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You now realise this man single handedly saved GoT the previous 2 seasons
What a shitty finale
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What would you do with a holodeck?
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make a good thread

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what did DnD mean by this?
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>There must always be a Lich King!
>/v/ kids think the show based upon books that are older than they are is "copying muh vidya"
Can you cite that scene in the book?

Is "Straight to Netflix" going to be the new term to describe low-quality terrible movies ?
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How about "Weeb Booty Blaster?"

how about raw kino?

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/tpg/ twin peaks general

Two people waking up edition
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you've been manufactured

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>dany's crew asks cersei for a truce, so that they can go deal with the dead army
>cersei turns it down
>cersei decides to lie and tell them she'll join the fight
>"tee-hee, I was just pretending! let them die in the north"

Why didn't she just accept the fucking truce then? She's back at square one.
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She's a retard. Tywin tells her flat out that she's not as smart as she thinks she is. She's trying to scheme when she should be clinging to dear life. Tywin would never try games like this when the fate of Westeros is on the line.
>she thinks 20,000 mercenaries are going to make a difference

what a dumb fucking cunt

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Is this Bay Kino?
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the first half is unironically great
There is no Bay "kino".
it's literally a remake of Parts: A Clonus Horror

so no

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Tulpa edition

I lost the pastebin sorry bros
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first for egocide
>Game of Thrones finale gets a rolling sticky for it's finale
>Twin Peaks won't
joke of a fanbase and series

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seriously need him and tormund to be okay and survive the rest of the series
I literally cannot fucking believe he is still alive.

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With the last good character gone how do you save it? Make it more anime?
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Show dragons lady vagoo

>This is Season 7's audience
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I don't have it in me to slog through twitter reactions
I didn't realize Littlefinger was so hated. Normies going hamm right now.
twitter should be flooded with CIA and bane tonight

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"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" delivered a sweeping, triumphant message to modern cinema: The art of filmmaking is alive and relevant in Pop Culture.

Riding a wave of resurgent techniques in both story structure and filmmaking, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" paid homage to its predecessors while raising the bar for other contemporary filmmakers. Constructed by an army of the most talented artists in the field, establishes a new, bold cinematic universe while delivering a tight stand alone experience.

"The Force Awakens" set the Box Office, and the world, on fire for several months. A poor start to Disney's Anthology series is irrelevant to the main series. Disney sits atop their high castle, ready to drop its follow up to their run-away hit.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" lies just out of the public eye, a dark, brooding epic that emanates power in waves. Disney and its A-List of filmmakers plan to expand the series in ways George Lucas was incapable of. "The Last Jedi" will redefine Pop Culture upon its release. A renaissance is taking place in modern filmmaking as the medium redefines itself in the age of smart devices and instant streaming. Disney's "Star Wars" franchise has entered the playing field as a perfect environment for revolutionary filmmakers to evolve their art.

Don't downplay the magnitude this film's release carries. See it in theaters, friends.
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>tyrion walks away sullenly
>marches into the throne room
>Jorah is sitting on the steps and sees sadface tyrion
>without a word, he knows exactly what that face is about
>"don't worry, you get used to it" he says with a grin while offering tyrion a beer
>"... wanna go watch?"
>they get up and go peek through the keyhole
>Darrio, Euron, and Drogo's zombie corpse are already there watching
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He's in love with John, not Dany
>next season is essentially porkys in westeros
>Bran is also watching from Winterfell

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I also cried watching this episode
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reminder, sneed poster is an underage spammer

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