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Hey /trv/ Am planning to travel to Taiwan with a couple friends this summer of 2015. Anyone have experience there/advice/stories? From what I've heard it's a relatively inexpensive and fun country.
I have a very general idea of things to do but would love to get some input
-spend a few days in Taipei (5 or so?) go to the museum and do all the usual sightseeing stuff as well as eating good food, some shopping and nightlife etc...
-do some touring of the island possibly on rented scooters? or by train and head down south towards Kaohsiung and Kenting national park for the beaches (will be fucking hot in summer time) and then go back up the east coast and enjoy the scenery/taroko gorge

Anyways open to suggestion on anything
Lived in Taiwan for a few years. Yes spend time in Taipei. Do the tourist shit and hit up the clubs (Luxy yo). One you won't see in a guide book: join Facebook groups such as "frog in a sock" and go to one of the pool parties in Taipei. It's fucking fun, the people are cool and the bitches are hot.

It's very unlikely you will be allowed to rent scooters unless you have an international drivers license (get a Taiwanese to rent for you).

I would definitely recommend going to Kaohsiung then renting scooters from there, and riding to Kenting. It's a beautiful ride on smooth roads, about 3 hours. You pretty much need a scooter to get around Kenting anyway. The town and beaches are all a bit spread out.

I've ridden a scooter from Taipei to Hualien and it was stressful and a bit dangerous. Traffic and winding mountainous roads.

If you plan to ride a scooter and "loop" the island... well, it's very exhausting and will take longer than you think. Only for the very hardcore.

But yeah, make sure you hit up the Taroko Gorge. Hualien is cool too (two good night markets and a little theme park if you want a date with a girl, and a good jazz bar).

A couple of good day trips from Taipei: Wulai and Jiufen. Take a scooter for maximum fun.

A good hidden gem: if you're on the East coast, hit up Sandimen (in Pingtung) and go to Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park. It's beautiful and hardly any tourists make it there. Pic related.

Have fun bro. I'm getting nostalgic thinking of my amazing road trips right now.
Wow thanks for the advice will look into your suggestions
did you ever make it to the high mountain areas? are they worth visiting? they seem quite beautiful. also are there any night markets that are can't miss?
Sounds reasonable. You could cut down on the five days in Taipei, though.
I just got back from Taiwan, there is a place where you can rent scooters in Kaohsiung without a drivers license. It's called Louis Scooter Rental or something of that sort, all they require is a passport.
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Not the above poster, but I hiked a bit in Taiwan.
It's very beautiful and actually pretty secluded, considering how populated the island is. Pic related, it's from Hehuan mountain, viewing into Taroko Gorge.

Most of the hiking trails require permits, the process is different for each national park, look on the respective website. After you got a permit from them, you have to take it to the local police station to get a police permit as well, with which you can enter the trail. If you get caught without one, you risk being barred for a while from hiking in Taiwan. Getting a permit takes a few days at least. It's annoying, but it keeps the masses out from ruining the nature, so it's a good thing overall.
wow that looks nice, thanks for the tip.
I reside in Taiwan, and what is this permit process of which you write?? I have literally never heard of such a thing here before.

>I hope you remembered to tip the cops for "helping" you
Hey /trv/, first time poster here.

I found out I am going to spend 20 hours on a layover in Taipei, specifically Taoyuan airport from 8PM to 5PM the next day.

As subjective as it sounds, what's the most eventful thing I can do on a Wednesday Night there? Eventful as in, I want to live it up (responsibly, of course) and have something to do actively.

