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First time posting on /trv/. Please forgive me if this is too off subject.

Hubby and I are wanting to eventually end up somewhere in Oregon or Washington (most likely Oregon near Portland or right on the coast).

We currently live in Tennessee, at least 2500 miles away from where we'd want to move to. I wanted to know if anyone had any long-distance moving advice, or any advice on living in Oregon or Washington. Are they not nearly as nice to live in as they seem (we haven't seen either in person yet)? What are the best suburbs to live in? We're not having children, so schools aren't an issue.

This would be years in the future, so we have time to prepare. We would most likely visit the area first before we moved.

Thank you for any help.
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Heya, my wife and I moved from Canada to Texas last year. In our case it lead to us tripling our annual income, allowed us to buy a house, and got us away from shit tier winters.

Stuff to look at, in order:
>why do you want to move?
More money? Better work-life balance? Have you been there before so you know you'll actually like it? Is there another place closer by that would give you similar benefits?

>Yes I want to move, how do the financials look?
Will both of you be able to find jobs in your field right away? Will you make more or less, what kind of place will you be able to afford? Run a few different scenarios, from best to absolute worst case (both of you on minimum wage jobs) and see if you are happy with the result.

>Look ahead 5 and 10 years
Think a bit about your long term goals. Do you want kids? Are you ok with the grandparents only being around a handful of times a year? Are you in an area that has good schools and good opportunities for your kid? This might be overkill, but moving is such a pain in the ass that my wife and I only wanted to do it once, so we put a lot of thought into this one.

>Start the planning
Now that you know that moving is in your best interest, time to set a date. My wife and I settled on one year due to immigration hoops, yours will probably be faster. Y'all said that it would be "a few years", just pick a date and make it happen!

>sell your shit
Start downsizing. Donate or sell extra clothes, furniture, and items you aren't fond off. If you have more than one car, it's probably easier to sell one than driving both across the country, but run the numbers for yourself to be sure. Hold off on buying anything that would be a pain in the ass to move

>get a job lined up.
Start looking a month or so before your move date. Apply to everything possible and ask about relocation in your interviews, but don't press it. Take your time and hold out for the best position possible. Once the offer is signed, pull the trigger.
Having a good plan will really make everything work itself out, so don't worry too much about the actual move. I actually had a job offer in Bellingham Washington but running the numbers, Texas won out handily.
I live in washington, albeit not on the coast.

I take most of my vacations going to either Portland or down the Oregon coast somewhere. Its all super beautiful, and if you love clam chowder and other seafood thats fresh, even better.

Really the western sides of both the states are basically the same, rainy, trees, beaches, Mountains, liberals, hipsters, etc. So where you want to move will not be as dificult as where you can get a job doing what ever it is you do.

The eastern sides while great for many reasons, besides being biased because im living here. Its more conservative, its a more dry and hot climate, lots of farms, so its almost a whole different place onces you cross the mountains. However we have rivers and lakes and everyone is equally into the outdoors. Thats truely what both these states are about.

Portland to seattle is just a few hours. If you live in either of the states and you want to go vacation, go snowboarding, hiking, camping, fishing. Litterly nothing is very much more than 4-6 hours away from you.

>No sales tax, the price you see is what you pay
>No state income tax
>better gun laws

TLDR; This list could go on and on for both, so figure out what you want out of life, what your jobs dictate needing as far as city size or location, and then narrow down the list

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Hey guys - what should i do for 3 days in Algonquin National Park?
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>Turn off your phone
>Shut down your computer
>Leave your car behind
>Escape the matrix
When I'm in national parks like that I know I just want to do traditional camping stuff. Canoeing, kayaking, getting drunk, bonfires, biking trails, swimming, fishing, boating

if you didn't bring much with you, the outfitters have stuff you can rent/buy
or if you're a bit more experienced you can do a canoe camping trip for 3 days

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What is Kos like? I'm looking at visiting. I've done a lot of the Greek Islands, namely Crete (fantastic, endless things to do/see), Skiathos (small but picturesque), Corfu (stunning), Santorini (quirky and has it's unique charm) and Rhodes (full of history but very tourist pandering).

