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Ask language-related questions that don't deserve their own threads here.
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Can you Day "chrzÄ…szcz brzmi w trzcinie w Szczebrzeszynie"?
Is the word Ma(1st tone) very widely used in modern Chinese slang/conversation?

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Hey fuckers I'm in New York City. What should I do. Times Square last night was lame as fuck once you get past the spectacle.

Recommend me bars or fun shit to do
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Just get on the subway and get off at a random stop and walk around.
Visit this place
What do you like to do? Literally, in NYC, that's the only question you need to answer and you can go out to do that. Go to the Met, walk through Central Park. It's Spring so I don't know what's going on in Bryant Park but there's usually some free activities that change seasonally (movies, ice skating, plays, etc). Wake up before sunrise and go to the Brooklyn Promenade for a nice view of Manhattan.

Bars are bars. McSorley's for an authentic experience. It's one of the oldest bars in Manhattan. They only sell their own light and dark beer. It's always crowded but fairly cheap, all things considered. The Ginger Man in midtown is good for just the opposite. Lots of microbrews/macrobrews from around the world and it's a place a lot of people go for happy hour. Tons of restaurants. I don't even know where to begin. Go eat at a 4 star restaurant like Eleven Madison or Sushi Nakazawa. Good luck with reservations though. On the flip side, go to Papaya King for a hotdog and Continental for 5 shots for 10 dollars.

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Hey guys, my dad gave me this cool new watch for a university grad gift, I think it's a gmt watch, only problem is it has no rotating bit?? I have no idea how to use these and I'd love to be able to use it, I'd hate to not be able to use all its features.
Thanks guys, anything helps, I might bump a bit.
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Nice fashion watch.
Guess watches are fine. You guys shut the fuck up. This is not /fa/ and even if it was, Guess makes good looking, quality, affordable watches. Great entry level watches, and priced right for a gift or for general everyday wear. Fucks answer the OPs question. Damn, everyone on /trv/ seems to be a snob about EVERYTHING lately. Not just the real traveler meme shit
From the looks of it, you may be able to set that 24hr clock (on the right) for a different time zone. That bezel isn't meant to move, but it looks like you may be able to calculate the time zone by the cities. Everyone is a different time zone. So when it's 12pm in New York, count to your left, then it's 1am in Tokyo.

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Is Denver becoming one of the world's great cities?
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Only among stoners.

If it develops a global advantage in something important, sure. Even the ganja is not often produced locally, it's just imported from California or British Columbia.

But it has the advantages of a beautiful setting, outdoorsy stuff, and strong second-tier food and booze options. Many people like that more than the stuff you can find in real great global cities.
Denver is definitely relevant on a national level. Not sure about international level, though. Most globally-relevant cities that are not capital cities are typically not far from the ocean.

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>Am a girl who will travel to France for a short study abroad session which will last for three weeks via my college
>We have the option of staying behind
>Will stay behind with nine other girls
>We will stay at hostels
>I didn't know these girls before applying for this summer trip
>One of my friends from my uni wants to join us when we stay behind in France
>I asked about this in our travel group
>Only 2 out of 9 girls replied
>One said she is ok and the other said she is ok but wants her to share her FB to get to know each other
Do they dislike the idea of my friend joining them in France? I don't want to cause any inconvenience
We haven't planned what we will do when we stay behind yet
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Who cares what they think? As long as your friend isn't a total weirdo then there shouldn't be a problem. If they do have a problem, then fuck em twice. Their opinion doesn't matter if they're catty judgmental cunts.
Dear god. Get an airbnb and enjoy yourselves
The other 7 don't give a shit and wonder why the fuck you're asking their opinion on what to do with your life with your friends. If they somehow, against the odds, disapproved... Do you really respect the opinions of cunts over your friend?

Can fucking milennials decide anything for themselves, Jesus Christ.

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What are some good travel forums other than /trv/? Looking for places with more experienced travellers, not necessarily "real traveller" stuff but not babby's first trip to Europe or British chavs going to Prague to party.

Flyertalk is good but is mostly about business travel, which doesn't interest me so much.

Lonely Planet is really "clean" and lacking real talk.

