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Brits, what's the best english city?

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I'd like to move to England but I don't know where to go. I've already established that London would be too expensive for me.

What's your favourite city? What are the pros and cons about your own city?
Also, how hard is it to find a entry-level job in a hotel/restaurant or whatever?
Move up north if you can. Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield are all worth a look. Good, friendly people, pretty cheap, good beer/nightlife. Birmingham's not too bad either and the second biggest city after London, and pretty cheap too.

On the job, if you have a small bit of experience then that will help. Go in to places, and approach and be confident. I know someone who moved over recently from Australia with little experience and he got a bar management job, so it can be done.

Good luck!
the north is shit, don't listen to him
The further North you go, the colder and crappier the weather. People tend to be a bit rougher and tougher, and more "common". Housing etc is cheaper.

Further south you go, the posher people tend to be, but its a more expnsive place to live.

Regarding jobs, good luck! There are many more people looking for work than there are jobs available.

I'm from the Midlands, and would say it strikes a good balance between North and South. (I know, surprising that it should be in he middle eh?).

Alernatively; Swindon is the butt of many jokes, but I found it to be a really nice place tbh.

Don't go to Nottingham, it's known as "shottingham" due to the levels of gun crime being much higher than elsewhere.

Where are you moving from?
The north is by far the best. Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester are fantastic cities.

Avoid Birmingham at all costs, it's the dreariest place ever.

Southerner's are rude horrible people and everything is expensive. The north is where it's at.
What anons have to say about Hampshire ?
Manchester is a grey rainy dump...
Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth. Beach, docks, students. Countryside. What's to say?
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Having studied in a really boring english city (Durham), and been to Newcastle a lot, worked in Leeds, spending a lot of time in Lincolnshire, and coming from London, I would like to correct this ambiguity on the regions of England:

NOTE: House prices in the UK have gone crazy in the past 3 years or so...

The South
London (pronounced Landan), expensive, unfriendly, but so much to do! You can go to a different part and discover so much new stuff
Cities included: If you draw a line south of Cambridge, that's it. Bristol, Portsmouth, Southampton, Brighton to name a few

The Midlands
These are dreary places: people have the northern-ish accent, but are as horrible as southerners. Do not go here
Places: Birmingham (pron. Beeeermingem), Norwich (6 finger-land), Leicester, Nottingham
In character, Wales belongs somewhere between here and the next part.

The North
The largest cities here are beginning to feel like London: Leeds and Manchester have undergone a lot of redevelopment lately: both have had new shopping districts built and new infrastructure. As a result, they are now feeling a lot more like London (cruel and miserable) but the northern charm is still present. In general, cheap housing: you can get some of the nicest flats in central Leeds (sharing with 1 other professional) for under 200 a week, which wouldn't get you anything in parts of London! Despite this recent change, people in general are lovely, very merry and living costs are cheap. Manchester has some of the most fun nightlife in the country imo
Also: (but cheaper) Sheffield, Liverpool (very nice these days, has been gentrified like many of the aforementioned), Bolton (grim af, yet to be gentrified), Doncaster (do not go here)

I meant about the region in general, how is life there ? The weather ? Student life ?...
I'm about to set off on a travelling/temp casual job hunt trip around the UK (possibly with day trip or three given the chance). I can relocate easily if I find something perfect and if I don't or get lazy on job search I have enough for month or two of budget travel at least

What's absolute minimum I should bring? As a Brit travelling in UK who wants to have all docs he needs to get job/volunteer at hostel travelling light and on the cheap?

And anyone got any ideas as to where the best places to ask for really temp casual work would be? Would I be better off spending my hard earned cash on grand trip then going to jobcentre when I get back?
suggestions for sights and cities would be good too. I like good beer, history and countryside
and as if things could be as simple as top, bottom and middle, it's not! England actually consists of 4 regions in this sense:

The North North
A little known area of Britain, here, they speak a dialect of English known as Geordie. Completely distinguishable from their Northern counterparts, this dialect is as similar to English as Mandarin (ex. town is pronounced toon). This consists mainly of Newcastle, Sunderland, and Middlesborough. People are generally reknown for daytime drinking as a result of unemployment. Jokes aside, these areas do have some of the highest levels of unemployment as a result of a policy of abandonment by successive governments. HOWEVER, despite poor infrastructure and an incomprehensible local tongue, this area does feature some of the nicest people I've ever met: hospitable and even more chatty than their Northern counterparts. Moreover, Newcastle features some of the best value nightlife in the country (an advent of 'trebles bars' where you can be served 3 (three) treble shots (25ml here, not 35) for £5.
Also: Darlington, York
EXCEPTION: Durham, part of the South (student population is so Southern (approx 80%) that bursaries exist for local students)

Scotland: No clue, Edinburgh looks nice though.

I guess rather than the place, you need to consider more important things such as where you can find a job. Certain jobs just don't exist outside London, and some don't exist inside London for that matter.

