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Okay guys, I've fucked up. I've managed to lose/destroy

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Okay guys, I've fucked up. I've managed to lose/destroy all of my bank cards. Somehow I have survived with 700 euros cash for the last month waiting for a card to reach me. Twice I have waited the 7-10 business days only for the card to reach my home and then have to start the process over because it was lost in the mail on the way to Europe or because my bank won't release the card to anyone besides myself since initially I ordered it to my local bank branch. So now I will expedite the delivery of the card hopefully one last time, but must survive in Berlin for the next week with 40 euros. I have a german girl I have met who I am staying with, but its only a matter of time until she realises I am a bum and kicks me out. Anyone have suggestions for survival during this next week? Anything from best bridges to sleep under, to venues where I can bum fight for money, etc. Is woofing in Germany on such short notice possible? Also my brother is passing through Guam tomorrow and will have a few hours at the airport and said he can try and send me some money through a wire transfer kiosk. With that said, do airports typically have places to transfer money ie western union, money gram?
Head to Kreuzberg and find some hippie store and explain your situation. They gotta know somewhere, like a homeless shelter, that can help you out. Of course, this is given that you don't look like a homeless junkie or something.
there's a thing called cash advance, available with most credid cards, but often not with the cheapest ones. Basically you go to any bank, present your ID and a blocked credit card (or maybe just its number) and, well, get cash.

you can call your bank first and inquire about this.

also, cards like visa premiere and mastercard gold (that is, not the lowest tier but the second from the bottom) get sent *a lot* faster - like, 1 business day to europe, instead of 7-10. So, again, ask your bank to give you one of those instead (they'll be happy 'cause it costs more).

finally, you can try buying bitcoin with wire transfer and sell in berlin for cash, but that (wire) can take 3 days as well.

also, if you have some valuables like jewlery or perhaps electronics, you can pawn them.

so, quite a few options before becoming a bum
Get mastercard red or swirl. It's prepaid card. U can't go into minus but it acts like real bankaccount. U can receive money. U don't need bank to open one. Buy at the store activate online. Or in the bank.

Backup plan. Go to the recruitment agency and get the job in the hotel. Preferably kitchen. U can wash dishes. Get free meal and a often a room. Also agency pays weekly so u get some money fast.

Lower your spending. U can survive on nothing but red boiled bean can a day and they are 80cents a piece.

In the future take photo of your documents and leave them in the bank if you are staying to long. Also deposit money on paypal. U can buy prepaid card in store on every continent and load it up from PayPal.

One American in Egypt got money from the embassy after getting robed but I don't know how that works.
Go to hostels and ask if you can work there in exchange for a place to sleep.
I'm praying for you, God will provide...

Meanwhile in the real world... Maybe examine the problem to the person you are staying with, she may be sympathetic. Otherwise I have no advice, sorry. But I hope you can fix something out.
buy cheap amphetamine with your remaining funds and go raving for a week straight.
Wa La
Problem solved
Op here day 1 down drank my troubles away in the park with 2 euro wine.. now have 34 probably have 1 or 2 more days max with this german girl. Will go cruise hostels looking for food and lodging.
couchsurfing dot org
I stayed in some crazy cat ladies apartment for a month waiting for a bank card that seemed to never want to arrive to kuala lumpur
also I've gone for 6 days with no food
just find water and hang out in the sun a lot, maybe round up some woolen blankets and a tarp and sleep in the woods somewhere
if you don't move much you don't burn many calories
it's going to be all about outlook at this point, see it as a positive experience, it's been handed to you for your growth and development, learn to laugh through it
people have been through much, much worse and came out the other end
you're going to be fine
just remember the famous quote from douglas adams "don't panic"
<3 that was sweet. (Not op)
>drank my troubles away in the park with 2 euro wine
You just threw away 2 euro you could have needed for something important later, idiot.
Helps to stave off the hunger. Also one full bottle of red wine equals 634 calories. However, I will admit I splurged by paying 2 euros when I could have gotten for 1 euro.
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Alcohol in forms like beer and carbonated stuff will make you more hungry, so if you are going to alcohol don't fuck with those. Also you really don't need to eat much, spend like 5 euros a day maximum between food water and other things like drink. Get a large water bottle (not the serious ones, the ones that are just like giant deer park knock off brand). Refil it with water wherever when you drink all of it and eat shit canned food and be sure to have a plan to get to where your card is being delivered. When it comes to things like getting the 1 euro vs 2 euro wine, get the 1 euro one. You can indulge but not splurge, there is a difference. Hell, steal some food/necessities if you have the skill, but steal cheap things. You can easily last a week on that much money when it isn't cold out. Hell you could last a week with no money at all easily. It isn't that big of a deal, It's when you start to panic/worry about the situation that you will have problems, look at it as a thing that happened that will be a story or a situation in which you got to see how well you deal with being out of your comfort zone. A test of self, an experience, and a good story all in one. And being homeless/poor with no obligations for a little bit can actually be really comfy/relaxing if you view it as camping type escape from society. Find a nice park to post up in when housing becomes untenable.
>met 17 year old german kids
>introduced to turkish guy who gave me 3 grams of weed for 20 euros.
>brought tourists
>made 10 euros
>am now drug dealer
>will survive
Tell your brother to go to western union website, and deposit a certain sum to be picked up with your passport. Call your bank, get someone to do the same before shipping the credit card. Ask your parents..... This should not be an issue
dude you are in germany
german here
head to fucking lidl when they close. Search for the garbage. You will find backpacks full of bread, croissants, vegetables, fruits.
They throw it out because they cant use it the next day.
Steal a bag if you get a nice opportunity.
Western union you can receive in the post office many times.
Dont be so stupid lel
wrong reply, is 4 op >>1160280
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