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Saw a lot of Spain-related threads and I think it is time for a Spain General
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In on this. Love Spain, spent 3 weeks total in Granada, Seville and Madrid. Will definitely go back.
Went to Madrid for a few days this week, thought it was a perfectly good city. Not that much stuff to do but I had fun
looks like poor country.is not like america but is ok

Hey! I'm a 18 year girl traveling to Bangkok alone at the end of June. I am super stoked and will be staying at an AirBnb. Besides eating lots of pad thai/thai tea, I don't know much about Thailand. I studied art history so I'm definitely looking forward to visiting beautiful temples, etc. Buuuuuut, overall I don't know much about it, and would really appreciate tips/advice/guides on what to do there. I'm staying for about a week. I would love to experience a little bit of everything, and great food recommendations would be much appreciated.
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>I'm a 18 year girl traveling to Bangkok alone at the end of June. I am super stoked and will be staying at an AirBnb.

You really shouldn't do this. Unless you're butt ugly (and even then) this sounds pretty dangerous.
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just remember to accept any drink any man offers you, and be sure to let them see you drink. it's a huge insult there to turn them down, and they may even slap you if you tell them no or try to avoid it, which is totally socially acceptable there.

other than that, everything there's pretty easy to figure out. almost everyone speaks english, so just chill and have fun. :)
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It does sound dangerous and now you're instilling a new fear in me. I definitely am not butt ugly and have my fears... but I'm doing this anyway

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Had anyone been to a hostel in St.Petersburg?

I mostly see 6 or 8 bed rooms. Are Russians generally chilled or will I get raped/my stuff stolen?

Maybe also a general St.Petersburg/Russia thread?
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My job booked me into a hostel. (Lol). It was fine. Why would Russians steal your stuff? I'm not the hostel kind of guy though, so I booked an Airbnb which was perfectly fine.
I'm pissed off you haven't thread about Russia. As a St. Petersburg resident I recommend Soul Kitchen hostel. Ask your questions.
>Had anyone been to a hostel in St.Petersburg?

>Are Russians generally chilled or will I get raped/my stuff stolen?
It is like in any hostel in the world. Your things will be safe (or not).

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I'm leaving tomorrow to walk across the US again. This is my third time.

Send me death threats, words of encouragement, some advice, or ask some things about me if you wish. I am doing this again only because I find the experience exhilarating and rewarding. I am very self reliant and I know quite a bit of survival skills.
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How long does it take?
Do you have a fixed trail?
Have fun, don't die.
I don't have an ultimate plan. I averaged 15-25 miles a day, some days I can go even farther. But then if I walk too much in a day I'd want to rest the next day so in between 15-25 is good for a day.

I am located in northwest illinois and I am headed to the st Louis area to visit my brother, do schwilly things together, stock up on food, Maybe he'll give me a handle of whisky for the road, and then head west. I want to go to Cheyenne to visit a close friend and then California because I like that state.

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I live in Japanese near Tokyo and I have really lived in Tokyo, but think for me in the city that is not clean rather at all.
In the summary site for Japan, Tokyo sees comment with a clean city well, will foreign which has visited it in Tokyo think that Tokyo is really clean?
I want you to tell me because I doubt very.

By the way, I depend on an automatic translation engine because I am weak in English.
It should come to want to say…
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>I live in Japanese
Possibly do you doubt whether I am a Japanese?
>By the way, I depend on an automatic translation engine because I am weak in English.

I have never visited Tokyo, but 1 day I want to. :)

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NZ fag here, never travelled

Have been working for a long time, saved up a bit of disposable money, about $4000

Have a couple of weeks leave starting at August, and thought I'd look into going somewhere to unwind. Will be solo.

• Warm, sunny
• Decent beach to relax and read on
• Good drinks, not too expensive
• Options to either go and mingle with cute girls to get laid, but considering I'm average as fuck with weak game, I'll probably have to pay someone to fulfil my urges. Either way, I'll want to get laid, so somewhere somewhat easy or accessible for that

Yeah, I'm a pleb, but I've never gone anywhere before and want to see if the whole "experiences instead of materialism" thing is really true

Am I basically destined for Thailand like everyone else? Flights are expensive for going away for a short period of time
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Thailand. Anywhere in SEA, really. More than 2 weeks is enough to justify any flight, senpai.
Yeah just do Thailand. You can get Jetstar return for $500 if you nab a sale.

