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Hello, anyone have experience traveling in Indonesia? I will

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Hello, anyone have experience traveling in Indonesia? I will be flying into Jakarta for 20 days in January. I wanted to spend a few days in Jakarta at least and explore the city. The Jakarta surrounding area too like Bogor and Bandung.

I was thinking of taking a train to Yogyakarta to see the temples and exploring more of Java.

Does anyone recommend anything I must do/see while there? Or any other destinations?

Also, from your experience how safe is Jakarta and other places in Indonesia for a solo traveler. I have read its overall a safe place, but petty crime is common.
I was in Indonesia last week. Me and my friends got kidnapped by ISIS sympathizer groups and got transported to an ISIS compound. We all got beheaded while being taped for their new video release!
I'm a ghost girl btw
Think of all the wear and tear you could have saved on your fingers by not typing that... what a waste.
It's my favorite country.
Went twice so far.
2 years ago for 10 months in total.
This August I revisited for a trip across Sumatra
>9 living in Jakarta, with trips to Lampung, Yogja
>1 month doing the Bali, Lombok, Gili T thing.
>Definitely go to Yogja for Borobudhur & Prambanan
>Climb a Volcano, I went to Krakatau & Prambanan
>Go to Pangandaran for Green Canyon, canyoning there was so awesome I did it twice in those 9 months.
>Near Bogor is Puncak, hilly area with a natural park, paragliding and the like.
>Mount Bromo is touristy but great to see.
Thanks for the recommendations. Yogja is definitely on the top of my list. Trying to decide if I am better off exploring Java during my stay or heading east to Bali or Lombok for some of my stay.

How is safety for a lone bule traveling around Indonesia like that?
I never felt unsafe, just watch your wallet/phone in public transport like anywhere else in the world and take care of your belongings. People in general are very friendly in Indonesia and positively discriminating towards white people.
Don't forget to Tinder whilst in Jakarta.
Couchsurfing Jakarta is also very welcoming on Bule, they'll take you out for beers.
As for Bali & Lombok, they are so different from Java it's like another country.

I'm already thinking to come back to Indonesia in December next year for Flores and Komodo this time.
>Don't forget to Tinder whilst in Jakarta.
Could you talk more about this?
>creative writing has no benefits
When i was in Indonesian u went through the gili (small) islands. 2 are super rich ppl and honeymoon. The other is with the locals and it has a 10/10 cheap resort. Keep in mind absolutely no cars and motorcycles. Also if u really wanna experience some of Indonesia, i went on an amazing boat cruise through the islands of Indonesia. Cabin or on the deck. I recommend the deck by far. The boat stops every day at a different island for swimming or exploring. Places like komodo island.
That is a good trip to Indonesia.
Currently living in Bandung. It's p nice. Food is cheaper and better than anywhere else in the country but people are not used to foreigners so they tend to look at you a bit too intensively. The city is OK for a short stay but there's not that much to see. You'll want to head to the countryside (Lembang).

Went to Jogja (Yogyakarta) by train. Would definitely recommend! Loved it so much we're planning to go there by foot, trekking along the way. Jogja itself is a nice city for tourists: people are more open, they speak more English, etc. I was a bit disappointed by the monuments but by all mean you should still give it a go. We went to see the sunrise over Borobudur but it was too cloudy to be really interesting. If you like history, there's a nice museum in the ancient Dutch fort.

Otherwise, people are nice and polite. Nothing to fear. Maybe just driving by yourself on the roads if you're not used to that kind of traffic.
I live in jakarta right now first you must going to Monas (National Monument) then going to Old jakarta city (Kota tua) And the largest indonesia miniature park TMII (Taman mini) there places it's cheap and safe
>all these isis shills
I am an Indonesian and I live in Jogja, I could highly recommend you to come here and see for yourself how beautiful Jogja is. All those bullshit about ISIS is nowhere to be found here. I could even take you to meet local girls who are willing to walk around with foreigners like you
Tinder, you know the dating app.
That is, if you want to meet chicks easily.

Do Indonesians hate Chinese people or does it not matter? What about Koreans and Japanese?
Where do I buy drugs in this country?
Anyone been to Sulawesi?

I'm prolly going there next january and I would appreciate comments on it.

