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Hometown praising/bashing

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ITT: We say something good and something bad about our own cities that travelling anons might find useful/interesting. If you don't live in a very touristy city, just choose one near you.

I'll start
>GOAT nightlife and very cheap for a euro capital, if you avoid the most evident tourist traps
>Generally dead as fuck during the Summer and any long holidays as many locals leave to spend them somewhere else.
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>Awesome food; consistently so in that, unless it's obviously empty or shitty, it's probably great.
>Dirty as fuck. There is shit and trash everywhere.
>Ghent, Belgium
Pretty like Bruges, but with half the tourists and a better nightlife, it truly is Belgiums hidden pearl. You could stay in Ghent and take a train to any other Belgian city when you get bored.

There's really nothing shitty about this city for a tourist, maybe the lack of cheap hotels, and there's only one youth hostel.
Other than that I think the cities policy on cars is fucking shit, they tax the shit out of us and there's barely any parking spots downtown. Public transportation can take you anywhere and is reliable but fuck that.
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>Amazing food, unique neighborhoods, clean, much lower cost of living than most US cities, no coastal superiority complex.

>Only half the city is worth anything, corruption, crime, guns, winter.
Madrid is actually pretty lame for a euro capital
(dunno why I said MUCH lower, but it is noticeably lower than comparable cities)
>pretty good transport, lots of good restaurants, if you want it we pretty much have it
>disgustingly hot and smelly in the peak of summer, disgustingly grim and cold in the depths of winter, long term hearing damage from just being here, plenty of shit food if you don't know how to avoid it, the rats
based Ghent, friends from Ninove are there at university

hometown: Richmond, Virginia
pro: mild winters, low cost of living
1) I've been here long enough to have touristed it out, along with anything in a few hours drive
2) the cost of living is going up because it's getting popular
3) I lived in Key West and even mild winters are "extreme" to me
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>Very high quality of living yet still quite affordable; clean, not too big and noisy; coffee houses; seasons are ok - it's really hot or really cold for like at most 3 weeks a year in total
>People are quite conservative, high tax rate, I seem to get along better with English speaking people
rats dont even do anything but crawl around subway tracks and around the streets at night. Too much hate for such a pointless animal.
Washington, DC

Pros: I've lived here for 9 years and still enjoy the touristy things. Endless restaurant and bar choices. Charming, historical architecture. Short drive to decent hiking spots. Easy to find free food and drinks from think tank events.

Cons: For a city that's almost entirely transplants, many people are generally cold and have an obnoxious disdain for tourists. Tons of self-centered careerists. Expensive as fuck.
GF works in dc as of 3 months ago. It is fucking stupid expensive. I like visiting my gf but I don't relish visiting DC, even though it is a pretty cool city.
>I've lived here for 9 years and still enjoy the touristy things
Dubs, nice, I got burnt out in less than a year.
>fucking stupid expensive
nowhere near as bad as the other Northeastern cities
I will without fail always spend more in DC than if I was in Boston or Philly, and I might spend a little more when I go to NYC. But DC is really goddamn pricey.
People are absolute shit, the nature, city scape, and suburbs are pretty cool and rich with south Florida oddities.
>The good
The food here is better than sex. Very close to the Canadian border. You can take a train to NYC or Chicago for like $80 roundtrip. The football culture here is amazing, nobody tailgates harder than Bills fans. The bars don't close until 4AM.
>The bad
The weather alternates between a hot, obnoxiously humid summer and some of the most brutal winters on the planet with two weeks of mud between each. Most of the people are trashy to a degree that's downright impressive.
>The ugly
The women live up to the city's name. Notable exception for any Asian chicks and college girls. But Buffalo natives? By far the most uggo mutants I've ever exposed my eyes to.
Forgot to add
>The bad
Drugs are way too prevalent here. It's next to impossible to find people to just hang out with, I don't even go to random parties anymore because without fail some dipshit has to bust out the narcotics.
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Dripping Springs, TX
> The Good
Close to Austin, close to Hamilton pool, close to lockhart bbq, close to Pedernales falls, nice road biking if you know where to look
>The Bad
Really nothing out here of value... Go to Austin for fun
everything here sucks dick except for the parties.

the parties are the only redeeming factor.

the weather would be nice if it wasn't so polluted.

moved and never looking back.
to where did you move?

>no coastal superiority complex.

Nah. Freshwater coasts > salty water coasts. And our skyline is prettier.
Nice inland superiority complex brody.
Just in case anyone thought I was exaggerating when it comes to Buffalo women, have a look at this mutant.
Also, forgot to point out the ritual attire of the Buffalonian trash whale; pajama pants fucking everywhere. Home? PJs. Store? PJs. Bank? PJs. Outside? PJs.
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>Way less tourists than Edinburgh, more representative of Scottish life, cultural melting pot of Scotland
>Pretty boring, can be a little dangerous in places
>Great nightlife, especially on Polk St and in the Mission/Valencia area

>Old FOB Chinese people everywhere sucking up city resources and giving nothing back.
> ha ha ha. i would hate to see people in pj's everywhere. so lazy. have you seen buffalo 66 ? seems like an honest depiction.

i live on an island in texas. not worth posting a pic. place is pretty shitty too. its lower class industrial culture. brown beach water. low riders and shrimpers.
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Kelowna, BC, Canada
>Nature and outdoors is fucking beautiful I will admit
>You can ski, golf and go to the beach all in the same day that is fucking amazing
>Tons of wineries if thats your thing

>If you live here, there's nothing, only december and july are good
>Seriously nothing don't do it
>Tourist city 101, this place fucking sucks
>Don't live here unless you work in Fort Mac or are over 65
>Don't do it
File: 1423386192484.gif (2MB, 202x175px)
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Buffalo 66 is a pretty dead on depiction of the city. Nothing but losers spinning yarns about the amazing lives they do not and never will have, and morbidly obese pajama clad sasquatches churning out dumb ass kids.

Also the mom's borderline erotic/sociopathic fixation on the Bill's isn't really exaggerated. The Bills have their first decent lineup in years and the excitement around here is tangible.

Buffalo's... trademark charm, I feel, can be attributed to a couple factors.

It's the nation's third poorest city. Poor people, especially third or fourth generation poor people, aren't know for the decision making skills, standards, or ambition.

There is nothing to fucking do here (outside of football season I literally do nothing but gym/vidya/work, and the only thing that breaks this monotony is 4 weeks of vacation, and occasional weekend visits to Chicago, NYC, and Boston) and it's fucking cold as shit half the year

It's in New York so welfare beats working more often than not for a lot of people. You literally lose money by working up to a certain point.

So you pretty much have a bunch of purposeless, uneducated people of poor genetic stock with a lot of time on their hands and an abundance of that time spent inside. So you get a lot of dregs producing spawn out of boredom, thus perpetuating the cycle.

This city desperately needs an enema, or a super bowl win or something.


Great weather during the winter and the Apache Trail is nothing short of amazing.

Way to hot during the summer and a lack of culture. It is very much a "new money" city.
You forgot to mention
>If getting to your destination requires a left hand turn at any point, you're fucked

I lived in Buffalo for way too long. It is the worst city I've ever lived in.

Also I would put the bars being open until 4AM and the intense spectator sport fans in with most of the people being trashy. I remember watching a Saber's fan throw up on the subway. We even stopped at a couple of the stops and she refused to get off just kept puking on to the floor. All while her male friends were scream "Let's go Sabers, lets go!"

The good is Wegmans. Seriously, if it wasn't for Wegmans I probably would have hung myself while living there.
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Man you sound pretty trashy yourself.

>muh culture of poverty
yea, the fact that all the factories shut down in buffalo and the rest of the rust belt is cause the workers were to lazy to show up and welfare was a better option not cause it was cheaper to have a 12 year girl do the same job in China.

All the families that had banked on well paying blue collar labor and didn't have the necessary skills to tranistion to the new economy are lazy. And the kids that came from these families have zero ambition, the fact that all the jobs are out in the suburbs, require a solid education (which buffalo can't offer), etc. = lack of ambition. Coming from Amherst and wanting to be a doctor isn't exactly as difficult as coming from the fruit belt and wanting to be a doctor.

Forgetting that as the factories and businesses moved out of the country and all the wealthy people moved to the suburbs the poor were stuck in the city (often due to redlining), and the city's tax base vanished.

Not to mention all the poor people in the city of Buffalo are stuck in the city cause the public transit is so terrible and there aren't even sidewalks in the suburbs.

I'm not sure if you really understand how much welfare is really worth, but the reason Buffalo's unemployment rate is at 11% isn't because people simply don't feel like working.

>So you pretty much have a bunch of purposeless, uneducated people of poor genetic stock with a lot of time on their hands and an abundance of that time spent inside. So you get a lot of dregs producing spawn out of boredom, thus perpetuating the cycle.

And you sound like their king.
The key to enjoying Buffalo is to live in the suburbs surrounding it. Amherst has some fucking great public schools and very low crime. You can just drive 30 minutes or less to anywhere in the city and enjoy the bars and festivals and shit whenever you want without being subjected to the poverty and other dumb shit every day
wow, what a coincidence: I'm in Madrid right now for the rest of the week excluding the weekend. I would appreciate your top 5 places to go in the evenings (weekdays) to grab a beer and listen to good bands (live or just from cd, doesn't matter). Preferably in the near of Santiago Bernabéu Stadium where our hotel is located. Thanks in advance
Ljubljana, Slovenia

> pretty cheap and affordable, good food, the center has just been renovated and it's very clean
> it's so small you can explore it all in three days
I am from Madrid though I don't live there anymore.

>you can do a lot of stuff for free
>incredible amount of museums
>cheaper than most western capitals
>all the advantages that big cities have

I live in a 100k city now and I miss not having to plan ahead the stuff I want to do, there's public transportation 24/7, shops are open until 9 or so...
moved to asia. it really is more free out here.

you're fucking stupid. BANKS redline housing districts based on creditr ating. and they do it because some subhumans don't pay their bills. if you think people who consistently don't pay their bills deserve loans, why don't you give them YOUR money instead of the banks?

bills passed by the democrats that extended housing credit to defaulters is what caused the housing crash in 08, you faggot.

gamble with YOUR money, not the collective's.

and if you like black, violent, unemployed people so much, YOU go live with them. let the rest of us stay separate.
File: Tokyo-Main-Image.jpg (1021KB, 2200x1294px)
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The good, it has everything NYC has and more. It's food is just as diverse without having to import the third world. And is beyond safe. They have a show similar to "Cops" on TV here, and last night the major crime was a mentally handicap man (with no shoes in the snow) stealing coins from the offering box at a local Shinto Temple.

