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Just got back from a 10 day trip to Reykjavik and the surrounding area, hung out with a bunch of locals and got to know the city fairly well.

Feel free to ask any questions.
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how much money did you spend ?
exclude the plane tickets.
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Pic related :
>takes fuckload of investigation and fuckloads of time searching my stuff item by item in order to enter
>enters and see nothing interesting , nothing that I wouldn't have seen in the nearby countries
>people are rude and hostile
>a meme country overall with shit geography
>muh holy wall

0/10 I would not visit again
>inb4 go away /pol/

I'm not racist nor I hate jews , I simply didn't like the country
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I quite enjoyed my visit to Israel. I would go ad far as saying Jerusalem is a must see bucket list kind of location , although I am admittedly a history nut.

My only real complaint is that it is really fucking expensive. They really know how to jew you out of a shekel.
The israelis i have met in the USA are very aggressive and hostile...definitely not laid back people. I think they have a lot of guilt in becoming the very nazis that they condemn
So far:
>Disgusting people.
>City reeks.
>Everything is rather ramshackle.
>Nothing to do but get drunk and go to tourist traps.

>Everyone is insane.
>No concept of personal privacy.
>Homeless everywhere.
>Insane cunts that haven't washed in a week jumping about in crappy spider man costumes.
>Saw an accident, Americans just walked past as if nothing happened.
Absolutely disgusting place, no value to going there.

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I'll be flying by myself from the US to Paris in September and staying for 10 days (9 nights) purely for leisure purposes. It will be my first time in Europe. How should I divide up my itinerary? I want to keep things fairly cheap, with that said I'm up for just about anything. I was thinking 4-5 days in Paris itself to start with, and then hop on a train/car to visit other places in the remaining time.
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> I want to keep things fairly cheap
> I was thinking 4-5 days in Paris

Good luck ...

I advise you to take the bus, its really cheap.
What do you whant to do ? Cultural/historical/nature trip or partying hard ?
Try not to get blown up....

But if your in Paris visit the louvre obviously. I thought the audio bus tours were overrated when I went last summer but I enjoyed the guided tours to the wineries in the area they bring you through the vineyards and show you how to make it while you sample the finished product a little pricey if I remember correctly.

For me it was all about visiting Normandy France to see the d day beaches and what not which i found very interesting
Once you get to the airport, go to the information desk and get yourself a museum pass. They're like €50 and last three, four or six days from when you first use it. It's a bit cheaper than what you'd pay to see the museums if you are gonna museum it up and most of the time you get to skip lines, too. Get the shortest time one for cheap and write the starting date on it in light pencil so you can erase it and rewrite it later.

hey guys, i need to get some keys send from sivas to vienna! does anybody have tips about possibilities (which stores)? best would be a company with express service
thanks in advance!
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>what is DHL
yeah would be the nicest possibility but i didnt find a dhl-location via web - do you know an adress?
>What is google
>What is FEDEX

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Hi /trv/

I thought this would be the best place to ask this:

I am planning to fly from Oslo to Manila through Qatar airways, but the ticket I am planning to take, the transit time in Doha is only 45 minutes.
This concerns me, as I have had bad experience of this. I fear that the airport would be too large and there's so many security processes, that I would most likely miss the flight. Something that happened in Schiphol a while back, where my transit stay was 50 min

Anyone got experience with Doha here?
I guess it would be similar to Dubai, which I've been at.
I remember when I had a transit there, and that place was absolutely overcrowded
Though I had to recheck in, I felt I would probably spend 1-2+ hours if I just had to go to the transfer gateand I had to recheck in

Despite having 6 hours, when I finally got through the entire re-check in process, I only had one hour left when I got to the gate

So is Doha like Hell to get through, or is it smaller than Schiphol?
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I have no particular experience with Doha, but it def sounds tight.

Problem is that some online sales sites really don't think about this. But if you have bought the ticket directly from the airline, then they will put you on the next flight. If you haven't bought it from the airline, you could get screwed.

Also, you might reach the flight, but it is quite likely that your luggage will not.
I haven't bought ticket yet, but I plan to buy it directly from the airline.
So you're sure Qatar Airways will put me on the next flight without any problem if ever I miss the flight?
If you have bought the ticket directly through them, then it really should not be a problem, they will rebook you for free if you miss the flight. 45 minutes is tight, but maybe it's planned in a way the gates are very close to each other. My guess is if your plane is on time you'll have staff waiting for you at the gate and guide you to the plane directly.

Just make sure you don't need to use the bathroom right after you get off the plane. Assume you need to run straight to the next gate.

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Has /trv/ been to Maui?

I'm going next week and was looking for recommendations, especially related to ecotourism and food.
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I enjoyed the road to Hana and Mt Haleakala. The road to Hana is a famous drive through a beautiful Hawaiian rainforest, so many endemic species of plants. Lots of waterfalls. Mt Haleakala has many great areas to birdwatch. We saw all kinds of cool things. Some endemic plants up on the mountain. Most people get up at ridiculous hours to see the sunrise on the mountain, but we went for sunset and were just as pleased and got to sleep in.