What's Kos like? Given it's proximity and it's history, is there a huge Turkish influence there like in Rhodes?

And if there's any /pol/weenies here wanting to post "hurr Mudslime rapefugees durr", you can get the fuck out.
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Lots of stray dogs, some mountains you can hike up or drive up on a moped. It's not that big you can see it in like 3-4 days. It's not top tier but has some nice places, like the dried salt lake with the shitload of birds.

It's SUPPOSED to have a lot of refugees there, but I haven't been recently.

You can take a daytrip to bodrum from there.
How long's the ferry to Bodrum take? When I was in Rhodes I did a daytrip to Marmaris and it only took about an hour.
if you want to super-chill go to upper koufonisi


it has few things to do, but the beaches are beautiful and you can take a daily trip to lower koufonisi. and the island is so small you can walk its perimeter in one day, good food and nice people

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I am going to travel down to Albania for a week or two. Will probably visit the capital Tirana and look around the beaches.
Any other cities worth checking out that are near Tirana?
What are some must see things in Albania?
How is the safety, are they like Romanians that steal everything?
And where can you get cheap weed in Albania, I heard they have lots of tobacco and marijuana plantages.
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I work with Albanians.

You are aware that a civil war just recently happened there, right?
It's like fucking Tehran right now.
what the fuck are you talking about ?

Hello /trv/, I booked a 2 day trip to Toronto which is in 4 days. First time visiting Canada and I Literally have nothing planned for it and I'm nervous because I have no idea on what to do there. Any suggestions would be great, just not into bars. Want to make the most of the these two days.
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Go to centre island, which is a quick and cheap ferry ride away. It gives a great view of the city, and is a nice place to walk around/chill out for a bit.
I think there are other threads still floating around with what to do.

>inb4 shitflinging from small-town hicks
I'll just throw out some neighbourhoods/streets for you to google up on: Kensington Market, Queen West (used to be kinda alt, but very commercial nowadays but it's still a busy area), Bloor West, Christie Pits, UofT campus and the Annex, the Ossington strip, Cabbage Town, the Beaches, High Park, College/Spadina along with Trinity Bellwoods (hipster central), the Distillery district (visit the Mill Street Brewery! Even if you're a NEET faggot who's afraid of socializing). The ROM (general history and science museum) is cool. The AGO (art gallery) is very worth it.

I also like Corso Italia (Little Italy), Little Portugal (in my opinion, Venezia Bakery has the best pasteis de nata outside of Lisbon). There are multiple Chinatowns, but the better ones are in the suburbs (cleaner, cheaper, better quality food).

check out nowtoronto.com to see what events are going on.

Going to saint Petersburg for a whole 33 days any advice travel?
Sorry for shit english
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Advice on any subject are welcome
Going from july9th - aug 12
For any events worth checking out
Bump for help
I've never been to St. Petersburg, but I can tell you that you don't have to bump a thread on /trv/ three minutes after you start it, and certainly not one more time not even an hour after that again. It's a slow board. In the last thread in the catalogue, the last reply was three days ago. Just be patient and people will answer you, if not, bump it in a few days.

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Has anyone here been to Namibia? If so, what could you tell me about traveling there? Renting my own car isn't an option, but I was considering taking a guided tour on the Desert Express or something similar, or barring that, I've heard that you can see Namibia via hitchhiking. Is the former rewarding, and is the latter really viable?
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A German-minority Namibian used to post here, maybe s/he can help you. I haven't seen him/her in some time though.
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2MB, 3456x2304px

Travelling in Namibia is easy, if you have your own car. I would not hitchhike, because as a tourist, i have been advised not to pick up hitchhikers.

Also, if you don't have your own car, how are you supposed to get around Etosha??

I don't want to get into too many specifics, but the car issue isn't a matter of me not knowing where to rent/not having the money/whatever, it's a matter of me not being able to drive due to a disability (I'm fine in most regards, and have traveled independently multiple times before, but driving is the one major thing I continue to struggle with).

>Also, if you don't have your own car, how are you supposed to get around Etosha??

I can accept that there are certain things I'm going to have to miss out on due to not having my own transportation. What I'm trying to figure out is if there are ways to work around that limitation so that I could still have a fulfilling trip. I realize that my options are limited, but what options are there?

