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Hey /trv/

Tomorrow I'm getting on a train and going to be stuck on it for like 6 or 7 hours or so. It's not even that far, like ~300km, but this mofo stops on every single little insignificant train stop between departure point and arrival. There was no express train either.

Anyway, I'm not a regular here. I'm just stopping by to ask this one question.

What do you guys listen to while travelling? I'm talking podcasts, music, radio, anything. I'm hoping to get some ideas for something fresh.

>pic related, best podcast ever, though I've basically listened through 90% of it and I need something new
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Currently traveling for 2+ weeks. I find audiobooks to be really nice when I dont have wifi or mobile. If you do here a re some podcasts I like having listened to all of 99pi:

-stuff you should know
-the moth
-snap judgement
You're probably better off asking /adv/ since it moves faster and you'll be leaving soon.

I'll throw in This American Life and go to the favorites section.
I listen to Katawa Shoujo's soundtrack when flying, calms me down.
Tom Waits, The Doors or Super Eurobeat when on the road at night depending on the mood.

Fever Ray, Lorn, The Knife, Charles Mingus, Trentemoller, Burial.
I could go on.

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Is going to Las Vegas worth it? Is going ALONE worth it?
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That's the ONLY way it would be worth it. Otherwise your vacation turns into babysitting/arguing/BS ie not the fun shit you came to do.
Fuck yeah it's worth it
Recommend stuff to do, it's my second time travelling ever and my first time alone.

VIETNAM general.

Charlie in the trees motherfuckers.

Im moving to saigon in july to work.

Any tips, ideas, best food places.

Ive been there twice for a few weeks.

Share the info stories etc.
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Sad bump
The best bowl of Pho in Saigon is on Pham Ngu Lao, a block west of the Hideout Hostel. Can't offer you more than that.
You're in the shittiest country in SEA in terms of entertainment. So, first of all vaccinate yourself. After that research the history of the war on your own, try and find local people to guide you some more (not a commercial service) .

Consider going to Thailand.

It took me a bit too long to buy my tickets to Brazil, now they are fucking expensive. Should I try millage brokers? The time for my flight is a bit flexible. I just need to get to Sao Paulo. Somehow.
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what's expensive?
You can always fly cheap to somewhere nearby then fly to Brazil
How much luggage do you have?
Any problem flying to Peru through spirit?? that's like 3-500 then another 400 to Brazil

Have you tried google flights?
What are you doing in Brazil? Job?
What city are you going to?
>What city are you going to?
>I just need to get to Sao Paulo
oh i'm retarded
where are you flying out of?
>Any problem flying to Peru through spirit?? that's like 3-500 then another 400 to Brazil

oh I did check that. the prices ended up too similar. I actually need to fly i september.
I'm brazilian but studying in Seattle.
I heard about people taking some shady companies where you have terrible flight conditions but you eventually get there, but I can't find any. I checked student universe, but I also read many horror stories of bad management and people missing flights because the air company can't deal with you, only the broker.

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I'm going to France via Turkish Airlines. On the way there, I have a 17 hour layover in Istanbul. I've already gotten my Turkish visa. In any case, I was hoping some of you had some tips on the fastest way to get to the Hagia Sophia from the Airport. My flight arrives at 4:40pm, and I read that the museum closes at 7pm, but you need to get there by 6 to go inside.
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Are you flying into IST or SAW?

If the latter, you have no chance.
I believe IST is Ataturk, right? If so, then that one

Take the Istanbul Metro from Ataturk to Aksaray and then walk or take a taxi.

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is the only option for neets to kill themselves or is there a possibility to move to another country?

I don't have a job or money, but I really need to leave the police state i live in to function properly. Been thinking of jumping the border or overstaying at country of choice as a last resort but I don't think I'll do very well as an illegal immigrant
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>is the only option for neets to kill themselves

> is there a possibility to move to another country?
For you, no.

