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Get bored after you realise everything you heard about Amsterdam is a lie and everything looks the same and the city can be seen in half a day.
dutchfag here, amsterdam is fun if you like history and art. That's it. The orginal spirit of amsterdam is dead and its one huge shoppingmall.
What if you like gold?

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I'm going to DC for four days. Is it worth taking a day trip up to Baltimore? (probably via train)

Is this even possible?
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>Going to Baltimore
Only if you want to see a baseball game and/or see Fort McHenry.
Baltimore has some good restaurants, a nice aquarium and one summer I took sailing lessons there.

If you're into slum tourism you can visit West Baltimore. Don't get out of your car.
I won't have a car and am too young to rent one. Still worth visiting west baltimore? I'm hispanic.

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Im going to Europe un july and debating as to whether or not I should take my longboard with me. Im from a 3rd world latinamerican country so I easily use this thing on any hill I want and as a means of transportation and nobody gives a fuck but I hear about how Europeans are all strict and stuff regarding this type of thing so im worried I wont even be able tu use it to get from point A to point B which is what I've been planning. So my question is, for any of you who have experience, will I be able to use my longboard as a means of transport in Europe ( as in being able to cruise in the road or on the sidewalks) or are the laws so strict that it's not even worth it. I know it depends largely by country but just in a general sense I mean. It would suck to have all the trucks/wheels/etc occupying space if I wont even be able to use it
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Always Bring A Longboard When You Go Somewhere
Other than looking like a huge fucking dork, shouldn't be a problem
I actually used to think this about people before I started using one and even after buying one i'd ride it at night and such were i wouldnt be seen which is a lot dorkier. Eventually realized its kind of dumb to concern yourself with how you look to other people. Its a pretty fun way of getting around and couldnt recomend it more. once you get a feel for it and do some hills its hard not to fall in love with them

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I'm planning to travel to UK for a year or 2 for working holiday. I've got a few questions hope you guys would help me out.

Is it easy to find jobs that isn't resturant waiter or male prostitute? I've had 2 years of experience working as a front end programmer hope I can find a similar job.

How much saving do I need to have before moving there if I planned on to stay for at least a year?

Is it easy to stay for long term if I have a BNO?

Which area is cheap enough to afford while still easy to find a job?
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do you have good references? what's your resume like?
In big cities, it can be hard to rent if you don't have a job already. Landlords don't like the idea of someone unemployed in their house.

Up north, everything is cheaper. However, there are also less jobs there.
Not op but I recently moved to the UK on a work visa and managed to secure an apartment without a job by paying 6 months of rent in advance.
It was a shit ton of money but I couldn't think of any other way for people to rent to my unemployed ass.

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Why dont you go on this road trip /trv/ whats stopping you??? I'm of course to young but god willing i'll do it when i graduate from university
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There's two of us cycling from Helsinki to Nordkapp
>ferry to NL
>drive a van to DE
>ferry to LV
>leave van at a garage for repairs
>bus and a ferry to Helsinki
>cycle the crap out of FI and NO
>arrive at Nordkapp
>whatever goes on the way back
At least that's the plan. Last year I had a thread where I recounted some of my experiences of a cycle/hitchhike across Europe. This time something different. I'm here.
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Do you actually bicycle a fat tire?
How many miles a day do you do?
Honestly sounds awesome. Do you blow your budget on all the extra calories you have to eat?
Do I need to inform the highway patrol if I'm going to bike from one state to another in the USA? I was told that I needed to state my intentions to the police. I checked google, nothing related was available.
You just need to tell them your average speed so that they'll know how far too lead you when they shoot you with their bullet guns.

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Hey /trv/,

First time here, sorta trying to plan a trip I could do as soon as possible, but am not sure of how to do it. First off, I'm a poor student looking to travel as cheaply as possible. That means hitchiking, camping, and whatever else free/cheap means of travelling there can be. I'm in Canada, in the East, and my plan would be to cross the country, most likely hitchiking the whole way to the west coast, and from there, hop on a ship to Asia.

Now here's my question. I, of course, have this maybe very romantic idea of showing to the docks and ask captains for passage in exchange for work, but is that viable? Is that still a thing these days? I imagine that with all the laws around labor and stuff it's not as simple to just hire any random kid showing up on the street, but I don't know. Did anyone already do it and could tell me how easy/hard it is? I was thinking about going to Vancouver seeing as its the biggest canadian coastal city over there, but I could potentially also go south across the border if that would help.

It's a bit of a shot in the dark, and I don't know if that's any bit realistic, but I welcome any anwser, positive or not.
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you sound like you're 12

go home kid
nothing personnel kiddo ;^)

I'm working in Toronto for the summer before finishing grad school in the states. My roommates here are pleasant enough, but they have their own lives going, so I don't have a ton of interaction with them.

How does /trv/ go about meeting people in a new city? Meet-up websites? Online dating?
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Lol I just go up to people and talk, try it sometime ya little aspergian geek
Age and personality?

Join an axe throwing league, pick-up sports, bars with live music.
[email protected]

I'm super swamped with work but we can go for drinks with some people when I'm less busy

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How is Budapest? I live in Germany.
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Great 5-10 years ago, full now of English lads on stags and American fratboys giving high fives over absinthe shots.
why do budapest and czchekia look so beautiful? did they just copy western european architechture without ever really developing an economy, or what? their wages are still china tier.


