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I think this is where I should ask this. I was wondering if

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I think this is where I should ask this.

I was wondering if there was a catalog or perhaps just some personal recommendations of unique fetish based resorts of some sort.

I've always wanted to perhaps go to a mildly kinky renaissance fair with a tavern where I can grope barmaids, or a "catholic school" full of "schoolgirls", or maybe even a "hospital" of sorts.

Surely there's got to be something like this out there. Not a brothel per se, just a themed adult experience.
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Basically you want to be a sex tourist... fuckup and you end up in prison for a long time. Good luck... I guess go pick up some newspapers from your local porn shop.. or find some forums and ask there.
Doesn't the play by mansion do shit like this?
Try contacting Hugh Hefner, OP
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>play by mansion
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OP here

well that's sort of what I meant.

Like are there any smaller kinds of playboy mansions or something? Either in the United States or around the world. However, with a specific singular theme or fetish involved.
>fuckup and you end up in prison for a long time

unless you are a freemason, a Rothschild or... Salvador DalĂ­

OP, search this: Nyotaimori
OP here

sounds unsanitary
>Like are there any smaller kinds of playboy mansions or something? Either in the United States or around the world. However, with a specific singular theme or fetish involved.
Yeah tons. Do some research why don't you. A lot of them are in Central/Eastern Europe, mostly Hungary and Romania.
Perverted shit is, by definition, unsanitary.
Do you know of a website or something for this sort of stuff?
Not a resort but in Japan there are maids cafe, catgirl's cafe, cosplay cafe, etc where you buy overpriced food and drinks just to ogle at cute girls.
And laugh at the fuckin weebs
I don't know who goes there since I think there is better ways to spend my money but I always assumed that japanese ultra nerds were the average customer
they are. But often enough, it's also a popular tourist destination for girls and other "normal" people, who just want to experience the weirdness
Oh jesus christ I went to a maid cafe and turbo nerd doesn't even begin to describe the people there. The table next to ours were 6 overweight ugly Japanese men comparing their still boxed anime figurines with each other.
were the maids still trying to be smiley and cute, or did they have a stifled look of panic and terror on their faces?

...or both??
No, they were completely in character, cringeworthily kawaii uguu desu desu, I expect those people to be the complete norm, and probably their main demographic. Quite the contrast between the patrons and the staff.
it's not the average consmer, the sales distributions are so heavily weighted towards overrepresented minorities it's ridiculous.

The average japanese household saves nearly 40% of it's yearly take. The only people who spend significant amounts of money are otaku. Thus, consumer culture in all forms is substantially catered to them. The more marketing (which is so pervasive it's ludicrous in this country) and products come out with sexualized anime bullshit, the more sad broken half-men are created.

anyway akihabara is fucking sad. I came away more sad and with that feeling of feeling embarassed by the things happening around you than anything else
I found it amazingly fascinating. All the naked loli billboards and 10 story SEGA video gaming arcade buildings. If what you're saying about consumer culture is true that explains why everything commercial in Tokyo seemed to try to give me diabetes.
Yeah it's absolutely true. It fits into their concept of ganbare. If a customer says no, you ask one more time with a slightly nicer voice. If a customer isn't buying a product, you build a special stand in the store with little electronic devices that shout at you as you walk by, even for fucking stupid shit like shaving cream or soap.

Depending on where you live, some of the supermarkets are full of these goddamned stands and when I want to go and buy some goddamned sushi it sounds like I've walked into a pachinko parlor.

There was a 5 minute loudspeaker announcement in the grocery store last week where the manager was barking at us (not really rudely, but fuck, shut up dude) in the typical militaristic-polite voice for us to please buy their worthless shit in the discount aisle in the front. Five fucking minutes.