/r/solotravel on reddit is 99% babby's first trip to Europe. (How you be scared of your flight to Europe to the point of lying awake is beyond me by the way.)

420chan's travel board is pretty much dead.
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Given how slow this place is, despite 4chan's popularity, I think this is the best you'll find.

The alternative would be finding realtalk bloggers who sometimes talk to other realtalk bloggers in the comment section.
Yeah, guess what I'm looking for is something like the equivalent of what bodybuilding.com is to /fit/.
I used Bootsnall in the past, but it's pretty much dead as well.

Visiting burgerland this summer for one month.
Which 4 or 5 states should I check out?

So far I'm attracted to wyoming, arizona, colorado and montana. I'm attracted to nature, rural environments. What do you think? Also, money's not a problem
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Those four are all good. Utah is on the same level.
Yea do Utah, 5 best national parks in the entire country
get your reservations now if you want to camp at the parks

Tell me about Saint Petersburg. I'm thinking of going there for a weekend in February, when the plane tickets are cheapest but the maximum average temperature is -3c. As a big history nerd, is it one of the best places in the world for me to experience?
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it's been about 15 years, so i'm probably a bit out of date, but i went in february and weather was cool but not unbearable as long as you're prepared for it (intermittant snow flurries and sun), and as a fellow history buff it was amazing. whole city center was built c. 1703 iirc, so it's all gorgeous georgian architecture, hermitage is stunning, canals and side streets are great to explore, and every touristy kitsch (sp?) store has (had, don't know if they still do this) free vodka samples, so just wander from one to another and get smashed. balticas probably cost more than 25 cents now, though.
February is really not the good time.
Not only is it cold (and rainy!), it is also dark most of the "day".

As a big history nerd, you probably shouldn't have included a picture of Moscow in a thread about st Pt, specifically of a cathedral in Moscow that was built in the 21st century
St. Petersburg feels more European and less Russian, I preferred Moscow.

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Hello! I'm planning a travel to Prague for the weekend and I need some recommendations on doing. Hit me up with anything!
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Cross Club
Nobody's been to Praha?
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what about this?

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I'm traveling through Eastern and Central Europe with my girlfriend for 22 days this summer.
Can /trv/ critique our itinerary and offer suggestions as far as switching cities, the number of days, or general recommendations in the following places?

The days in Ukraine are more or less set in stone and my girlfriend will have a visa from Slovakia so we need to visit there as well.
We also both want to visit Prague...but otherwise, I am very much open to suggestions.

>Kyiv, Ukraine - 5 days
>Lviv - 2 days
>Uzhgorod - 1 day
>Poprad, Slovakia - 2 days
>(Bratislava - 1 day)
>Prague - 4 days
>Cesky Krumlov - 1 day
>Krakow, Poland - 4 days
>Krakow -> Lviv ->Kyiv - 1 day to travel back
>Kyiv - 1 day

One question I have is whether Bratislava worth visiting, or if it would be better to stay one more day elsewhere, or visit another city such as Wroclaw, Poland?
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I've been to Bratislava for like 4 hours and thought it was plenty.

btw, Krakow is really small. Really nice but really small.
I'm interesting in something in this region.
Why not Lublin, anon?
>Why not Lublin, anon?
I actually asked about Lublin in a /v4/ thread on /int/ and I was told to skip it for Krakow.

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I plan on traveling alone to Turkey in the summer of 2017. On my journey, I want to travel to areas with large Alevi populations, the Hatay province and the city of Konya. What are the best ways I can save money on food and travel while I'm there and what is the best mode of transportation?
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pretend to be a refugee

free citizenship for any eu country

sell passport for said country

go someplace nicer than turkey with the money
I thought about this. And given my looks I could pass as an Arab, just a few problems:
1. Libyans are likely to dump you en route to Greece
2. They will send an interpreter to interview you, how do you explain not knowing your "local" language?

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Hey /trv/

I'm visiting the Big Island of Hawaii for the first time in June and I am looking for good spots to snorkel and swim. I've noticed the coast is very rocky, so I'm concerned about wasting time finding good beaches while I'm there. Does anyone know of any good beaches for swimming and snorkeling?

