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Amsterdam alone?.

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I'm hoping to travel to Amsterdam for 3 nights in a few weeks time (travelling from UK)

I have never travelled alone before anywhere. I'm quite a shy/introverted person and I'm not sure what to expect or whether its even a particularly good idea. Yes, I want to try the coffeeshops but I do not smoke weed at all usually and I don't want to get too wasted. I would be staying in a hostel which is something I have never done and to be honest it makes me a bit nervous.

I'd basically like to get a good mix of culture and weed. I was going to visit the Van Gogh museum and the Zoo and see what else I can find. Then spend the rest of my time chilling in coffeeshops, check out the RLD, maybe go to a club or something. What do you think?

I've accepted I probably won't meet anyone out there as I'm usually too shy to mix very much. I just wondered if anyone here has been to Amsterdam alone and what the experience was like. Eating alone, finding your way around etc.

Any advice appreciated
some advice:
space cakes are very strong but take time to hit in. Don't add weed to them.

Joints are strong too. Buy one, smoke a little, tap it off for later.

RLD is nice to look around, but inside it's a scam. If you want to fuck go to a brothel - those are real good.

finding your way around is super easy. Just get a map from your hotel/hostel.

stop whining and bawing about being alone. Just relax and enjoy the city.
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Hi man.

Me and a couple mates went to Amsterdam last year. We also stayed in a hostel which was OK.

Why are you even traveling alone in the first place? Hostels are alright for meeting people; for example, I met a shy Japanese chick who also traveled alone, and went out with her for the night. Needless to say, if you stay in the touristy accommodations, you'll probably eavesdrop a conversation from some English lads, so in that case, just have a quick chat with them, and ask if they want to hang out.

Should I go on?
OP here


Yeah I've heard about the space cakes. Don't think I'd indulge in those. I wasn't intending to get a hooker from the RLD but just curious what its like around there.


>Why are you even traveling alone in the first place?

I've not got many friends and they all have gf's etc and are not interested. I like the idea of having my own little adventure but the reality is that I am a shy person. I don't mind my own company, I just don't like looking like a complete loner in bars etc

I dunno, maybe some weed would loosen me up a bit
Been to Amsterdam a few times, just some general things that come to mind.

Remember you're in a foreign country, you say you're shy and a bit of an introvert, but hostels *can* be a great place to meet people. If you're in a shared room one, just hang out there a little bit in the morning and try make conversation...ask if they're traveling alone, what they're up to etc. Then ask if you can chill with them in the day or evening, generally in my experience most travelers will be happy to hang out with you, and are much more open individuals than what you're used to seeing in the UK.

RLD is beautiful at night, I spent one night just popping in and out of coffee shops with some Aussies having a wander around, surreal place.

Sex Museum is a must, only 3 euro entry. Funny as fuck if you're baked (try not to piss off the locals). Heineken museum is ok, then VG/the zoo. You can find quite a lot to do just wandering around.

If you want to go on a night out/bar without being alone, sign up to a beer crawl (you'll have guys in the street asking you to sign up). Don't go for the mainstream + well advertised ones, they're fucking shit. I went on an organized bar crawl with 15 people I didn't know and had a great time. Generally 15/20 euros to sign up to an independent crawl and they'll normally force-feed you vodka or buy you drinks in the first few bars.

Don't smoke weed in the streets, the police will kick off.

Dutchies in my experience are very friendly to Brits. You'll find plenty of nationalities in Dam though as its a pretty international city this time of the year.

Have a blast mate.
Oh, and buy a Kapsalon while you're there, it is fast-food made by the Gods. That shit would be so damn good if it was bought to the UK I swear
OP here


Thanks for that. Is the red light district a large area? They have lots of bars and coffeeshops there too? The bar crawl sounds like a decent idea too.
Check out the Rijksmuseum. They have all the art from the Dutch Golden Age. Vermeer, Rembrandt etc.
Rent a bike and cycle around. Its a beautiful city. I hope to visit soon
Its fairly large, yeah there is but most are just outside the area. Dam is pretty easy to navigate on foot and it is relatively small for a European capital city. I spent most my time on foot but lots of people hire bikes...big thing over there.
Ask for the mildest weed. Its much stronger than what you are used to. You will make friends in youth hostels. Americans and Canadians are very friendly.

