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How far fetched would it be to circumnavigate the world while backpacking?
My plan is to start in the US
Fly to London
Take train to Paris
St. Petersburg
Take the trans-Siberian rail from St. Petersburg to moscow, then to Vladivostok
Fly back to LA or SF then find my way back to Cleveland

I have $99k total saved up, although i would really like to not spend all that. This is a life dream ive had. I plan on devoting maybe 3-4 months to this.

Im also grappling with the fact that this is a lot of money to be spending when im in the middle of college, and im wondering what my family would think if i just decided to go on a trip of this magnitude by myself
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>im in the middle of college
>$99k total saved up

What the flying fuck?
I was bit by a owned dog a few years back and was awarded a bit over $100k by their homeowner's insurance

A lot of it has gone towards my college, but ive been asking myself if ill ever have this much money that i would be able to use for this at any other time in my life
Huh. Good on you then, I guess.
If you don't plan on doing coke and bitches every day then you'll have plenty of that 99k left after everything.

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I had plans to do hiking and they went out the fucking window. What're some cool, non-strenuous things to do in Southern France? I've seen Carcassonne and I've been to Toulouse, which I'll def return to.

I have two weeks pls help
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>Go to Chateauneuf-du-Pape and get shitfaced
>Go to Avignon and wander around the city, avoiding the Palais des Papes which is always packed as fuck
>Go to Marseilles to get yelled at by drunks in the middle of the day, visit the Chateau d'If and/or listen to dank North African music; avoid the alleys and only stick to the areas along the water; take the ferry to Sardinia
>take the TGV up to Burgundy/Alsace and eat good food, rent a bike and explore using the region's superb network of bike paths

Solid suggestions, but my body can't handle the biking atm.

For Sardinia, it seems really couply. Will I feel forever alone if I go there?

Chateauneuf: is there any merit to be said for getting shitfaced in a town of 1000 people?
>Is there any merit to getting shitfaced in Chateauneuf?
Wine tours are always a good idea anon, and plenty of MILFs will be there.

No idea about Sardinia myself, I just recommended it because cousin said it was cheaper than Corsica and really awesome. Also the ferry from Marseilles doesn't go to Corsica either. But if it seems couply, I'd avoid.

Also there are Roman ruins in Arles, Orange and Nîmes if that's your thing.

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Where do you want to go next, /trv/? i jusy got back from new orleans and boulder and im not sure where to go next
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I would like to hit Greece, for the history, and Antarctica for the dick-sizing cred.
good choice (I´m not even scottish)

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What occupations provide the most ability to travel? As in, the most flexibility and leisure time, while still getting payed (no matter how little)?
Is it freelancing? Being a National Geographic corespondent?

What about volunteering with payed accommodation and some food? Has anyone here done this before? Any organizations that sponsor this?
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Government work nigga
>Government work
Heh Good luck with that after posting on this website. You'll be lucky if you're only on 12 government watch lists
>get a job with a multinational corporation
>rise through the ranks until you're over 30 years old
>enjoy pretty much unlimited free travel worldwide
There's actually a high demand for people willing to travel a lot for work since most people are reluctant to be away from their friends/spouse/children ect for long periods of time

Hi trv/lbugs.

Tell me about South Korea.

I am thinking of moving there for a year.

Good stuff, bad stuff, I am a 6ft tall, blonde ble eyed male.
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They love bullying. They hate foreigners, especially other asians.
be more specific, what about SK do you want to know.
>I am a 6ft tall, blonde ble eyed male
Its funny how 90% of people on 4chan claim to look like this but i never see them in the face threads...hhmmm

I can't find much on Morocco travel safety

Is this a safe country for westerners to travel to?
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For men, yes. But every woman I know who has traveled to North Africa (notably Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt) has had an absolute dogshit time with harassment. And by "harassment" I don't mean hoodrats saying "hey sexy," I mean, men grabbing their arms and asking how many donkeys they'll require for marriage, and/or getting rocks thrown at their heads.
Completely safe from a personal safety point of view, as in, there's no violent crime anywhere. But keep your eyes open and your wits sharp, or they'll fleece you in a minute. So many scams.

They'll overcharge you at rates of 1000% on taxis, they'll overcharge you on cafes and restaurants, they'll put food on the table that you never ordered and then charge you even if you haven't touched it. Don't buy anything on the streets but the simplest of souvenirs, and only if you have to. The quality is atrocious and prices for whitey are through the roof. Ironically, street food vendors where the only ones who didn't try to rip me off.