They really need to make a law against this shit
Have you been in Tokyo for long? Do you speak Japanese? I was only there for maybe 5 days a couple of years ago, and yeah the noise pollution was terrible. Even outside of akihabura the culture was pretty, well strange, I remember going to a toy store and seeing literal tentacle rape dolls next to the Totori dolls.
I've only been here a few months, but my family is japanese, and yeah, I speak

the culture is basically feudal, and it's not really capitalist either, but it has a capitalist product line structure in order to compete internationally

people who spend a lot of time outside of tokyo, or outside of japan for that matter, tend to view urbanites as slightly mentally ill.

It's not that different from america in those terms. City living is increasingly deforming human nature, thej apanese have just gone down a different path from the west.

for example, we find it strange that there are rape figurines next to toys. They find it strange that in our walmart there are gangster rap accoutrements about killing people and dealing drugs next to the kid's aisle.

Honestly, after spending time outside of both cultures, I think we're all fucked in the head. I want to move to the phillipines or someplace where people still value family.
>for example, we find it strange that there are rape figurines next to toys. They find it strange that in our walmart there are gangster rap accoutrements about killing people and dealing drugs next to the kid's aisle.

Interesting paralel I choose the figurines over rappers any day.
pics or videos?
I didn't take any pictures because I was pretty much in chock during the whole experience. It was like a parody of itself, the girls spoke in really high pitched anime voices, more or less harassing you with cuteness. If you ordered anything on the menu, they would pull you up on a stage, sing some childrens song with your name in it(you'd have to give them your names first), then everyone would clap, including the fat otakus. To finish it off you would chose a girl to take a picture with.
It was by far the most cringe-inducing experience in my life, I can't recommend it to anyone, even ironically. Maybe it's different if you speak Japanese, but the maids spoke English fine either way.
Mmm, well a maid cafe should noy be so weird. Just cute maids and expensive service. Too much extrspolation of fakeness is also bad
I was there and it was not all that bad. Well at least for the one time experience. Certainly wouldn't go there a second time as it's ridiculously overpriced though and not really worth the money
>The only people who spend significant amounts of money are otaku.

This isn't true at all. Japanese teenage girls and young women spend quite a bit, as do middle-aged women (especially housewives) and old people. Really, the only groups that don't seem to spend out the ass are children and working-age men.

>The average japanese household saves nearly 40% of it's yearly take

Also not true at all. Average savings rate is at about 14% and going down steadily, largely due to a rapidly aging population withdrawing savings. Japan's generally shit wages and high cost of living aren't helping either.

>They really need to make a law against this shit

This however is really true. Japanese touts are incredibly annoying.

>the culture is basically feudal

Also really true. The country certainly has an elite who really screw over the rest of the population. The average Japanese person does not seem to lead much of an enjoyable life at all, which I suppose may partly explain why the Japanese seem to be contentedly marching down the road to racial extinction.
It was a strange, seedy two room cafe without windows on the fifth floor of an apartment complex in akihabura. I guess your mileage will vary.
japanese women spending MOST of the money that gets spend is not the same as japanese women spending tons of money.

Every culture worldwide that has moved past subsistence farming, most money that is spent is conspicuous consumption spent by women.

The salient point is that young girls spend their fathers' money, old women spend their husbands' money, and even then, the spending is very curtailed compared to western nations.

If domestic consumers spent more, the japanese wouldn't necessarily need to turn to foreign markets as much as they do. And in financials the carry trade wouldn't be as viable.

I'd like to source my own statiscic, but I can't at the moment. Savings might have cratered lately, given 5% yoy inflation and a nearly 8% rise in taxes in a wage deflation environemtn, I wouldn't be surprised if it cratered to 14%.

They save shit tons though.

I disagree that the feudal culture is screwing over the average person. Their lifestyle is not comfortable. NEither is it for the financial elites, though. Also, they're the only (semi) "Capitalist" country which has maintained relatively low levels of wealth stratification. I think only iceland and maybe 1-2 scandinavian countries is more egalitarian when it comes to incom distribution.

I don't think you realize how low japanese executive salaries are and how high taxes are. Their taxes on the rich, on capgains are HIGHER than northern european taxes. Almost all of corporate profits go back to the public sector, which is why companies which have 50% market share in worldwide industries have a hard time just BREAKING EVEN.