I thought the Van Gogh museum was a bit boring but Anne Frank was good. There is an excellent night club called the Bubble factory.
I was in Amsterdam alone last month

To be totally honest, it wasn't that fun smoking weed alone.

You won't be the only solo dude though. I saw a lot of other people in the cafes alone.

If you're feeling social you can probably spark up some conversation and make friends.

The weed is strong. I didn't even finish my joint and I was floored.
I went to Amsterdam alone and, like you, I am shy/introverted. Amsterdam was the best city I have been (and I don't smoke weed).

- If you like culture, you should go to Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank Haus and Rijksmuseum.
- If you like beer, go to Brouwerij t'IJ. Heineken Xperience is just "ok" in my opinion.
- For food, I would recomend all cheese houses you can find and the restaurant "Moeders", with typical Dutch cousine.
- If you want to see some windmils, you can go to Zaanse Schans. It's a small city near to Amsterdam.
- At night, you can make a guide tour around RLD or join a pubcrawl.
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I too am interdasted in travelling to the Dam from UK. What is a good budget to have for 3-4 nights? How much are hostels?
Not trying to ruin your holiday/vacation, but I live here and it really isn't as great as most people think it is, unless you really like weed.

You're traveling ALONE, you want to try out weed and chill in coffeeshops. If you often smoke weed, this wouldn't be a crazy thing to do, but what would you do if you experience a really bad trip from the weed? You're alone, stoned, puking your guts out and you might start panicking. And let me warn you, nobody in Amsterdam gives a shit about a random guy throwing up in the streets, it's not a very uncommon sight.

If you're interested in museums and zoo's, I'd say go for it.

Some clubs might be fun for you to visit, others aren't. The 18+ ones are just teens/young adults who go there with their friends, mostly to hit on girls/guys. If you go there alone, you'll just be a loner. If you're a bit older, you might enjoy 21+ clubs or just go to some caf├ęs. You could go to strip clubs as well, but they're expensive as fuck. You'll pay like 8 fucking euro for a beer and the waitress will ask if it's okay to keep the change if you give her a 10 euro bill, for example. A 5 minute lapdance cost me 20 euro, if I remember correctly.

The RLD is fun to check out, even for people who live nearby, but if you're not going to fuck a hooker, it'll only be about 1, maybe 2, hours 'til you've seen it all. You could also go to some sort of theater, where you can enter a small booth, similar to a photo booth, but with a lockable door, where you pay like 1 or 2 euro to "open a window" and watch people fuck and maybe jack off to it.
i dont smoke weed and thus just trying the cake was wild and knocked me out completely for the next day - surprisingly strong. bear in mind you could (but not necessarily) feel a bit paranoid and self concious whilst high esp if you're on your own and then heading back to the hostel to share a room.

i would recommend getting to know people in the hostel first (always plenty of people to meet and others travelling on their own - hence going to a hostel) and if anyone is up for it, see where it takes you. maybe best to do it socially and in a good postive mindset. good luck
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You remind me of myself a few years ago so here goes.

The weed in Netherlands is stronger than in the UK and on the whole a better experience. Remember it is strong though and as you've never experienced it before you will start getting thoughts you aren't aware are down to the weed and not rationality. Paranoia is a very real possibility if your'e alone and your brain starts racing to ridiculous conclusions (I occasionally smoke and usually have to fight a bit of paranoia off even if it's in my own flat) which could ruin your night if you don't keep them in check.

I doubt you'll be puking if you smoke instead of have cakes, and remember to take small drags and gauge how you feel every few minutes before continuing. Cakes are strong and better suited to what we in the north call a good mong-out session usually involving a sofa and great records. Having a few small drags of a Dutch joint for a noob will be the drinking equivalent of 2 pints on an empty stomach, so take it easy.