Happy to answer any questions/defend my criticisms of someone's home town.
Hampshire by virtue of being on the south coast has decent weather... by English standards. But don't expect too much since this is the UK. Where are you from anon?

In terms of student life, Southampton has two huuge universities and a lot of nightlife, Portsmouth also has one huge university. Portsmouth itself has been redeveloped a lot over the past 10 years or so, with the opening of Gunwharf Quays (shopping area) and the Spinnaker Tower
Thanks for the information anon
I'm from France
>moving to England
>not moving to London

Birmingham or Leeds would be your best substitute options. forget Manchester & everything else, great places to visit but they're not great for quality of life
Biased but I'd pick Liverpool.

Particularly on the three points you mentioned of beer, history and countryside.

Mini revolution of craft/local breweries in the city in the past 5 years or so, there must be 6/7 largish (micro) breweries with their beers in most of the interesting pubs in the city.

History, there is a shit tonne in Liverpool. If it didn't do it first in the world, it did it slightly after London. Second city of the empire some of our buildings rival the best London has to offer, certainly more beautiful than Manchester (although I quite like Manchester and think parts of the centre are really nice), Leeds (shit hole) and Sheffield (pretty bleak). I can't speak for Birmingham. All these other towns undoubtedly have history, but very few rival Liverpool.

Countryside, we've got stunning beaches 30 mins north of the city, as well as great pine forests, and the North Wales hills about an hour away.

For me, I'd avoid Yorkshire, many would contradict me, I like Manchester but the accent can get testing (same can be said of Liverpool). Bristol is worth a look too, I've liked that city the few times I've been.

Venez ici
Don't know exactly what you're looking for, but I'd consider slightly smaller, second-tier cities (eg old cathedral cities and places like them) - In my opinion (as a Londoner..) England does not, London apart, do large cities particularly well.

Cheltenham might be worth considering. Or Bath. Maybe Hereford or Exeter (all these in the West); York in the north, Canterbury, Winchester or Arundel in the south.
Nottingham is beautiful and far underappreciated.
Southampton is a bit of a dump. Portsmouth too. Winchester is lovely but tiny and a bit boring.

What about Bristol? Any other anons know how expensive it is?
As an English person all I can say is, England is shit. Burn it to the ground.
Bristol anon here... not including house prices Bristol is quite expensive compared to rest of UK. Not far off London prices really!
>Don't go to Nottingham, it's known as "shottingham" due to the levels of gun crime being much higher than elsewhere.
That's just not true anymore.

Lived there my whole life, never even felt threatened once. Just avoid the Meadows, nothing there anyway. Only people who call it "Shottingham" are chavvy twats and retards that have never been to Nottingham.

Clearly never been to Nottingham, so you shouldn't comment.

Thank you! You from Notts?

Back on topic, most of England is stupidly expensive to live now, unless you live on the doll, then everything is paid for you (don't be that guy/girl). The South is incredibly expensive, and it gets cheaper the further north you go (but the average wage drops too).

Jobs are hard to come by without any experience, but if you have some you can find an entry level job easily enough. Bar work is always on.

As you ask about our own city, Nottingham is completely underrated. Had an issue with gun crime 15 years ago but that's all but eradicated now, hence the retarded comment above. Lots of history, so much to do and all in the centre of the city. Lots of brilliant bars and pubs, good infrastructure, great links (a regular train directly to London and any other major city). Not the best wages, but the prices aren't as bad as London.

Tbh I hate the cities, they are dirty, same shops and full of immigrants. I think the cities are good if you are wanting decent international restaurants, good nightlife and stuff like art gallerys.
I prefer the south west countryside, but then I like walking in fields etc.
Everywhere in the UK is expensive as fuck regarding housing, but south is more expensive than the north.
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>unless you live on the doll, then everything is paid for you (don't be that guy/girl)
bashing the dole, fucking capitalist class

All of England Is a grey rainy dump.

>Birmingham or Leeds would be your best substitute options
>forget Manchester & everything else

Have you ever seen Birmingham? the bullring shopping centre is nice but other than that its a complete dump.

Nottingham and Derby are ok if you want to do the midlands, and relatively cheap.

If I could live anywhere I'd go to Bristol, but I think Manchester and Liverpool are good options. I've also Heard good things about Brighton.
London or bust.

It's worth paying an extra 200-300 a month in rent so you can actually live in a cool global city not a shithole.

>It's worth paying an extra 200-300 a month

Depends on how much you're earning anon. Many areas of London are shit too FYI especially if your Broke.
While this thread is up, any britfags here like to share their experiences of living in Oxford/Cambridge/Manchester? Looking into possibly studying for a masters degree in computer science at one of these locations
Am a Londoner (but have spent years away in all kinds of places at home and abroad), living in Oxford (working a few miles away) for the last year.