I'd say its quite safe even at night, even in the poorest parts of the cities (the ugly parts of the soukhs). Morrocans, and I guess arabs in general, tend to all go out at night, from sundown til past midnight, so it's not very likely that you'll be out on the streets alone at night.

Where are you thinking of going?
>But every woman I know who has traveled to North Africa (notably Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt) has had an absolute dogshit time with harassment.

Yeah, I agree with this, though I believe in Morocco it's not as bad as in Egypt. I haven't heard of anyone being physically harmed there. Grabbing your hand, yeah, but they did that to me (guy here) as well when they wanted to take me on a tour of the city. Just my experience.

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ITT: post where you applied from and how long you've been waiting versus your last wait time.

I applied from the US, Boston consulate. My wait time so far is 9 weeks with no update on the DFA tracking.

Between the US presidential race and the Brexit, I feel that everyone's applying.
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Already got one :)
Was it recently or before all of the excitement? Are you from Ireland or born abroad?
Born in Lucan, West of Dublin. I don't have to worry about anything so i'm happy )

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Hitchhiking europe for ~40 days with 350-400€. We’ll be only paying for food and occasionally some entrance fees. I’m 19 and my companion is 20 (also male). We don't know the exact route yet (especially back from Paris) but pic related is close. Maybe fast trains from Paris to Milan, then hitchhike to Ljubljana and Zagreb.

Couchsurfing + tent/sleeping bag. Buying Osprey Farpoint 40 in few days, any better options?

There's plenty of free stuff in every bigger and small city. Lot of art galleries, museums, events and I'm happy with just that. We hope random people will help us from time to time, for either food or place.

Is it doable?
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10 euro per day is nothing. It's doable for food if you stick to groceries instead of restaurants, but not when it's also your budget for entry fees. Museums generally aren't free.
We definitely don't plan to eat at restaurants. It will all be at supermarkets or some cheap street junk food. Of course, I will plan out museums/free places to visit in town before hand.

Is there anything we might forget for this trip?

I will have:
>waterproof backpack cover
>sleeping bag
>bug repellent
anything else?
Good luck when every sight costs you 10 euro+ for the ticket.
You're mostly looking at a trip where you don't enter anything, just walk the streets. Bear that in mind and either find more money or be sure you're ok with that.

I will stay with a host family. They are a couple with no kids. Is this a red flag? I find it odd how they are taking in young travelers when they have no kids themselves.
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>Is this a red flag?
Yes, they are going to lure you into some deeply bizarre sex and then drug, kill, and eat you. Obviously.
>I find it odd how they are taking in young travelers when they have no kids themselves.
Maybe they themselves, having no kids, are very active world travelers, like those gray-haired Scandinavians one meets in hostels, and hosting keeps them feeling in touch with the world. Maybe they like young travelers because they couldn't have kids of their own. Maybe they just like the company and have a spare room. Is this an exchange program? If so, all of the above, and presumably are getting paid.

>tl;dr -- no, this does not seem a red flag.
They also smoke though
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>they also smoke though


I will do interrail. Chose the 15 out of 30 days, wich basically means that you can use 15 days out of the 30 to travel with train.
Where should I go, after Paris? In Paris i will have about 20 days left...
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You're welcomed.
Paris, Geneva, Rome, Innsbruck, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam
just make sure to include at least one scenic route

How do you live in and travel in a rv/camper?
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Seems pretty obvious doesnt it?
You purchase and rv/camper. Then you move your stuff into it.
How do you make money while traveling the country?

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/trv/ pretty soon I'm leaving the UK for a month, maybe longer to live in Spartanburg SC. Long story short I made a friend online a couple of years ago and we've been getting on like a house on fire. I've never left Europe in my life and I'm feeling pretty nervous so I have a few questions
>What are the Spartanburg / South Carolina locals like?
>Would it be sensible to carry a gun? Can i even get a gun being a UK citizen?
>How much money should i take? (i have £8.5k saved)
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Not sure if this pic is a boy or a girl, but I'd hit it, either way
Only place I've been to in SC is Charleston which is really nice desu. Other than that SC is kind of a dump honestly. The heat will be unbearable for someone who has never left Europe their whole life, let alone a Brit. As for the gun, no, non-citizens can't cc and I wouldn't really worry about it either. As for money, depends how much you plan on relying on your friend and the duration of your stay.
>Protip: don't believe the "America is cheap" meme, because that's all it is, a meme.

t. A NC native
>what are ... locals like?
Generally friendly and chatty, though secretly judging you too. I suspect the majority of folks will, for a Brit, almost certainly come off conservative, religious and (let's not beat around the bush) sort of stupid and simple. Don't expect people to know anything much about what happens beyond the region, much less Ol' Blightly. Talk of church, social circles revolving around church, and which church you go to is standard. People shouldn't get too in your face about it -- it's more of an ice breaker that an attempt at converting you (although that's part of it for some). Not everyone is a dumb hick, but you'll certainly see where the stereotypes comes from. Nigs are also gonna nig.

