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hey friends,

I'm an Aussie who's about to start working in Austin, TX. From what I hear, Sydney is quite expensive compared to Austin.

Anyone know much about life in Austin? Rent appears reasonable and I hear night life is great. Any other tips or info about Austin I should know about?
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Austinite checking in
I'd show you some shit but I'm not in town til mid October
You like tacos
You like vegans
You have a meticulously groomed beard
You know your craft beers
You bicycle
You enjoy scantily clad college girls
You appreciate any and all kinds of live music (live music capital of the world)
You appreciate weird shit
You realize how important good food trucks are
You will probably do OK here
college girls, tacos, live music and weird shit are good in my books.

Why do you say just OK?
Just because vocabulary
You will do great as long as you don't have a problem with hipsters, if you haven't heard already, ATX is a big hipster town.
Austin City Limits Festival will be in October and I recommend you go, it's one of the biggest events of the year besides SXSW, and a chance to see great music and meet friendly locals

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I am taking my kid sister to Sydney for a week, what are some family-friendly things that can be done there?
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>family-friendly things
it is all within that pic desu
Taronga Zoo, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and the Wild Life Sydney Zoo are an absolute must.

Luna Park would be fun if your sister is into rides and stuff. If she's very young, take her to Coney Island in Luna Park, there are no rides there, its more carnival games sorta stuff.

Walk through Hyde Park.

Climb the Harbour Bridge if your sister is older than 8.

Go to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of NSW.

I recommend you do a tour of the Rocks even if you're not interested in Australia's colonial history.

I don't know when you plan on going, but if its in Summer, don't go to Bondi, its a cluster fuck of tourists and its just super busy. Check out Coogee and Manly beaches.

If you're up for it, surf lessons are always fun. Bondi would actually be good for that.

Have a look at plays/musicals/concerts/etc at the time you're going, Sydney has a great entertainment scene.

Hope that helped!

Whale watching is really good as well.
Thanks you very much, I'll look into those suggestions!

Also anything maybe a little outside Sydney is also possible, if it's like a day trip.

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Hello /trv/

I'd like to visit this isolated corridor some day. I've done long treks before, so I'm not too worried about that. What I'm interested in is accessibility, general dangers and possibilities to cross over into neighbouring countries.
Any experienced or knowledgeable anons out there?
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From a bit of research it appears to be pretty inaccessible and dangerous.
The border with China is closed and it looks like you can't cross into Pakistan or Tajikistan legally.
It's inhabited principally by nomads.
It features a strong Taliban insurgency.
It is basically ungoverned.

Seems pretty sketchy m8.

Good luck.
Wikipedia doesn't show taliban in the very corridor. However, just because it's controlled by the government doesn't mean there is no taliban influence or violence.
Actually it's pretty much the only region in the entirety of Afghanistan which has no Taliban presence. It would be really hard for them to find support among the locals there when they observe a much less strict sect of Islam and care about nothing other than their herds. I wouldn't be surprised if most nomads there have no idea there was ever a war.

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Just a quick question. Arriving in Taipei airport (the one beginning with T) tomorrow at 12:30, so once I have got off and been through everything it will be about 1:30am. Will it be possible to get into the city for a reasonable price (more specifically, Shihlin), or is it better to just wait out the first buses in the morning?
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Wait it out.

The airport you're at, Taoyuan International, isn't in Taipei, so you'd end up taking at least an hour long taxi ride to get to Shihlin.
What do you consider a reasonable price? I live in central Taiwan, don't know Taipei super well, but I know Taoyuan is a bit of a ways out. You're probably looking at a couple hundred NT, I'd guess 200-400 based on the distance according to google maps. I dunno, that's just my guess though, this is an extremely specific question.
check if your hotel will pick you up. some have 24 hour pick up.

i've heard taxis will go for about 300. not that bad if you really dont want to wait til 6 or whenever

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Hey, Frenchmen here travelling to Rome in a few hours. Will be there for a bit over a week. Anything I should look for in particular?

My first time landing in Italy. Just wondering if any of you know of any cool places to visit whilst I'm there.

I'm a real fan of Ancient Roman history and all that jazz.
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Who is your favourite emporer?
Definitely Hadrian. I just have a thing for BIG BEAUTIFUL WALLS.
As another anon said in a thread, consider a night tour of the Vatican. Otherwise, it's hot as balls in Rome in the summer. Do early rise and get neighborhoods, churches and sights toured before 10am when the heat rises and then slow the pace down and cool off.

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I am 19m and interested in solo travel.
Mainly either adventure or activities holiday.
I've never done it before, and I'll admit the main reason to wanting to do it is because I don't have any friends anymore.

Has anyone here traveled solo before, I presume plenty of you have. And also how old were you when you did and if people my age usually do that?
Any other advice is also welcome

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Where r u from?
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where do you want to go to?
for how long?