Honestly it's their high taxes and government which is fucking the average joe. But it's doing it at the behest of the japanese voter, who demands equality. So, it's the japanese government's fault because it delivers what the voters WANT, and not what they need.
>not the same as japanese women spending tons of money.

While of course this is true, the post I was responding to suggested that ONLY otaku are spending money in Japan. While you might argue that otaku spend the most disproportionately in relation to their incomes (and it would be easy to argue as the only evidence would be anecdotal anyway), it would nonetheless be silly to further argue that otaku spending is anything other than a tiny fraction of overall spending in Japan. As we both know, women are responsible for the bulk of all spending (hesokuri!!!!).

>If domestic consumers spent more, the japanese wouldn't necessarily need to turn to foreign markets as much as they do.

I doubt this. Japan must import natural and energy-related resources, the bill for which must be paid via exports.

>in financials the carry trade wouldn't be as viable.

Again, I think you're overstating things. The carry trade was based on safe-haven status of the Yen, Yen forex trading in a comparatively tight band, a stronger trending Yen, and ridiculously low Japanese interest rates. Domestic Japanese consumer spending had a small indirect impact on these factors at best.

>I think only iceland and maybe 1-2 scandinavian countries is more egalitarian when it comes to incom distribution

I don't think so, but honestly it's hard to tell as the Japanese don't publish (or don't collect, or don't have) the relevant data. The latest set I've seen is from 2008 (OECD) and puts Japan smack in the middle, with income inequality levels around the same as Australia's and Italy's and much worse than the Scandinavians. (http://www.oecd.org/els/soc/49499779.pdf).

>NEither is it for the financial elites, though.

They're still doing pretty well for themselves. Keep in mind that much of Japan is still a cash-based society (i.e., plenty of revenue/income isn't reported to the tax authorities) and that generous "business" expense accounts are still very common.
>a stronger trending Yen

s/b a WEAKER trending yen
we also know that women are generally worse at handling long term finances than are men. So the fact that women handle household finances and yet still have the highest savings rate in the world, is quite a testament to just how much japanese women underconsume vis a vis other nations.

Yes, but even china, which is a relatively resource rich nation, and poor relative to input costs, imports oil and materials from rich countries like australia.

If japan's domestic market was healthier, they could lead and control consumption markets more strongly than they currently do. maybe.

>carry trade
yen carry trade is based on low yen interest rates, thus money can be made my carrying japanese debt in inflationary foreign currencies. it has rather little to do with inflows.

The yen is one of the least stable major currencies. There was 8% depreciation in a single week.

consumer spending would make a strong yen more viable, the BOJ would be allowed to let the yen strengthen in order to encourage consumption, BUT it would force debt restructuring, primarily for the government. bondholders would be the losers in this scenario.

a depreciating yen does little to boost exports, as the goods the japanese produce face relatively static demand, AND the savings are offset by higher gas and materials inputs from a weak yen.

yen depreciation is a political, not an economic move.

Your oecd paper is distorted by the holdings of the keiretsu, whose owners are some of the wealthiest individuals on the planet. In terms of the top 10% (doctors, managers, and often ceos but not conglomerate owners or bankers) they have some of the lowest stratification in the world.

I'm well aware of the singaporean and taiwanese money laundering.

But it's obvious that elites do this in america and europe. We don't have valid metrics to measure which country distorts the oecd numbers more, so it's a negative claim on the overall usefulness of the oecd numbers.
>If japan's domestic market was healthier, they could lead and control consumption markets more strongly than they currently do. maybe.

Yes, but if the domestic market was healthier import levels would correspondingly rise. Domestic suppliers cannot fully satisfy demand, especially with all the nuclear reactors offline.

>yen depreciation is a political, not an economic move.

Agreed. And it will remain so as long as Japan is able to fund its deficits internally, which may as well equal "forever" as I don't see how they can possibly float debt on the international market.

