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What kind of backpack do you use /trv/?

Is there any customization you do to make them more useful?
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I got my camera backpack, reverse zipped, so cant be thieved out of while wearing and an osprey backpack that attaches to my large osprey bag.

You can get camera bag internals as an insert and put them in regular bags too.
Kelty Redwing 50. It's a little too big sometimes but for the price it has been very good to me.
When I was a young traveller going abroad for the first time my mother, being the loving but over protective person she is, got me a Pacsafe treksafe 100. It's got slash proof front, bottom and straps as well as being near impossible to open without removing it (the zippers clip near the neck).

It's pretty nice, though I wouldn't have ever bought it myself. Got a few nice pouches inside. I don't remember what brand my hiking backpack, it's nothing fancy.

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Expats of /trv/, how did you know you were ready to move to a new country? How much planning and preparation did you need? Are you planning to stay in your new country permanently?

I have a more specific problem which I'll post below, but I thought I'd keep it general to start off with so the threads not just about my problems. I'm interested to hear the experiences of any expats, so feel free to share.
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My problem:

I live in the UK, but have never been completely happy here. Mostly it was just a youthful dream to live somewhere more naturally beautiful, but as I've got older I've noticed lots of other problems too. My generation doesn't have the same mobility as my parent's generation. Increasing house prices and student debts mean that, unless you come from a rich family, it's very hard to become rich because you're paying into someone else's pocket for the majority of your working life, and don't get to keep much for yourself. Furthermore, I developed depression a few years ago after a break-up, and since then have just felt this desire to run away to somewhere new and start completely afresh. Overall, I just don't see a happy future for myself in the UK.

Last summer I went to Canada, which I had always thought looked beautiful. I worked at a summer camp, and had the time of my life. The stereotype about the politeness/friendliness of the Canadians is true - after hearing my accent, people would literally come up to me and welcome me to the country, ask me about myself, and even offer to let me stay with them and take me quadding/canoeing/hunting/fishing. Anywhere else it would have made me suspicious as fuck, but they were just so genuine and friendly. I'd spend the week at this wilderness camp, and then at weekends/time off me and my friends would go to the national park and go camping, or swimming in the lakes, and stuff like that. I even met a qt girl and had a little fling with her. It was such a change from the UK where people just seem to work all week in jobs they don't care about so that they can spend all the money they saved by clubbing on the weekend. I just felt so much more alive in Canada than in the UK, it's been my best travel experience to date.

I was ready the minute I saw this country will never offer me anything good without influence and money. Since I don't have any money, I can't even start planning. My only asset is my car and even if I sell it it won't be enough to move to a different country legally. I'd love to stay permanently somewhere I could live peacefully.
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So since then, I've returned to the UK, and my old problems have come back. I find it hard to meet like-minded people here, in terms of both friends and potential partners. My life here is fine, but completely boring. I keep wondering how much better it would be if I was still in Canada (or somewhere else with a more outdoorsy and friendly culture, like New Zealand). However:

- I realise I've definitely got a big case of 'grass-is-always-greener' syndrome, and the reality of living there would probably be very different than my working holiday

- Moving there would mean putting an ocean between me and my family, and only being able to return home probably once per year max - which might not be a good idea considering my depression

- The academic qualifications I've got into so much debt for in the UK aren't really transferable, so I'd be starting from the bottom abroad

- I don't really have much disposable income, so if I did make the leap to move then I'd have to throw myself into it 100%, and not anticipate coming back for a few years at least

So now I'm stuck and don't know what to do. Do I stay in the UK where I'm miserable, but have lots of support? Do I stay for a decade or so and hope that I become rich/qualified enough to move overseas and immediately have good prospects? Or do I make the move ASAP, because I'm miserable here and would be happier there?

All advice appreciated, especially from expats who had similar concerns.


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How do I convince friends to go on a camping roadtrip?

They want to have some faggy lads holiday where we just drive to Greece or some shit and stay in a family hotel, how do I convince them to go on a roadtrip with tents instead?

>inb4 get new friends
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There's a very wide gulf between what you want and what they want.
Their idea is way more normal, so it can be very difficult for you to convince them to go on a less traditional holiday.
Is it possible to compromise? Is the roadtrip aspect very important to you? Nature? Can you find one of those awful family hotels in a place with beautiful nature that appeals to you? Would you be able to live with that?
The thing is, our budget is tight. My idea is that if we go on a camping roadtrip, we'll save more money and have a longer/better experience overall.

They just want to go to a family hotel in Greece for a cheap package holiday. The thought of it pisses me off
Take a camping road trip by yourself. If your bros don't want to do it, don't make them. If you force it, you might find yourself uninvited. It's their holiday, too.