What is the worst airline you've ever experienced before /trv/?
>flying from LA to Delhi
>have to transfer in Shanghai along the way
>have to fly with China Eastern Airlines both on the way to Shanghai and the way to Delhi
>also have to fly on the way to Shanghai and to LA on the way back
>check in bags at LAX, board plane
>very loud Chinese people everywhere
>awful music playing in the background
>go to coach
>at least the seats have screens I can watch movies on
>check screen
>all the movies are shit-tier B level American movies in distracting Chinese subtitles (even when you click the "English" tab on the screen)
>the rest are government approved Chinese dramas and mid level action movies
>have to watch annoying, loud, and long chinese advertisements before watching anything
>all the flight attendants are Chinese women, they shuffle back and forth along the plane, wearing a constantly worried expression on their faces
>whenever somebody asks them something their faces look like somebody asked them to jump in a sewer
>take off
>few hours later the food is brought out
>a god awful smell permeates the whole plane
>the food smells so bad, that it makes the girl travelling with me sick
>food is basically inedible, don't know what it is
>smell prevents me from going to sleep anymore
>took an hour until the attendants collected garbage, and even then, the smell still permeated the plane for the rest of the flight
>land in Shanghai Pudong airport.
>go to international transfers and get boarding pass
>wait for three hours at gate
>flight to Delhi gets fucking cancelled
>nobody knows whats going on
>Indians yelling at the girl at the desk
>she yells at us in English to go to the information desk upstairs
>for the next few hours, we're sent on a wild goose chase, through the information desk, through customs, etc, until we reach baggage claim
>come to my bag, see tape around it
>they broke my fucking zipper and wrapped tape around it so that it wouldn't spill out
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>right after we get our bags we're expected to get on a bus and to a hotel that the airline paid for
>it's 3 in the morning by now and me and my friend's insomnia are getting to us
>we talk to the Chinese man overseeing the whole thing, he walks right past us as if nothing is happening
>after 1 hour of continually trying to talk to somebody, there's nobody left but us in the baggage claim area.
>finally, they assure us that we will get a replacement bag by the airline once we get back
>I haul my broken bag since I can't roll it anymore, if I stopped wrapping my hands around it, it would fall open
>get to the bus and drive for 30 minutes to the hotel
>check into the hotels, goddamn receptionists can't even speak English
>we eventually find a room, and sleep for 2.5 hours until we wake up at 6 AM
>at this point, my suspicions about the behavior of the mainland Chinese were confirmed, they were loud, rude, and ignored you if you said anything to them that would require their assistance, they are pushy and unreasonably aggressive
>get herded on a bus, still carrying my broken, 20 kilo bag around my chest
>get to the airport
>try to talk to china eastern airlines baggage check in counter
>they ignore us and point to the information desk
>the information desk points us to a different direction
>then began a 2 hour long goose chase for a place where we could get a new piece of luggage
>finally find a place, they give us a tiny bag in comparison, need two, they give us two.
>hurriedly stuff our shit inside the cheap Chinese luggage, and hurry on our way
>It was past check-in by that point, so we needed to check in our bags in a special place
>15 minutes later and many phone calls by the guy at the belt, our bags were checked in
>we sprint to the security, get checked, sprint to the gate
>board the plane
>have to wait an extra 2 hours because fucking Pudong air traffic control didn't clear us (this was a problem on our return flight too.)
>eventually get to Delhi.
It was either American or US Airways. I think the latter. International flight where the IFE did not work and no free alcohol
Not much happened on our return trip, but there's only really one thing to point out.
>Flying from Varanasi to Delhi to Shanghai to LA to Las Vegas (home)
>Be at Shanghai Pudong again
>transfer flight no problem, no baggage claim, no cancellations
>decide to spend the remaining Yuan we have on some Chinese goods
>get two bottles of water and some bottled tea
>try to board the plane
>Chinese man booms at me "YOU HAVE WATUH? NO WATUH!"
>friend starts to protest, I know of no place where you can't buy water past the security checking place and not bring it on the plane, did it on the China East Airlines flight from LA to Shanghai and from Delhi to Shanghai
>woman at the desk turns to us and yells
>Eventually decide to down the bottles in one go before boarding
>Australian girl walks past us and murmurs "terribly rude."

Fuck you, I had no idea China Eastern could have been that shit, and not everyone is a richfag who can afford the best airlines when they're going to a place with a 12 hour 30 minute time zone change, I.E, across the world. Also, fuck off, India was amazing.
>Went to see the place where the Buddha taught
>Saw numerous and countless temples
>Saw bodies burning on the ghat in Varanasi
>Bought musical instruments from Varanasi
>Saw the stunning town of Rishikesh and bathed in the Ganges
>Bought gold and diamond and jewels in Jaipur at an amazing price
>everything and everywhere is so cheap and you feel so alive walking the streets and haggling and seeing the life all around you
How can you wish somebody ill for going to India? Also, it's really no secret that mainland Chinese people are incredibly loud, rude, and obnoxious to you, you don't have to have the standards you were describing (pleasant North American dialect) to be put off by them and their method of handling others. It was the same experience I had when meeting Chinese tourists in Japan, this isn't a case of frivolous outrage.