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I'm thinking of going to Asia for a few months. Thinking a country that is not rich (Like Korea or Japan because you need an actual college degree to teach in the busy cities.) I'm just looking for a country that has: Easy women, cheap cigs, good food, friendly people, someplace where they won't behead me. Thanks in advance! (Thinking Phillipines, Vietnam, Rural China.)
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Forgot adding that I want to teach English for a few months.Is it true that Asians dig tall caucasion men? Even if they're 20yo?
try vietnam or thailand
May I ask why Vietnam or Thailand? Also general question. Drugs are a big no in these countries right?

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Could I get from Tangier to Dakar by taxi, train, hitchhiking or will I die?

I am inexperienced and have never left Western Europe.
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I was there recently, and I didn't die from Hitchhiking to 2 hours south of Agadir from Tangier.

But it's Africas, it's not the same rules as in Europe.

But in my oppinion you should be fine getting to Dakar by bus/taxi and hitchhiking.
I hitched to Nouakchott last year. Hippies do it on a weekly basis, judging from all the French names I saw in hotel guestbooks who give their occupation as 'Artiste'
Check out this badass girl's blog. She's giving it a better write-up than I could.

Is it dangerous? Not even slightly. Is it adventurous? Depends on your perspective. It's certainly unforgettable. I'd love to do it again and get to Dakar.

>I am inexperienced and have never left Western Europe.
It's pretty necessary that you speak French. Otherwise the only thing I'd say is don't let anyone in morocco sell you cigarettes to smuggle south. Tobacco is actually cheaper the further south you go.
Is this your blog? I've had this bookmarked for ages

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Guys I need some advice and I just get shit on in /int/.
I'm thinking of transferring from my PhD program to another overseas. The countries I'm interested in (largely due to a high HDI and good research/science dev.) are:
Norway, Japan, Australia, South Korea.
Does anyone have experiences, pros/cons of living there as an English speaker (I would of course learn the language over time) but this is a 6-7 year commitment to finish my degree.
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I assume you're from the USA? I can give advice on Australia; it won't be 6-7 years, they will want you done in 4. The PhD programs don't have the same amount of coursework or exams as the North American system because the bachelor degrees are more concentrated. You obviously need to study up more on the differences in the programs. You can get a medium term residence permit once you graduate, that's one reason why Australia is so popular with international students, but investment in science is very patchy and it really depends upon the government of the day; there has been a lot of inconsistency in the last five years. Right now the focus is to commercialize research. You should also think about the international recognition of your degree and for that you would want to focus on the 'Group of 8' universities, which also have the most $ available for scholarships - though beware that student funding is not nearly as common for grad studies in AU as in the US. You'll be looking at about 20k USD a year in fees (depending on what the AUD) is doing.
If you want to learn the language well, then don't do an asian country unless you plan on working as hard on that as you will your PhD.
>6-7 additional years to finish PhD
>basing decision on experience living there rather than getting adequate funding/the right supervisor
>asking /trv/

Bro you are setting yourself up so hard for being one of those 45 year olds who gets to the end of his final post-doc contract @ 40k a year and then begins working at a grocery store when he can't get into industry.

Seriously re-evaluate your educational choices if that's what you're basing the decision on and you think it's gonna take up to 8 years to get your degree.

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Have you ever traveled to Mexico?

What are the best places?

How is nightlife and girls there?
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>Have you ever traveled to Mexico?

>What are the best places?
Cabo probably, but I spent all my time in Mexico City, Matamoros, and the Yucatan

>How is nightlife and girls there?
The night life will probably end in some indirect danger for you
>the girls
Regular girls either don't speak english, are in a relationship, or aren't interested in you unless you're planning a shotgun wedding
Just as expensive as the US, often more because Mexican girls think all Americans are rich. Sometimes they'll have a dual price, cheap for locals but unaffordable for you
>best places
Depends if you're interested in cultural places with pyramids, festivals, food; or tourist places with nightlife, beach. Some places offer both, like Mexico City or Yucatan. Oaxaca and Chiapas are amazing, and coastal cities like Puerto Vallarta or Isla Xolbox are also cool.
San Miguel allende and Guanajuato have pretty good night life with good girls, same for Queretaro and Puebla.

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So yeah I basically lost my mind for a girl that I met in Italy, she's from Astana so I thought 'hell, why not going actually there?' . So there is still no plan, I dont know If while Im there I want to hop on a train and visit a bit more of the Country. Anyone been there? Any tips ? What should I expect? I read that if you fuck up even slightly you can easily get kicked off the country. Welp.
[Also the girl looks 98% as pic]
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Have a backup plan bro if it doesn't work out you will be sad and fly home. Had a similar case I went to see a girl and made a huge trip out of it so I didn't care after I was rejected and had a great time
Don't chase the pussy bro. Been there, done that, just don't.

That being said, Karakhstan is probably a pretty cool country to visit in summer so go for it and just make meeting the girl a side priority
you are both right, I will try to change my mindset and try to create a cool schedule of things to do, the girl will be (eventually) the cherry on the top. Ive read around that the capital its a pretty new city in his economical boom, so hopefully in the summer there will be party and stuff

I've got two weeks at a friends place in Singapore. What should I do? I'm 22 in great shape and money isn't an issue but I'm not going to blow it on frivolous things. Help me out /trv/
(pic not related that's Hawaii, where I live.)
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Are you interested in ww2 history?
In the military not wanting to do anything that's like that.
I wanna be a civi for once
Well I'm going to be there for a day in July and I'm basically going to do all ww2 related stuff. But I am Aussie and Singapore is fairly important in our military history.

Everything else I have read about in Singapore seems very touristy, apart from night life stuff.

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