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>Hostel stories. Good or bad doesn't matter

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looking forward to some stories, in 2 days I'll be going to Yurop for about a month and will rest in hostels here and there for a few nights!

Minna-san, please share your stories!
Not really related to the hostel but here goes

> In hostel in Iceland on solo trip
> Meet fellow burger who was ex army prison guard (i.e. a little crazy)
> "I'm renting a car for a few days, want to drive around and see shit?"
> Why not, cheaper than bus tours anyway
> Car ends up being rusting 1990s shitbox vw polo
> He spends most of his time behind the wheel taking pictures every 5 seconds with his phone and repeating the phrase "that's bad ass shit"
> Almost run off road so many times I lost count
> Almost ran another car off a cliff
> Get to hostel in Hofn and he starts arguing with some brit girls within 2 minutes of getting to our room over politics
> On the way back into reykjavik, car overheats and starts smoking
> Me and this poor canuk girl with us end up hitchhiking with some minister lady back to the burbs and then catching the worlds longest bus back to hlemmur square

This is why nobody likes new yorkers
> In Hanoi
> Hear Thai being spoke
> Introduce myself to a few Thai girls traveling
> Have an awesome time
> They are going to be doing work and travel in the US
> After I move back
> One will be here on Friday

The worst stories are not really bad at all.
Drunk Americans bragging about scamming whores.
Drunk white girls not knowing how to be fucking quiet in a dorm/hostel room.

lso, Hanoi Backpackers really does have a Knotiki vibe, but I was amazed at how many cool people I met.

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>Where are the easiest girls?

I heard its Essex
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Essex if you're a meathead chav with a leased BMW and "some coke you can do back at my flat."

If you're white, Thailand.
I'm dutch and its certainly not the girls in Amsterdam
I'd wreck both of them

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I'm Canadian, 29, looking to go to Thailand.

I like temples, women, and fighting.
I was thinking of getting a hotel off khaosan
for about 2 weeks. But what's the rest of the budget look like? How expensive is food/transportation/women? Is it a good idea to go alone (I travel a lot solo)
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>that picture

why do thais put up all those chinese signs they can't even read?
to look exotic for the tourists?
isn't their own script exotic enough?
Are you stupid?

m8 you're a bit old for a hostel now.

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An important aspect to any journey is the actual act of traveling.

Let's here your worst stories about flying in a plane, sailing on a boat, riding on a train or bus, or interactions with customs, etc.

>no stories about what happened at your destination allowed. Just what happened on the way to and from there
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12 hour flight back from Hong Kong into SFO. SFO Customs and Immigration takes 3 hours to get through. They required us to get scanned twice, bags scanned three times. Get to flight from SFO to EWR just as they are closing the door. Gate agent even says that they usually require 5 to 6 hours of layover in SFO because of Customs and Immigration and understands completely. Get rerouted to DCA because we ultimately needed to end up in Washington, DC. Never flying into SFO from outside the US again.

I've got a few

>leaving Cuba customs is stealing things from people's carry-on bags
>customs gets to my bag and takes a couple things out that "aren't safe to bring on the plane"
>2 hours before plane leaves. ask if i can go check these items then. nope.
>I ask for the custom's agents name. no response. I ask for a receipt for my stuff. no response. I offer to pay a "fee." agent not having it. Takes my stuff and tells me to go wait for my plane.

>flying domestic
>have aisle seat
>50 year old guy wants to change seats so he can sit next his wife
>he has a shitty center seat across the aisle
>say sure why not. hoping to get some good karma.
>sit next to 20 year old asian girl and businessman
>as soon as we get into the air asian beings to vomit
>vomits every time plane hits a bump

>traveling by train (moscow to sochi 26 hours on the train)
>riding up escalator at metro station that is connected to train station
>hung over American soldier that is on my language program begins to vomit everywhere
> puke lands on me
>26 hours on a train with someone else's puke on me

>bumped up to business on flight over the atlantic
>in business class seat 20 minutes
>bumped back down to coach
>mfw tv doesn't work, light doesn't work, center seat in center seating
>not the worst flight but a bit of a bummer considering I almost got to fly in luxury
>jeep Cherokee
>post hurricane evacuation (power eta is 3 weeks)
>family of 5 with 2 dogs + food/clothes
>26 hours traffic jam
>both dogs pant / general mouth breathing the entire time.
>game boy color is out of batteries.