Doesn't LAN fly direct AKL-Santiago? Chile is pretty nice, if you like beaches head up to Iquique, good surf and it's reasonably developed. Cheap coke & pussy plus the local red wine is fucking good.

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Island montage.jpg
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From the UK. So last year me and the GF went to Disneyland Paris. Then terrorists attacked Paris. Disneyland closed for the first time (literally the first time since it opened 24yr ago). Kind of put a bit of a crimp on the holiday. I promised her that this year we will go to Disney, come hell or high water.

Friend of mine lives in Cali, USA. Just had a baby. We have the idea of killing two birds with one stone. See friend & baby, and go to Disneyland California (Anaheim).

Last month the majority of my country decides that cutting ties with the EU is a good idea. Pound plummets. Holiday to California looks pretty expensive all of a sudden.

We decided to think of alternative ideas for a holiday, closer to home. The biggest cost of California would be getting there. So again, I'm factoring in going to Disneyland Paris for 3-4 days (fingers crossed ISIS decide not to fuck things up again).

We want to either do a beach holiday and relax, or a bit of a city break. We'd stay here for 4-6 days, then fly to Disney. After that, Eurotunnel it back to the Motherland. Ideas we have are:

- Greek Islands
- Malta
- Corsica
- Sardinia
- Budapest
- Reykjavik

Anyone visit any of these places? Any suggestions for where to go, where to stay, etc.? As long as staying at one of these places is cheaper than accommodation and travel to and from USA, I'm happy.
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Google it numbskull.
>Google it numbskull.
I have. Just wondering whether /trv/ have had any personal experience, anything they would suggest.
>Holiday to California looks pretty expensive all of a sudden.

What a coincidence I've wanted to return to the UK for years but have put it off because of the cost, now suddenly vacationing in Britain seems affordable.

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Thinking about moving to Korea, don't quite know where to move. Seoul or Busan sound nice. Also Im American, White, in mid 20s if that changes anything?
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Are you looking for suggestions, orrrr????

What are your interests? Why Korea? What do you plan on doing? Where/how you gonna work (pls don't be another beta english teacher)?
Looking for suggestions. I plan on working as an IT professional.

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Hi /trv/

American searching American cities: I'm searching for programming jobs right now. There's plenty, but I want to pick a city where I can live within a 25 minute walk of my job and a 5-10 minute walk of a grocery store. Also affordable, doesn't have to be particularly beautiful. What cities would be good?

I had an internship in Detroit that fit these criteria and loved it, but I'd rather not go back for personal reasons. Also, Chicago seems to fit the criteria but I'm from the area and wanted to try living somewhere new.
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Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, NYC, DC, SF, and Chicago are probably your only options.
Raleigh or Charlotte NC might be good for you. Charlotte has a bit of a sprawl but you would probably find a nice wlalkable neighborhood with everything you need. just steer clear of the burbs.
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Denver skyline.jpg
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Denver fits all of these and plenty of tech jobs.
Added bonus of amazing outdoor activities year round

Hello, is here any Klagenfurt based Austrian?

Are there any 'hidden', nice, free places for swimming around Worthersee lake? I know there's main beach with entrance fee but it's really crowded.

Looking for a little calm spot for me and a girlfriend. If there is, how about parking etc. Thanks lads.
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Me and few of my friends were driving a car from Finland to Italy moth ago. We stopped at Worthersee, looking for place to swim because we were dirty as shit. I accidentally drove us into middle of fucking Velden. Which is the most disgusting thing imaginable. Also the whole lake is fenced off/private property. We managed to snuck in and go down through very thick forest. It was complete shit and the lake itself was muddy and cold.
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As an Austrian (I live in Vienna though) I have to agree with the person above me. Wörthersee is a shitty lake.
There are dozens of lakes better than that, especially in Upper Austria and Salzburg.

Or you could go to Längsee which is about 20km from Klagenfurt. Haven't been there but it looks nice on pictures.