We drove around the coast of the whole island (on accident) and found some great open spaces and birds (specifically a bad ass owl that flew along side our car) up north of the 7 sacred pools, or whatever it's fake English name is. Molokini has great snorkeling. Check out banyan park if you visit Lahaina.

If you're into ecotourism you'll be happy the whole time.

Go to Haleakala park.

Awesome volcano scenery and hiking. Not crowded at all.

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Sell me on Kuala Lumpur.

I will be traveling through Malaysia and have the opportunity to detour to KL and stay a night or two, but this will mean less time in rural areas. I suppose I feel its silly to visit that part of Malaysia, get so close to KL and just miss it, but then I don't know an awful lot about the city either.

I am interested in history, culture and the natural world but am partial to any unique experience potentially (stuff I will have no problem experiencing in more rural Malaysia regardless).
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kuala lumpur is kind of gay. it's just a 2nd world capital with semi-functional roads and public transit, with amenities available at cost to nurture foreign capital.

not bad. you can do some fun things that you could do at home at cost in KL, but there's nothing particularly cultural, etc. about it. you won't find much muslim culture, or indian culture, or chinese culture. it's just a city that floods a lot which attracts business.

I'd say there's a fair reason most travelers pass it over in favor of its neighbors. indonesia is more exotic/unconventional, thailand has an actual history/culture, didn't outlaw art, has nearly as functional of transport/infrastructure.

learning to fly a plane or other expensive luxuries are good to indulge.
>I am interested in history, culture and the natural world
KL is not your best bet, then. Although it's quite green for a "big" city (it's actually pretty modest in size--less than 2M people, or 1/5 the size of Bangkok, for example), it's an urban area. And it's not particularly historic, although there is some late 19th/early 20th-century architecture scattered around, particularly in Chinatown and Brickfields--Melaka, which has a nicely preserved historical center, is a better bet for historical stuff. And it's not especially cuturally interesting, perhaps except for the Batu Caves Hindu temple complex at the north end of town.

It is, however, a great place to shop (particularly for designer knockoffs--take a stroll around Petaling St and be prepared to haggle hard) and eat, and a pleasant enough town overall.

Worth a night, maybe two, sure. But maybe not worth a detour if it means one night less in somewhere like Penang.
Hmm, seems to back up my concerns about KL. For the record if I don't detour there it will mean more time in Singapore, Gua Musang and Kota Bharu...
I'm definitely leaning towards missing KL altogether.

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south africa.jpg
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Just got back from a week in cape town AMA!
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So, what did you do there? Did you get out of Cape Town at all? Share pics?

I might have some questions for you, based on answers to those general points of information.
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Camp’s Bay, Table Mountain, Hoho buses, Langa Township Tour, The Cape Convoy (Cape Point Tour), Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, World of birds (had monkeys climb on me), did a mini cruise, aquila game reserve safari, penguins (boulders beach), Long Street shopping/bartering, Kirstenboch Gardens (bridge that goes to the tree tops)

I didn't leave cape town, just there for 7 days.
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Also Bo-kaap and 2 oceans aquarium

Considering going to South Africa soon, but I need to know: how's Joburg nowadays?

I heard it has a phenomenally high crime rate, but I've also heard that the crime rate has gone down and police response times have shortened in the not too distant past.
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Every 20 seconds someone gets raped there. This is a fact which you can look up. Enjoy.
JHBlive website. Plus Joburg city website.
Depends on the neighborhood. Having said that, I walked through Hillbrow, a notorious neighborhood, at night with a huge duffel bag around my shoulders that had my passport and tons of electronics, and nothing happened. I was an absolute retard and nothing happened, if you're smart you'll be fine. Petty crime is big, just don't look like a tourist. Joburg is a cool city.

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I'm a student and i will leave for munich during the winter semester. I heard it's a real pain in the ass for finding a home in munich. Does anyone ever lived there as a student? Was it hard finding a home? Anyone have a piece of advice about getting an apartment over there?
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Airbnb is getting crazy there because of the new german laws, but you can still try it.
There's also hostels, craigslist, couchsurfing, etc.

From what I've heard the prices are insane as in every bigger german city.
Search for specific groups in Facebook, and contact the Studierendenwerk München.
OP I hope you don't mind if I piggy back on your thread but speaking of Europe, I'm moving to the UK and I want to know the best way to transfer my savings over there.
My plan was to open an account with HSBC or Barclays and when I'm in the UK I'll access the money as needed.
Is that the best way? Honestly I'd carry it all in a bag if I could

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Please help me determine the language in the attached image
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Looks like thai (?)
No, this is fairly clearly a modified Latin alphabet. A few of the letters (particularly the backwards 'c', backwards 'e') look like letters from the African Reference Alphabet, and the diacritic marks look sort of Arabic, so I would suspect a language of some Muslim people of Africa.
what the fuck are you talking?
It's Thai mate

Going to Costa Rica for 9-10 days. Leaving on Tuesday and still don't have a good idea of what to do.