Japan's a pretty varied place. Sure, the cities are interesting, but considering how small the country is area-wise, it has a lot to offer in terms of natural sites and hiking.

What are your favorite spots, /trv/? I'm not super well traveled through the country (hence this post), but I'm pretty fond of the coasts around mihonoseki and sakaiminato.
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The forests and ponds around Beppu were really nice, and the atmosphere as a whole was very calm and relaxing.

I have to give credit to the city itself too, even though you asked about the countryside. The city feels close to the nature and has natural ponds even inside the city. A perfect place to go rest in the evening after a day of hiking.
small is relative.

japan is larger then germany. and the island of honshu is about the same size as the united kingdom.

that's not really true, I'm looking at a map right now and japan is definitely smaller than germany, and I can't find "honshu" but i'm asumming it can't be bigger than Japan so Japan can't be bigger than england.

Can we cool it with all the faggot weeb threads? take it to /a/

I am going to be there in February next year and just wondering what are some of the cities that /trv/ has been to and what you think of them? I know that this will be during the New Year so I would like to avoid any place that will be ghost towns and have everything closed.

I want to avoid the super touristy bullshit.

Im thinking of (in no particular order) Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, and probably Guangzhou (as I want to see Hong Kong and Macau).

Any more to see?
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Just curious but what makes you say that?
Hangzhou. Heaven on earth? Probably not but its nice. Close enough to Shanghai to drop in for a couple of nights.

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I'm hoping to travel to Amsterdam for 3 nights in a few weeks time (travelling from UK)

I have never travelled alone before anywhere. I'm quite a shy/introverted person and I'm not sure what to expect or whether its even a particularly good idea. Yes, I want to try the coffeeshops but I do not smoke weed at all usually and I don't want to get too wasted. I would be staying in a hostel which is something I have never done and to be honest it makes me a bit nervous.

I'd basically like to get a good mix of culture and weed. I was going to visit the Van Gogh museum and the Zoo and see what else I can find. Then spend the rest of my time chilling in coffeeshops, check out the RLD, maybe go to a club or something. What do you think?

I've accepted I probably won't meet anyone out there as I'm usually too shy to mix very much. I just wondered if anyone here has been to Amsterdam alone and what the experience was like. Eating alone, finding your way around etc.

Any advice appreciated
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some advice:
space cakes are very strong but take time to hit in. Don't add weed to them.

Joints are strong too. Buy one, smoke a little, tap it off for later.

RLD is nice to look around, but inside it's a scam. If you want to fuck go to a brothel - those are real good.

finding your way around is super easy. Just get a map from your hotel/hostel.

stop whining and bawing about being alone. Just relax and enjoy the city.
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Hi man.

Me and a couple mates went to Amsterdam last year. We also stayed in a hostel which was OK.

Why are you even traveling alone in the first place? Hostels are alright for meeting people; for example, I met a shy Japanese chick who also traveled alone, and went out with her for the night. Needless to say, if you stay in the touristy accommodations, you'll probably eavesdrop a conversation from some English lads, so in that case, just have a quick chat with them, and ask if they want to hang out.

Should I go on?
OP here


Yeah I've heard about the space cakes. Don't think I'd indulge in those. I wasn't intending to get a hooker from the RLD but just curious what its like around there.


>Why are you even traveling alone in the first place?

I've not got many friends and they all have gf's etc and are not interested. I like the idea of having my own little adventure but the reality is that I am a shy person. I don't mind my own company, I just don't like looking like a complete loner in bars etc

I dunno, maybe some weed would loosen me up a bit

I'm going to Tokyo this summer (July 14th), along with 2 of my friends, for 2.5 weeks. The hotel we're staying at is extremely close to both Akihabara and Ueno. For somewhere halfway through our trip, we're planning on either:

>Purchasing cheap plane tickets to fly from Narita to Okinawa and book a hotel to stay there for 1, maybe 2, days.
>They're still very uncertain about this, but I'd really like to go there and visit a beach if possible and if the weather allows it.