Cons: Housing costs are extremely high and the space is very small. Japanese are all about the rules and are completely inflexible to the point of defying common sense.

Am a Canadian transplant, having lived in abroad in various countries for 20 years now.

Conclusion: Urban Japan really is how cities should operate. Too bad most of the West has been inflicted with the plague of the dindu.
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Hey man! OP here, hope you're enjoying your stay.

There's a nice Irish pub near you called The Irish Rover with a rock bar called Moby Dick right next to it, and both have live music regularly. A bit further you have Madrid-Dakar, but it's been a while since I last went so I dunno how it's faring lately.

Best places for live music though, are around the metro stations Alonso Martínez and Tribunal (line 10, no transfers needed from Santiago Bernabeu). Honky Tonk, El Junco, Thundercat, El Barco... all of them have jam sessions and/or concerts everyday from Wednesday to Saturday, although they start somewhat late (around 11-12). If you know your way back to your place with night buses though, it's a pretty good plan for one night or two.

Also nice dubs.
Any city in Britain that's not London: Whatever scraps are left over from London goes towards trying to make a place pretend to be a city

I really am cynical of this country. In America there are loads of great, world famous cities. San Francisco, LA, San Diego, New York City, Chicago, Houston, Seattle etc.
The only city in Britain that's comparable to anything around the world as like, a "world city" (if you know what I mean) is London because literally all the money gets spent there. Every other city here just doesn't compare. They all feel the same. Cardiff is the worst in Britain. It literally feels like a town desperately trying to be a city. It's all the same format;
>1 main high street with all the same shops
>"We need to be a city. Let's add shopping malls alongside the high street"
>Worst transportation ever
>Good food? What's wrong with adding a bunch of chain restaurants and KFCs?
It just all feels fake and forced. Nothing natural. And it's not even their fault because Britain has always been London-centric. Only in the last few decades have places outside of London not been rotting dead benefit towns.

>inb4 angry basement dweller
I travel a lot around the world. Britons really don't know how boring and poor Britain is.
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Charlotte, NC

>Mass transit sucks and cabs are expensive.
>For a small city that 15 years ago was a stuff-to-do wasteland, it has really come alive. Night life is jumping now, arts scene is booming although live theater still lags, major and minor league sports are happening (our new minor league baseball park in a hole is a unique venue), surrounding area has things like the National Whitewater Center, site of the first Gold Rush in north America, a decent-ish theme park, some decent art museums now... and the unloved NASCAR Hall of Fame, to which they'll be pathetically eager to welcome you as it is not much visited.

And dining options here are now about as good as anywhere.

Y'all come.
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On the other hand -- I can see world cities allover the world -- and you do at least have one. In the meantime, I've had great times wandering about Britain specifically because of the smaller cities and towns. Plus, for a history guff, you have no idea how it feels to visit a country that has history from more than 200 years ago.

Plus, compared to 15-20 years ago, the food has gotten good.
I have a few home towns since I spend my time all around the world now traveling for work and so on, I spend as much time in each place almost.

>Vancouver, BC
The Good: An upstart craft brew scene with probably some of the best beer in Canada. The outdoors in and around Vancouver are hardly surpassed by anywhere else I've been in Canada other than the Canadian Rockies. Good restaurants, good nightlife, and fairly clean for a city its size and if you avoid East Van.

The Bad: East Van, Richmond, and the huuuuuuge population of Asian immigrants. I don't mind Chinese people and have a bit of a yellow fever itch; but seriously they make property prices insane, half the time they are not very compliant with the culture (a lot don't learn any English and a lot of signage, moreso in Richmond, is all in Chinese) , they are often extremely cheap, and often drive horribly.

>Portland, Oregon
The Good: Best craft brewery scene in the country and some might argue in the world due to the density of the micro-breweries around here. Really good food all around, whether you want to go to a sit in restaurant or a food cart. Good public transit.

The Bad: A lot of methheads and generally grime around the city. A lot of areas are fine if you stick closer to downtown or Beaverton (my family's house is just near Beaverton), but a lot of it can get really sketchy really fast. Hipsterism can have its perks but its mostly obnoxious at this point and it still doesn't seem to have died down at all. It can also be hard to drive around Portland, especially downtown if you do own a car.

>Eugene, Oregon
I have more nostalgia here as I lived here for 10 years so it'll be more good than bad I think.

The Good: College town with a vibrant team if that's your thing. Like Portland it has a really good craft brew scene and some really good wineries around the area if you're willing to take a country drive. Everywhere but campus is easy to move around in by car usually.
The Good (cont.): Nightlife is limited, but the bars that are there are very charming. Past the occasional douche bag or over zealous sports fan, the people are all around extremely nice here, much more so than really anywhere else I've been. A few nice places of natural beauty with great views of the city or wetlands if that's your sort of thing. Hipsterism is not as present here, it has more of the perks (craft brews, good food, interesting music) with less of the drawbacks (pretension and just being generally obnoxious). Weed is good here too if that's your thing.

The Bad: Homelessness, there are a ton of them and while they may be less ballsy than in other places chances are anywhere you go your bound to see a panhandler. There isn't all that much to see or do unless you know some of the locals, but I never got bored even after living there for sometime. If you're not a sports fan, specifically Ducks football, it can get irritating that most people only seem to want to talk about football.

>Charleston, South Carolina
My family just moved here a couple of years ago and haven't gotten the chance to explore that much of it other than Old Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Dunes West, and a bit of North Charleston.

The Good: Extremely vibrant city, lots of color, lots of energy, the buildings are gorgeous, the history is fantastic, and the people are very interesting in most cases. Food is really good here and there are a few decent breweries located within Charleston proper. Nice blend of hole in the wall restaurants which can serve fantastic seafood or bbq, or higher end restaurants. Property costs are high if you want to live in the city proper, but I've heard that property taxes for actually owning a home are ridiculously cheap. A lot of cheap shopping or higher end shopping. Friendly locals for the most part and nice craft shops. Public market is cool too.
The Bad: While crime is generally low all across Charleston (amazingly low for a Southern city of its size) crime is just more densely packed in certain areas rather than spread across the city. I've never run into a problem but I have had some friends get mugged or beaten walking through certain neighborhoods. Getting around Charleston can kind of be a pain as well, the public transit isn't that great, and driving around the older parts of Charleston is a chore with how narrow the streets are. On top of that everyone drives huuuge trucks and other big rigs like Suburbans, one because its the South in Murrica, and two I think is because it can flood quite spontaneously if a heavy rain comes. The weather can also be really taxing, the summer is unbearable in most areas of Charleston unless you're acclimated to humidity, which I'm not in the slightest. Most of the other seasons its pretty fair weather wise and actually some of the early months of Fall and Winter can feel like a mild and nice summer to most people. I've never been in a big flood but apparently it has happened to my family a few times where the rain comes in and turns heavy quickly.

Confirmed North Carolinian
>boring, cold, boring
>decent art scene, hottest girls in the midwest (not saying much)

living in thailand atm and it's wayyy better. Life has been shit to me though so I'll probably have to move back
Not him but tfw i have the most obnoxious Boston accent and vocabulary (pissah, snappah) but say y'all because i moved while a kid
Albuquerque, NM

mexican food

literally everything else
Just weed, or you mean like meth or crack?

you sound like a miserable person.

LA has horrible traffic and the cost of living is insane, but the food is nothing short of amazing. my favorite thing to do in LA is eat cause there are so many different types of places to eat. From Cuban to Russian.


Pros: great public transport, clean, can see lots of awesome stuff by train on daytrips, quality brothels
Cons: very expensive, not great for nightlife, the city itself doesn't have all that much to see


>not understanding what redlining is or when it really affected people but having a strong opinion about people that live in the city being "bad people" (lets go Buffalo!)
In short it simply was a way for real estate agents, banks, etc. to keep black people from moving to the white suburbs thus keeping them in housing that wasn't gaining value while everyone else moved to the suburbs where values were increasing. A key aspect of this is when so many (non black) people were benefitting from the GI bill and the guaranteed home loans that other vets received.

>the whole crisis of 2008/9 was caused by the bill the democrats passed a single law that caused the whole crash. (Lets go Buf-fa-lo!)
In the 90s home owners experienced a growth in equity that was equal to 3% of GDP and in the early 2000s it was 11.5% of GDP (bubble). Housing prices nearly doubled from the late 90s to the mid 2000s (bubble). And in 2006 nearly a quarter of all purchased homes were investments rather than residences (attempting to profit from the bubble). Then bubble popped and a ton of things went wrong in the financial markets that made the problem even worse and spread across the globe.

>and if you like black, violent, unemployed people so much, YOU go live with them. let the rest of us stay separate.

Thanks for proving my point about you being the king of the trashy people in Buffalo.

Let's go Buf-Fa-LO
File: 5.jpg (660KB, 1000x807px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw everyone prioritizes stuff like beer/bars/parties/nightlife in the "good" and quiet/not-much-to-do as "bad"

Am I the only one who just wants a nice, peaceful place with lots of trees and pretty buildings with quaint shops and a good amount of nice, peaceful people to never feel lonely (but not too crowded or rowdy like in an urban center)?

Pic isn't hometown, but rather dreamhome
>>>/pol/ though I did enjoy 313's response
>posts photo of multi million euro vacation homes

How about a quaint little yacht to putter around in, too?
Spent about a week there, I loved it but I couldn't find a hostel I enjoyed after staying in several so I moved on to lake bled, which for such a small place had so much fun stuff to do.

Quaint has nothing to do with price. It just means charming, rustic, small, or possessing some endearing and/or unique trait.

Went to a gay bar downtown made friends with a tranny after a Liars concert at the Tralf, I like Buffalo.

cool looking town.

Vincent Gallo is from Buffalo and he hates it. The Albright Knox is a great gallery

Cardiff is more modern than a city like Toronto to be honest.

