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first time poster here!, i want you guys to show me nice pics of the nice places you have visited all around the world, since im very sure i will never be able to go outside my country...
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>im very sure i will never be able to go outside my country...
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Tunis-poster here.

My hitchhiking to Bali from Central/Eastern Europe thread is back. The route is:
Warsaw - Kiev - Astana - Almaty - (Kyrgyzstan if available border crossings with China with my passport, want to see it because of the landscapes) - Urumqi - Xi'an - Beijing - Shanghai - Guangzhou - (Hong Kong or Macau, but probably HK, and back to China) - Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh - Phnom Penh - Bangkok - Kuala Lumpur - (ferries trough Sumatra) - Jakarta - Bali

I will not only hitchhike, but also use buses and trains when reaching those cheaper regions (probably Kazakhstan, because supposedly train ticket from Astana to Almaty is less than 10 bucks). I prefer trains to hitchhiking, just because of the comfort and getting to Kazakhstan from Warsaw is still much.

My journey will not only be about driving to the destination, mainly about seeing the landscapes of all those countries, I want the budget to be less than 2,5 euro a day.

I am going to travel in summer and autumn (I know that it will boil my blood, but I somehow enjoy 40°C weather. It's still better than Kazakh winter. I also won't have time in other parts of the year).

I'm aware of pretty unstable situation in Xinjiang, Malay-Thai boundaries and I will skip dangerous regions in Ukraine.

From the last route I have kicked off Singapore, because there are no comfortable ferries from Batam.

If possible, I would like to hitchhike a yacht to Australia, because I have never done that before, but I don't count on that. (don't beat me for that map, I drew it according to where I remembered those cities were)
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also enjoy a pic rel
Wow. Sounds brave and intrepid. But is it manageable?
>I want the budget to be less than 2,5 euro a day.
That's crazy. You will starve. Eastern Europe and Central Asia are cheap, but not that cheap.

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New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1127235
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Why is accommodation in Japan so expensive?
long term or short term? It's actually pretty reasonable outside of big cities
Are there any good podcast type learning resources to learn a bit of Japanese? I listen to Pimsleur during my commute currently, but I get the impression it's too formal. Something more conversational.

This may sound stupid, but I'm looking to take a vacation somewhere in the highlighted region (see pic.)

Where's the nicest place to go in said region?
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I'd say the nicest in my personal experience is Dallas, Texas. It's a very modern city, some cool shopping centers and stuff. They've got an in-n-out, if that tickles your fancy.

There's a fuck-ton of highways though, and they're ridiculously high up. I didn't drive, but I'd hate to.
>from dallas
>literally triggered by this pic



GEORGE BUSH TO 75 (towards plano) IS HELL

Dallas does have the galleria and northpark (malls) which are great. Some good museums (the crow/dma/nasher).
Minneapolis if you're going between mid May through mid October

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ITT: Travel questions that don't deserve their own thread
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what are some nice cities with sun and beaches and a nightlife which isnt for plebs?
in or around Europe pls
What should you do if youre stuck with zero money and nowhere to sleeo

Going to Lyon tomorrow.
Where do i safely and legally fuck prostitutes?
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Nowhere, wrong country
Nowhere it's illegal in France. But it doesn't matter, French women are cool. So long as you're polite, friendly, and they find you attractive you can just ask her if she'd like to have sex and they may say yes.
ok will try this
merci beacoup

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I've been watching YouTube videos of hipster-y people who live in insanely tiny apartments in NYC and absurd rent for it, like this woman:


And it got me thinking: How the fuck does ANYONE (who isn't rich) afford to live in the city? Where does a random Chinese man live in NYC? Or a typical weirdo that you'd pass on the sidewalk? Or the owner of a small struggling souvenir shop? Where do they go at night?

I assume many of them live outside the city where it's cheaper, but what about the millions of other people?

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It gets worse, to rent anywhere you have to go through these bullshit scam agencies where typically you provide first and last month's rent, plus damage deposit before signing "agency lease". Since NYC rent is crazy that's like $9-15,000 USD you have to come up with to get a tiny apartment.

A lof the people you see are either grandfathered into older, rent controlled buildings, live in coops, or live with a dozen roomates like in San Francisco where people split up living rooms into 2 bedrooms with sheets so they can all afford rent.

There are still some inexpensive hipster-y areas you can rent but need to go further out, or go into shitty tier neighborhoods full of crime.
I've often wondered this myself

Jesus christ, I am never moving to NYC.

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hey /trv/,
Me and my 5 friends will embark on a Eurail for 30 days.
So if you guys have tips for what to do and to avoid in cities that we'll be visiting, particularly cheap cities.
List of cities:
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Don't act like the british in Amsterdam. Be a bit catious and don't walk alone at night in Berlin, except maybe the really big and central areas taht still has people. Beware of scammers and pocket thieves in Prague, as well as scummy taxi drivers taking the long route. I think you should ask for a price before you get in.

It's like visiting USA and getting the impressions of a whole country from Gary, Indiana
include at least one scenic route

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Is it still possible to become an "explorer" such doing scientific field work in remote locations or finding ruins and/or historical artifacts. Can this be a job or is it just an unobtainable dream?
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Scientific work, sure. Finding ruins and artifacts as well but it's very, very competitive.
yes, but it's probably not easy, you'll have to at least be a doctoral student and have an actual plan no one is going to give you money to go fuck around in the middle of the jungle
Yeah, how many ancient ruins have they found in the last couple months? A whole new Mayan city, another complex near Ankgor, a new site at Petra...
Unfortunately these were all done by people sitting in front of computers using satellite imagery. Get yourself a GIS degree.

