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One day daddy
h-he dabbing!?
chances he'll make it out alive?

is it possible to sue a theater for profiling?
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No. No single policies is a valid rule.
not memeing
eh, i guess not
just dont go seeing IT alone or else you will be humiloated

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Opinions on this movie?
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It's redpilled and /ourmovie/.
Harry Potter and The Final Solution was quite a flick
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garbage, THIS one was a much better concept.

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Now that the dust has settled, who did it better?
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Left is the kind of image that actually shows up in nightmares.
The one that doesn't make me laugh
Curry the better clown, The movie is the better of the two though.

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This show deserves the acclaim Rick and Morty gets
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Glad I'm not the only who got real uncomfortable from this scene...
the only good thing about Rick and Morty is pickle rick
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Lucky for you, I'm a dog lover

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Post times you acted like Pacho.

>be me
>go to a nightclub
>see a guy who kind of looks like one of my high school bullies chilling with his friend at one of the tables
>order him the most expensive bottle in the house
>when the guy says he didn't order the bottle, the bartender points at me
>walk up to the table and extend my hand
>say "no hard feelings, right?"
>he shakes my hand and says that he has absolutely no idea what I'm talking about
>"excuse me, I'll be back to share that bottle with you soon"
>walk up to the DJ and ask him to play "Dos Gardenias" for me
>he doesn't have it
>I'll settle for the generic top-10 mainstream dance music then
>walk to the middle of the dance floor and start dancing like a man possessed
>suddenly some random black dude walks by
>grab him by the head and start kissing him while grinding my dick against his thigh
>he pushes me away, punches me straight in the face and starts yelling at me
>DJ has stopped playing music, it's completely silent and everyone is staring at me
>walk back to the table
>grab the bottle and smash it on the guy's head
>grab him by the ears and yell "my daddy didn't love me!" in his face as hard as I can
>get thrown out of the club
>the bouncer fucking ripped my favorite shiny party shirt
>walk back home while autistically screeching about how I'm gonna carve myself a place in the world
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Currently on season 2. Why is Quica so goddamn based?
Wait till you get to S3. Everybody's fuckin based, you don't know if you're rooting for the cartel or the police
As long as no more fucking Tata. She makes Skylar likable, what a fucking annoying bitch

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What will the big reveal/twist be?
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Finns a jedi
Rey will turn evil
>I am your mother

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HOH: josh
Veto: paul
Nominations: panda/kevin

previously on /bb/ >>87542442
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>no cute girls
>no gameplay

defend bb19
jessica was cute
elena was thicc
celebrity big brother
grodner will be fired

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like total plebtards? because they're low IQ pseudo-nerds who stopped maturing at age 15.

anyone who enjoyed or gets excited about Disney's nu-wars trilogy is a consumerist brainlet. star wars is dead.
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Imagine being thirty something and being hyped for these bastardized Disney movies. Queuing at conventions and buying toy figurines. Even if it was still Lucas they should stick to watching the movies but now it's worse than autism.

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At best it is an unnecessary distraction in a scene that can be done a lot more tastefully.
At worst it is there to exploit the viewer and make up for a bad screenplay.
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sex sells
sex appeal you asexual weirdo
Nudity is part of life. More so than car chases or shoot outs. Stop being such a prude.

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>a heavily marketed film with Spiderman AND Robert Downey Jr Ironman only achieved a little more than a fresh IP
Their fault. Maybe Wonder Woman should have been more progressive and played by a qt trap.
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>sony is literally a /v/ company

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>character is in an alleyway in major american city
>there is fume, trash and junk everywhere
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Sounds like an American city alright
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>setting is New York
>is shot in Canada
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>obligatory homeless man giving blowjob behind dumpster shot

But you will
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I don't understand.
The avalanche has already started

It is... too late, for the pebbles to vote.
I loved this series so much. Good memories.

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>Dude, let's take a normal human woman and draw some dalmatian-type freckles on her face so everyone will believe it's an alien lmao

Why are the producers of Star Trek such lazy cunts?
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>freckles on her face so
They go all the way down.
I do give them credit that they addressed this lazy shit in I think TNG? The episode with the "creators" or whatever seeding planets with their DNA or some shit I don't know, hence why all alien species are bipedal humanoids.
it's so they have a low enough budget to do weird scripts. if every alien had extremely good prosthetics or were cg there would be less episodes and they would take less risks.

A star trek with good effects is the JJ abrams movie. Do you want that? I dont

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I have a fire stick with amazon prime but I can never find any cool movies to watch. I usually like horror and sci-fi, can anyone recommend a channel to subscribe to?

HBO starz Cinemax Hulu are all shit. I think I'm ready to go deeper
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Unfortunately I can't help you because you are a phone poster.
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Get Shudder for some dank horror movies

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