Also is if you think San Diego, Chicago, Seattle and Houston are "world cities" you are having a laugh.
whoa, whoa, let's focus on his misuse of "literally" before actually criticizing the substance of his argument
>Cardiff is more modern than a city like Toronto to be honest.
pffffttt, lol. No. Cardiff is a provincial crumbling dump.
The food in england has always been good.
The cuisine is almost indentical in palette and ingredients to northern france so dunno where this stereotype came from.

I think its cause modern brits live on oven pizzas and takeaaway chicken, rather than what our actual cuisine is like.
>Britons really don't know how boring and poor Britain is

so true
Expat in the netherlands living around the german border, feels like the future in comparison.
Milano here

pro: the city itself is not that big but it's full of hidden place to discover. Also, the nightlife is quite lively

con: it's dirty
Every single non-Milanese Italian I've ever met hated Milan with a passion. Why is that?
File: navigli-Milano.jpg (90KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 800x600px

Yeah, that's the most common impression you'll get from the vast majority of Italian. It's probably because Milano is usually seen as the business capital, with nothing else to offer. Most people who talk shit about it have probably never visited the city though.
San Francisco here. I live on upper haight, mecca to all of the self-entitled transients. Kids think it's edgy to be homeless and demand money.
Pros: very safe, mountains to hike and ski nearby, 3 hours from Milan, 4 hours from Munich and Frankfurt

Cons: Very expensive, shitty nightlife, lots of tourists (mostly older asians)
Lived in the northern part of Charlotte for most of 2012. Was broke as a joke then, so maybe that was why I found it uninteresting. It was a big change from being outside of D.C, so maybe in a few years it will be even better.

Agreed about mass transit, there were almost no options that were reasonable, I had to drive everywhere. First place I ever lived that I had to drive to a concert, meaning I could not get wasted there.

Food was also pretty good, I will admit that.
why would a bank give a black family an expensive home when they knew the family was going to default, and leave the bank with MORE expensive debt?

are you a retard?

buffalo recently started talking about outlawing redlining again now that home prices are on their peak, AFTER the banking safety laws are set to expire.

wow, I bet it's gonna be different this time!

and prices are right back where they were before they popped. YEAH LETS GIVE THOSE LOANS TO BLACKS SO WE CAN HAVE ANOTHER BUBBLE BURST.

you are a faggot.

not from buffalo. but I work in housing and I hope you lose all your money for causing this mess.
you sound like a 17 year old cunt who is obese.

you can get good food anywhere. if you let it determine your choice of location irrespective of things such as safety, school quality, prices, or not having to tear your hair out ever day because ittakes 2 hours to drive down the street, you're a thirsty virgin who thinks he can't get laid unless he's in the coolest spot around.

you should probably off yourself.
you seem to be on the wrong board, ever hear of /pol/?

>Way more urban and cosmopolitan than people expect from Texas
>More sports than anywhere else I've ever lived
>A few good museums
>Largest lightrail system in the US
>White Rock Lake Park
>God-tier Mexican food
>Add in Fort Worth and you're never short on entertainment
>Mid-March to early May is beautiful, winter practically doesn't exist

>The sprawl. Oh God, the sprawl.
>Every highway is under construction right now.
>June to September is 100 degrees and humid
>Whatever culture was originally here is gone. 2/3 of the Metroplex population moved here within the past 20 years.
>Texas politics
>A serious inferiority complex and constant attempts to make the city "more relevant", whatever that means

Your city is fucking awesome, friend. The Prado, the Retiro park, has the best food from all parts of Spain, people from all over the world, and a truly excellent nightlife.

I'm from San Diego, CA

>good weather
>close to Mexico, so + is lots of good food, culture, great tourism and travel opportunities right next door, - is drug related crime, immigrants are a mixed bag, most are hardworking, decent values, not drains on the system, but there's a lot of criminal scum as well.
>tourists and transplants from the rest of the US shitting up the place. I don't mind foreigners but Americans from other states are all a shit.
>beautiful women everywhere, or hot young dudes if you're gay or female
>relatively safe in most areas, only a few ghettos compared to LA
>you can go from the desert, to the mountains, to the beach in one day
best thing about madrid is the brothels are full of the hottest women from across the whole of south america. I was banging 9/10s for ~100euros effortlessly

>better beach than 80% of "beach towns" internationally
>nearby island with wild horses on beach

>everything unique has been demolished to make room for tourism
>can't even find an open coffee shop come winter
Shirley you can't be serious.

Hey, wait a minute...
ayy lmao Cardiff is a fucking shite hole
fake and gay

I grew up in Boston, have lived here 25 years, and guarantee you don't say pissah. If you do, the only reason is to be "le diffrend XDDD"

please find your way to the /pol/ containment board please.
Good ol' Tonsberg in Norway

The oldest town in Norway, so it's adequately historical. It has a hill in the heart of the city which provides old-ass ruins, a castle and pretty views across town. It also gets really lively in July because one of the largest festivals in Scandinavia, the Slottsfjell Music Festival, is hosted on said hill. It's also during this time that nightlife is the best. The harbor area is also nice for an afternoon walk or to catch some grub at one of the countless of restaurants there. Overall a safe and cozy town. Worth a visit if you're in the Oslo region.

Completely dead outside the summer season, and the nature isn't impressive at all when compared to the rest of Norway. It's also tiny, so it's only really worth a quick visit.
imagine, the money you spent doing that could have spent instead on a flight to Colombia/Argentina/Brazil, where you can fuck those kinds of girls for free (Venezuela has hotties too, but it's a clusterfuck at the moment, just waiting to explode).
I don't know. With the difference in airfare and the uncertainty factor, almost certainly not worth it.
Maybe you should spend less time in malls and high streets and actually take in English culture where it still exists.
they give black families with a history of paying their loans back money for houses. the problem is when you try to give criminals, single mothers with poor employment histories and defaults, HALF A MILLION DOLLAR LOANS for houses. you will bankrupt the banks and bankrupt the individuals who have money in the banks.

thanks for causing 08 retards.
Los Angeles

The good:
>obviously better weather than your city
>very high paying jobs, if you have the right education
>nightlife is god-tier, everyone gets laid including the socially awkward beta dudes
>dating cougars is the norm once you turn 18
>god-tier shopping & retail options
>close to Vegas, San Diego & San Francisco

The bad:
>incredibly high cost of living
>too much driving, too much sprawl
>dating can be very difficult if located too far
>going out can be a pain in the ass since public transit sucks, everyone drinks & drives
>gritty as fuck once you leave the westside & hills
>lots of ugly streets with warehouses surrounded by barbed wire fences
hey what do you know, dubs is a lace curtain piece of shit who doesn't know what a swamp yankee is

>tldr eat a dick
File: kek.jpg (95KB, 956x354px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95KB, 956x354px
>All this anal annihilation
Obvious Buffalo native is obvious. Look dude, excuses aside, Buffalo is overrun with pollocks, micks and hood niggers whose only interests are procreation and drugs.

> require a solid education (which buffalo can't offer)
Bull. Shit. I defy you to be in the Buffalo metropolitan area and at any point be further than 10 miles from at least two colleges. I work with a kid (from the fruit belt oddly enough) who is busting his ass, working 40 hours a week on top of putting himself through a six year microbiology program.

It's easy to make excuses, give up, roll over and die, and let the taxpayer foot the bill for the sixty years it takes the world to recognize you stopped existing in any meaningful capacity a long time ago and put your ass in the ground. If you're not a piece of shit you know that when life gives you lemons you make some fucking lemonade.

>public transit is so terrible
If you compare it to NYC, Chicago, or Europe maybe. Buffalo's public transit is actually pretty fucking solid. It could run an hour later, and start an hour earlier, but other than that you can generally get anywhere in the city from anywhere in the city in less than an hour.

>the reason Buffalo's unemployment rate is at 11% isn't because people simply don't feel like working.

Eh, it kind of is. There's exceptions, but exceptions don't disprove the rule. Fending for yourself is pretty fucking easy, get a roommate and a job at Mighty Taco and get some kind of plan together. The problem is a lot of these people on welfare are having kids and that's really, REALLY fucked.

>Amherst has some fucking great public schools and very low crime
It's also got some of the highest cost of living in the area.

I live and work in West Seneca; it ain't so bad.

You're on the left of pic related, I agree with most of what you say in principle but dude, tone down the fucking racism.

>if you like black, violent, unemployed people so much

Its not as bad as other cities bro, be thankful
White trash are just as much a problem in Buffalo as their black counterparts, if not more so. At least black people are generally becoming more socially conscious and wanting more for themselves, for white trash in South Buffalo squeezing out a bunch of ugly fucking kids is the about as high as their ambitions go.

And there you are on the right of pic related. I thought I was the king of the trashy people in Buffalo. ;_; Or is it simply in your nature to insult people you disagree with?


Oh, right. Having said that,

>quarter of all purchased homes were investments rather than residences (attempting to profit from the bubble)

On this you're absolutely right, in the poorer areas of Buffalo proper especially (Bailey and South Park, Riverside, fruit belt, etc) there are streets upon streets of two story houses with balconies that look almost identical, and almost all of them are being rented out as two apartments by slumlords, it's fucking disgusting and should be illegal. (I'm pretty fucking sure it is, actually)

As shitty as the situation and the people profiting from it are, human beings are still obligated to help themselves and have a little accountability. People who live in those areas really should not be having kids, and it's all they seem to be doing. Having kids pretty much says "where I am, right now, works for me for the rest of my life." And it's kind of sad that so many of these people would rather be a goddamn living caricature than nut up and spend a few years digging out.

I used to be poor, really fucking poor, but I refused to settle when I knew I was better than that, so I'm really not sympathetic to Freudian excuses that boil down to "improving things for yourself is hard, so I'm just going to live off the taxes of others and raise a bunch of ugly fucking kids to think that's perfectly normal."

That said, Buffalo is pretty fucking great overall. It's an ugly but loveable dog in city form.

It's grey and polluted compared to most cities in Italy. The nightlife is definitely lively though, one of the best in Italy. Also the people are considered cold compared to Italian standards (In CN Nast, Milan was one of the top 10 unfriendliest cities worldwide), even though this is changing as people from all over the country move here looking for a job.

