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I'm going down to Trinidad this summer for the next two months, and I wanna know what it's like down there.

I wont be staying at a hotel or anything, I'm staying at a friend of a friends place, he's very rich so I wont be sleeping in the slums.

The only thing I know about it is that the blacks down their really hates whites, so I know to stay away from them.

Anyways, I just wanna know what I'm getting myself into before I go down.
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The blacks hate Indians and vice versa. It's the one English speaking Caribbean island where blacks are the minority. Check out websites of Trinidad newspapers to find out whats going down. Trini has oil so tourism isn't that important.
isnt nicki minaj from there?

Going on vacation and looking for a high compacity battery pack. Preferably 20,000 mAh or higher. Thanks
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30 seconds in amazon.
>Going on vacation and looking for a high compacity battery pack. Preferably 20,000 mAh or higher. Thanks+
That's huge. I don't even know where you could go where you would be away from mains or a 12v supply for so long as to need that. I would go for two smaller ones. Try to get quick charge. Don't go for solar.
If you're out hiking for a week, then 20000mah sounds reasonable

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Another "Share your travel pictures" thread. Why not?

Traditional kite flying in Thailand.
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OP posting 4 or 5 to get started.

Cow Demon, Fengdu "ghost city," China
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Fishing fleet in Malaysia
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Yellowstone Park, USA

I want to move to southern California. I won't have a lot of money, but I'll have some. I don't mid living in a trailer park or not so nice area as long as it's near the beach. The kind of place where you can get set up renting a room with some regular wage slave job and spend time hanging out, smoking weed, making art, enjoying the weather. What towns or areas can I do this in?
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Where are you moving from?

Look at south San Diego, near the border. El Cajon, Chula Vista, national city etc

Bonjour! Since France is such a popular tourist desination, I reckon it's time for a France thread.
Ask questions about France here it share your travel experiences here.
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Why don't french girls want to have sex with me?
I'm planning to go to the south of France for 3 or 4 days this summer, but I'm not sure where I should go. I'm thinking of Marseille or Nice, any advice on the subject?

The're all lesbians.

Toulon is nice. I'd go there before Nice imo, it'd an overpriced tourist city. Marielles is awesome don't believe it when people call it a shithole, it's definitely a little rough around the edges but totally worth a visit.

I have a few questions about traveling and some of the things that go into it. If you've traveled a decent amount or just know a lot about it I'd appreciate any help/tips/knowledge. Thank you in advance

Part 1; Sorry it's so long

1) Are you allowed to travel to more than one place in succession? For example if you go to Australia for a week can you also go to Germany, England, Japan, Ireland all for a week or so each? The world is a strict place now and for good reason. So I wanted to know if there is a limit on how many places a person can go and if there is a designated waiting period that travelers must follow.

2) I've heard from co-workers that it is cheaper to buy plane tickets a few months in advance, is this true? If so what would you recommend is the best time to buy plane tickets to save money?

3) My travel experience goes as far as a few one week trips to Florida and a one week cruise I went on a few years ago. Each time I packed one big luggage bag with 2 pairs of clothes, one for walking around and one for bed. If there is no limit on how many places a person can go in succession I was planning on seeing a lot of places around the world for a week each. I can't see myself running around with a huge luggage bag dragging down the experience and would like to enjoy it with a backpack or something.

Basically for 3) in your travel experience, how did you pack? A huge luggage bag? Pack light? Both but leave one in a hotel?

4) When looking for a place to stay, I'm sure this will vary heavily depending on where you're going, but would you say it's best to stay in a 4-5 star hotel to be safe? My biggest fear about this trip is going to the first location and getting robbed or something and then being stranded in a foreign country with no money. I've read a couple of the travel horror stories on here where people were robbed or beaten on vacation and that makes me really nervous.
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Part 2; Final part
5) Money, how much money do you think you would need to travel to several places and have a place to stay with enough money to eat and walk around? I’ve talked to a few people who have went to Hawaii and Germany and they said that it cost them about $1,800 for the plane ticket and a place to stay at a resort that provided 3 meals a day for one week. In your experience how much money did you have on hand and put away in prep for the trip?

6) Exchange rates, I’m from the US and I imagine that going to several places would require at least a few currency changes, should I set a day aside for that? Or is it quick and doesn’t require processing?