You have no skills or education, you have nothing to offer another country. You're a useless parasite as it is. Why should another country want you?
If you've no education, no diplomas, no work experience, it'll be very hard.
You can look for which country you're allowed to work in, or get a work visa.
If you can make do until you receive your first salary, you only need to get a job. That's it.
There are many jobs you can get without prior experience, or that nobody wants to do, but if you can't get the same jobs in your country, it's unlikely you'll get one abroad.
You'd better get any kind of job where you're at, get a training course or some kind of internship (get some qualifications), then move abroad after you completed the course if you still want to move.
Do you live in a real police state, or are you a fellow American who thinks it's better overseasin some poor country? It's almost always worse).

Looking to journey from France to Spain, making these stops, plus Seville, and possibly to Lisbon, Portugal.

Poor American, looking for cheapest possible way. This trip is a few years off, but I want to know the pros and cons. Whether public transportation is cheaper than renting a car?
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Looks like an excellent route.
I'm sure it'd be a lot more expensive to rent a car just because of gas prices in Europe.
Check out Megabus fares and try to book in advance. Book trains in advance too if you take trains.
check out:
- blablacar.fr
- voyages-sncf.com
- ouigo.com
- hitchwiki.org / hitchwiki.org/maps/
they have a great price and cover all of France, practically most of Europe
but only Barcelona & Madrid for Spain.
check it out.

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New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1124991
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First post for Beppu! !!! :3
Activity suggestions for a group of 3 travelling to Kyoto and Osaka? Activities within train distance of those areas are also acceptable. Already planning to go to Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine, Phiolsopher's walk, Nishiki food market, Kibune shrine + kawadoko dining, possibly Arashiyama. Haven't planned much for Osaka yet. Also, how is docomo hotspot coverage in Japan? They have a 3 week plan for a very cheap price for foreigners.
Why is this posted? Should I go to beppu?

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Is travel as hedonistic a hobby as shopping or eating at expensive restaurants?

What exactly are we spending our time and money on when we travel?
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depends on how and why you travel

>only visiting all-inclusives, never leaving the resort, and only interaction with a local is giving them your drink order
>traveling to enrich your cultural experience, increase your historical perspective, and challenge yourself physically and mentally
You know, some people WORK for a living and in thier 3 weeks off a year they would rather be treated like a king than "challenged physically and mentally." I would hardly call that crowd hobbyists either, they typically hit up the same places every year.
>implying i know nothing about working for a living
yeah, nah.

and it's fine if that's what someone enjoys. i wasn't saying it's automatically bad. it's just indulgent. you need me to post a trigger warning next time?

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I want a holiday to Norway to find myself and also find girls. Where do you recommend I go?
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Does anyone know anything about Lofoten?
Please advise: >>1128598
First find yourself, then the girls

Excellent advice. I have a slight modification to add:

First find yourself, then the girls will find you.

i have 6 cans (6oz each) of bug spray in my checked bag. flying internationally to Belize tomorrow morning. will i be okay?
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dont get it

Is this route crazy enough to be possible?
Warsaw-Kiev-Astana-Almaty-Urumqi-Xi'an-Beijing-Tianjin-Shanghai-Guangzhou-Nanning-Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh City-Phnom Penh-Bangkok-Hat Yai-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore-(ferries and overland trough Sumatra, Java)-Bali.
I want to do this all without any airplane flight, just bus, train, hitchhiking.
(sth like that on the map, I will choose the best possible option)
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Make sure you do your research for the Thailand/Malaysia border region. Some of it is unstable and unsafe.
You are aware you crossing basically a HUGE desert?
Yes, I am, and I am aware that it will be one of the hardest parts of the journey.

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Does anybody know what SIM cards are the easiest to obtain in China?

I have to spend a while there for work in a couple months, and I'm going to buy a used unlocked GSM iPhone before I go. I'm planning on buying a prepaid SIM card and using one of their networks (probably China Unicom) while I'm there so I don't have to pay outrageous international rates. But I'm not sure what kind of iPhone to buy, 4s/5s/6s etc. The last thing I want is to get there, discover that all the stores are selling nano SIM cards and my iPhone takes a micro or whatever, and have to cut it down with a razor blade or jury-rig it with cardboard or any of that nonsense. Does anybody know whether most of the prepaid SIM cards you can buy from Chinese vendors are micro or nano etc these days?

