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Whats the appeal of this show now we fighting fucking zombies fucking zombies who are evil for no other reason than being evil

cerise is the only fucking one still playing the game remove cersie from the show u have a shitty LOTR ice zombie show removie zombie from the show they can take the throne easy

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The thing the most annoys me about this is that there is now no tension between Sansa and Arya, meaning there is basically nothing left to do with their characters, but they are both fan favorites so they will get screentime with bullshit plots.
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Mfw chaos is a ladder...to heaven

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Seriously how do actors avoid having it hard when simulating sex scenes?
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how do you know he didnt get a boner
He probably did. Just ya know. Had a sock on or whatever
bromide is what they use in the army here

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Whatever happened to Latza/TGWTG?
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New season when?
He moved to California and now works for Disney as a video editor.

Meanwhile we're here posting on a Cambodian Embroidery Imageboard.

This reminds me of a shot from a movie, I think it's David Lynch - anyone know?
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I believe it's a Spike Lee joint
The old couple in the back of the car smiling in Mulholland Drive?
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Who did it better /tv/? The Scourge or White Walkers?
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Better than being a cuck, cuckold.
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Am I the only one here who doesn't watch television shows or movies?
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Then why are you here?
I watch anime kino
>anime kino

So what happens afterwards when billions of people are simultaneously "freed" from The Matrix after Neonwins and the matrix is destroyed? I imagine they just wake up naked in the robot fields and have no idea what is happening or how they got there. Mass suicides and panic would shortly happen and I cant think of millions of people just coming together to unite and retake earth.

Being harvested for energy sucks but at least they were safe and didn't know any better.
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No one was freed, Neo only got to stop the war on Zion not the harvest of people.
Cypher did nothing wrong
>let's block out the sun that will surely stop the machines from getting energy
Humans in that universe are pretty retarded.

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Me and my new gf are going to be hanging out today, what are some cool stuff to show her?

we're 18, we just got done watching Atypical and we both really liked it
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"Jason Levy the Fucking Pedophile" 2017
My Little Pony: Friendship is a Magic
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why couldnt i be born as barron lads

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Are we ever getting a decent movie adaptation of At the mountains of Madness?
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Post actors/actresses you can't stand

Anna Gun ruined countless scenes in Breaking Bad and Deadwood. Two amazing shows. In both shows, she plays the mopey, depressed housewife that says a single sentence when confronted and does that infuriating stare off into space thing. Her AND bullock are both terribly boring characters that bring nearly nothing to the table in Deadwood, and she is literally just dead weight in Breaking Bad. Seriously fuck this actress.
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So basically "post actresses that remind you of women who pushed your shit in IRL" general?
No, I can't say I've ever had a beautiful housewife that also hates everything about me and cant stand being around me. Don't know where you get that assumption
Was fucking ted worth it?

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Was Vikings still kino in season 4?
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Vikings was kino up until the original earl died midway through season 1

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>Top 10 Cyberpunk movies
>Number 1: Blade Runner
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Number 1 is pic related
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>Ghost in the Shell (2017) is in the Top 10

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How would season 2 Tyrion have responded
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"What do you want, Greyjoy? Women, gold?"

>/tv/ - Game of Thrones & Rick and Morty

Do you miss me yet?
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Are you trying to imply he gave a shit about this board?
>spend 10 minutes hiding game of shit threads,
50 more instantly appear
>2013 /tv/ - Tripfag Central. Feet, Feels and Waifus.

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