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So is he working with cersei or something.

She knew one of the dragons died and euron was already planning on leaving the meeting and preparing an army before he saw the zombie.
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>massive wall crumbles
>dust settles after less than a minute
>all the rubble is gone and there's a perfectly clear path to walk through

Wow you really have the attention span of a little bird

She didn't knew what happened to Vyserion, she wondered were the fuck was he

She plotted before hand because she new the meeting was to get a truce and is trying to get advantage from it because she is full of herself

She literally told Jaime she told Euron to come up with something to leave the meeting
Cersei only knew the dragon was dead because the script said she would know and worked backward from that. Jaime even comes up with a perfectly valid reason she wouldn't bring all three there.
Personally, I'd love for Cersei's downfall to be assuming Euron was serving her when in reality he really WAS ditching her ass

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>Somebody stole the public fleshlight at my local kino plex this morning.
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Did they steal your pokemon cards too you british numale
I know that feel bro. Tyrone was fucking pissed when I came home with nothing to prep.
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>Designated shooter fails to hit a single normie
>Everyone still claps after he finishes

Is he the worst character?

>be taken captured by the based Ned Stark, raised as a son not a slave,nor in a cell like he should have been
>literally brought up like a bastard
>His own father despises him, yet his capture dad treats him more like a dad.
> let him sell get his penis cut
>betray his tru dad's father family
>literally denies his own sister even though she came to save him.
>run away instead of fightn and let his sister get captured
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He is one of the 3 characters left who can actually act.
normies out
No, far from it.
He is unironically one of the better characters on the show.

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>that feel when you realize you are not in charge
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is this the pinnacle of the animated sitcom genre? what went so right?
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because it actually adhered to the sitcom formula instead of being wacky and tacky with talking dogs or scientists with magic powers
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The show had a good philosophy at its center. It was a wholesome, highly observant, and understood that people were naturally funny and they didn't have to fill the show with wacky bullshit.
>what went so right?

Staying grounded in reality.

...that Sean Bean has nothing more to do with this terrible fucking show.

Seasons 3-4 were worse than Seasons 1-2 but 5-7... Holy shit.

You cannot unironically enjoy this show and have an IQ above room temperature.
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season 4 was one of the best if not the best tho


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>[all together] FOR YARA!!!!!

What did they mean by this /tv/?
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"we have a long history of only following strong people and since you are a lifetime fuckup of a kingson and you killed some random dude in front of me because you literally dont have the sack i'll go ahead and follow you for narrative's sake"

i was led to believe being an ironborn meant something 1-2 seasons ago
he killed the alpha, thus claiming his title and his pack.
He payed the Iron Priceā„¢ for their loyalty.

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What was the point of this shot?

Sure Tyrion likes her, but did he really expect her to fuck her own hand?
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well girls usually fuck their own hand if you know what i mean by that
This was the lowpoint of the episode. I have no idea why this was in there. Maybe he betrays Dany for Cersei later.
doesn't make any sense either

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>yfw Rick and Morty isn't good anymore
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y-your filthy bastard, Jon Snow, stabbed MY queen with the force of a thousand sons!
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When CIA dies, FBI is reborn.
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this was probably the most satfisying night of television ive had in a long time
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Right there with ya.

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Here is the real question of the show.

This man was awoke as fuck and had a huge hammer he could swing for days. Rheagar had his gay little poetry. Didn't even have a dragon.

What possible reason could there have been?
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it's fiction, he probably steals her in the books anyway right : )
>What possible reason could there have been?
He was the heir to the throne?
He was a nice guy :)

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Who was in charge in this episode ?
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Why would you put a man on trial before slitting his throat?

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Vedderfags still BTFO Edition


Meanwhile: >>86967252
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still would audrey
please no mgs memes

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She's your aunt...
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