I am also asking this on /g/, but I figured the good folks here might have more experience with stuff like this. Thanks!
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they're all the same. english is nonexistent, so bring a phone with some sort of translation ability. they all have the tools to cut it for you if it's not ther ight size.

I freaked out when I went too. but it's really not that bad. they kind of already know what you want.

if you're really afraid, they'll ALWAYS have this available at the airport in english if it's before closing hours (maybe around 10) for a slight mark up.

the first time I landed was a budget flight which was delayed, so I landed AFTER public transport had shut down and had no idea where to go. thankfully, the country is not expensive, so you can always just pay a taxi. like all basics, it's quite basic, and you feel silly for not knowing it before, but you could get quite lost, in fact.

if your flight lands at a late hour, just be sure to have directions to the place you stay your first night. the hotel/hostel staff should speak enough english to point you to a nearby store.
Bless you, anonymous person, for posting such a quick & reassuring reply. I'll probably get a 5s, since my understanding is that the iPhone 4 etc is starting to not play nicely with the new versions of iOS and that's a headache I don't want to deal with, especially if it happens abroad.

I'm crash-coursing myself in Mandarin, but I very much doubt I'll be able to handle a conversation about anything remotely technological by the time I have to go over there, so I'm really glad to know there'll be places to get this done where they'll speak English.
you're welcome. I was freaking out about it too when I went, so I sympathize.

only place with english is liable to be the airport, even in beijing. the questions won't be much, they'll just ask for your passport, if you want internet, how much money you want to put on the prepaid. but if your tones are off they'll understand nothing ,lol.

good luck. china is super safe and for their reputation as super rude, I've actually found that they're mostly polite but aloof. it's really only intimidating because of heiroglyphics and tones.

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Hi guys, I am in Dallas right now and plan moving to Houston by car this Saturday morning and getting back on Sunday, I'm going to take a room for 1 night via airbnb. My primary goal is space center excursion, so if someone wants to join me, please welcome.
I am Russian male, 31 and I am in business trip in US for 2 weeks. I wouldn't say my English is fluent, so my secondary goal is to get some language practice with locals. In turn I could give you some set of Russian words if you will) I'm hoping this small travel is interesting for someone
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Did you make a thread a while ago where you asked if you should bring gifts like vodka for your american business partners?
Make sure to visit a strip club.

That highway that runs though Dallas has more strip clubs along the exits than I've ever seen anywhere else. Stripping must be Texas's main source of income. After washing off people's windshield's at street intersections with newspaper.
No, I am not that guy who asked vodka. As for stripclubs, I have a lot ones in Moscow with much more pretty girls than in Texas. Texas girls actually are ugly

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Hey travel,
I would really like to travel the carribean this winter. A few questions:
For one are these places cheap? I'm looking to backpack through here so no tourist resort shit.
I'm a usa citizen, will I need visas for each island or what?
Lastly I've heard that you can sail there from the canary islands in spain. Has anyone heard of this?
Does anyone have any experiences in the carribean to share?
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It depends on the country. For instance the currency in the Grand Cayman Islands is worth more than the US dollar. The currency in the Dominican Republic is far less. In general, US dollar is worth more, though. I know Visas aren't necessary via cruise ships, but I don't know about flying.

>For instance the currency in the Grand Cayman Islands is worth more than the US dollar.
>The currency in the Dominican Republic is far less.
>In general, US dollar is worth more, though

I don't think you understand how money works.
Grand Cayman is more expensive than the USA. Not by much. One Grand Cayman dollar is worth like 1.20/1.25 US or something. Most Carribean currency the US dollar is worth more, how much more varies widely, and also you have to deal with being overcharged for being a tourist, unless you know how to haggle or have a local guide. In tourist areas you can end up paying more than home, even though the US dollar is worth more.

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