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Budapest - Prague - Krakow - Vienna

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Pick 3 of the following and reasons why:
Budapest, Kraków, Vienna

Budapest for the nightlife
Kraków same as Budapest
Vienna for culture
>traveling for the nightlife

Lamest thing ever.

prague cause everything
skip Budapesti and definitely include Vienna/Prague. Haven't been to the others.
hm i had budapest pretty high on my list. any reasons why i should skip it?

Haven't been to any but if I had to choose:
Been to all of these at least 10 times.

Krakow. My favorite European city. Has history, nightlife and cheap accommodation. Also Oświęcim.

Dubrovnik because it's Adriatic sea and tons of stuff to do. Also island hopping. Gorgeous place.

3rd one...I don't know, I would have to go with Prague I guess. though its nightlife is totally overrated imho. Still a beautiful place to spend couple of days.
prague, budapest, vienna

dubrovnik is fucking miles away, would take 30 hours to get to from budapest unless you fly
don't know about krakow

those are 3 great cities
Which would you choose between Vienna vs Budapest?
That's true but I'll be there in July and it would be nice to check out a city by the sea and possibly check out Garden Fest. May have to book a flight there due to distance
instead of Prague go to Bratislava.

Fuck Prague.
no-no-no, Bratislava, really? What made you hate Prague THIS much?

OP, I'd advise you to either do a Vienna-Prague-Budapest trip or a Krakow-Prague-Budapest one. You know what, you can do any trip you want, but don't leave out Budapest. It's the best one.
Prague-Vienna-Budapest (or Budapest-Vienna-Prague) is the most popular trilogy for a reason. They are in line to see each other by simple train connection without backtracking, and they are so vastly different from each other, than you get a tremendous variety to your trip, without getting bored. You certainly want to do Prague soon, before it resembles Disneyworld and is occupied by only tourist shops. The intact (prewar) architecture was never ruined, and facades are lovely. You need 2-4 days, and of course can do one of 3 side trips out of the city. Vienna is a nice touch of civilization in the middle of your trip, where you can wine and dine yourself with international variety and quality, step it up a bit in your fashion and costs of lodging, relax in cafes that are historic, see some amazing art in something like 10,000 museums that you'll never completely cover, shop, religious pursuits, etc. I'd say 2-7 days, and of course many choices for side trips or day trips outside of the city. Budapest has a great festival and spa history, and absolutely feels different than the rest of Europe, and that might not last too long either. Distinctly different dual cities that need 1-2 days minimum for each side. Lots of second world war history here to see from Hospital in the Rock to Terror House, and the soviet influence is strong in a few aspects.

The trilogy is a good balanced trip. Dubrovnik is a lovely walled city that is like going back in time, and as a refuge for a relaxing trip filled with hiking, some sun, bit of historical exploration, and side trips to Elafiti islands, or some sailing, it's a nice week, but it's quite remote to get to, and doesn't easily fit your more capable trilogy without much added expense. Krakow is worth 1-2 days, imho. Some cities are simply more postwar industrial. You can see the history fast, and unless you have a personal connection, probably will be done fast as well.
thank you so much for taking your time to type out a detailed reasonings. greatly appreciate it!
Not OP or any of the poster before.

I'm planning to do Berlin-Prague-Budapest-Vienna(with 1 day for Bratislava)

The question is: I'm going alone, it's my first trip and don't know shit about the history of these cities or cultures... What is the best choice to know better these cities? Just walk around or should I pay a city tour for one day? (something in spanish, I don't understand very much english)

Thanks anons. I'm taking note of this thread. Very interesting
just get guidebooks in spanish if you don't want to do tours

menus are in the native language and english, you might want to learn some bar/restaurant words
Do free walking tours anon
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 1

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