From my experience (I commute there as I'm a student) that is what I can say
Buffalo trolling is reminding me of Montreal Toronto face offs. Toasting high in an epic bread, thanks 4chan!
Puerto Rico

The weather is hot all year long. Beautiful beaches, friendly people, good nightlife, cheap alcohol and amazing food. Great surfing spots.

Little to no public transport, renting a car is a must. Expensive hotels. Zombie-like drug addicts everywhere man.
File: palm-springs-golf-1.jpg (224KB, 1258x794px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Palm Springs, CA

6 months of great weather (shorts and t shirt), shitload of golf courses, hiking, tons of pools to hang out at, moderate cost of living, being in the shadow of a 10,500 ft. mountain (which you can take a 20 min. tram ride to the peak year round), two hours car drive to LA, San Diego and the beach.

Very hot for 6 months of the year, not much to do if you are not into the tourist stuff, lots of old people who should not drive but do anyway, town empties for half the year and places shut down for the summer, not easy to get laid if you are straight.
Your city is very expensive when coming out of Eastern Europe.

I heard Christina Ricci (who looked pretty hot in Buffalo '66) would never ever work with Gallo ever again.

I guess he was really mean to her. http://www.timeout.com/london/film/christina-ricci-interview
trips for truth. respek.
File: Valletta.jpg (167KB, 1349x557px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167KB, 1349x557px
Live in Malta

small and easy to travel to all parts of the island
good nightlife
great history
cheap ryan air flights to all of europe and north africa
good food

so little that all the people know you and rumours spread like wild fire
a lot of immigrants come from africa
shitty infrastructure
expensive and low pay

I'm really jealous of all you guys in the big cities, hopefully i'll be off once i grad uni
File: adelaide.jpg (27KB, 550x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 550x366px
>easy to get around by car
>if nature is your thing then your in for a treat
>lots to do from February to March
>great weather all year round

>little happens out side of February and March
>Night life is ok but nothing to brag about
>cost of living is bad

its an ok place over all but i would not rave about it to people
Adelaide was a strange place... The whole layout of the place confused the shit out of me. We went drinking at this place called the Austral and got knockout drunk though. $13 coopers sparkling ale jugs easily made the trip.
>swamp yankee
confirmed for backwoods hick who doesn't know shit

>i say wicked pissah XDDDD that means im special
File: wicket.jpg (29KB, 300x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 300x240px
Roger, Roger. I have the clearance, Clarance, to say such things about my hometown. It's a piece of shit and I fantasize daily about moving somewhere else.
Coming from a dutch native this may sound biased as fuck but whenever I leave the country I feel like foreigners are still living in the past, except for Denmark I think.
The hell I don't! LISTEN, KID! I've been hearing that crap ever since I was at UCLA. I'm out there busting my buns every night. Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.
File: SFU-Las-Vegas2.jpg (160KB, 799x477px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160KB, 799x477px
Lived 20+ years in Las Vegas, been everywhere, done nearly everything.

> If you've got a shit ton of cash to spend on gambling (don't expect to win), high class hookers, and food--especially buffets--you can't beat it.
> ...it's something.

> If you're not some Chinese billionaire getting waited on hand and foot with someone licking your ass every time you fart, you're fucked.
> You won't win anything from gambling.
> Events get packed.
> Service sucks if you're not rich.
> If you're unlucky enough to walk the Strip as apposed to getting driven everywhere, you're going to be harassed by flyer-waving scum, scalpers, and people in costumes that'll hold you up for money if you take a picture of them.
> If you're unlucky enough to drive yourself around, prepare for some of the worse traffic (trust me, I drive through the Strip everyday).
> Rooms are over-inflated, especially around events.
> Outside of eating and gambling, there's nothing else to do.

15-20 years ago, Vegas was FANTASTIC. Nowadays it's just a fucking sham. It's only surviving on the fumes of when it was golden back in the days.

If you're interested and will be passing through or around, perhaps it's worth a night and day to have a look. But the last thing I recommend is heading to Vegas if you're not filthy rich.
this dude is a fat ass lonely dumb fuck
there so much to do on the cheap.
> If you are from here, if you know at least one woman you can go to any industry night and get in the club for free and quickly
> Downtown has shit to do and is cheap as hell
> Every bar is open 24hrs so you can get drunk whenever
> Every grocery store/gas station/restaurant you go to sells liquor so you can get drunk wherever whenver
> Live here 20 years and still drive the strip you are a fucking retard take the back ways i.e. industrial or koval or some shit and you can get anywhere
> There's shitloads of deals everywhere for cheap as fuck food/events/drinks/happy hours
> Golf course, fastlap, pole position, game works, town square, insert coins,
File: Hamburg_Rathaus.jpg (85KB, 480x319px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 480x319px
Hamburg, Germany
Pros: Great Nightlife, if you know the right people and avoid most of the reeperbahn. Almost as good as Berlin but without all the elitist Hipsters.

affordable living costs, moderately cheap drugs and booze.

Cons: pretty high rents for a German city
>Twin Cities
>Pretty good music scene, lots of neat restaurants, and you're close enough to great outdoorsy spots that you can make a weekend of it
>hipsters, middle-class wannabe-rednecks, and FOB Africans with first-generation children who all turn into turboniggers
File: san_diego.jpg (1MB, 1699x1130px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1699x1130px
I live in San Diego

>the weather is nearly perfect all the time, our "thunderstorms" usually are 10 minute light mist
>TONS of tourist shit to do, good if you have extra money
>Cars last forever here, I have a 15 year old convertible Mr-2 and its perfect for SD, no rust here unless you're by the beach
>great driving roads (not the most used congested ones) nice canyon roads make cruising nice
>Small niches of towns that is like a mini-europe, they all have their own type of people and lifestyles, typically the more south you go the less money is there if you get what I mean.
>can do a lot of recreation stuff in a day, went to the beach, rode some roller-coasters, went to a swap-meet (these are a big +), drove in the mountains got Julian Apple pie, and went on military base, and gambled at an Indian casino all in one day
>Nice looking women, but few wife material
>Weed is relatively easy to get and cops don't care as long as you aren't a minority, weed-cards are easy & cheap to get
>Food is great here, too many restaurants to list, its easy to find Asian, Mexican, American food (duh) or anything you want really
>a few hours from L.A, the desert, Mexico,
>slightly further away Las Vegas, Yosemite, world class roller coasters, California coast etc
>Nature is more prevalent here than L.A or other large cities

>Lack of jobs that isn't military or tourist related
>High cost of living, i'm 21 still living at home because rent is ridiculous here
>freeways everywhere and everything is spread out, YOU NEED A CAR when you live here
>People tend to be shallow here, but there are good people as well, just the majority stick to themselves
>Starting to become overpopulated, traffics getting bad, lots of minorities moving in, not enough jobs
>virtually no public transport besides busses and trolleys (if you have a car who cares?)
>school system sucks ass here
>music scene is pretty much dead here, all the bands hit L.A and skip here, every fuckin' time
File: GRAND RIGGIDY.jpg (116KB, 1280x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 1280x320px
Grand Rapids, Michigan

>city has grown/thrived in the last 5+ years
>GR is a huge town, but a small city
>beer city USA, breweries and restos everywhere now
>cost of living cheap af
>half hour drive to lake MI
>we decriminalized weed, now it's justa ticket m8
>we're not Detroit

>Surrounded by BFE townships/counties and the inhabitants of such
>3/4 population is white, dating gets boring fast
>ideological growing pains, still very conservative in many places
>a church on every corner, sometimes next to or across from each other
>ARTPRIZE contest every sept/oct fills downtown with tourists looking at mostly shitty art, city becomes clogged
>Eastown/Wealthy area where I grew up is gentrifying, as are many places in town

Moved to shitty Hamilton, Ontario a couple years ago, about to move to Toronto proper.
Made me realize how fugin great GR is, I LOVE MY CITY!
File: image%3A2.jpg (61KB, 640x360px)
61KB, 640x360px
>Megaton, Irradiated Wastes.
>pros: some protection against mutated critters, raiders, slavers etc.. Running water, also there's a bar
>dirty, smelly, the only bar in town sells watered-down booze only one hooker , and the owner is a dick.
>fucking BOMB in the center of this shit-hole on top of that, its being worshipped by some brain washed assholes.
>some Asshole in a vault jumpsuit strolled thru town the other day and was talking to some shady guy in a suit in the bar
>Asshole vault-dweller then starts snooping around the bomb then leaves... Guy gave me the creeps. But not worried I think the bomb's a dud
File: 1365468415327.png (376KB, 385x483px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
376KB, 385x483px
>Ald'Ruhn, the Ashlands
>pros: House Redoran traders, good taverns/cornerclubs, House Redoran council seat, Silt Strider/Mages Guild service
>cons: drunk Ashlanders on the Temple dole, imperial n'wah fort right next to city limits, Corprus monsters, ashstorms.
>ashstorms gave my guar the blight
>you can collect a lot of trama root
>Ghostgate makes weird sounds at night
>>lots of ugly streets with warehouses surrounded by barbed wire fences
This.... whats in all those warehouse? Cocaine? Theres millions of them.
File: 1352533106553.png (3KB, 217x219px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 217x219px
>can't even walk to the manor district without being attacked by cliff racers
>guards kill the cliff racers but never bother to enter the blighted house
>ash storms every day, can't even walk into the wind

I'm hoping to move to Khuul. At least then the ash will go away.
underrated posts
File: heidelberg.jpg (166KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 2048x1536px

perfect weather due to being located in the Rheinische Tiefebene
quaint little streets
a ton of pubs to pick your favourite from
history everywhere
good schools
because of the local univerity a lot of intelligent people who found their love in Heidelberg settle here
good public transit, at weekends also during the night
several supermarkets in the city that are opened until 24:00
the villages around the city are nice

if you like going shopping you're better off in Mannheim, the next better city
clubbing isn't that great here too
only artsy cinemas
rent prices will fuck you up the arse, especially in the old city district
this city HATES cars
don't even try to find a parking lot
the local river often floods the streets at the shore and the houses nearby
bicycle anarchy
hippie students everywhere
File: miami-3[1].jpg (511KB, 1260x685px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
511KB, 1260x685px
>God tier weather and foliage
>Filled with rude spics

>so polluted you can't see
>everything is dirty as fuck

ya nah im good
Oil wells.
>on 4chan
>describing southern florida
>not blaming jews

TLDR yid detected
File: RochesterNY10.jpg (113KB, 700x525px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113KB, 700x525px
Rochester NY

>Fantastic "scene" for music/art/that kind of shit
>Large-ish city but still feels like a small community
>Neighborhoods like the South Wedge are really cool and have loads of good places to go out
>Tons of nature right by
>Good schools (UofR, RIT, etc)

>The weather
>oh no the weather
>Similar problem as Buffalo, no jobs, inbred hicks, scary women
>Some parts are fucking terrifying
>Highest murder rate in NY State!
File: sudbury.jpg (2MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1920x1080px
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

>it has a nice "small city" atmosphere, there are a few interesting things to see and do (Big Nickel, OSC, etc.), you always feel safe, the food can be amazing, and there's nature everywhere (middle of the city, no other cities around; just wilderness, etc.)
>everything closes early, it's the only city around (closest "city" of 50k is over 100km away), the downtown area is bland and uninteresting, the transit network is awful, and the weather is less than agreeable
I loved milan, the hostel I stayed in had a bar that was popular with local students and I found them all really friendly, there was also a big square near the main church that I'm not going to try to spell where loads of people got drunk at nights.