Travelling alone is one of the most liberating and confidence building things you can do. Whether you want to or not you're almost guaranteed to meet a bunch of interesting friendly people that are doing exactly the same as you, usually in hostels. Be friendly and open, it helps to have better social skills but there's usually a far lower requirement to be confident etc with fellow travellers. Just make conversation, you'll have a few unsuccessful interactions but soon you'll be friends with people from any corner of the globe.

Do it, and come back secure in the knowledge you've achieved something most pussies would not even consider.
My 21st birthday

>Drank beer for 8 hours straight
>Ate a big piece of space cake about 7pm
>"Nothing's happening"
>Started smoking pre-rolled White Widow joints

The outcome was far from pleasant. A living nightmare would be more accurate

>I live here and it really isn't as great as most people think it is

NEVER listen to locals telling you that their city/country isn't worth it. Locals can't judge as tourists.
It always makes me lol to see teenaged, usually chavy, newbs thinking they're baddas gangsta by going way over their limits, tuning pale and cold and slamming their faces down into the table and puking on their laps, while all the Dutch roll their eyes and carry on...
It takes a certain kind of courage to be confident being alone in public. Weed just might help you awaken it
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>Locals can't judge as tourists.

I'm Dutch, have travelled to 4 different continents and 43 countries in total and think Amsterdam is one of the most awesome cities on earth: it's insanely cozy, has great museums and nightlife, it's really pretty, the locals are friendly and helpful aka GEZELLIG and the city just has a really great vibe and atmosphere. It's always a joy to spend time there. Fuck that "local" asshat, Adam is GOAT.
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3MB, 1280x720px

What did I just watch?
Damn, I'm so glad I'm not a weeaboo.

Getting stoned in Amsterdam while being there for the first time and not usually smoking weed is a pretty bad idea.

The weed or hash is quite strong, the pre-rolled joints are quite strong as soon as you move up from the cheapest of course.

And the city layout can be very confusing, one canal will look like the other and suddenly you can get lost

Japanese TV. Guaranteed they rolled up to this guy's door, shot that once, and then the director pulls him aside and says something like:

"Look, you didn't look excited enough"
"What? I'm excited!"
"Just... Just pretend you're a middle school girl."
i'm going to amsterdam with some friends prety soon, maybe i'll bump into you
what's good club to hit on HS girl/teens?

This. I am a seasoned smoker and I had to tell my friend to stop taking pictures of me because I felt I looked too stoned and didn't want my family seeing this big ol pothead in front of priceless works of art at the van Gogh.

navigating can be tough. everything looks similar. canals everywhere. WATCH OUT FOR BIKES.

check out the botanical garden. very cool.

for the most part I found the Dutch to be very nice and helpful.
Pretty much. Japanese "reality" TV is coached as hell.
On the whole, Dutch people tend to be very ugly and bad mannered

Just my personal experience

get to a new level:

If it's your first time travelling alone, try to remember you don't know anyone, don't be afraid to "look dumb". It's also safe as fuck there if you don't do anything stupid.

Try to speak to people in your hostel, the easiest is to pick a big dorm with about 10 people and talk to them when someone is planning the day or the evening. Usually they'll ask if you want to come or do something the next day. I think the best is other solo, duos or even couples (don't stay too long with couples and talk more to the guy).

About weed I don't know, I'm from Switzerland and we have the same weed for half the price so I'm used to it. If you don't mix with alcohol the worse is a bad trip that lasts 1-2 hours max. Smoke hash or a cheap weed, take it slowly (2 puffs every 10 minutes at first) and you'll be safe.

I also love to be alone and had more pleasure in Rotterdam, lots of place with grass near the water and less noisy/drunk tourists.
I noticed the fuck out of this too. I was only there like 4 days and several times I was gobsmacked how rude people were. maybe it's cos it was the capital - people in london can be rude as fuck too

Give examples please.