7) Times to travel, this is probably going to require personal research since I actually don’t know where I want to go yet but know that I want to see as many places as I can afford. But no matter what all of these trips are going to be happening one after the other with a week in each place, that number was based off of what I heard from my co-workers since they told me the price of the resort was for a week) if you guys have a better idea I’d love to hear them.

That’s all the question I’ve been thinking on for a while now. I apologize that I don’t know much about any of this but I’m still in the beginning planning stages for this trip. I’m still a little over a year off from going anywhere but want to have everything I need to know down pat so I have nothing to worry about. Thank you for your time, I appreciate any help
As one final bonus question, are there any places you think everyone should see in their lives? Some place you've been that was amazing? I'd love to hear some stories of places you guys have been.

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Hey, /trv/. Your week is about to start. I thought you could use a thread. I'll post the rules in the next, then let you guys take it from there.
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The dimensions are 468 X 60. It's for the ad space, not the header banners.

Here's a link to the original /qa/ thread, where some community minded types are displaying ideas and hashing it over. One smart anon discovered that the submission page will only accept multiple board subs if the file size is under 120, not 150, as the rules say.


Good luck.
Why would /trv/ ever want more traffic?
Advertising slow boards to the hordes of shitposting newfags sounds like shooting yourself in the foot.
>trying to think of something more original than RealTraveler™

We already have the /tv/ morons who are too retarded to click on the correct link.

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What factors do you use to decide where you want to travel to next?

Traveling the first time on my own and I want to go for a few months in SEA, India, or South America. I read about the different countries but that only tells me so much. I'm American, speak reasonable spanish, and I tend to prefer rural locations.
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Money, mostly. I go where the good deals are.
Once i took a flight to korea cause someone told me that barbecue were nice there. Was in thailand at the time and i managed to book cheap tickets. Totaly worth it.
Outside of work, mostly people I want to meet, who then act as local guys. Men and women, not a sex thing, though 8 do usually end up banging the women, that's not the goal

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I am currently a college student and ROTC Cadet in school for the next 4 years. After that I will spend likely the next 20 years of my life in the service..

The only problem with this is that I would really like to travel at some point before I get too old (I want to see the young crowd, and I mean carefree traveling - closer to living there than being a tourist). I'm 19 and have never left the America before.

I currently have some money available but I don't really know what I need to get to where I want to go. Is it really as easy as just buying a plane ticket and figuring it out on the way?

The places that really interest me are Central Asia, Russia, and former lands of the Byzantium.
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>>I currently have some money available but I don't really know what I need to get to where I want to go. Is it really as easy as just buying a plane ticket and figuring it out on the way?
You need a valid passport, money and legal documentation.
Legal documentation means visa and possibly other stuff like vaccination proof and whatnot.
Check the consulate webpage of the countries you want to visit to see if you need a visa (and any other documents). If you do, check the procedures to apply and go for it.
Visa applying procedures and requirements change according to the country you live in and the country you want to visit so we can't help without you being more specific.

Having the legal papers sorted out, it's just a matter of getting there and enjoying your time.
>>"before I get too old"
Just wanted to say that during my trip in SE Asia I met people aged 50 years old and up, traveling in groups, couples and solo. Some of them slept in simple hotels if not guesthouses (including dorms).
Only you decide if you are too old :)
Well I'm sure i can travel after I retire, I'd just like to not be limited by my age. I want to travel while I'm in my prime so I can maximize my enjoyment and have access to everything.

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Hello, /trv/

I'm planning to go to Hungary in August of 2017. My two friends are leaving from Florida and I'm leaving from California.

Can this place be done with a 3k USD budget? (Including airfare, I hace found tickets for 800 usd even during summer months)

With this budget, will I be a richfag and be able to buy good meals and have fun?

Also, I want to take dsy trips outside of Hungary to Bratslavia and Vienna. I looked, and it seems like this can be had for 40-50 dollars round trip.

Are the trains reliable to go around the country? Is the Danube cruises worth it?
Also, which card should I use for taking cash out for ATMs. Should I carry cash as well?
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If you really want to go cheapo try to get a flight to Amsterdam via WOW Airlines and then take the train from Eindhoven and from there Ryanair flight to Budapest.