Really liked that bone church, never seen anything quite like it. 10/10 city
File: banff.jpg (225KB, 931x428px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225KB, 931x428px
Good: Banff national park.
Bad: Drunk native indians everywhere..
You forgot the worst part: the people.

What a shithole.
>Drunk natives
Alaska is similar; one time my friend was offered a blowjob at gas station by a haggard old native women for a quarter

The church of San Bernardino alle ossa is amazing and it's not even one of the most beautiful. Can't get the name of the square you are talking about though.

I reckon it's Colonne di San Lorenzo.

Most italian medium/big cities have places like that when you can get drunk and stoned for cheap.

As an italian i used to hate Milan like many others do but i admit it can be pretty cool once you get a decent job and know some people.

>Good public transport, everything reachable by bike
>Hot Eastern European hookers for cheap
>Beach is just a short train ride away

>Just like any European city if you don't smoke
>nightlife is OK but not as great as a city like Berlin
>Owning a car is expensive and parking is extremely expensive. I don't have a driving license because of this
>Summers are disgustingly humid and winter is miserably rainy and cold without the perks of winter(snow). Rain all year round.
>Eastern European crime gangs operate in the city center
Anyone from around Tucson? I have to move there in a month for the air force
>Eastern European crime gangs operate in the city center
you mean the city centre with the Hot Eastern European hookers?
Birmingham, England
>Good nightlife including some great pubs and restaurants in the city centre, generally friendly local people and also some decent areas (Bournville, Selly Oak, Kings Norton, Kings Heath, Edgbaston) south of the city centre. Plus, the Bullring.

>The accent is awful, and the northern part of the city is a fucking dump.
Montreal, Canada

>there's something for everyone
>good food and booze
>pretty safe

>weather is fucking awful
>hobos and drunk assholes errywhere
>public transport is always having issues
>It's not Toronto

>It's not Vancouver
I gotta visit Vancouver one day, it looks pretty great.
File: 8824341.jpg (382KB, 1200x732px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
382KB, 1200x732px

Hongcouver, Canada

Cons: Full of beggars, chinks, and people are generally exclusive. Parts of the city reeks of weed.

Pros: Perfect for nature lovers, the air is beyond sweet, and there's not too much sprawl. You can get past the exclusivity if you grow a thick beard and wear a red plaid shirt.

>rampant mental illness and addiction
>heroin capital of north america
>bed bugs
>streets reek of piss and weed
>constantly damp
>unaffordable property owned by rich overseas Chinese
>rude, cliquey
>asshole yuppies
>asshole cops
>sub-par public transit managed by greedy pigs
File: sydnay.jpg (76KB, 976x370px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 976x370px
>Lots of different people from everywhere around the world since its the backpacker capital
>Its a big busy city, but beautiful natural wonders, viewing points and beaches are always just around the corner
>Nightlife is fucking great
>Pretty safe
>The parks
>Easy to find job and accommodation

>Fucking expensive
>Cocaine is $300 a gram
>Clubs in the city has a "1.30 am lockout rule", so after 1.30 you cant change club.
>Cops are cunts
>Public transport is quite shitty with late buses at all times, 10 min between trains and its expensive (like everything else here)
Sounds okay. Particularly the jobs thing. Too busy I'm scared of the heat and the dropbears
>can be a little dangerous in places
>a little dangerous

Glasgow is really fucking dangerous. There are literally neds everywhere.
File: stockholm.jpg (602KB, 1024x678px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
602KB, 1024x678px
Beautiful city, stunning mix of classical buildings combined with archipelago landscape
Some good museums, a few interesting cultural places and beautiful churches
Great restaurants
Very clean and organised, very safe for the most part
The best shopping you'll get in Sweden obviously, if not of all the Nordic countries

Doesn't really have anything that remarkable or special for any European capital. Nothing you can't get elsewhere really, aside from its looks.
EXPENSIVE. Hope you like dropping 10 dollars on a beer. Public transport is expensive also.
Mediocre nightlife, especially for a big European city. Rare for a club or bar to be open past 3AM, even on weekends, often bars close even earlier. Swedish partying outside student parties isn't particularly entertaining anyways.

All in all it's (and its suburbs) a good city to live in (besides expenses) but if you're going to Sweden I'd instead recommend Gotland, our ski resorts, or Skåne.
>being THIS american
Not only could you not afford a house in a town like that but those towns get boring fast. Also the locals would probably alienate you.
Honestly, while Britain has its really quaint and lovely places, it does have an air of backwardness and being a little primitive, even in London. I'm not saying it's bad, but every time I've been there, it has felt a little not modern.
Sydney, Nova Scotia

It's complete shit unless seniors are your thing.
Anywheretown, Anywhereland

>there's something for everyone
>good food and booze
>pretty safe

>weather is fucking awful
>hobos and drunk assholes errywhere
>public transport is always having issues

You sure sold Montreal, bud.

This. I get why Vancouver is easy to like a foreign visitor (or before you come here: why it's easy to imagine it will be a good place to visit). Fair enough. But living here is shit.

I'm not against immigration, but there are too many Chinese here (especially who don't bother trying to integrate), it's ridiculous. Sprawl is limited because of terrain, which is good in that it controls sprawl, but bad in that it puts property prices through the roof. The 'cliquishness' of people is definitely a thing, and many people are such cold petty dicks for no reason. It's obviously not terrible like fucking Syria or Afghanistan here, but it's far from the idyllic Shangri-La some like to pretend it is.
Philadelphia, PA (grew up in suburbs, now live in city)
>septa is functional enough.
>food is pretty good
>people are nicer than reputation
>lots of famous historical shit
>lots of less famous historical shit in places like Germantown that gets surprisingly few visitors
>you can look at cool preserved deformities in the mutter museum
>GOAT city hall

>Parts are pretty bombed out and statistically unsafe, although I'm in North Philly a lot and nothing has happened to me yet
>The liberty bell is underwhelming
>Reading terminal market is a bit overrated
>skyline is shit since they only started building proper skyscrapers in the 80s so you get bland modern glass boxes

Do the cops still bomb neighborhoods?
File: IMG_20150329_081730.jpg (211KB, 1080x570px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
211KB, 1080x570px
From Oklahoma City. Not sure why you'd pass through other than for a job, but w/e.

>NBA team
>plenty of actual restaurants

>probably larger than average gang presence
>not too many clubs, once we had a rave in a barn if that tells you something
>public transportation is horrid
>I'm not against immigration, but
dubious disclaimer much?
inb4 fresh prince
>dubious disclaimer much?
Nah, it's exactly like I said. Half my friends are immigrants and in fact I lost my virginity to a Chinese-Filipina (who was also my gf for 4ish years). I am not against immigration in general, there's just too many of one group (Chinese) in the place. If you lived here, you know what I mean.
You forgot about getting run over by all of the shit-tier drivers in our city.
I bet you even have black friends.
Only the ones that fuck my fat, white girlfriend as I watch.
File: Hank_sallaD.png (133KB, 529x314px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133KB, 529x314px
>implying you have a girlfriend
>what is Manchester
>what is Liverpool
>what is Birmingham
>what is Cardiff
>what is Dublin
>what is Edinburgh
>what is Glasgow
>what is Newcastle
>what is Sheffield
Not really, nope. :^) There aren't so many blacks in Vancouver.
>what is Dublin
Not in Britain, for one thing.
Not in Britain, no, but rightfully in the UK. The Irish Free State is a bastard state.
Peoria, Illinois

>Pretty Central in terms of the midwest. If you want to go to St. Louis, Chicago, etc. they're all short drives away.
>More places to hike than you would think a place in Central Illinois would have.
>Pretty good minor league sports crowd.
>Everything is cheap as hell

>High Crime
>Nightlife and music scenes are awful. Our downtown is anemic.
>Everyone works for Caterpillar
>Anywheretown, Anywhereland
It's not true at all, though.
Also I'm not trying to sell Montreal, it's not a cool place to visit by any stretch of the imagination.
>>966895 see
>If you don't live in a very touristy city, just choose one near you.
Grampa, what are you doing on 4chan? C'mon, no one wants to hear about your Orange parade days anymore, let's go sit on the couch I'll make some tea and you can tell us again how those damn Catholics and the Pakis are ruining this country.
We all know the reputation for crime and violence the US has, but I'm still always surprised when all these shitty Nowherevilles talk about how much crime there is. I'm not sure if it's just paranoid white fortress mentality, or there really is so much crime. And if there is, that only begs more questions. WTF America.
>We all know the reputation for crime and violence the US has
What is assertion fallacy, Alex?
>that only begs more questions
you're looking for "raises more questions"

captcha: epleb
ITT: Michael Collins Jr, a pro-Treaty quisling

how does it feel shitting all over the Proclamation of the Irish Republic and betraying Dáil Éireann?
Nowhereville USA is filled with meth, this crime. Usually not of the violent variety, but a lot of theft,b&e, and other property crime.
File: 1231321.jpg (114KB, 600x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 600x400px
>Great transportation, Cheap but delicious food of different variety, Lots of free stuff to do and go to.