My plan so far is to go to Tana Toraja and Togian Islands. As I am considering staying there over a month, I'd like to hear suggestions on other nice spots as well ... I like hiking and diving.
Expect shit food wherever you go. Crispy, meatless, fried chicken bones and plain white rice gets tiring fast.

The exception is Bandung, which has vibrant food. Go to the nighttime food market while you're there and try a little bit of everything.

Jakarta sucks big dick. Get to Bandung and go to Kawah Putih, Kawah Domas, and the Dago Pakur jungle walk. Definitely spend some time in Yogya. See Parambanan, but more importantly, see Borobudur (and see it from INSIDE the site, at sunrise).

Might post pictures tomorrow if anyone's interested.

Seconding this.

I was in Jakarta visiting family. It fucking sucked. Not much to do or see around there.

Went to Bandung and it was a lot more livelier. Stayed at Padma Hotel, which is like at the top of the hill. Pretty fucking nice 5 star-ish hotel with a lovely breakfast and tea time.
Go to a apotek
or ask andrew chan and myurun sukurman
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Food court in jakarta
which menu do I choose from?
I went to Bunaken for diving, pretty cool walls.
There's also the Lembeh strait nearby with interesting micro species & muck diving (haven't been myself).

Depending how much time you have you should dive at Wakatobi, I heard it's more impressive than Bunaken but it's a quite far to get there.
When in jkta , visit the kalijodo district for vibrant night life and friendly locals

I've heard and read about Bunaken before, but that wakatobi was new to me and seems really interesting .. I'll have to look into it more thoroughly
Did 20 days in Indo few months back. Jakarta isn't too interesting, a bunch of fun to be had in Yogyakarta for a few days. TBH enjoyed the Gillis and Lombok the most.

Indo is relatively safe, though as it's a muslim country outside of Bali/Gillis it's not really set up for partying as the rest of SEA is.
What is that?
Well, as long as u speak fluent english they won't really give a shit, just remember never be the first one to bring up your etnichity if you are chinese
Heard of google?

Interesting, thanks for the tip
Lived in Indonesia for a few months (Bandung) and travelled to all the major islands. Tbh OP it really depends on what you're looking for.

Go there for nightlife, nothing else

Don't bother going

Don't bother going

Hell fuckin yes, not even for the temples. Yogya is the best city in Indonesia.

>Bromo and/or Ijen
Recommended, do a sunrise trip. I prefer Ijen but others prefer Bromo.

Touristy as fuck, but good nightlife in Seminyak (high-end -> Club M, Potatohead etc) Kuta (low-end, lots of pissed australians). If you like to chill out go to Ubud, if you like nature move to the east (use Klungkung for instance as a base, lots of things around there.


More awesome.

Lots of nice parks and nature.

Fuckin awesome if you're into culture and nature.

Better go to the Malaysian side of Borneo if you would like to go there. Kalimantan is a bit more off the beaten track and it's better to speak some Bahasa.

Have fun OP, beautiful country with beautiful people.
This is proper bullshit desu. You just went to the touristy places probably. Eat on the fuckin street if you want to judge the real food.
Jakarta is metropolitan.if you're looking for something unique, better go to bandung and jogjakarta.
Jogjakarta is more old city-like, lots of culture. They still have the 'sultan' system. It is very clean and it is interesting to see the temple.

Bandung is a third largest city.while it is a city it is not really a big one. But it is still surrounded by mountains, and the nature is nice.
Food wise jogjakarta has a lot of 'angkringan' (street vendors). In bandung there is a night food market which located at cibadak. In morning there are some foods that generally sold only on morning (go to padjajaran).

Bandung is easy to reach , there are trains or car travel service.
safety wise i never heard tourist get assaulted but keep your eyes on watch, there still some case on pickpocket on crowded areas. Agree with anon above, go to lembang (nearby city from bandung) or dago area to experience more nature. Lately there is a designated street vendor market as well (look for paskal hyper square).i highly recommend to try the street food vendors.

Bali is okay but if you get into less touristy areas since it is tiring to go to the most popular spots.

I came from bandung, ask me anything.
>this popular
Never thought my city would be this popular, even though it's infested by students from other provinces.
Agreed on all that, plus go to Ijen volcano at night, look it up, 10/10. Pangandaran is good for learning surfing as well, very quiet and cheap
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Thread images: 2

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