Not >>855597 but I found them rude as fuck. Some guy tried to push in front of me in the queue in Burger King and when I remonstrated he started mouthing off at me, loudly. I think he was swearing in Dutch.

I found most of the weed sellers in the coffee shops were miserable and ignorant towards me. I was also accosted by some crazy old drunk skinhead who was calling me a fucking Jew junkie and stuff like that (I'm not Jewish).

Generally, I found the Dutch people in Amsterdam to be short-tempered and unfriendly. Pretty much like what you get in the UK

Also, the hostel reception staff were real miserable bastards
anons, this is the capital syndrome. It's the same with Paris or London. People from other dutch regions often say that people from Amsterdam are no real Dutchmen.
I went by myself to Amsterdam and had a great time. The hostels are great, two or three separate days I ended up hanging out with other travelers who were alone (there are many more than you would think). I met two girls on a RLD tour. I took the tour because I'm a grill and was kind of intimidated to go see it alone, the tour was fun and *surprise* FULL of other girls traveling alone, so if you want to meet some ladies I'd suggest that.
Also at the hostel bar or breakfast is a good time to meet people, I met a girl at the hostel breakfast, and we went to the Heinekin museum together.
Anne Frank house was fucking lame, but there's an amazing pancake house right down the street from it.
There's also a diamond factory that does free tours, also a good place to meet ladies.
Dutchie living in Amsterdam, some tips

Bars on the Leidseplein and Rembramdt are ridiculously expensive and touristy, would avoid them

Museums are good if you're interested in art or history, otherwise pretty boring

Nemo science museum is pretty fun, even though it's aimed at kids. Plus you can chill on the roof if the weather is good

I would avoid Heineken and the Heineken experience, instead look/ask for Belgian beers(I have to admit they are much better). Like Leffe, Westmalle, Duvel etc. Most bars have at least one kind of Belgian beer.

As for weed I don't really like the coffeshops in the city centre, try the one in Molukkenstraat. Also most of prerolled joints are of low potency(could just be my dutch genes) don't be afraid to take the strongest one.

I believe there is some kind of tourist card for pubic transport, I recommend you get it to use public transport for free a couple day, will get you anywhere in Amsterdam. Be aware though that nightbusses(After 1 am) always cost extra money

Also I heard that clubbing in Rotterdam is great but have no personal experience

Also ask me anything
I've just booked.

I'm going in just over a fortnight. I just realised though that I will be there during the World Cup so I guess the Leidseplein is going to rammed with paralytic/stoned Brits and the Orange Army

I'm hoping for a good time anyway.
I'm going to Amsterdam with a couple of friends, doing it the easy and cheap way with cheap hostels / hotels.

We're basically looking to fuck some locals and / or RLD women.

Experiences? is it worth it with RLD?

I'm a huge Heineken lover, how is the museum?

What other things are there to check out, and where is the best night clubs? I'll be 20 once I'm down there, does this mean I can check out strip clubs?

Thanks in advance, always loved the dutch!
>but I do not smoke weed at all usually

Guided tours are often megashitty. As a guy, would it be just as or MORE interesting or an experience to just wander the RLD alone or with another travel buddy? Keep in mind I'm not looking to purchase a hooker.
it's a terrible idea to buy spacecakes, store them and try to bring them home right?

wouldn't be flying anywhere, all via train.
Probably fine since I doubt sniffer dogs could detect them. Obviously be extra cautious and keep them well concealed though

I've lived in the Netherlands my entire life and I can vouche for this, people from Amsterdam are rude in comparison to the rest of the country. It's just capital syndrome.
How friendly are the dutch to non-whites? Am visiting Yurop for the first time (Azn-Cdn) and I chose Amsterdam because weed, van gogh, and one of my best mates is a Dutch man.
The Heineken museum is a rip-off. Really dull and they only give you one beer at the end

When I went to the RLD me and my friend were a bit weirded out by the whole thing and didn't end up doing anything, but some of the Eastern European girls are seriously hot

Nobody has a problem with Asians, that's for sure.
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