Budget of 3k should be more than enough depending on how long you stay. You can live on 3k for months in Eastern Europe if you want to.

Budapest is a good place as a hub because Vienna, Bratislava, Belgrade, Zagreb etc. are all close. If you get bored with Budapest just hop on a train.

Trains are good now, the only train that isn't very modern is the old Serbian train to goes from Budapest to Belgrade. But Bratislava and Vienna should be nice modern trains.

Also do carry some cash, maybe about €20 worth of Florint.
I will make sure I dont carry much cash. We plan to stay for 14-16 days.

Also, I dont really understand the itinerary you gave me...sorry. Maybe a typo?
Nvm about my last post. Its actually more expensive to fly into Amsterdam and do the train and RyanAir and shit

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Hey /trv/

Thinking of going to Scotland in early August with my GF. We're both Eurofags, fairly well travelled, been to most of Europe, but not Scotland. I've always sorta wanted to go (I've been to Ireland and southern England), and I like whisky and the funny accent, and that seemed reason enough to start researching it.

We're looking at early August, which is not my ideal travel time (tourist hordes everywhere), but my work is based on multi-year contracts and so happens my current contract is up at the end of August before the new one kicks in in September, and holiday days can't carry over. So now or never.

I've got a maximum of three weeks, though the GF only has 10-11 days, so that's what we're looking at...

Is it worthwhile to spend a 2 or 3 days in both Edinburgh and Glasgow (probably starting in one, ending in the other)? Glasgow gets shit on a lot it seems, so what does one do there? I know fringe will be on in Edinburgh during August.

What about some of the more rural or remote parts of the country? I realize this obviously depends where we go. I've tried to research some places (small towns, tiny port towns, etc), Outer/Inner Hebrides, the Highlands, Orkney, Shetland?... hard to make heads or tails of what would be 'better'. Is it worth the venture to Shetland or Orkney? I kind of like remote places and the viking connection makes me tingle.

We like hiking and bicycling though, so somewhere to get your classic craggy cliffs and green hills? Bagpipes and castles are OK, but not our top priority.

Was also thinking of some whiskey touring (prob just a day max, as my girlfriend is only vaguely interested). I like Highlands and Speysides, nothing too peaty. Hard to choose a favourite, maybe Balvenie at the moment, but I like others.

Hardmode: we won't be driving or renting a car, so we'd be reliant on public transit.

Any recommendations? I've thought about rough itineraries which I could elaborate on, but looking for anon's experiences.
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I think Orkney is worth seeing, at least if you are interested in archaeologic things like stone circles, barrows, and brochs. You can get a bus from Inverness to the ferry at John O'Groats, and then back on a bus to Kirkwall, and travel around the islands by bus and ferry.
But if you only have 10-11 days, you might prefer the Hebrides.
>But if you only have 10-11 days, you might prefer the Hebrides.

Which also have a Viking connection, as well as having the highest proportion of Scottish Gaelic
speakers in the world, which is possibly of interest if you like languages.
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>so somewhere to get your classic craggy cliffs and green hills

Skye's pretty good.

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>Thinking about going on holiday to Turkey this summer
>Main concerns are the refugees and safety

Can someone who maybe lives there or has recently been to Turkey in the tourist places such as Bodrum/Dalaman/Antalaya tell me about the safety of the region, I know there's been a few terrorist attacks in Turkey and in tourist places in other countries like Egypt and Tunisia.

I'm also worried that because most of the refugees are entering Europe through Turkey and then Kos/Greece, would the cities have a lot of refugees around or what?

Also any other general suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Never been to Turkey before.
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I live in Turkey.

The tourist places are perfectly safe, I would not worry. The ones you mentioned see millions of tourists every year and that is not stopping. If anything, you will get things a bit cheaper currently because they have to attract people somehow.

But trust me when I say that the tourist places you mentioned are not on the target list of the main conflict going on in Turkey, the PKK-TC (Turkish Government) one. Many of the more recent bombings have been 'guerilla' attacks by "revolutionary forces", or whatever you like to call them. This is a very difficult issue to discuss with people.

Bodrum/Dalaman/Antalya will not have a lot of refugees around. You will not be able to tell.