>Your oecd paper is distorted

Maybe, probably, but it's the only data that's available. Looking around in Japan (anecdotal, I know) shows a society that's not at all egalitarian. So I think that OECD numbers, which demonstrate a stratified society, are representative of the truth. I think "90% of Japanese in the middle class" is a convenient myth in that it reinforces group-think while simultaneously allowing the corporate elites/government (effectively the same thing) to fleece the population.

What will really shake up Japan is passage of TPP. TPP will blast through Japanese markets like a typhoon, leaving lots of wreckage (domestic Japanese companies completely unable to compete on a level playing field) in its wake. So I think TPP will never be introduced in Japan; protestations to the contrary from the Abe administration are just lip service.
If you look at it, the "elite" you're speaking of is the zainichi media/financial clique that inbreeds with the Korean media and government in order to profit off Japanese culture and media at Japan's expense. They only manage to pull this off through being allied with the US (Korean War, remember?) and profiting off the post-war guilt started by the US and extended by Korean-friendly figureheads like Hatoyama.
Agreed on all counts except for the nagging bit about egalitarianism.

Japan is very status oriented. People indeed have very clear classes, as reflective of their feudal mindset. Actual wealth stratification must be treated in terms of anecdotes because the actual stats are unreliable.

My own anecdote is that people in general don't face particular threats because of their poverty. Unemployment is low, this is anti-stratification. No one goes homeless because of the costs of medical care. This is anti-stratification. The costs of things which shouldn't be pooled, ARE pooled in the interests of, variously, economically weak players, or lobbyists, depending on who you ask. Either way, this is anti-wealth-stratification.

The government is heavily redistributionary. With some of the highest taxes on the elite in the world (ant-stratifying) they fund some of the most lavish and inefficient public works in the world, and pay public sector workers an above average OECD public sector pay with above average job security to do that very stupid, very inefficient job.

The point is thus: japan remains stratified only in three terms. General wages are low for the population at large as part of their mercantilist export scheme (but buying power remains high, hedonically adjusted,) and relatively high even in absolute terms. 2: There is simply MORE wealth in japan per capita than in most countries. This naturally lends itself further towards capital accumulation. 3: there is more innovation technologically in japan than in most nations. This naturally lends itself towards wealth stratification because of the nature of technology.

The japanese are at the extreme end of what you could reasonably expect regarding egalitarianism in an economy where essentially greater than 70% of the population does not actually contribute to the economy.
Also, egalitarianism isn't even desireable when the "cure" is wealth confiscation and high taxes, so I'm kind of not sure what your point is.

the TPP will never pass, not that it should. Globalization hasn't accomplished a single one of its aims besides, of course, extending american influence over foreign financial institutions and creating moral hazard which shovels foreign capital into the s&p.

what in the actual fuck are you talking about
Nice "travel" thread you have going here guys
You must be having a lot of fun talking about Japanese finance and politics without having the slightest clue about the main issue.
The main issue undermining Japanese financial and cultural health is the zainichi media/finance cartel (Fuji TV, TBS, Softbank, and for an example in another sector, Lotte) acting in nationalist interests and funneling money to the Korean government instead of in any way attempting to use their profits for the sake of the Japanese economy. In addition, the financial and legal clout that these companies bring to the Korean industry supports Korean IP theft from Japanese companies (LG and Samsung were exposed for stealing wholesale from Sony and Panasonic a few years back, and the Korean government funnels immense amounts of zainichi-earned money into "manhwa" and fabricated pseudo-Japanese culture to market overseas (Korean-made "ramen" and "udon" being easy to spot in every American supermarket), as well as leveraging that money and their pull in Korean immigrant groups within the US to have Korean actors seeded in Japanese roles in US-filmed movies.
This, in turn, seeds an image in the West, and among Western-friendly youths in Japan, that Korea has a rightful claim to these elements of the Japanese culture (when a casual look at Korean "culture" tells you that it was Eastern Chinese culture with an Altaic language given a makeover to excuse the US' meddling in Communist Asia). This means that the money that should rightfully go into the Japanese government's and industries' pockets end up in the coffers of the Korean government, which is outright hostile toward Japan (see the propaganda on the ferry to occupied Takeshima).
It's simple logic that the Japanese economy would do much better if the country earned the money it deserved from its culture, as well as not being forced to harbor a malicious media clique opposed to everything that Japan stands for.
>Either way, this is anti-wealth-stratification.