Hey /trv/lers,

I'm trying to visit the Islamic State in the next couple years before it sells out, becomes too touristy, and loses its authenticity and gritty charm. Any suggestions on things to see/do?
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I've heard the stonings are quite the spectacle in downtown Raqqah
>things to see/do

the vat of acid that they're about to dunk you into
Be sure to ask them for the real beheading experience. You don't want to get some fake touristy shit where they don't even lock you up and torture you first.

I wanna take a 2 week vacation of around February next year since I usually get semi suicidal around that time in Central Europe. Any warm places you would recommend visiting (preferably with beaches)
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>central Europe
>preferably with beaches
He's from Central Europe. He's not saying he neccesarily wants to go to Central Europe

That said, where do you want to go, OP? Somewhere in Europe or further afield?
Doesn't really matter since I have two weeks I wouldn't really mind flying a bit further as well. If there's other stuff to do than beaches, that would be a great plus too

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How single friendly is Paris as well as the rest of France? I'm thinking of traveling there by myself and don't really want to stay in a hostel either. I'm just wondering if most of the things to see and do there are more targeted towards couples and romance.
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Is this the /trv/ equivalent of /tv/'s meme about the "no singles policy" in cinemas? What are you even asking about? Will the French allow you to book a hotel room for one person? Yes. Will the French sell you a single ticket to the Louvre? Yes. Will teenagers laugh and throw stones at you for eating lunch in a cafe alone? Highly improbable. The city is full of tour groups, school groups, couples and - yes - people going about their business alone.
No I mean I just imagined that a city that's known for being a romantic destination would have attractions more oriented for couples like gondola rides and stuff like that.
Well what are you interested in? It's the second largest city in Europe; you can find plenty of things to entertain yourself, not least the museums.

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Has anyone ever solo traveled to New Zealand/Australia? I'm thinking about going near the end of the year and am interested in others experiences. Interested in pretty much anything, just want to explore what little of the countries I can while I'm there.

I'll be coming from the US. Tentatively flying into Wellington (i know a guy who lives there) and then to Sydney (since it's closest/cheapest to fly from NZ). Any advice?
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I've never heard of anyone doing that before. Sounds risky, m8
Just keep an eye out for... the high price of food?
All flights from the US come in through Auckland so it would make sense to start there. Noting of note in Auckland but you could pretty easily hitch down to Napier, Taupo or Rotorua. Shit, even Tauranga is pretty cool place which is near Auckland. Then you could hitch to New Plymouth or something then get a train or hitch down to Wellington. Maybe fly to the South Island (Wellington to Christchurch is about 40 NZD one way) and check it out then try and fly to Sydney out of Christchurch. I pretty regularly get that flight for around 200 NZD. Sydney is okay but there is some sweet stuff in New South Wales. I like Katoomba and the Blue Mountain area as well as the areas in the south near ACT. Bundanoon is pretty cool place to stay if you wanted to travel from Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne. Trains in NSW are pretty sweet. The maximum you can pay (in 2014 at least) is $8.40 no matter the distance. I'd avoid Queensland, the people that reside there are barely human. Both countries are ridiculously safe to solo travel and I've done both pretty extensively. People in both places are pretty open to hitching but I'd avoid it in WA or SA since you can get stuck pretty easily.

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Going to Thailand soon, wondering if I should get the rabies vaccination. Do you guys think it's neccesary? It's like £150, but obviously if I need it, I'll get it. My nurse said it was up to me, so now I don't know.
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A pack of wild dogs chased me and my "girlfriend" on the steps of this temple on the mountain. The locals rallied to save us but you may not be so lucky.

You mean your right hand?
depends on where you're going and how long you're gonna be outdoors.

if you plan on doing any multiday iking, or taking a boat through a cave, etc, you should get it, even though chances are nothing will happen.

the need for it increases the further away you get from civilization. you have a 2 day limit to get to a hospital or something without the shot, which can sometimes be impossible to get a flight for if you're in indonesia, the philippines, or west of thailand. or on a mountain.

bats are the main danger, not dogs. bats are everywhere, by the way.

you won't need it if you're sticking to cities. but even if you go to pai it' a good idea. I don't know if pai has an airport yet, but the van ride alone costs you a day.

My friends and I are chilling in Schnelsen for the next few days and are curious as to what's to do, both day time and nightlife. We're willing to travel 30 - 45 minutes. We see that there's some kayaking and a room escape but that's all that's jumping out to us right about now. Any suggestions on what we should do??
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Get hookers and beer in Sankt Pauli.
I've heard Hamburg's relight district reaaaaally sketchy with pickpockets
Visit Miniatur Wunderland.

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Dutchfag here, I am planning to go to Istanbul in a couple of weeks.

Anyone have any experience? any advice? which parts of town to avoid, and which ones to go to? How to deal with people, anything else?

First time going abroad on my own.