>Rent will kill you. On Average costs more than car payments and a house mortgage, in other states, combined. Don't go to the Bronx, ever. Toll is also expensive.
>Great transportation
the NYC subway sux, as do the busses (per anywhere)
>Cheap but delicious food of different variety
while delicious, the food is far from cheap
>Lots of free stuff to do and go to
patently bullshit, contrast against DC (not even a town I like)
>Rent will kill you. On Average costs more than car payments and a house mortgage, in other states, combined
yes, it will
>Don't go to the Bronx, ever
or large swaths of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. Live on Staten Island or in New Jersey and cope with commute
>Toll is also expensive
understatement of a lifetime

2/10 troll, I responded, and his vain efforts at getting someone to move to his dump of a town would be pretty hilarious if anyone were stupid enough to fall for it
>being pedantic instead of dealing with the issue
Nice try though. That skill will really come in handy when customers are insisting they wanted soy 'milk' in their 'latte'.

Outside the US, the place is widely regarded as having violent crime issues, which is only confirmed (intentionally or not) by most of the Americans here. Well, by anyone who isn't a total simpleton cut off from media who thinks the US is all coca-cola, cowboys and Venice beach.
pedantism has nothing to do with highlighting your woefully inadequate argument, especially in that you don't recognize the difference between the fallacy of begging the question and the concept of raising a question.

your analysis of "most americans here" also helpfully (and dishonestly) bolsters your argument with those broad strokes of the brush

>calling me a simpleton to get ahead
>implying the media is the place to gather socioeconomic and criminal data

TLDR fuck off, I don't even like the USA
You sound like a fucking pussy.
what a robust defense of your earlier argument, or blatant Real Traveler tier ignorance of the material circumstances
Your pedantry has everything to do with the 'argument', especially your being hung up on one verb as a way to deflect actually coming up with a possible answer. That bullshit may work in your intro philosophy classes, not in the real world.

And has it occurred to you that not everyone here is a native English speaker? How many languages can you speak? Are you 100% fluent in idiomatic expressions in multiple languages? I suspect not. Wipe the sand out of your vagina already.

America has an anomalous problem with crime and violence, for a 'first world' country, and it is indeed widely known, and that has again indeed been reflected by the seeming majority of Americans here.

>TLDR fuck off, I don't even like the USA
Uh-huh, so you confirm that it's not the 'argument' at all, but that you just can't resist being a pedantic prick. Thanks for confirming. :^)
All I heard was "A therefore A," from my intro philosophy class 12 years ago. You've yet to back up your whole "EVERYONE knows the USA is a crime ridden shit hole" schtick.
>You've yet to back up your whole "EVERYONE knows the USA is a crime ridden shit hole" schtick.
>See majority of comments from the Americans here

Where I live, this is also a common perception. In violence and crime stats, the US also lags below most if not all equally 'prosperous' nations. I've been to the US a few times and I've seen some shit myself.

Are you going to get pedantic about the use of "everyone" now too?
Mountain View, California

>low crime
>qt asian girls everywhere
>reasonably good transit and bike lanes
>downtown area and parks are quite nice

>full of pretentious tech worker types
>google will never hire me
>expensive as fuck housing

The only touristy thing worth going to is the excellent Computer History Museum.
>Where I live, this is also a common perception.
Arright, since this is /trv/, I will call a truce. My frustration is primarily your use of the argumentum ad populum. I shouldn't have said "don't even like USA," but rather "inb4 someone says I am freedoming internally," because I didn't wanna seem like a knee jerk nationalist.

What's more, not to garner street cred or anything, but I've lived in a few legitimate hoods. I am, therefore, fairly desensitized to street crime and it frequently shocks me what people will consider a bad neighborhood.

I'm not here to argue that the USA is a non-functioning social democracy, thereby causing all sorts of blights on the land. Our system is blatantly fucking broken, and could largely be fixed by slashing the defense budget. We could cut it quite a bit and be secure from "foreign enemies," while also addressing the domestic ones.

>...but that's a discussion for elsewhere, and I need to criticize myself for my role in derailing this thread
Commuter trains with ten minutes intervals are good. Sydney doesn't have a metro. That loop downtown doesn't count.
Go to the Bronx Zoo and Mott Haven is being gentrified. Greenpoint and Williamsburg are hipster central. Brooklyn Museum in Crown Heights. Coney Island is open so checkout the rides.
Charlottean here -- never heard of that, will check it out.

Pros: Amazing bars and restaurants. Close to vast, beautiful wilderness. Healthy, clean, educated. Extremely bike friendly. Lakes. Lakes, everywhere. Polite people. Good economy. Relatively safe aside from the north side. Great art, theatre, music scene. Some great museums. Relatively low cost of living. Good lookin’ women folk. Not touristy, but far from Podunk Midwest flyover country. A real secret garden of sorts.

Neutral: Tons of Somalians and Hmong. Public transport is neither terrific nor dismal.

Cons: Club life is meh. Anti-social people. Keep to their cliques. Marry young, move to suburbs. Little-to-no mingling of strangers like on the East Coast. Horrific winters. Humid summers. North Minneapolis is a hell hole filled with Chicago thugs who have come here for our generous welfare. Which leads into another con, high taxes. Zero sports glory. Only heartache and frustration. (Applies to locals, only.) Worse traffic than you’d expect. Excessive roadwork during spring, summer and autumn.
chicago is definitely a world city, seattle and houston are not.
File: 1412033114863.png (93KB, 320x287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93KB, 320x287px

food is GOAT and even the "expensive" places are manageable. canada is 10 minutes away. suburbs like orchard park or amherst may be the best place on earth to raise a family or grow up. commute time is almost non existant. sports culture is also great.
nightlife is laughable. there are good looking women here, but they are very few and far between. the vast majority of people are degenerates. crime is an issue. i live in the "nice" part of the city, elmwood village, and just found my car sitting on a cinder block with the wheels missing a week ago today.
/pol/ pls go
Charlotte is with a doubt the most uninteresting place on the planet.

not really a /pol/tard... most of the degenerates i'm speaking of are white.
Damn dude, did you get anally raped in NYC?

>the NYC subway sux, as do the busses (per anywhere)
Not my fault if you don't know how to ride a simple train or bus. Everything is virtually accessible using the subway in conjuction with bus transfers.

>while delicious, the food is far from cheap
Yes it is. There are a ton of cheap restaurants on par with high end ones. I suppose you're one of those folks that think White Linen = Class.

>patently bullshit, contrast against DC (not even a town I like)
Lots of free concerts. Ocassional free events at museums. Free theater shows. So much more. Not my fault you don't know where to look.

I did say to never go to the Bronx and I do still stand by it. Most of the Bronx is shit.

Brooklyn at least is starting to get gentrified and there are areas that are safe and full of yuppies and working class people.

Flushing in Queens is an awesome place to live in. It's quiet and has accessible public transport. Cheap everything except, as always in NYC, horrible rent.

New Jersey is all right to live in and cheap as well as low taxes but can be boring if you're young and single. Edgewater in New Jersey is a nice place to live in but rent is also a problem.

>2/10 troll, I responded, and his vain efforts at getting someone to move to his dump of a town would be pretty hilarious if anyone were stupid enough to fall for it
WTF are you on ? You seem to have a grudge on NY.

I wouldn't call the entire area of Mott Haven gentrified. One block can look nice and the next a drug war zone.

Majority of the place still has abandoned buildings and drug dealers standing on the corners or inside bodegas.

I agree with Brooklyn though. It's not Hipster country and in a way it made the place safer and nicer to live in. At least now it's just Hipsters and not gang bangers.
Currently working in Penang, Malaysia

- Pretty much food heaven
- Jungle-trekking or hill climbing
- If the time is right, you can watch some cultural events over here.

- Traffic jams.
- Heritage City might be a bit lackluster.
- Public beaches are not that clean. On private (hotel) beaches, the water colour might turn you off.
File: DSCF2984.jpg (2MB, 2848x2136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2848x2136px
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA.

Lots of varied things to do, hiking, skiing, somewhat bike friendly and has good urban trails. Also, low light pollution, and pollution generally.
Expensive, many people dislike the weather (hot in summer, snowy and cold in the winter (which lasts intermittently till May), windy the rest of the time. Bad traffic when all the people come from Phoenix (especially to play in snow).
I bow to your dubs.
>did you get anally raped in NYC?
for more or less, every time I go, it blows, unlike other major cities.
>Not my fault if you don't know how to ride a simple train or bus
implying a lack of knowledge is what makes me dislike it. yet again, I know how to use mass trans, NYC's is just shittier than what I'm used to. I will admit it's better than most other options in the US.
>I suppose you're one of those folks that think White Linen = Class.
>I did say to never go to the Bronx and I do still stand by it. Most of the Bronx is shit.
I typoed Bronx and immediately regretted it. I think I was refernencing Harlem, but by now I forget.
>WTF are you on?
The post seemed trollish, maybe I misinterpreted. Maybe the gag is continuing.
>You seem to have a grudge on NY.
My grudge was the opposite reaction to your post's gushiness.

if you want a world class version of the following, you can find it:

art gallery
historical site
food from anywhere in the world
night out
cultural experience
shop selling anything

crazy expensive
too many people
all the russians, arabs and chinese using our housing as safety deposit boxes
really really expensive
New Orleans pros:
>good live music every day of the week
>all possible tourist areas connected by streetcar
>the FOOD omfgpjmvienhrgfg
>you can drink a beer on the street in the middle of the day and its completely legal
>most outgoing, welcoming people ever; you can party with anyone you meet

>most of the city is filthy
>high chance of getting mugged
>sometimes the entire city will smell awful because of wildfires in nearby marshes
>nothing to do /out/doors unless you have a shrimping boat
you forgot the (sand)niggers, m8.
>I bet I can guess where you got dem shoes

Sure are plenty of cheeky nigs there.

>Excellent nightlife and music scene
>tons of attractive university girls
>amazing festivals
>reasonable cost of living (compared to CA)
>delicious mexican food because the city is like 30% immigrant
>Only TX city that isn't flat

>hipster mecca
>traffic is comically bad
>still in Texas

Now I'm feeling homesick :(
File: image.jpg (1MB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2048x1536px

Forgot to include picture
>several fatty behemoths instantly visible
Yep, in Texas all right.