An interesting point, but it's impossible to say what actual wealth distribution is in Japan as there seem to be no data available at all. We'll have to stick with income distribution, where figures do indicate that the society is becoming increasingly stratified. https://mitpress.mit.edu/sites/default/files/titles/content/9780262513456_sch_0001.pdf makes some really good points and is worth a read.

>they fund some of the most lavish and inefficient public works in the world

I think "funded" is better as they no longer have the resources to waste on much of this sort of thing.

>very stupid, very inefficient job.

Anyone who thinks US government workers are slow and inefficient has never tried to get a driver's license in Japan.

>Also, egalitarianism isn't even desireable

I didn't say it's desirable; in fact, I think it isn't. My point was that the Japanese think they're all the same (the myth of 90% of Japanese being middle class), which allows them to ignore (a) clear evidence that they're not and (b) be content with a lower quality of life than they should otherwise enjoy.

>what in the actual fuck are you talking about

He's apparently a right winger that doesn't like the "Korean" influence in Japan (this was a major charge against the DPJ in the last election). What he fails to comprehend is that (a) Way, way more of Japan's troubles can and should be laid at the feet of the LDP and (b) women's figure skating coverage is the least of the problems facing Japanese society and the Japanese economy.


Thanks, glad you're enjoying it.
OP here.

god damn it i just wanted to ogle at pretty young women dressed in themed costumes
5/10 for making me laugh
The LDP has been bowing to Korean pressure lately too, so don't expect that the Japanese right wing solely supports the LDP. My personal sympathies lie with what was the Restoration Party, but *someone* has managed to pick that apart through internal dissent. It's conveniently easy and subtle for people who want it to pick apart smaller parties centered around two or three politicians with one well-placed bribe or legal threat.
Pretending I'm a troll and should thus be ignored isn't going to change anything. You sound like you just want to look away from the real problems that Japan is facing, likely because you've fallen in the good old Korean tactic of the weeaboo trap - get someone hooked on "manhwa", K-pop groups or Korean media, then have them spread that among their friends and rely on their guilt and ability to completely block out constructive attempts to help them in order to make sure they never turn against Korea.
/trv/ is becoming more and more like /int/ 2.0 recently. We needed some good mod work to bring this shit back on track
income distribution just simply isn't the whole picture though.

You have to look at lifestyles, access to capital goods, the chances of getting into a good university, social mobility, opportunity for participation in society at large.

By conventional statistics japan also has a huge "poverty" problem second only to the U.S.

And indeed, there are tons of people in Japan living in 1940s corrugated metal shacks.

But what are teh conventional staples of poverty these people are experiencing? They don't experience widespread violence or criminal affiliations. They aren't illiterate. They don't lack basic medical care. They don't experience high rates of fatherlessless, drug abuse or broken homes. They don't lack access to jobs, most importantly.

In fact, the majority of the working poor have teh same values and same lifestyle as the middle and upper middle class. Which is precisely why the LDP exists

Contrast this with the "poverty" aka wealth stratification problem in the US or europe where the poor on welfare are essentially the new left's loaded gun against the middle class. THAT is stratification. There are literally two separate societies. So to say japan is more stratified in terms of wealth is disingenuous or simplistic.

The majority of japanese act like they're middle class. Is it true in terms of conspicuous consumption? Maybe not quite. But even the upper middle class spends fabulously little in terms of conspicuous means.

Every reality for the non-capitalist classes involves a myth in terms of uniting people who aren't stupid, but certainly aren't mentally equipped to actually examine their existence.