>Purchasing a 1 or 2 week rail pass and visit Kyoto, and possibly some other places that are a little further away, as well as lowering the cost of every other train ride.
>Although I'd enjoy this option too, it's most likely going to be one or the other, so we'll have to pick.

If there's anybody here that has ever been to Okinawa (and maybe Kyoto too), I'd really like to hear all about it. Is it worth flying all the way over there from Tokyo (and miss out on Kyoto because of it)? Are the beaches difficult to travel to from the airport in Naha and what beach is the nearest? Are there any other interesting things to do near this beach, or near Naha? What do Okinawan citzens think of foreigners? It might not actually be as interesting as I want it to be, but the thought of a short round-trip flight during a vacation in Japan is already enough to get me excited, I guess.
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Aside from all this, my friends are really interested in onsen and we might end up visiting a beach as well. However, I have a tattoo on my chest and I've heard and read that people who have a tattoo aren't allowed to visit any onsen and my friend told me that they're banned from most beaches too. Does anybody have any experience with this themselves or have you seen people with tattoos in these places? Do you know any onsen near Tokyo where they don't mind people having a tattoo? Is it acceptable to at least cover mine with a large waterproof band-aid, if it really is such a big deal? If you're wondering, it's not a big, scary, Yakuza-like tattoo or anything. It's a black heart on my chest, but its length is about 2 inches, so it does kinda stand out.

I understand that most of m questions might be a bit too specific, but it's just what I'd really like to be informed about right now. If you know any other/better places we could visit or have some good tips in general, don't hesitate to tell me all about it. I'd happily look into it. Me and my friends should really start planning some stuff ahead of time.

I'll make sure to read every post [spoiler]if any[/spoiler] in this thread. Thanks in advance, /trv/.
Do the Kyoto/rail pass thing, more bang for your buck. Okinawa's beaches are nothing amazing and only really worth visiting in the colder months. For your first time go with kyoto, much more to see and do.
Prepare to sweat like a pig OP, summer in Japan (Kyoto in particular) is terribly humid. Going to Okinawa for 1 or 2 days sounds like something of a waste. The beaches aren't amazing, as >>854226 said, but there are other nice stuff to see (and eat!) around the island. You should stay at least 4-5 days if you've gone though the hassle to go there. No trains on Okinawa though, better learn how to ride a buss, rent a car or grab a cab whenever you want to go somewhere.

I'd recommend Kyoto though, fucking love that city. So much to see, temples, nature, temples in nature and well, temples. (Really though it's great.) And also close to Osaka, Nara and Kobe that's also worth a visit.

From what I understand, all bath houses and onsens ban all tattoos, no matter how small. They're supposedly pretty strict about it. Don't know about beaches though, I don't think it would be a problem there.

I was planning on doing a study abroad program at a Uni that would let me spend 6 months in Hong Kong. I was so excited to go but today I got my admissions rejection letter. That fucking sucks and I'm wondering if there's any other way I could get to Hong Kong? I know this is kind of a vague question but I really, really want to live there for a while. I was so excited to go somewhere totally new and make it on my own. Apartments are so insanely expensive there though. Is there anything I can do that will get me living in that country in the next year?

Is there any country remotely like Hong Kong that might be cheaper? I was thinking Thailand, but it's so full of westerners. I want a unique experience.

Sorry if my post is a bit incoherent and strange. I've been drinking all day
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>Is there any country remotely like Hong Kong that might be cheaper? I was thinking Thailand, but it's so full of westerners. I want a unique experience.

Do you think HK doesn't have a shitload of westerners? Are you insane?

Look, if you're an English native speaker just get your degree and go to HK as an English teacher. Or go to one of the many other Asian countries desperate for exchange students.
>go to HK as an English teacher
top kek
>I was thinking Thailand, but it's so full of westerners
considering the photo you posted, you just want whores and go-go bars, so yeah, thailand is your place.

why hk? it's expensive and not particularly fun.

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