Yup. Fat sweaty out of towners are the worst part of ACL
San Antonio, Tx
>Spurs always win
>great history, many missions
>Austin is close
>pretty downtown
>friendly mexi-folk
>cheap, lots of work

>huge sprawl
>75% worthless suburbs and ghettos
>unfriendly mexi-folk
>lots of metal/metalheads
Seattle, Wa
>absolutely beautiful everywhere you look
>great music scene
>Seahawks rule
>every area of town is great

>dirty liberals
>rich techies everywhere

>music scene is dead

Nigga you done lost yo' mind

Not only are there shitloads of great local bands, we have Casbah which is a fucking institution, Soda Bar is bringing in great shows now, and the Observatory now in North Park regularly having national touring acts, plus there's Belly Up in Solana if you're in North County. You just don't know...
Houston, TX


> Cost of living below national average
> public transit marginally improving
> big sports culture
> perfect blend of everything culturally
> rapidly growing
> natives super nice
> 8/10 nightlife

> no zoning laws
> mayor on a lesbian power trip
> so big but so spread out. car Is almost required
> stupid hot summers
> inferiority complex similar to what the Dallas bro said.

I love Houston. the low cost of living is ridiculous when compared to everything there is to do there. it's the perfect city to move to if you need a fresh start and cheap rent. just stay inside the loop (I-610)
can you do a daytrip in bruges and go to ghent for the nightlife? planning on a trip to bruges but lodging options arent great
File: quebec.jpg (470KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Quebec, Canada

>the old core is great
>GOAT restaurants
>police officers are bro af
>Place Laurier is awesome

>too fucking cold
>too much snow
>roads suck
>outside the downtown is basically Laval 2.0 with shitones of highways
>too much snow
>mayor is a fucking cunt
>too much snow
>filled with hipsters
>there's even fucking coyotes in the suburbs
>too much snow
>GOAT restaurants

>what Frenchies really believe.
Look, the quality is generally good, and there are some very good places to eat, but GOAT is a wild exaggeration.
Those don't sound like downsides to me. I enjoyed my few months in Seattle and want to live there or in the area when I save up enough for a house, because I'm sure as hell not raising a family in Chiraq.
>he has never been to entrecôte saint-jean
Hit the nail on the head.
>>police officers are bro af
madrid is so awesome imo
File: pic_050.jpg (230KB, 990x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Miami/South FL
>Best Nightlife in ze world

>Neo-Fascist 2nd world city where you aren't even allowed to sleep at the bustop
I'm sorry but the food is not as diverse as NYC. Tokyo has shit western food and it's damn hard to find.
San Diego natives are a dying breed. I'm a native and half my friends are from back east
LA is awful
I was just there with my Jewish girlfriend's rich aunt and uncle. My god, rich jews are the most obnoxious, boring people in the world. And that's all that's there
>I'm from San Diego, CA
Why can't I hold all this privilege?
>rich jews are the most obnoxious, boring people
Am I a Godwin to highlight we had a guy working on the problem for, like, a decade?
Maybe hes from logan tho

Yeah, it's shit. Hot as all Hell in the summer. No real seasons. Brown and bloom all day erry day ugly. Nothing to do. Fucking Mexicans & meth everywhere. Your car WILL get broken into or stolen or vandalized at some point I promise you. No good culture or architecture. No small enough to be quaint and interesting, not big enough to be exciting and interesting. I challenge anyone to name a worse "city" in the US that isn't Detroit.

Good luck m8.
File: ss.jpg (51KB, 644x401px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 644x401px
>I challenge anyone to name a worse "city" in the US that isn't Detroit.
Challenge accepted: South Tucson.
pic related
I grew up in Philadelphia, PA, and I must say that it is a complete shithole. Don't visit there, don't go there, cut contact with any and all people who you may know of in that general area.

Lancaster is where it's at.
Oviedo, Asturias, Spain
The good:
>One of the cleanest city in Europe
>Not very pricy
>Very quiet
>Beach city close
>Good nature, there are a lot of forests and mountains.
The bad:
>Shitty Britain-tier weather
>Nightlife is very bad
>small and boring as fuck for the most part
Maybe go through here if you are visiting the north of Spain. If you aren't looking for a quiet holiday, wouldn't recommend
>>970169 I can't bring myself to criticize this guy for tripping because he's so right about Philadelphia. Fuck that place.
Holy fucking shit this.
I legit don't understand why the British don't desperately want to leave. My only guess is that they are all too poor to travel anywhere, of it they do, they just go to Benidorm which is just Britain with sunshine. The British people just seem so inclusive, only want to go places that are just like Britain or they are just content with what they have because they don't know any better.
I can't believe that I am of the same Nationality of these people because once I stepped outside of my borders and traveled to different places around the world, I just can't stomach to stay here anymore. The British people DESPERATELY need to step out and see what they are missing in the world
>works in real estate
of course you'd be this big of a shitlord
File: Balcony.jpg (300KB, 1136x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Laguna Beach, CA
I grew up here. I took the attached picture.

Pros: Awesome views, amazing beaches, hot babes. The city is surrounded by a wilderness park so it's isolated from the rest of Orange County. Laguna Beach is basically considered top tier in OC. Given that OC is considered to be top tier compared to other places, this is saying a lot. The beaches are clean and usually have good surf. Food is also great and I especially like going to Adolfos after tripping on some shrooms. I live up in the hills where people build awesome fucking badass houses with amazing views. People are very wealthy and white. Lots of artists who live here display their art in front of their houses which gives the town a lot of character.

Cons: The schools are full of racist, white kids that will never understand why they're so lucky to be growing up in such a great area. Once, this fucking kid wore a KKK hat to a pep assembly. These kids primarily came out of Emerald Bay. The high school lost thousands of dollars of funding from one kid lol. This probably wasn't a huge loss to the school though because the district here gets some of the most funding in the entire world. The roads are also a pain too. They're basically triple black diamond when compared to what most people drive. Traffic is also pretty bad too. Getting in and out of town via the canyon is unbearable at times. The intersection at Circle K is fucking shit too. Also, lots of fags live here, so our HIV % is considerably higher than other areas. This is only amongst the faggots though, so it isn't really that big of a deal.

Other than that, Laguna Beach is basically on of the greatest places in the world to live in.
fuck I want to live there
Sounds pretty terrible to be honest, in no small part because of your write-up. The smugness just oozes out. A super deadly flu virus would probably be the best thing to happen to you and the whole place.

You're way too negative. The nightlife is amazing, if you know where to go. Berlin is better, because it has the best nightlife in the world, but Amsterdam is in the top 5 though (if you're into techno and house). It has an amazing pop-up scene, with good restaurants, bars and shops coming and going. It's very trendy (or hipster, if you want to call it that), which for some reason people see as a bad thing, which it really isn't. Beautiful city centre, god tier architecture, god tier museums, and ofcourse the famous coffeeshops are pretty fun for a tourist who isn't used to them. It's relatively safe, I've never had any problems, besides my bike being stolen a thousand times. The upside is that you can buy a different stolen bike from a junkie for 5 euro's.

It's expensive though, for a dutch city, and the citycentre is crowded with tourists. The weather is pretty shit, and basically all the touristy places suck dick, as they do in every city.
>Also, lots of fags live here, so our HIV % is considerably higher than other areas. This is only amongst the faggots though, so it isn't really that big of a deal.
fuck off, and I don't even suck dix

Tbh I find most cities kind of shit actually, but there is something about ours that is very dreary. We aren't futuristic like the newer cities, we arent dystopian like the very polluted cities in china or the abandoned places like detroit or the grim soviet style hellholes.
We arent beautiful like the european ones, or exotic like the historic spanish ones in latin america. We dont have the up and comming hope of the thirdworld nations. We dont have the adrenaline of the war torn countries.
We just muddle along under our grey skies, everything abit shit, nothing to hope for, nothing to dream of.
Our countryside is where its at imo, its so beautiful, like being in a story or something. Alsi the food at local level is so nice now.
My only complaint about the countryside is that its mostly old people and the young who are around are ugly as fuck.
Wales (Not a city, but roughly the size of one)

Pros: Scenery - absolutely stunning if you like mountains, beaches, forests, etc etc. We have a fuckton of castles. Everything looks like LoTR. Not too many tourists because they all go to England. Locals are fairly friendly if you're an American, because you sound like you're off the telly. Everything is quaint and pretty and there's cobblestone roads and harbors and fishing villages. The tourist attractions are mental, we have stuff like the smallest house in Britain (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2386778/Take-peek-inside-Britains-smallest-house-just-feet-wide-feet-tall-manages-squeeze-thousands-tourists-year.html).

Cons: No nightlife, tons of chav scum, everyone is racist, The Welsh hate the English, who hate the Welsh, the Irish and the Scottish, who also all hate the English. Avoid Rhyl, Wrexham and anywhere in the South, it's all 90% crackheads with no teeth and a load of fuckwit kids. Sheep everywhere. The Welsh language is also ridiculous and pointless, enjoy asking for directions to llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch and pronouncing it right ('ll' is more like 'ch').
File: image.jpg (132KB, 750x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132KB, 750x426px
I was born, raised and currently live in Sedona, AZ.

Literally one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in all of planet earth. Near perfect weather, unlimited outdoor activities available, worl class mountain biking and one of the most diverse wildlife features in any desert in the world. Can be totally secluded in nature during off peak season.

Extremely touristy, tons of family and old folks in town during season, all of which will literally stop in the middle of the road to take pictures and litter the trails and creeks with trash. Absolutely ZERO nightlife, everything shuts down at ten outside of a few pubs. Heavy police presence.

>hates racists
>is a homophobe

>not a police state
The cons seem to outweigh the pros, but I've gotta wonder, what is the best way to get there from London, assuming as a Yank I start at Heathrow.
but he called it one?
Drive. Don't take the train, it'll cost you your life savings. Even a coach if you have to. Or fly to Manchester and make your way down from there.
my best mate (one of) is from Wales, he went to Aberystwyth uni.
He's a welsh speaker and all
The Welsh speaking thing will come in very handy. Wait, no it won't, it's a pointless language. Aberystwyth isn't so bad, though, it's one of the nicer bits. Pretty round that way.
How is a language pointless?
Historically the Welsh language was invented by an Englishman. They only used it to separate the Welsh from the English because the English hated the Welsh. In schools you were not allowed to learn English. Think of it like an elitist classist thing. That was way back in the day, though.
Today, it's just useless because 90% of the Welsh don't even speak it nor do they care about speaking it. The only people that speak it are a couple of old ladies in the South and the people in North Wales because, guess what, they hate the English, kind of like an arrogant "fuck you"
The fuck are you talking about? Just stop.
Dafuq, no one done Paris yet ? Ok I'll go.