Overall, I think you'll have a fine time though. Haven't been to Spartanburg itself, but I know it's a college town, so at least there's that. I hope you like football.

>Would it be sensible to carry a gun?
>Can i even get a gun being a UK citizen?

>£8.5k saved
should be plenty for a month, assuming you're staying with your 'friend'.

Something important to keep in mind is that if American border officials think you're coming to the US to marry or elope with your 'friend', they are likely to deny you entry. They will ask you the purpose of your trip. Saying you're staying one month in a small obscure town with a special someone you met online is suspicious. That alone is not grounds to deny you entry, but if they think you don't plant to go back to the UK, you're fucked. Make sure you have proof of something to return to the UK, a ticket, a job, studies, etc.

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hi /trv/
me and some friends are consider traveling to tokyo.
what should we check out? and how is the nightlife? some of us are still 19 years old, is that any problem?
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>how is the nightlife?

The best in the world.
how is it to party there when your underage?
it's shit. stay home, kiddo.

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Planning a road trip. Starting in Denver ending in Phoenix. I want to try to hit Moab and Grand canyon. Itinerary:
Day 1: Denver to Durango (6 hours) See friend who lives there.
Day 2: Durango to Moab (2.5 hours) hoping to get there early to snag campsite and then do some hiking.
Day 3: Moab to Grand Canyon (5 hrs) make camp, hike, be tourist, she is canyon and she is great.
Day 4: G Canyon to Phoenix (5 hours)

I'll be riding my motorcycle and camping along the way. Any thoughts?
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Sweet dewd
watch out for serial killers
Not doing Mesa Verde
Not doing Monument Valley

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Hello guys.
I want to visit Czech Rep. Slovenia and Hungary on my summer break. I'm looking for some tips, about which places One need to see, what food & drinkd i have to try, form peaople tah actually live there, not tourist guide bullshit. Im uni student so i don't have shitload of money, also im travelling with my gf. Also stories about this particular countries are very welcome/
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Don't really know much about Slovenia, but I like their balkan-style barbecue.
Hungary is a culinary paradise, at least for my European taste buds. Wine, fresh vegetables, langos, salamis, all kind of stews, fish soup, really good.
In Czechia definitely beer and Kofola, that's what locals drink...if you want some local spirits then Becherovka or Fernet or Slivovice. For food, definitely try all kind of sauces with knedle, or schnitzels or soups. Typical fast food is fried cheese with fries or in a burger.

For cheap travelling - the cheapest international connection is probably by buses, but there are some good offers for Budapest-Czechia trains as well and they are definitely much more comfortable. For getting around Czechia it mostly depends, but in some directions trains are very fast and cheap. There are private train operators running on the main line from Prague thru Pardubice and Olomouc to Ostrava (and further to Slovakia to Žilina and Košice) and the tickets can get ridiculously cheap. I like to say that this line gives you the best budget train traveling you will ever find in Europe.

I'm also visiting Budapest, and I was wondering if any locals know any good sneaker stores. I know of Nike official and Footlocker on Vaci Utca. Also, if there are any cool thrift shops or local designer shops I'd definitely give those a try. I know what to visit, but I don't know what stores to hit.
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About Czech Republic
What to see:
Charle's Bridge in Prague
Prague Castle
Žižkov Tower
Prašná Brána near Náměstí Republiky
Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad
If you plan to also have some trips, then consider Terezín, Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary or Castle Karlštejn.

Where to eat:
Strahovský Klášter (Strahov Monastery) near Prague Castle if you love beer.
Richer Brewery (this is place locals go to, no turists, so if you want authentic experience) which is on the tram line 3 or 10 station Bulovka.
For Breakfast Kavárna Slávia
There are tons of small pubs, if you want to more tips I can post here many more.

Do not take taxi, use public transit
If you use Prague public transit, buy 48 hours tickets, they are cheaper if you will travel few times
Clubs are shitty
Do not go to any restaurant in the very city centre
If you will go by bus from Prague to popular destination like Terezín, Český Krumlov etc. withdraw cash (buses usually take only cash and not high value bills).
Restaurants rarely accept cards
Do not tip more than 30 CZK per meal. Usually Czech people tip even less.

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