Well, I heard it's very beautiful and stuff, that's why I considered it. Guess those reviews were wrong.

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What are some must see/do things in San Francisco, and some fun things to do in Santa Barbara for a day? I'm going to California on July 28th until the 10th of August. I'll be staying in Santa Barbara for a day or two and spending the rest of my time in San Francisco with family. I'd like to see the golden gate bridge, fisherman's wharf, and Lombard street, but other than that I don't have anything on the itinerary.

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If you have the opportunity, take Route 1 from Santa Barbara to SF. One of the most beautiful drives in the country. Stay on 101 until you hit San Luis Obispo.

I'm don't have a ton for SF, but walking around neighborhoods and seeing the crazy angle of some of the streets is neat. You can do that around the Russian Hill neighborhood where Lombard St is. Seeing some painted ladies are cool, neat architecture. Hiking to the top of Twin Peaks is good too.

If you have access to a car, there's a ton in the surrounding bay area that's great. Muir Woods, Napa, Monterey, etc. Monterey is one of my favorite spots. The aquarium is awesome and the 17 mile drive is really scenic too.
If the weather is good, a climb up the Filbert Steps to Coit Tower is seriously picturesque--both the climb itself and views from the the top at the base of the tower are really beautiful. You can then walk down Telegraph Hill into North Beach for some further quality sightseeing, there and in adjacent Chinatown. Climbing the tower gives you still a greater view, but it's optional and not free.

Most locals will discourage Fisherman's Wharf as a tacky, inauthentic tourist trap. It is. But if you're traveling with children they will probably enjoy it, and the waterfront itself has some beauty. Nearby and equally tacky Pier 39 is also best avoided according to most of us, but it does feature a colony of sea lions lounging around that are worth a visit.

A tourist trap that's actually quite interesting is an Alcatraz tour--the boat ride out is pretty, as are the views from the island. The prison itself may or may not entertain you.
Does anyone knows about a good and nice hotel? Im going with my bf from Peru from 14th august to 22 and we dont have much money haha

I will be going to Alsace next month, anybody been there? I am looking for a family friendly normie trip, cultural, let's say, but alternate suggestions of what to do there are welcomed as well.

So, go forth, what should I visit?
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>anybody been there?

i live there

>what should I visit?

for how long will you be staying ?

>family friendly normie trip, cultural

assuming you're here for more or less one week :

* definitely visit Strasbourg. I'm maybe a little biased because it's my city, but it's one of the finest cities in France.
The city center and the Petite France neighborhood are really nice (pic related), and the cathedral is something special. Those are very standard tourist spots and will be very crowded in August, but they're worth a visit.
You can also visit the european parliament if you think this may interest you. I'd advise touring the Neustadt, a neighborhood built by the Germans in the late nineteenth century, in a very monumentalist fashion.
There are some very interesting museums regarding art or history, I can get more into details if you're interested.
Strasbourg is very easy to navigate and the public transportation system is top notch. However, the city authorities are trying to discourage people from using their car within the city limits, so do not try to reach things by car, use te tramway network or rent a bike.

* visit some castles. I don't know where you're from, but my friends who visited Alsace were always positively impressed by medieval castles. The Haut Koenigsbourg is a nice one, it's been renewed and rebuilt and overlooks the whole Alsace plain (gorgeous view), however it is very touristy and crowded. If you want to go a little bit off the beaten track, the Ortenbourg and Rammstein castles are nice ones, with the same beautiful view.
* travel along the "route des vins" : it's a winding road that crosses the Alsace vineyards (your pic). Many beautiful little cities along the road : Obernai, Barr, Ribeauvillé, Riquewihr, Kaysersberg, Eguisheim (the best one imo).
This can keep you busy for a few days honestly. You should rent a car for this.

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Do you already know where and how long to stay ? Colmar would be one of the comfiest places in Alsace, lovely in itself and quite close to other major Alsatian cities. Among the usual touristic spots be sure to at least not miss Strasbourg's cathedral and European Parliament, the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle and Ribeauvillé. Mulhouse might interest you for its zoo and Train and Automobile museums, which are actually pretty cool for such an all-around shitty city.
According to me, the best trip you could have in Alsace in summer would be to just drive/cycle to random villages and enjoy the food and sights, especially with the upcoming and numerous Wine Festivals (Eguisheim is a cool one).
* Check Colmar, it's a neat little city with ancient architecture and canals, and their art museum (Unterlinden) is worth a visit. However, Colmar gets boring quickly and I would not advise to stay there for more than a day.