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I'm 19 from Australia and spent last December in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Niseko) and fucking loved it
I'm now about 2 clicks away from booking this December for Korea. Will I enjoy it as much as Japan? Should I just go to China instead? I think what I loved most about Japan was how busy/cosmopolitan it was, buying snacks at 2am or eating ramen at 1am a 20m walk from apartment etc.
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Korea can do all the gritty drunk shit like in Japan but cheaper.

Korea is dirtier than Japan but better food.

I personally found Korean girls hotter than Japanese but Koreans can be bitchy.

I enjoy Korean nightlife more but Japan had much better day time activities.

You'll see plenty of drunk koreans at 6am esp in Seoul and Busan.

I have no idea about China.
>Korea can do all the gritty drunk shit like in Japan but cheaper.

Partying in Seoul is like same level of expensive as Tokyo. "Japan is really expensive" is such a tired meme. Seoul made the list of the most expensive cities for 2016, tied with Copenhagen and LA. Tokyo did not make the top 10.


Still beats Australia. Cheapest 6 pack is like $13 abs cheapest spirits are about $30 for 700mL

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I am currently a college student and supposedly the number one regret college students my age have is that they didn't study abroad.

Now studying abroad appears to more expensive than simply heading to a location and looking around, but is the increased immersion worth it. Have you guys found that your overseas education was superior to traveling?

Just a heads up, I'd likely do this during the summer while taking bullsht classes and I've never been out of America before.

Also, I'd likely study abroad in Japan, Italy, South Korea, or Russia.
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The shittiest thing about working is that you can't spend months at a time experiencing a place.

You can hit up all the tourist sites sure, but you won't be there long enough to make any real friends, you will barely pick up any of the language if you're lucky, and you won't find much if anything that isn't in a guide book. Studying abroad is basically living in another country and is far superior
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While I have not actually studied abroad I have spent extended periods of time in a foreign place. I've also traveled through most of Europe and Central America.

There are obviously pros and cons of both. As you stated when your hanging around one place for a month or longer you begin to feel fully immersed in that place. You usually end up making lasting relationships with people you're staying with and end up getting a very genuine feeling for that particular place. The cons are that it's usually more expensive, unless your working, also if you end up not liking that place then you're pretty much stuck.

Just hitting up separate cities every few days is the same. Pros, you get to see more, fellow travelers seem to be more genuine/outgoing/fun because they know they will never have to see you again. Cons are youre moving around all the time which can wear you down and that qt you meet at the hostel that you walked in the park and held hands with for an afternoon you'll never see again because she has a bus to another city at 8 in the morning. Relationship are over before they even start most the time.

As for the studying part I don't know. But I get the feeling people don't go abroad to actually study seriously. I think a lot of people just like the idea of getting out of whatever shit-hole they came from for a few months.
the longer the study program is usually the better cost effective it is, if it's cheap like USAC
a summer program might cost 4-6k
one semester for a USAC program could be 5-12k and a year being 8-22k

I'm amusing you are going through your school what;'s the cost and what does it include?
All of this will effect if it makes sense for you to go.

Hey, so I go on family trips every year and we're planning next year's trip. I've always wanted to go to New Zealand, but I need to convince my mom it's a good destination. She's the kind of person that likes to go to old castles, on historic tours, famous art galleries, cathedrals, palaces, etc. She doesn't like things like hiking, cruises, scenic drives, etc. Any things in New Zealand that my mom would enjoy? When I research places like Auckland, I don't see a lot of things that seem appealing. Is Christchurch still a wreck or is it back to normal? If not, are there any places OUTSIDE of Europe, Japan, US, Australia, and Canada like that?
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not much history in new zealand. We have only been a country since 1840. new zealand is all about the onspoiled landscape in the south island - lots of hiking and scenic drives.
In general:
LoTR, Rotorua and Wellington in North Island.
South Island, check out Dunedin (Larnach Castle and that Albatross thing), Milford Sound and Queenstown. Most of South Island is for nature stuff though.

There's a few galleries and museums in Auckland that are nice though like Auckland Art Museum and the Domain. I really recommend selling the Maori culture to your mum if she enjoys unique cultures and shit
New Zealand is one of the few places in the world that native cultural customs is practiced in mainstream society. Def an interesting place culturally. Alas not much history tho considering its such a young country.

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going to japan (tokyo) in a couple of months. Any recommendation? thinking about getting a happy ending, anyone with experience?
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>Paying in japan of all places for a happy ending

Assuming you are white, just stand in the middle of shibuya and pick anything. Seriously it's that fucking easy
I've neved had one before. Yes i'm white, swedish, and I would never get one where the penalty if caught is Jailtime... Is it legal there?
Thinking you're a special snowflake and your stupid question deserves a thread of it's own, instead of posting this in the Japan general where all the other fat neckbeard weebs think they will be treated as gods over there. Mfw

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I'm in Kauai for a week on vacation!!! Where can I find some weed?
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It's a week. Just wait until you get home man, Jesus.

I'm on vacation man. I don't smoke in my neck of the woods. I'm here to have fun, not be mature. Faggot.
420chan probably knows all on this subject.

Hi all,

I'm travelling to the US and stopping by Denver for 4 nights and 5 days. I want a smoke friendly cabin out near the mountains, close to horse riding, bush walking and hiking.

Can you suggest an area or place?

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anyone? ;_;
I was going to help you but you were a faggot that bumped on /trv/ after less than 4 fucking hours

Is this section that slow? My bad. Please help.

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