I can recommend the following website to give you an idea: http://www.turkeytravelplanner.com/

I will monitor this thread to answer any questions you might have. I wouldn't worry to much. Turkey is an amazing country and people are very friendly. Drink lots of cay.

One last thing: Turkey has a split society between Turks and Kurds on the one hand, and between pro-Erdogan people and anti-Erdogan people on the other. You will hear vastly differing opinions about places in Turkey depending on who you are speaking to. I'm an expat in Istanbul myself and I've travelled all over the country.
Really good reply man.
What about the Izmir area? I've personally never really heard of it being a tourist spot (only speaking from the people who I know have mainly gone to Antalaya etc)

How is the Izmir area in general for tourists and with the safety and refugees problem. Although I'm a lot more confident in the safety now that you explained the situation in Turkey.

How does Izmir compare to the other tourist spots, and which one would you personally recommend? I'm only really looking into Izmir because I found a pretty sweet deal with a hotel with a water park together for a pretty good price.

Hi! Well Izmir used to be a prime spot for people to try and set over to the Greek islands. But in recent times with the deals the Turkish government has struck with the EU, the number has decreased immensely. I am sure there will still be Syrians in the city trying to set over or just working in Izmir now (there are now a lot of undocumented Syrians and Iraqis working low-paid jobs in Turkey), but you should not be worried about them. If you're staying in hotels with water parks, you won't come in contact with them. And even if you were to run into some, it's just people trying to get by.

Compared to the other spots you've mentioned, I think Izmir is the most cosmopolitan one. IIRC it has about 8 million people living there - that's a lot. There's a lot of people outside the tourist sector there, while the other places cater much more to the tourist market only. So if you'd like to get out into the city and see a bit of 'real' Turkish life on the Aegean coast, I'm sure Izmir is nice. Do as the locals do and take a ferry across the bay.

But I'm sure you'd have a good time anyway. Antalya has people coming back again and again, and the location of Bodrum is beautiful, too.

From all of these locations it's possible to make inland incursions which I'm sure your hotel would arrange. Izmir is very well located to visit ancient Greek and Roman ruins in Pergamon, Ephesos (including the House of the Virgin Mary, if you're interested in that). Also check out Kapadokya which is easily reached from any of your destinations. I don't know where you're from or whom you're travelling with, but a balloon ride there is a tourist classic and very romantic. Though it's a bit too touristy for me :-)

Texans of /trv/, I'm relocating to your state next year!

What are your thoughts on Austin vs Dallas vs San Antonio vs Houston regarding livability?

I'm leaning towards Austin based on what I've gathered so far.
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grew up in dallas, live in austin now, been to all 4 multiple times

austin is the best out of the 4. Houston might offer better jobs

but austin has way cooler scenes IMO than the other.

SA can be cool, but it's big, vacant and pretty stupid.

HOU is massive and fucked and smoggy

DAL has a very pretentious DT, but has really cool arts districts and bars (they all do, but i spent a lot of my youth here)

AUS has kind of mixes of all of them, including the totally fucked traffic. you can see a lot of things changing - for better and worse. Most liberal for sure.

>either way you are moving to texas, home of bigot fucking redneck idiots, but there are some really cool places in those cities.
San Antonio is shit Houston is Sweet. Austin is good too
I live in Austin.

Ask me questions.

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which city is more like Paris, Marseille or Lyon?
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question is invalid, marseille is more like some parts of paris, lyon is more like some other parts of paris - and both are completely unlike paris
Rather shitty question OP but I'd say Lyon anyway
Marseille really has a Mediterranean/Southern Europe feel which puts it appart from the 2 other
I'm french. Lyon all the way. Marseille is it's own country. Lyon is like a smaller more stress free Paris. And the food is good.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am in Dublin, about to partecipate to a pub crawl. What do you suggest me to do for the next three days?

Sorry for the lazy post but it has been a long day.
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Go to the Guinness tour
I'll be in Dublin on the 20th. Can't fucking wait.
Head across that white (Ha'penny) bridge in the pic, and you're in Temple Bar, which is where it's all at, touristic pub-wise. Burdock's fish and chips is cheap and safe. Grafton Street is also great for buskers and crowds.

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