My original intention was to sleep at the airport and visit an arcade but I honestly don't think I want to do that. It doesn't have that much substance.
>hit up the clubs
>the bitches are hot
>frog in a sock and luxy
This guy sounds like a frat bro. He's right about the hikes, but avoid frog in a sock and luxy like the plague. Seriously. These places attract shit-tier expats and sluts. A lot of respectable Taiwanese will look down on you if this your scene. You might as well stay at home and go to a kegger at your nearest college if this is what you're into.
U mad I get lots of pussy brahhhh?
Like live music?
>A lot of respectable Taiwanese will look down on you if this your scene.
Can't stress this enough. The reputation of western expats in Taiwan declines every year thanks to all the recent college grads heading to Taipei to work their first real job (almost always as an ESL teacher). They bring their "western youth culture" with them and the results are usually disastrous.
Remember this is a country where you can be fired for being hungover.
You can take the HSR in to Taipei, get a hotel room for the night, wake up nice and early, do some tourist stuff, hop on the HSR by about 1pm, and make it to the airport in plenty of time for your flight.

There's a bus between the airport and HSR station in Taoyuan. The bus sucks, they don't run it nearly often enough, and it adds a huge delay. The HSR to/from Taipei is 20 minutes, and takes you to the middle of downtown (to the extent that Taipei has a downtown).
>>939517 again.

BTW, you could also take the HSR south to Kaohsiung, or wherever. I haven't been there yet, and don't know what there is to do in the southern parts of the island.
I'll just use this thread here...

Any cheap-ish but nice hotels for a couple? Any insider tips or something? (i.e. something you won't find on the big international hotel booking sites)
I'll be in Taipei March 21st-26th with my girlfriend, not looking to spend an awful lot on accommodation tbh...but not looking for cockroach ridden fleabags either.
You want a five-star resort at Motel 6 prices? Ok. Good luck with that.

Most of the hotels here are ridiculously overpriced, but they also tend to be at least reasonably clean. Expect to find nothing cheaper than US$60/night, more likely in the $80 to $100/night range.
I'll be in Taipei soon. Think it's a good idea to buy a HTC phone over there? Is it easy to find one unlocked and that will work back in Europe?
No worse than buying one anywhere else. You can easily buy an unlocked one. I don't know if the frequency bands are the same as in Europe. I don't know if the price will be significantly less than what they sell for in your country (assuming you have contract phones that discount the price down to something rational).

I'd suggest either looking online (shopping.pchome.com.tw) or at Guanghua Market (just north of Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT station). The NOVA electronics mall just shut down last month, so don't bother going there.
Thanks. The thing is, I'm kind of in need of one since I just managed to destroy my old HTC while on the road. I was going to get a new one soon back home, but decided that why not get one at their home base while I'm at it? Instead of waiting until I get home.
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Taiwan is great, 4 years+ here expat. Not a teacher, in textile industry. Yes, do all the general Taipei sights: ximending, CKS Memorial Hall,

if you got grills in your group... plan on buying clothes really cheap go to Wu Fen Pu (Wufenpu Garment Wholesale Area), Taipei.

Computer stuff: Guang Hua Digital Plaza, Taipei.

Cheap Taiwan souvenirs - someone else might correct me but its a place called department of imports or something like that about a block away from CKS memorial hall... they got literally everything with Taiwan or Taipei stamped on it or created out of it, good prices to ridiculous overpriced massive items you cant haul home.

Best website for adventures: http://www.guide.taiwan-adventures.com/
Forumosa.com for forum... but warning the people there are basement dwelling drunken expat douchebags who will take your thread and start talking about Kafka or some other shit.

leave your cotton shirts at home.. wear polyester blend or silk its boiling humid in the summer. Get a metro card for $100NTD, and just drop like $200 on it for the days you are here.
Bus 262 can basically get you to most places of interest. Gonguan is cool area, and some good eats by Tai Power Building.
Daan is the shiznits for boutique shopping and hot bitches.. same with Ximen ( younger crowd)... Very safe here.
<--- my womanz... thats why Im here too.
I'll just say this... The Sheraton is expensive but nice. I never stayed there, but we had business dinners there.. and literally every single time, later on I got the shits really bad.
But street vendors and small owned restaurants No problem at all. Just an FYI... dont eat there.. breakfast might be good.. but hell no to dinner.. and the "pizza" place is bullshit.
6/10 body
4/10 face