Honestly. Oxford...is dysfunctional as a city. Most of the residential areas (apart from a few bits of North Oxford) are grotty if not downright unpleasant, and the cost of living here is outrageous. The geography of the city is weird too - being built on loads of flood plains, with few bridges to cross the various rivers, canals, and streams, it can take ages to travel just a short distance. OK if you get college accomodation all that barely applies. Many pros - interesting cultural life (if you know where to look for it), amazing people (generally passing through the city rather than living here), small city has its advantages, and the city centre is of course beautiful. In all honestly though I think it has the disadvantages and hassles of a much larger city without the typical advantages of one, but with qualities all of its own (positive and negative.). Frankly Cambridge is a far more practical version of this type of city. Possibly less wildly romantic, and certainly without as charming countryside and agreeable country towns around it - but certainly more liveable.
Thanks for your input man, appreciate it. I have heard similar things before about Oxford. I was planning to go to Cambridge for my undergrad, but I never applied since I reckoned I didn't have a chance of hell of getting in for maths. Now that I am focusing on computer science though I think I could put in a reasonable application for Oxbridge/Manchester.

Living in Essex all my life, I have been to Cambridge a fair few times for days out and I don't think I have ever been to a nicer place in the UK. I understand the living costs must be very high, but at least lower than London's. That being said I feel as though if I did a masters degree at Cambridge I wouldn't have any time or friends to really live in the city anyway. I'm not even sure if I want to do a masters, I'm so lost
Brother studied at Portsmouth and he loved it.
what's the consensus on Manchester?

>Swindon is the butt of many jokes, but I found it to be a really nice place tbh.

The better parts are fine places to live, but this town is literally a "I live here, but only because Its close to london, in the center of england, and I can go to other cities with actual substance".

There is fuck all to do here, really absolutely nothing, our town center is full of shitskins, the western residential areas are white because its out of the way and allows you to travel to nicer places.
South-west is very nice, cornwall and devon are very white and out of the way.
Norwich is by no means in the Midlands and you'd be wrong to associate the place with backwardsness and inbreeding (as well as most of the rest of the county, but that's another point). In reality, it's got a thriving music/cultural scene, and a fuck load of great pubs too. Rent probably varies but I'd imagine it's on the upper end, though way cheaper than London obviously.
Lived in Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham.

I won't talk about Manchester because I'm Mancunian and we're all probably a bit deluded about how amazing Manchester is (it really is though). Birmingham was pretty torid, boring and uninspiring. The night life is rubbish, it's the most expensive of the three, the people are generally duller. It's the only place where I didn't even feel that safe (and I'm from a horrible part of North Manchester). Nottingham is surprisingly pretty great and suits me well. The pubs are amazing and Nottingham is a very inviting city. I can't think much else to say except Birmingham sucks dick, Nottingham is great and Manchester is wonderful.
Leeds/Newcastle are all pretty based and very close together. Worth a visit if you're in that part of the country.
Kind of surprised no-one has mentioned York as an option. I am from Kent currently in uni in York (University of York, not St Johns) and York is a great city. It is really quite small compared to most other cities but it has everything you may want and its not a grey dump like other northern cities. Everyone is friendlier up north provided you like ramdomers talking to you.
>I've already established that London would be too expensive for me.
>York isn't expensive
Yeah York is nice, with certain provisos. A bit over-touristed, but understandably so, too.
Outside of the City and [not even all of] the West End, London's a shithole. If you want to get robbed, stabbed, killed, raped, etc by gangs of Caribbean and West African youths, then by all means move there. Otherwise look at the West Country, rural Yorkshire, Cumbria or for towns outside of England.
this is bollocks about London from start to finish.

You're right, it's literally nowhere near as expensive as London.
If you want to find a job quickly and your English sucks, move to London. Unfortunately, it's the best solution for immigrants. Otherwise, Brighton.
I'm a Londoner born and bred and I say Newcastle. The city centre is great, it's close to the coast and Northumberland, it's SO cheap (obv compared to London) and the locals are the best, you won't get any trouble on a night out if you're not looking for it (unlike most other places in the UK)
Contrary to popular 4chan belief England is fucking beautiful and lovely. York, Oxford, Cambridge, Winchester, Norwich, Canterbury, Bath, Chester are the typical nice provincial pretty cities you might want to look at excluding some we have many of that sort of thing. I would strongly advise against moving to alot of the cities suggested so far. I wouldn't go so far as to say they are trolling but they may have an agenda you may not share. Big northern cities certainly have their charm, but to suggest them off the bat to a foreigner is disingenuous. They tend not to be nice or vaguely liveable outside of the immediate city centre.
I am originally from Newcastle but live in Cambridge.

Forget about living in Cambridge unless you pull in at least 40k, students and lack of housing make living here fucking ridiculously expensive.

Probably going to move to London within the next year or so anyway.
This, this and this. Wise words all round.


If you are serious though, you will 99% need to work in London as a foreigner trying to establish themselves in a career.

Good commuter cities are St. Albans, Reading, Colchester, Chemlsford, Epping, Crawley, Bishop's Stortford.

I have some friends that live in "cheaper" places like Harlow, Maidstone but wouldn't recommend.

For the price of Oxford / Cambridge you can literally live in Zone 3-4 of London and earn shitloads more.
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