>Most beautiful city in the world
>No matter how many times you go you can find stuff you haven't seen before
>Gotta go there at least once to see what the fuss is about

But don't be a dumb tourists. Pickpockets are frequent around very famous landmarks. Also if someone invites you to play some gambling game in the street, refuse, even if the guy in front of you just made 100€ and it seems easy. They're all in on it.
Vancouver: nightlife is two extremes, sports bars or clubs. people on the street are very cold and won't talk to you. it's hard to meet people.
Hardly any of the Welsh speak it, the ones that do speak English anyway and just want it on road signs as a Fuck You to the English, and it's not spoken anywhere else in the world that anyone cares about. It's not actually useful in any way for anything. Also if you happen to live in Wales you STILL have to learn it in schools even though everyone knows it's pointless.

Also it sounds like a drunk gargling piss and the only people impressed with it are tourists.

Somebody sounds bitter. Are you angry because the cool kids at school used to talk Welsh to exclude you from conversations?
the best ones are on atocha 66.
ring the black marked doorbell and have fun
It gets so nice when I go back home for Summer Break.
>Hardly any of the Welsh speak it
More and more are learning it. There is zero reason not to learn it, being bilingual has zero negative effect. In fact, quite the opposite.

>just want it on road signs as a Fuck You to the English

>it's not spoken anywhere else in the world that anyone cares about.

>It's not actually useful in any way for anything.
What a ridiculous claim. You sound rather upset.

>you STILL have to learn it in schools even though everyone knows it's pointless.
Clearly lots of people disagree with you.

>Also it sounds like a drunk gargling piss
To your ears anyway. The 'sound' of a language is highly subjective and lamest of reasons to disparage it. How old are you?
South Shields
>Nice Beach
>Shit to mediocre everything else
File: should not want.jpg (16KB, 276x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
should not want.jpg
16KB, 276x400px
OP here
That was almost pleasant to read anon.
i'm living in SD now and love california, but especially the laguna beach/newport/crystal cove area. i've made the trek up there numerous times just for the sake of being there
Nobody at school used to talk Welsh, because it's a pointless language. Most of the actually Welsh kids can't even speak it.

You could learn a relevant language. Something that will actually come in handy somewhere.

As for my age, I'm old enough to have lived in Wales for most of my life, and I speak a bit of Welsh. Not at all by choice. What mostly upsets me about it is that if I'd had a choice of which language to learn back when I had to learn Welsh, it wouldn't have been a language that almost nobody speaks exclusively. It would have been something that could have been of use to me at some point in my life instead. Kids should be given the choice, Welsh or something useful. If they want to learn Welsh, fair enough. Good luck to them finding a use for it.
You're still hung up on a false idea of language. It's not always about 'use'.

Children understand fuck all about the practicality of learning a language while their young brains are absorbing everything and making neural connections like no tomorrow. Hindsight is 20/20, it's a moot point and waste of time bitching about your lacklustre school years. You may yet find some use for that Welsh m8. If not, quit your fucking grumpy old man moaning and let a new generation sort it out for themselves, you selfish sour cunt.
Not him, and you seem cool enough in tone, but you're treading dangerously close to being full of shit. Stateside, any 12 to 14 year old should have figured out how much more useful Spanish will be for them than Latin. I'm guessing in the UK, French or something is more useful than Welsh and even the youths tend to know that.
>taking languages seriously in schools

or for that matter
>Latin in schools

Now you're treading dangerously close to being full of shit m8.

They're not getting young Welsh to learn the language of their ancestors for 'usefulness'. A language is its own unique way of seeing the world -- it's worth far more than just business transactions It's also quite understandable that a people may want to reconnect with the language their great-grandparents did (or could) speak -- their own earlier native language. Gee, I wonder if you're truly bilingual (or multilingual) at all... There's no reason little Welsh kids can't learn Welsh in addition to German or Spanish. In most European countries, 2 or more languages is mandatory.

I wouldn't worry too much about all the Welsh language bashers. The English will always have small-man syndrome when it comes to Wales or Scotland so look for things to puff up their little pigeon chests about, for more examples of this behaviour watch think what happens whenever somebody dares to go on a quiz show on tv with a Welsh accent a suposedly 'witty' English host will always attempt to mockingly imitate the accent and End up sounding like they come from the Indian Sub-Continant... Well whatever makes them feel less inadequate I guess.
I tread nowhere near as close to fullness of feces as you since Latin is dopey prevalent in american schools.
Sydney was the most deceiving city I ever visited. Nothing special there. Just a big town
Glasgow, Scotland.
>amazing culture in terms of art and music
>great nightlife
>really friendly(even in the bad parts as long as you don't approach neds/chavs)
>relatively cheap
>good unis
>not as pretty as Edinburgh
>gets a bad reputation for violence and drugs

I fucking love Glasgow, there isn't really any other place I'd rather live in the world if I'm honest. Don't know why we still have a reputation of violence, maybe like in the East End but just don't go there. Everyone is really nice and accommodating - especially to tourists, except the English.
Only 20 miles away from mountains and lochs too if you like nature and stuff.
You know I feel the same way about Germany and I'd say there are a lot of people who will say the same about their own country.
I live in Wales, I know what I'm talking about
File: chav.jpg (19KB, 245x247px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sure ya do m8.
da fuq u talking about, SD has a cool little punk scene

Think you might be confusing Welsh with Cornish there, mate.
New to thread. It's turned to crap. Just posting this to get closer to bump limit. Also, check these dubs.

Nice to know at least two people here understand my pain.
man i love sd
i'm moving away because college and the high cost of living but once i make better money i'm definitely moving back
File: 1424050210793.jpg (18KB, 376x424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Britbongs ruining threads
Great Night life, historic scenery
Horrible smell 24/7, narrow roads, poverty everywhere, crime is rampant.

We're the Detroit of the Southern Hemisphere

Arguably the most cultured city in the world
So expensive it's hollowing-out and becoming an inauthentic playground for rich tourists

I can't wait to leave this shithole.
sydney heat is okay compared to a lot of straya. more humid than other places but australia is equipped to deal with the heat; most buildings have aircon. not the person who posted that comment (i live on the west coast) but i always encourage people to visit if the sole reason they're considering otherwise is the heat.
fuck dropbears.

>very nice beaches, but fucking overcrowded in the summer. A handful of decent surf spots but all so overrated

>weather not quite as good as rest of aus but still nice

>surfing, mountain biking nearby. Literally nothing else. NOTHING.

>cheap but therefore povvo, but also a fair share of pretentious dickknocks

>No culture at all

>mostly shit food

>town trying to be a city, with nothing but a mall in the town centre

>literally nothing happens here, the most interesting thing is the fucking art gallery, which pales in comparison to any other one

>shitty little brother of newcastle, sydney's shitty little brother

>some very nice northern suburbs but literally nothing except for nice beaches

>picturesque as fuck tho

Bottom line, if you would go there for the city, go to sydney instead. If you would go there for the beach/bush, go further south instead. Maybe go for a drive through before you can really see what kind of a place it is.

Just don't live here, can't wait to finish high school and get the fuck out.
>weather isn't that bad (in the summer)

>people here are pretentious (over inflated ego about their city)
>Also stay way from the east-end and North Montreal

Mountain view is the worst. The only thing good about it is its proximity to sf, sj and Santa cruz
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

>chemical valley looks kind of cool

>chemical valley
File: sarnia.jpg (61KB, 600x379px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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forgot my pic
The good
>its not the gold coast
>not as many fob tattooed steroid abusing cunts looking to fight you (although there are still some)
>people are generally nice
>relaxed place everyone can take a joke unless they're a foreigner particularly Asian people lack an Australian sense of humour
>in Queensland
>nothing to do
>bogans everywhere
>girls are trashy as fuck
>every cunt has a chip on their shoulder and if you say you go to uni or even make somewhat of a mention that you are better off than them they won't let you forget it

I'm only here to go to university and then hopefully I can get out of Queensland or move abroad. I really dislike it'll here
My uncle lives there. God what a fucking shithole. People in Sarnia are the worst too... sorry for your pain bro.
Wtf is up with the Peoria minor league crowd? Don't get me wrong, it's cool that it's so well supported, but everybody I know from Peoria vehemently supports one minor league team or another.
Can't believe how few people consider Chi a world city. It's actually insane to me. It's not as deep as London or New York, but it's sure as shit a diverse town.
>you can drink a beer on the street

You can drink a mixture of infant blood, ether, and black tar heroin if you want, as long as its in an open container.
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have you ever met this hero?
>nightlife is god-tier, everyone gets laid including the socially awkward beta dudes
>dating cougars is the norm once you turn 18

tell me more, is this true?
No touristy city within like a couple hundred miles from me. Everywhere around me is nothing but senior citizens, in the winter tons of more old people from up north. Only good thing is there are some of the nations best beaches and fishing nearby.
Cold as fuck in winter but Summer in Chicago is GOAT.
Idk man, I'll take a good Midwest qt over most other girls.
i live in Dallas. It is not that humid.right now.
I bet Houston is, fuck you Houston for beating the Mavs.
Maybe so but like 9/10 of the Smithsonian is free and wandering around is just so cool...dc was def a highlight of my east coast roadtrip last year
He's such a twat, you really wouldn't want to.

Nice. Gonna order an Afghan Abortion next time I'm down in NOLA!
To anyone that lives in San Francisco or surrounding areas, how does anyone afford to live there?
I mean like, say if I were to move from England to SF, I'd have to make sure to have a decent paying tech job or whatever to be able to keep myself afloat. But how do natives themselves actually afford to live there?
Are you people literally just born into debt? Are you born into needing bank loans and credit cards to live? Do you have to live with your parents until you are 30?

>They have a show similar to "Cops" on TV here, and last night the major crime was a mentally handicap man (with no shoes in the snow) stealing coins from the offering box at a local Shinto Temple.
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