If I woke up next to that with a hangover I'd spend my train ride home saying to myself, "well at least she had an alright body..." and hoping my friends didn't see.
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its the awkward smile, yea. But like I give a fuck like a basement dwelling troll thinks...
pic relates to you.
If you didn't care what we think, you wouldn't have posted a picture of your ogre on /trv/ for everyone else to see. Do you seriously think anyone's impressed? She looks like an ugly girl trying her best to be a floozie.
lol, I literally drink beer at every lunch break... this guy is talking out his ass or had one of those really asshole micromanager bosses. Second of all, OP is talking about a vacation... you think he should even care at all what the locals think of him? The locals just want him to spend money in their stores thats all they care.. they might talk shit.. but we both know.. that will be done.. behind his back.

OP protip though on the real:

the clubs are full of locals with very shallow weak personalities.. if they think you are disrespecting them.. they will call up 8 -10 of their friends to come kick your ass.

This phone call and proof of power is how they fight around here.. never one on one.

So if you ever get into some shit.. knock the fucker out before he can make the phone call.

If he is wearing all black.. best just duck and fucking run... you are going to die very soon.
A cop got killed here recently in the clubs, because the faggots got turned away from the club since it was overcrowded already... insert wounded personality and 20+ fuckers going ape shit on the rent-a-cop = death.
Its much easier to just talk shit to the cute shopkeeper and meet up later if she digs you.. tell her you never been to KTV. It's on.
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you made my penis sad... thanks.
Here add this to your fap file.
( same girl).
What's most sad is that you're anonymously posting photos of your girlfriend online and asking other men to masturbate to them. The fact she's dating a guy who stoops for things like that says a lot about what her standards are. In other words, she's some seriously damaged goods if that's the best she can pull.

Also as for the girl herself, her face is busted, body's ok.
Would bang, would not girlfriend. Definitely a paper bag job.
I've seen this pic posted here before. I hope this is the last time...
Aww it's cute he's so proud Shrekina.
>Forumosa.com for forum
Fuck those morons. Even with your warning. Not even worth going there.

Typical Forumosa thread:
>OP: how I can into work in Taewon
>Tard1: wat contry wat do
>OP: want teech Eeengleeesh, am Finland!
>Tard2: you cannot into Englihs, fuck off
>Tard1: yeah and Taiwon suxx anyway
>Tard2: gangsters shot two people yesterday
>Tard3: is Amerikkkas fault for not enough gun control
>Tard2: yes Amerikkka suxx more than anywhere
>Tard1: indeed, we can all agree. Look at what CIA is doing to Ukraine by trying to block legitimate interests of Rossiya
>Tard3: and look what they did to Venezuela for opposing them, and now Argentina minister gets killed by CIA assassins
>Tard1: And France, is America's policies caused the Muslims to behead editors at Charlie Headboard
>Tard2: that's "Hedbo"
>Mods: Ok, OP is ban
>OP2: why you ban me?
>So if you ever get into some shit.. knock the fucker out before he can make the phone call.
This is very true advice. Alternately, grab his phone and smash it. We're not joking, the guys in clubs are small-dicked narcissists, much like >>941378
I'm not sure that's really a girl. Need pix without bikini to confirm. Include closeups so that we can see there are no surgical scars around "her" "vagina".
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>rate muh pig /trv/
Late reply, if still relevant:
Talking about proper hikes here, not a 30 minute stroll on a tourist trail. See the requirements for hiking on Xueshan / Snow Mountain on spnp.gov.tw
(can't post the full link, 4chan thinks it's spam)

Spoiler alert: It's free. Even the routes with mountain cabins on them.
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Tits are OK-sized for an Asian girl. Body's not bad. That's about it, nothing too special.

You've posted pics of yourself before, and you're fugly as hell as I recall, so I guess you should feel lucky.
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Thread images: 8

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