Here's a list of neighborhoods(?) which ones do you recommend, and which ones should I avoid? (also for staying at hotel)

Grand Bazaar
Golden Horn
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Britfag here,

I'm going instanbul on Saturday, staying until the Friday after.

I got a brilliant deal on my hotel with Expedia. I'll be staying in Sultanahmet.

If you're about and want to meet, let me know. It's the first time I'll be going abroad on my own too.
Britfag here again, I'll reply to this post at 2pm UK time.
damn, OP here, I'll be there between 18th and 24th. Was also looking at staying in Sultanahmet, also using expedia.

So I'm heading to Japan for a couple of weeks this summer. What are some must see/do things while there?

Keep in mind that I'm not an otaku/weeaboo. I'm much more interested in historical and generally odd cultural things.

Things like the Jigokudani Monkey Park where they bathe in hot springs. Shit we just don't have in the west.
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Kyoto 17 July or 16 August.
I would like to hear if you enjoyed the trip because I'm such in love with Japan
I am also in love with elephants if you care
I happen to be an elephant myself, wanna cyber?

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Hey /trv/,
I'm heading to Europe for 20 days this August, flying in and out of Frankfurt. This will be my first solo trip, although not my first time to Europe. Here's my city itinerary so far in terms of where I'll be spending each night. Any recommendations/suggestions for my itinerary? My budget is approximately $100 per day, although I'd be willing to go higher than that to do something really cool.

2 nights Ghent (probably day trip to Bruges or Antwerp)
5 nights Amsterdam
2 nights Utrecht
5 nights Berlin
4 nights Prague
1 night Frankfurt (flight out is in the morning)

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Not bad, I like it. I'd say spend one night less in Amsterdam and spend one in Antwerp or Brussels, but that's about it.
You'll see enough amsterdam in 2 days. Maybe try fitting in Kopenhagen or London (going from ghent or brussels to london or paris is really easy). When in Ghent, you should have lunch at one of the new "flemish foodie" places (try Publiek, Volta, Karel De Stoute, Oak, Vrijmoed) or have a weekend brunch at De Superette. Be Sure to book a table a couple of months in advance (you can do this on their websites). These are all fancy "michelin star" places with young chefs. The lunches are mostly affordable (27euro's).
I've already been to Paris many times, so I'll probably skip that, but I was not aware that London was that accessible. Is there really much to be seen in London in just a few days?

As far as Amsterdam goes, I'll probably be going on a bike trip outside the city for at least one day, but I'll look in to cutting that down.

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Who here /has seen the world but still feels empty/?

I've been to:
> the us
> guatemala (home country)
> el salvador
> peru
> argentina
> brazil
> uruguay
> germany
> Czech Republic
> switzerland
> austria
> italy
> france
> spain
> sweden
> finland
> russia
> britain

Why do i feel like everywhere i go is more of the same?
Why do i feel that my life is boring despite the places I've seen?
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Depression, man. You should see a doctor about that before it completely consumes you.
Get some counseling and figure out what's bugging you. Traveling is not gonna solve anything.
Because travel should be a fun sidetrack to a fulfilling life, not the thing you live for in and of itself. You can see how unhappy the people who travel forever are when you meet them, they're almost like heroin addicts, chasing some dream they can never quite get since they have no real goals.

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How much weight gets added to bags when wrapped in plastic at an airport?

Pic mildly related
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the weight of the added plastic
Well, Weight=mass * gravity

So if we assume the mass of the plastic = 50g or 0.05kg

And we know that gravity = 9.8m/s^2

Then, W=0.05*9.8

You may find it easier to say that it =0.49Newtons tho.
i hope you don't do that at parties

Hey /trv/;
For those of you that already visited auschwitz, what do you think its the best option,go solo or go with a guided tour?
For those who went solo , how was the experience?
For the others, which company did you choose?it seems that the price its almost the same for the ones that already checked.

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Girlfriend went and suggested a tour guide. While it's possible to do it alone, she said a tour guide is able to give you so much more information and tell you things that simply don't make it into the text books.
Went last year in October, long ques but they said it was the quiet season so I can only imagine how bad it could be, and we'd arrived on the first bus from Krakow!
Anyway the way we saw it, a guide will go at there pace through the camps and can rush through a lot of the buildings and exhibits that you'd otherwise slowly go through. You can also piggy back onto tours since they're fairly large 20+ people) and frequently overtake individuals looking through the camp.

There might have been a few buildings only the tours can enter, but it's only 1 or 2 huts that can't have much more than the other 15+ buildings don't have. You'll be hard pressed to read and see everything, especially if you go to Auschwitz III.

So go solo and take your time, or go with a tour and explore at their pace. That's pretty much your choice here mate.
I've been there this year with my class (Im a high school senior in Israel) and you should definitely go alone. Keeping up with the group kind of interferes with the experience

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