Pic related is obviously vidya but it's the best that i could find.
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New It movie is somewhat Lovecraftian.
Who /Doomhammer/ here
It most certainly is not.

The Void is a decent choice, but there are LOADS of movies from the 70's, 80's and 90's that follow the formula to a few Lovecraft stories. Nothing as polished as Bloodborne, but search around a little. I'm hoping Nolan nuts up and does a Dunwich Horror movie, it's very up his alley I think.

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reddit and memey.jpg
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Aside from most of these applying to 4chan as well, why would someone put in the effort required to make this?
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>writing text on a keyboard and cropping pictures into it

Look at this high school drop out
having absolutely no life whatsoever is a powerful and nearly inexhaustible resource.
Communists aren't people.

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Speed round: name 10 things that aren't Jackie Chan.
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Jackie Chan

Did your theater laugh at some of parts that were meant to be scary? Because mine did
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it's a clown, you're supposed to laugh
Well it was a comedy, wasn't it? It was funny when Pennywise merged with his minions.
I heard laughs when he was running into with a twitchy face and in the end when Billy shot Georgie and somoene suggested that he was real. lol

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read a book, nigga
besause it's entertaining
this was very silly desu.
for the sake of it, the ship basically hit a small moon and had enough force to move it

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computer animation
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Netflix can't afford shit like that anymore and kids don't care. I don't know why you care, since you aren't a child.

Also, the western world in general has an issue with it. They'd rather be ironic that draw something appealing.

See: Rick and Morty, South Park, Bojack Horseman, adventure time, that sjw show, f is for family, and the list goes on and on

Rank the last 3(THREE) films you watched.
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>Hit Man's Body Guard
>Europa Report
Room 237: 7.8/10

Death Note: 7/10

Twin Peaks: 10/10
Okay, ckeck'em:

-Death Proof
-Steve Jobs

Both version were good. Curry's version is definitely more likable and entertaining, but Skarsbladds version is creepier and more disturbing.
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ICP and IT
Well you got to remember the original miniseries aired on ABC during primetime, the movie was rated-R

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did you have friends later on like the ones you had when you were 12?
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What IS Goofy?
didn't really have any at 12.

got the best ones between 18-22
I lost a lot of my friends that I made when I was 7, but I still have my ones from when I was 12 till now 24

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The miniseries from 1990 is way too better than this new garbage
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And that's how you trigger the autismo in the board
does the new one appear and disappear like 48 seconds in this vid
The new one is better in pretty much every way. It's a legitimately good coming of age film with horror sprinkled in. The first half of the mini-series isn't bad but the second half is fucking awful

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Did they have the best portrayal of the Joker so far?
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No but they do have best Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman
There wasn't any portrayal of the joker.
He will probably become the joker cmon

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>Orville starts tonight
>will be infinitely better despite Seth McFarland

Even Bryan Fuller cannot save the mess that is STD.
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red flag.jpg
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Fuller leaving was such a massive red flag
Still on the fence on this one. Might be awful.

>Tim Burton's Batman was go-
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>in the second one where the Penguin rapes that woman in front of reporters

Burton is kind of bleak at times

This scene was great.
stupid fucking millenial

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