We have nice water shoes, so the beach doesn't have to be great, just good swimming and snorkeling. I am a strong swimmer, but my partner is not, so nothing dangerous please.

Any tips on things to do on the Big Island also appreciated.
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where on the big island?
are you going to have a car?

We'll have a car. Our hotel is in Kona, but we will be making day trips to other parts of the island, like Waimea, Hilo and the east and south parts, so we'll go anywhere on the island if it's cool.
coastal canyons on the northern tip are awesome hikes, waterfalls near hilo are cool (hilo itself is pretty shitty, ghetto and unwelcoming), seeing actual molten lava in the southeast is fucking mindblowing, stand up paddle boarding out of the kona harbor sounds dumb but is actually amazing (go on a day with no chop if it's your first time), basically any beach near kona is going to be great. google map/google earth is your friend for scouting them before the trip.

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Getting stoned on good weed for the last time in who knows how many years (smoking a quarter, going to be good and high when I fly).

My fiances water broke 9 hours ago and is currently in labor with our first child. 3 weeks early and looks like she'll be here before I get back to Hat Yai.

Going to be an extremely hectic weekend. I'm so excited though. Going to start teaching in November. Going to spend a few months travelling with my family (my mom is flying out with me for 2 months, my dad is coming in a month for a month) once the baby can. My parents have never been outside of Canada so this is going to be awesome for them. Going to island hop with them for a month.

Just excited and killing time so thought I'd share.
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Good for you!
>taking very young children travelling

Unless you are hotel stays only (probably not on a teaching job salary) everyone is going to hate you.

Just FYI. Expect some hate.
Congrats on getting stoned. And thank you for sharing that.

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So, I was planning on driving around Arizona and New Mexico, and I figured out that one of my areas I would be near is the Sasabe Border Checkpoint.

This is in north Sonora, right on the border. I don't have much interest in travel inside Mexico, but I do want to get that passport stamp, and I'll be close. I'm just worried about the safety, plus what the customs might think of me driving across the checkpoint, and then right back an hour or so later.

Anyone ever been? Sasabe Border Checkpoint is the least used on the border, I've heard an average of less than 200 people cross a day.
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I'm also going to have to contact my recruiter, but I'm going to BMT in a few months and wondering if having a Mexico passport stamp will raise eyebrows. I didn't think it was against the rules, but someone did tell me that it was forbidden for people in the military to go.
And I guess one last question; Do I need a special drivers license to drive into Mexico? I'd literally be driving in and then back.

The car is a rental, and I'd ask about it there for insurance.
Your u.s license will be fine in mexico, the car has to have a permission slip but I think that's only if you go past the states lines on the other end so you might be fine if you're just going to the border, as for the checkpoint you might be fine if you tip the guy. Traveling is dangerous at night, you'd have to be unlucky to get stopped by cartels at night and even more so during the day

I'm on my first real trip ever (28 years old) and I feel nothing. Visited relatives in South Carolina for a few days, did a day in Charleston, now in Boston. The supposedly interesting stuff is just buildings, restaurants, or museums or whatever. Kinda nice but not worth coming to see. Everything is loud, people are shitty, and I've felt like shit since I've got here. I thought I'd love diving into major American cities and seeing the culture and history and everything does nothing at all for me.

I guess I should have struck to rural travel. Or just made tea and stayed at home.

Sorry to vent, just emotionally crushed after all the looking forward to this. Canceling the more expensive portion of the trip(New York) rather than spending more for nothing.
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You have to get stranger senpai. Travel to some crazy exotic country instead of going to two of the most boring cities in america
Try Silicon Valley if you want to see an insane microcosm, but honestly I think you would be interested in either going rural or getting the fuck out of America. Where are you from originally?
Suburb of Pittsburgh, though i live in Anchorage now, military reasons. Prettyuch never left beforehand, aside from some childhood trips. Outside of them, I lived briefly in Texas and about a year and a half in Monterey CA. I really hate heat. Alaska and Monterey Bay both had amazing weather, though not as much rain as I'd like.

I was originally gonna drift around the UK or something for a month (max I could get at once) but it had been 2 years without a vacation or seeing family so I thought to try and combine them with a small East coast tour. It was a bad idea. Live and learn I guess, even if the lesson was costly.

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