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Stuck in Windhoek (Namibia)

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Sup /trv/ Spaniard here stuck in África after car crash (pic related). Already contacted the embassy. Appointment tomorrow with local lawyer. So, 3 or 4 days of paperwork ahead.

Any advice on how to spend those days (besides court) ?

Anybody nows the city?
how do you flip a car on a straight road?
May looks straight but its not, pretty bad road, It was a curve between two "hills" where we avoided another car coming to us though the middle of the road. No lanes un África.

Also take a look at our tyres. One blowed up. Shitty rental company.
I saw a recent movie according to which there is a high availability of child prostitutes. So if that rocks your boat you might have soemthing to do. The movie's dutch, it's called Tirza . ACtually a pretty cool movie, not just stereotype peddling, so you might give it a go if you've nothing to do. Shows other places in Namibia too
Appreciate the tip, man, but I see 2 cons.

First, i want the car to remain my only legal problem here.

Second, according to general knowledge, there is also a high availability of AIDS in Africa.
you know that having sex with virgins cure aids right
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the absolute state of trv

well, OP,
fire up Tinder and go out with the best of the best of the best city has to offer
No one of this childs is still a virgin, the only way to ensure that is being her father and faster than brothers and cousins.


Dont want the thread moved to /pol/ but as white male, im into white girls and the % here is low. Guess i'll give It a try.
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Mate. I am a nazi as they come but I'd never pass top-tier black pussy in Africa. That's just colonization levels of awesomeness. Interracial is fine as long as the male is white and they don't reproduce. Also wrap up.
Wrap Up, done.

Leaving to meet te lawyer, shitty internet everywhere so I'll report ASAP
OP here

Good news from the lawyer, insurance company wanted me to pay the damage on the car but after some phone calls, looks like im the one getting paid.

Not a single legal document in this company, big fraud so they're freaking out about going to court.

On the other side, Tinder is a hard quest here, as the sun comes down this becomes "the purge"
Cant go out at night, mean it.
How long were you on the road before it happened? Any comments on Namibia in general?

Thinking of doing a self drive there next year.
You the guy who made a Namibia thread in August? How's Namibia been?
How do you go about finding a lawyer in a country like that? And avoid getting ripped off etc
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7 days on the road, already been on the dunes of Sesriem and Skeleton Coast.

In my opinión, this country is becoming another tourist trap, people is nice but just the necesary to get a tip, prices are rising but service levels are under the radar.

If you drive on your own, dont underestimate the roads (ehem!), check the state of the car and be alert, crashes happends every day but you are not in Europe or US, here you may be waiting help for 2 or 3 days.
Nobody has car insurance some doesnt even license plates.

Otherwise, amazing landscapes, lots of animals, live "in the wild"...

Prepare to be surrounded by sand.

Not me, first time in Namibia

Spanish embassy put me in contact amazing guy took care of everything, for free (no kidding) even set my transport to the airport tomorrow (also free). If you're in trouble here, he's the man, for sure.
Can look for the contact if interested.
sounds like a great trip. are you travelling solo?
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Started with two friends, one went back to Spain already. I think I got scared after the shitstorm.

A couple of days in Cape Town to see the White Sharks (checked) then Namibia for the Big 5. All on our own, its a pitty to end It like that.
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Meaned HE was scared, not me. Sorry.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 9

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