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Hi, I'm going to America next month, I am starting in New York, getting a train down to Washington, getting another train to Virginia because I have family down there, then I am going to Orlando. I'm wondering if I should rent a car to get down there or just fly, I can only stay for a month so I want to spend as long as possible in Orlando however I'm wondering if there is anything worth seeing in the Carolinas and Georgia, how long the car journey would take and if it just easier to fly.
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I say drive. Road trips are fun and you can visit Charleston and Savannah. Are you really going to miss a couple days in Orlando when you're already staying there for weeks? (I assume you have friends or family in Orlando, because I haven't heard a lot of great things about it). Hell, if you drove, you could even take a detour through the beautiful blue Ridge mountains/asheville, but that would add at least a day to your drive probably. Sorry, I'm on my phone so I can't look up drive times. Either way, I hope you have a nice trip to the US
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I'd tend to agree, but the highways throuh low country SC GA and FL are pretty boring.
You have a point there, although there are some cool marshes.

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Hello /trv/,

I recently got accepted for a working holiday visa for Ireland and am hoping to get a few questions answered before going. Keep in mind I have never been to Ireland, but have been dating an Irish girl (from Ireland) for over 4 years now.

What are the job prospects like in Cork City? I mean in an overall sense. I am willing to take on a low-level customer service job when I first arrive.

That being said does anyone have any idea of what the job prospects are like for chemical/industrial engineers in Cork?

Finally, what are some travel and cultural norms I should adjust to. I have been told that Irish are very friendly, family focused, and do love to drink as the stereotype says. I also have been told to be mindful of "knackers" and "travelers" as well.

Any and all information welcome.

Also Ireland Traveling/Living general.
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Where are you travelling from?

Gypos are normally fine just don't antagonise them (if you're from USA think of hillbillies).

Chemical engineering work you will prob find mostly around Dublin or up north, there is a large pharmecutical plant at the border in NI called Norbrook who are always looking people. (Although not sure how this will work with visas etc).

People are normally pretty alright if you're American try to keep your voice down (you guys talk really loud). Don't compare everything with the States unless asked a question and you should be fine as long as you're not a dick. ;-)
There's a lot of environmental science all over (Shannon, for example) , pharmaceutical is more Galway/Dublin
If you're American, don't shout stupid shit all of the time. Don't act Irish. Prepare for banter (basically insulting the arse off of each other) . Don't say "EYE-YURR-LAND"

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So I'm going to be in Japan from 01-19 July, around the Saitama and Tokyo areas. So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on places to visit or see that aren't really listed much in tourist information. Like, do you have a favourite shop to go to, or place to eat at? Even a park that you liked visiting. Anything really!
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Check the Japan General in the catalog
I have, but it is hard to keep track of shit when there are copious amounts of conversations. This is more convenient.
for you.
Not for the thousands of people that browse this board, princess.

ITT: Story of how you got scammed

> be me traveling mexico
> get credit card terminated by bank because of suspect withdrawals
> no problem, i have my debit card with me
> fast forward two weeks
> debit card terminated because $1000 withdrawn from Texas
> probably got fucked by Pemex employee or at random ATM
> all I have is $100 cash

I love dealing with this kind of bullshit when I'm traveling, it just makes everything more enjoyable and less stressful. Thanks scammers!
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I once had trouble swiping my Metrocard in Newark to get on the Path and some nigger "helped me" by taking my card out of my hand, swiping me in, then gave me an empty card he was holding, effectively swapping with me. It happened too fast. Fucking Newark.
That's what you get for not recognizing one of the oldest scams ever , what a retarded excuse of a traveler
I'm not a "traveler", and blame the shitty metrocard. Jokes on him, he lives in Newark.

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As the post states, i need to find a way to leave the country or lay low for quite awhile, potentially earning some sort of money to stay afloat. Any tips on the best places to acheive this? I was thinking Canada but without a passport card im not sure how id drive across the border. Any help/tips much appreciated.
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How long?
How much cash you have?

Your best bet would be a commune or organic farm, don't know what state your in so cant say much more than that. But you can go live with some hippies for free if you'll tend their crops.