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>It costs twice as much for an American to fly to Europe as it does for a European to fly to America Your plane tickets here are literally half what I have to pay to go there. This shit isn't fair
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it's because of the Earth's rotation, something you may have learned about if you weren't a dumb American. If you're going from Europe the planes can just be suspended in the air and have the Earth rotate underneath until the plane is over America. This method obviously uses much less fuel and therefore is cheaper.
book it on a European carrier.
I know Swiss had NYC - Zurich - NYC for 569 CHF a day ago as I booked it for a friend from the states.
I think you may be on to something there...

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Whatsup /trv/
I got 13 months free that I can and will spend in Australia and New Zealand.

Starting out in New Zealand in november and I have to leave Australia in december 2017. My question is, how many months for each country? I'm combining working with travelling. I have to enter australia before 20th june of 2017 but I am considering going there earlier. NZ isn't THAT big to spend half a year there?

I take it the weather in New Zealand gets bad in april? So, NZ november-march and then Australia April-december?
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weather in NZ is bad year round, it rains most days, humid as fuck in summer and windy as fuck in winter/spring.
Nice generalisation
So many people coming to NZ.. I take trips around NZ a lot, if I'm free you can join me then. I've made 3 good friends from /p/ and /soc/.

NZ won't take you more than 4 months to cover, and that's having a relaxed drive etc.

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I hear Berlin is the best place in Europe right now for musicians and artists, and I am a musician/artist so I'm going to go check it out during the summer. I hear the east of the city is known for it's creative vibe

>Where's the best place for a creative to stay?
>Where's the best places for music/art?
>How do I get involved with my music/art?
>How do I find raves?
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Try strictly lofi group on facebook or similar groups
For finding raves and cool places, I mean
Club De Visionaire, Berghain, Ipse, Tresor, Chalet

if they don't let you in, don't be offended, you probably don't fit in

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Share your favorite full time traveler Youtuber.
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That lens doesn't focus at that distance.
>That lens doesn't focus

He isn't planning to take a photo with it -- he's planning to fellate it.
Ok all is good then.

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> find incredibly cheap plane tickets to the cayman islands
> get super excited
> look for a place to stay
> cheapest hotel is like $400 a night
> no campgrounds

wtf do I do? could I just camp on the beach?

its pretty safe and I dont think anyone would care?

anybody else been to grand cayman? what should I do?
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Take a cruise from florida. I think some will stay there a few days
airbnb, couch surf, hostel
dumb frogposter

Is there any cheap/less expensive way to fly to South America?

I'd like to go down to Argentina and check it out. Based on some research it seems like I could have a great time without spending too much money... except on airfare, which is a fucking arm and a leg. I've used discount services but the ticket prices still seem to be outrageous. Is there anything I can do?
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A good first step is stating where you live.
Are you in the US? Southwest has flights to South America now, but I'm not sure if they go as far south as Argentina. Might want to check their rates and see if you can find a deal.
Connect through Miami.

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I just got back from a weekend in Las Vegas.

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How was your flight?
Bang any trannies?
I drove from Phoenix, AZ.


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Dutch Guy planning a 6 month trip to Alaska,
Starting with a small budget and trying to earn some more there,
Can someone give me some tips about things to do and places to visit?
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Fuck the whales. There is a boat that leaves late at night, it's fast enough for you to catch one.
6 months purely in Alaska? Not saying don't do it, but I'll ask... why 6 months? Alaska is nice in its way, but not very diverse. You get just as much of the full experience in 1 month as in six. Only difference maybe being mosquito and midnight season or snow and eternal night season. If you like fishing, hunting, shitting in the woods and pretending to be Bear Grylls, you'll have a blast.

I guess it's the total opposite of Netherlands... huge, rough terrain, mountains, relatively few people, few farms, lots of wild animals.
I love to walk trough and see the nature as it is suposed to be, in the netherlands you can't find a single spot where humans didn't change a thing. Also it is to busy for me here i think, people are everywhere. I think it would be awesome to spend half a year exploring Alaska! Maybe split and spend some time in canada as well. Meet some new people, stuff like that

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