Any suggestions? Not looking to wreck myself hopping from one place to the next every day.
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Not big on tours, but that actually seems pretty cool. Might check it out.
Yeah, tours is tours, but shit -- it's sloths, and sloths are bros.

Poke around a little, there may be a less packaged alternative.

>Not big on tours

You'll get more useful answers if you let us know what sort of stuff you ARE into.

Couch surfing general.

Share your experiences, storys, adventures.

Im using it since this januari. Traveling all over SEA. meeting amazing people with such cool stories and unebelievable experiences from different perspectives.
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Is bad use it if you're planning to stay only one night in each city?
Although i did it few times. Its more fun to stay a few days. Talk and get some insiders info. Completely depended on how u comunicate with your host and how it clicks i guess.

I stayed for weeks at full serviced mansions/apartements/ gated comunnities.

But also shared small spaces with lots of other surfers at hosts.

Its a rather cool comunnity, if u can filter out the weird people and conect with like minded people.

Even then its always a guess.

I fucked one host

And bailed out on another because she was batshit crazy
I only let girls couchsurf at my place, so that I can fuck them.

Hi travelniggers!

Im going to Sri Lanka in july, does anyone have any great reccomandations?

I was thinking of driving down to Galle from Colombo, maybe stopping in Hikkaduwa (or is it a shithole?)

Then checking out the beaches in the south, around Tangalle, surfing a bit (any good ones?).

Driving up to Ella, hiking in the tea plantations and maybe even up Adams Peak which is 2 k masl. On the way stopping in the national parks etc.

Does it sound like a good plan? Any must sees? Hidden treasures? Wasn't really thinking about hitting up the north, but open to suggestions.

Is the big rock fortress worth it?
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You had me at
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>I was thinking of driving down to Galle from Colombo, maybe stopping in Hikkaduwa (or is it a shithole?)
Galle is easily worth a day, quite nice really. Hikkaduwa isn't much to look at, but there's nice beaches along that stretch of the coast. Road's quite busy though, and the driving style is rather Asian.

Don't know about surfing, but definitely an option.

Ella/Adam's Peak/National Parks are definitely nice, the scenery around that area is quite neat. Adam's Peak may be busy, pilgrims often flock to it, avoid holidays. Big Rock Fortress aka Sigiriya is worth it, in my opinion. Quite touristy though - still, it's easy enough to make it look mostly deserted on pictures - pic related, there were about a hundred people right behind me when I took this shot.
>maybe even up Adams Peak which is 2 k masl
Do that. It's out-of-this-worldly beautiful. Bat as the other anon said, it can get busy.

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I'm guessing this is a bit uncalled for and some people may be upset about it but I'm here for a bunch of newbie questions.

Some background:
I'm a 26yo male from Israel.
In the past I've done some camping in israel (no more than a week long), and went on two 1-week vacations in Europe (sleeping in a hotel).

This October I'm thinking of going on a 1-month tour around Europe.
My initial thoughts are to go around a few countries spending 3-5 days in each country, using the train as my main transportation between cities / countries.

I've been thinking in the direction of:
1. Italy (optional)
2. France
3. Belgium
4. Netherlands (optional)
5. Denmark (optional)
6. Germany
7. Austria
8. Czech / Serbia / Croatia (optional)

I have checked the pricing for train tickets and found that it's within my reach (about 500 euro for 10 days of train travel within 2 months).
I've also checked the approxiamte price of flying to one of those countries and back from another and it's around 400 dollars (again, in my reach).

As it may arise:
I'm interested mostly in meeting people of different cultures, a bit of sightseeing, visiting some events would be nice, would also enjoy a few days of nature (granted that it's somewhat accesible nature)

What I wanted to know is the following:
1. Which route would you recommend for the above mentioned countries
2. Do you think the list is too long? if so, how many countries do you think would fit better in a month? (bear in mind that this is not intended as an indepth tour to any of the mentioned countries)
3. Which cities / activities / places would you recommend doing / attending / visiting in those countries?
4. What are some tips you could give me about traveling in the mentioned countries? (as I am a newbie to traveling, general tips are also welcome)
5. If any of you live in one of those countries and are willing to host a nice Israeli dude (even if it comes at some modest price), I would also love to hear about it!
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Oh, and pic isn't related, I just don't have other macros on my laptop.
>mostly interested in meeting the country's people
>3-5day per country

choose one

you better stay longer or choose less countries.
Granted, I won't have any "deep and long built" relationships nor a firm understanding of the various cultures I may encounter, But I still think for a first tour around Europe it'll be okay.
I may reduce the number of countries to say just the 4 that I didn't list as optional, leaving about 7 days for each country.

I would love to stay longer, but that's just impossible for me at the present time.

I would love some input regarding the other things, if you have some?

thank you :)

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