Crossing the border into Canada is a bad idea. Security has been improved, you would end up dealing with federal law enforcement, and Canada isn't an easy place to live as a non Canadian. Canada doesn't have anywhere near as much casual labor, there's really no landscaping or unskilled construction 4 months of the year. There's also a much better 'guest' worker program. You'd also have to leave Canada, it's not just one border crossing to worry about.
›how long
As long as possible
›how much cash?
Unfortunately not much under 1000.

Ive considered communes but im having a hard time finding communes and communicating with them seeing as most dont have an online presense. Im in Indiana
I'm interested in the story that lead to your current situation.

What's cool to do in Boston?
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Visit the two schools you'll never get into.
>Museum of Fine Arts
Fucking huge with a lot to see. They have lots of rembrandt and a decent modern art section. Get there early, it's impossible to see everything in a day (free on Wednesdays also)
>New England Aquarium
Kind of shitty aquarium-wise but still fun
>Revere Beach
A short subway trip, this beach is actually pretty nice although the snootier locals tend to shit on it. Go to Kellys Roast Beef if you visit, it's a local classic.
>Central Square, Cambridge
Another short subway trip, this is the run-down area of Cambridge which has a bunch of great music venues, some cool restaurants, and record stores.
>Rent a hubway bicycle
Boston is very walkable and recently has become much better for biking. I bike (almost) everywhere in the city, and even the more distant neighborhoods are a 25 minute ride away. The hubway bikes look stupid, but if you get as frustrated with the transit as I do as a resident, it's worth the switch.

Boston resident btw, AMA

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Planning a trip to LA and will be coming in from I-210 heading west. Will be there for 3-4 days and was wondering If a trip to the Salton Sea is worth the detour. Heard good things about it from my friends. Should I go or not. I love exploring abandoned buildings in my home town and think it will be a great experience.
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It's worth to tour it for a day. See East Jesus, Slab City, Salvation mountain and Bombay Beach.
It has Joshua Tree and Anza Borrego nearby too.

Don't underestimate the heat and humidity of this area. When visiting it I had sweat burning my eyes after 10 minutes of being outside of the car.

In summer, most of the slabs will be empty, and the people that ARE still there will be inside of their trailers hiding from the sun.
There are a lot of awesome abandoned buildings. I'd recommend Salton City, there are a lot of cool old buildings there.

As for Slab City, it can be a pretty dangerous place. Slab City and the nearby town of Niland are probably the most dangerous place I've ever been. People live there to be away from authority for a reason. People go missing there all the time. It's the only place I've ever been where someone tried to fight me. I wouldn't recommend visiting if you're a girl without a male companion.

Anza Borrego is a very beautiful area. There is awesome hiking and unspoiled desert landscapes.

Overall there are a lot of things to do out in the desert, but security is a major concern around Slab City and it may very well be 120F+ I personally wouldn't sacrifice a day seeing something else in SoCal for the Salton Sea, but if you're into abandoned buildings and that sort of thing it might be a cool place for you.
Lol theres loads of people that pass through there.

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Most bizarre/exotic place you've been to?
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ur moms pussy xd
Hiva Oa, Kauehi or Maupiti
Legion Etrangere...

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I just got my work visa approved for September in Sweden but not sure where I want to work. I was told Lund is a cool place and I was also considering Gothenburg or maybe Stockholm. All muslim jokes aside, what city has the best to offer in regards to food, people, atmosphere, etc..
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Stockholm, really. At least when it comes to atmosphere and food. Nightlife in Stockholm beats the other cities as well
Is the gypsy situation in Stockholm really out of control tho? Or are the news stories just exaggerated...
How long did it take Anon? I havent done my application for my students permit

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Hey /trv/
How is it called when someone offers his service (4-6 hrs/day) as a bartender or roomkeeper for free accommodation at an hostel. Can I book in advance for those services(guess not but just in case). How many days can I stay with such an offer, I guess it changes from manager to manager however better safe than sorry.