* Go to the Vosges if you like outdoors. There are some gorgeous sceneries in the hautes Vosges, which can be easily reached from Colmar (20-30 minutes drive, there are also buses and trains). I recommend hiking near the Hohneck mountain or near the gazon du Faing / lac des Truites (closest village is Orbey).

* If you have some time left, maybe visit Mulhouse. It is not a beautiful city, but it has some interesting remains of its industrial past and a nice, although small, historic city center.

>alternate suggestions of what to do there are welcomed as well.

what are you into / what would you like to do ? All my suggestions are very generic ones (and keep in mind that following them will make you go to very touristy and crowded spots), but I know my region very well and there are some other hidden gems.

One last thing : the weather in August can be very hot (I'm talking up to 35°C), which tends to surprise people in my experience, and there can be quite heavy thunderstrorms. Be aware of that.

How difficult is it to find a job teaching at an international school if you are not a native English speaker? I am Latino and I moved to the States at a really young age and I speak English with a slight accent even though I speak it fluently. Is it a deal breaker for most employers if I am not planning to teach the English subject?

I've also heard that many international schools in Asia prefer white teachers. I am mestizo. Will it be really difficult to find a job because of my race?
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Your best bet would be a STEM subject. You see Indians teaching those all the time.
Yes my major is STEM related
With an MAT or MEd and teacher certification in the US you should be able to teach at an international school anywhere.

Joined the french foreign legion six months agoam from US. Completed boot camp snd basic training which included a 60km march/2days and a 110km/3days both with 20-25 kilos on our back and 3kilos famas on our front. Trained with live grenades, live ammunition for famas,9mm. Decided once I completed instruction before regiment to return to civilian life and am now travelling europe with 7k us at my disposal. I speak decent spanish and french and been having the best time in france as an ex legionare with my beret in my bag french women are amazing. Now making my way through spain to run with the bulls this week. Any advice for running with the bulls or travelling europe with no prior planning?
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Also anyone knowledge about schogen area visa protocol? As I said before have been in europe, mostly france for almost 6 months, most of that time in legion. Any ideas how that impacts the 90 day visa that us citizens auto recieve in schogen area? I have release paper from legion reflecting the length of my stay there and only one stamp on my passport from iceland during my connecting flight. Can I simply say my I left and returned both times without a stamp as was the case with mu intial arrival in france, should i tell them the truth, should i just lose my passport and get a fresh one with no stamps from embassy?
>thinks 37 miles forced march in 2 days merits mention
>considers going AWOL (or whatever FFL calls it) being an ex legionaire
>calls schengen schogen
>missing out on naturalizing as EU citizen thru french .mil service
>axes how into visa fraud and says its because of "overstaying" not trying to avoid getting caught for shirking his enlistment oath

#HolyFuckingShit private, return to your unit and take the pee pee spanking they have waiting for you. the longer you drag this out, the worse it will be

i was going to give this a 6/10 for trolling then i realized that life is dumber than fiction
If you read there you will see that I state I have release papers from the legion which I would think one would be able to infer from this statement that I went through the necessary avenues in order to reobtain my passport.

You are not guaranteed citizenship after 5 years in legion. Its complicated however for most countries 7 years is a more realistic estimate.

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Hey guys, I'm going to NYC for 10 days, July 14-22. Is the subway ok for moving from place to place? If so, how much does the ticket cost?
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subway is great; i live in nyc and take it every day. i get a monthly pass, so i'm not sure of cost, but googling that is really goddamned simple. you're likely going to find a 7 day pass cheaper, if you plan to use the subway a bunch. where are you staying?
mta.info. All your transit needs.
7 day pass is the way to go if you're moving around a lot. It will take you north south anywhere in Manhattan fast. Anything east-west in Manhattan is walkable for an able bodied person. Subway will also take you to any worthwhile place in the outer boroughs.

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