The egalitarian principle is largely in effect, and it's the best thing for the japanese to believe.

Agitating for more socialism, or redistribution by gun barrel certainly isn't going to make things better

The working hours suck. It's awful. But it's the primary mechanism by which honesty is enforced. It's necessary.
what is your background?

The idea that kpop bands are going to undo japanese society by funneling media profits, which are a fucking tiny percent of GDP.

Or the profits from fucking instant noodle companies.

Also, in terms of samsung. IT's called industrial espionage and reverse engineering you tard.

Are you fucking serious.

Dude, you might as well be talking about martians. This is absurd.
because it's totally better to be flooded with sex tourism thread, right?
they were never really flooding here. There were two or three tops. And I'd rather have two or three sex tourism threads, than every second thread being spammed with walls of political/economical/racial debates that don't add anything to the thread or to the person asking to travel to a certain country
Okay, you're outside of educational range. Everything I say is gonna bounce off your skull, so I'm just going to leave you to your frothing. You completely ignored the points I put forth about the end goal of the Korean government being to completely legitimize culture theft through organized misrepresentation, IP theft, industrial espionage, plagiarism and astroturfing/shilling on Western websites. The latter is completely obvious if you've actually had your eyes open on sites regarding Japanese media instead of tying a Korean flag (conveniently enough based around Chinese culture) over your eyes, sticking your fingers in your ears and chanting "MANHWA DOKDO BULGOGI TAEKWONDO KENDO SAMURAI ALL GLORIOUS KOREAN INNOVATION EQUAL TO HEAVEN NIDA~".

I think you're conflating two ideas -- income distribution and shared values. I think you need to accept that the former is becoming more stratified, as both anecdotal and published evidence strongly supports this position. That the Japanese have been able to maintain shared social values in the face of this is some sort of testament (I think to their wonderful ability to ignore reality, but that's another discussion altogether) to their society. I would further argue that the social fabric is beginning to fray, although this is an opinion only.

>They don't experience high rates of... drug abuse or broken homes.

Alcoholism is a real problem and divorce rates are steadily increasing. But fewer people are having children, so there are fewer homes to break. That's progress, I suppose.

>They don't lack access to jobs, most importantly.

Shit jobs, sure. As very little immigration is allowed, there are plenty of opportunities to clean toilets, sweep streets, and direct traffic around construction sites.



People are speaking calmly, nobody's ranting or calling anyone names. If you have a problem with the contents then ignore the thread. How hard is that?


No one ITT is praising Korea. We're just telling you that you're a wee bit monomaniacal with your "blame all of Japan's problems on Korea" focus. These two points aren't mutually exclusive, you know.
Not counteracting the aggressor is tantamount to siding with the aggressor.

Sophistry will get you nowhere, anon.
but the middle class is just that. It's a class. Class is not entirely about actual income. it is as uch about the values which support the mode of economy that class is engaged in, or which that class supports through various forms of labor.

Of course income differentials are increasing in technologically advanced societies. Tech requires tons of capital, efficient usage of said capital, high IQs, and naturalistic monopolies for proprietary knowledge.

The more technologically advanced countries which don't depend on banking or input commodity exports will naturally become more income stratified.

It remains, in fact, that if any white nation faced japan's situation there would be riots in the streets, a la italy, and when there are burning buildings, it's the poor, not the rich, that get a lot poorer, a lot faster.

If white nations weren't inundated by immigration whose jobs are off teh books, you BET your ass the wealth disparities would widen on paper very, very quickly.
Pattaya, Thailand. Everything is available there. Want fake airline stewardesses? They have a fake airline stewardess brothel. Whips and chains? The Castle. Schoolgirls? A half a dozen brothels. Dogs? They've got that too.
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Sorry for going off-topic, guys. You may now resume your poorly-informed debate over Japan's economy.
There's an aliens-from-space themed brothel in Nevada. That's all I know.
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