Thanks and sorry for the poor grammar.
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Try websites helpx.net and WWOOF. I just had a great experience with helpx. But I can't tell you what it is called though, volunteering abroad I suppose and I know some who refer to it as WWOOFing!
Hey, thanks. Is there such thing for hostels like not doing farming work but more like bartending? I don't mind the work it is just that I need a place close to the city I wanted.
A lot of hostels won't outright advertise that they're looking for help in exchange for a bed. It's against labor laws in a lot of countries to not actually pay you. If youre staying at a hostel you like just buddy up with the owners or someone working there and ask them if they need help in exchange for a bed. Most places will expect you do laundry and prepare beds for a few hours in the afternoon. Nothing to strenuous. I did it for about two weeks at a hostel in Lodz. I got along really well with the manager. When I asked him to extend my stay a few days he offered a bed for free if I cleaned a few hours a day. Worked out great for a short amount of time but I wouldn't want to do it for more than a few weeks.

Hey /trv/

So I'm heading out to South America in October for a few months and I'm designing a rough plan of my route (see pic)

A couple of questions for those in the know:

- What's the best (ie. most scenic, interesting, cheap) route between Salta and Iguazu; cutting through Paraguay or looping down through Northern Argentina?

- How viable is it to cut out Sao Paulo and head to Rio from Iporanga (a few hours north of Curitiba)?

- Any particular places you would recommend between Southern Peru, Bolivia, Northern Chile/Argentina and Southern Brazil?
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The best way to go to Rio from Iporanga is going tough São Paulo.

I recommend going to Balneário Camboriú in southern Brazil.
Enjoy your murder
Is it really that bad? I was under the impression that it has one of the highest average quality of life ratings in Brazil. I'm volunteering in Iporanga and it seems like I can only get there via Curitiba rather than straight from Florianopolis.

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Im goin to malaysia next month with my sister
any good place for video games? anime figure and so on? i tried to search but no luck
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I hear Tokyo is good for that sort of thing. Why don't you go there instead, baka gaijin?

Malaysian here. Your only bet is Kuala Lumpur's KLCC's Kinokuniya. Theres just a lot of officially translated mangas, but no figurines. You can NEVER find that stuff here. As for video games you can find them pretty easily anywhere, but nothing like doujin games or whatever.

By the way if you're ever visiting again you might want to remember to keep an eye out on our comiket. I don't really know their schedules.


I haven't heard anything about another one being held this year so I don't know.
Stupid muslim whore.
Iranian expat living in kl here.
There is a mall here next to low yat plaza called parkson sungei wang plaza.

All figurines games and mangas comics etc.

When are u here i can show u around desu

I'm a little new to /trv/ so pardon if I'm not doing it right
I'm 22 and I'm saving money to leave SoCal
I've been highly considering moving to Oregon or Washington
Sure they get shtick for being a hub for the liberal hipster types, but I just love how beautiful and chill and carefree everyone is over there. I would absolutely love to live in some hick small town surrounded by forrest and wildlife. Not to mention I'd love meet a cute or punky, semi hipster girl. Can any Northwest bros share their experience living there?
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If you plan on moving to Portland/Seattle please fuck off were beyond full, we don't need more califags moving here. With that being said there are plenty of smaller communities in the surrounding area. The Olympic peninsula is beautiful and cheap, same with eastern oregon. For the love of god, don't move to Portland/Seattle.
I'm heavily influenced by shows and games. Any places in Oregon similar to Gravity Falls or Arcadia Bay?
>beautiful and chill and carefree everyone is over there
on a unrelated note, you might like to visit new orleans

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Has anyone here tried the vagabond lifestyle? How difficult is it to get by day to day?
Do you feel the satisfaction of being able to travel without being tied down is worth the struggle?
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Bumping this. Not OP. Wanna hear from some who have tried this lifestyle and hear what they have to say.
Real Vagabonds don't Internet.
sorry, english is not my forte but, vagabond is pretty much like homeless, right?

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Criticize my plan.
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You're going to be bored out of your fucking mind from the start of Ohio to the end of Nebraska.
Bored out of mind the second you leave philly, then once u hit chicago you will be a little more interested, then back to being bored until you hit western Nebraska
>skipping denver
>skippinh the colorado rockies
>skipping yellowstone
>skipping northwestern montana
>skipping seattle and puget sound
>skipping portland
>skipping crater lake
>skipping san francisco
>skipping yosemite
>skiping the grand canyon

literally the only thing you did right was include zion

>everything else is spelled right

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