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Las Vegas thread?

I spent five days this month there. I can fill any questions you might have. I'm considering going back next year.

Couple of thing I'd want to mention:

The water is terrible, one of the worse in the nation

I saw a Penn & Teller magice show, it was solid show

I did some gambling, blackjack mostly, I almost tripled my buy in, though small it was. I'm told it's the best odds in Vegas, 3/2 eight decks.

My offical reason for being there was being on the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Yes, that show is still going on. I have an NDA with them so questions will be light and vague here.

Prostitution seems readily available, I didn't investigate it at all though but little old ladies on the street hand out cards for call girls.

My main from of transit was public transit (bus).

The temperature was in the 110s but it wasn't that bad since the humidity is so low. A dry heat, if you're familiar with a sauna.

Lots of Asians and blacks.
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Hoping to go there this winter for a couple weeks. I have family there that has connects to various clubs/hotels.

How are the girls? Not just the prostitutes but just the girls at clubs, bars, etc.
I'd say there are straight up more attractive and bustier girls than the average place. But keep in mind the Lion's share is still slob tourist.
Did you see alot of cheating to warrant the whole 'Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas' saying?

Hi guys. I am from Russia so i have some questions about Canada. Can you say some advantages and disadvantages of living in Canada .
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You will feel like you are living in Krygyzstan because of how many Chinese are there m8
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first post best post lmao

Can't you figure them out, Ivan? It's the west, life is amazing there.
Кaнaдa пapaшки ocoбo нe лyчшe. Бeз paбoты тeбe пиздa и тaм и тaм. Toлькo в кaнaдe, ты втopocopтный иммигpaнт и тaких кaк ты тaм дoхyя. Sorry :(
tldr: little difference with developed parts of russia; it all depends on your income


Ill be going to Slovenia tomorrow because i decided to book a flight there on a whim. I was wondering if anybody has been there before and could tell me about places/things i should visit/see/enjoy etc that are less well known ?

Thanks in advance!
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Holy shit I did the same thing but I'm going next week.

How long are you there for anon?
Are you into hiking?
There is plenty of beautiful places. The women are usually really good looking too. Buses are cheap so its no problem.

Idk check out bled. A lot of tourissts but triglav area is close and the hike i did was four days up and down but a lot of detours (started out in stara fuzina)

Ive only been in ljubljana and it was alright. Didnt party sadly.
Hey Ill be arriving there tonight and ill stay there till the 7th of august.

Yep also hoping to do some hiking. Where did you sleep during the four day hike ?

Planning a eurotrip for the summer of 2017, although I've run into a few complications. The reason I'm trying to fit so many countries in is because I just got back from a year abroad in Spain and now I'm left with a bunch of foreign friends scattered across a far away continent and a longing for european culture. The trip began to run into a couple difficulties when I decided to incorporate a family trip within this one and possibly spending time with american friends from the year abroad that actually live relatively close to me here in the states. My friends want to go with me to Spain but my mom's planned to go to Spain and France, to both visit where I lived in Spain (Seville) and to see the places she lived in France. If I could, I'd choose to be with my American friends in Spain, Belgium, and Amsterdam. Then I'd later like to go to the rest of the countries, not including Switzerland, with my friend from Denmark. Ive chosen to reserve Switzerland for a trip with my grandfather next summer, as he was a refugee there during the second world war. Family obviously won't overlap with friends. Leaving the budget factor out of it how can i hit every country in a logical order? Sorry for the broadness of the subject but advice would be much appreciated!
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Also suggestions for cities that aren't on the list would be helpful!
Zurich is only good if you have money. Go to Interlaken instead. Its expensive but there is plenty of stuff to do for free. Go to Budapest and Prague as well. I loved London too, despite it being expensive.
I don't think money should be a problem I will have been saving up for a while. And I wasn't sure about Prague for a bit but a lot of people have told me to go. Would also like to try some beer there. London might be kinda difficult since it's not part of the eurail though. But thanks!

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All SEA related things can go here if it be stories, pics, or explanations
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Here are some hookers I had sex with.

>InB4 "girl" yes they are women.

When were you in Pattaya?

I spent 6 weeks there in 2012, wondering how much it has changed
4 isn't enough?

how much did it cost?

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digital era.jpg
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Hey /trv/, I need some advice on this thing.

In a few days I'm going to start studying Software Engineering, and because I got a good grade in my admission exam I got the chance to study abroad in ~2 years if I maintain a good overall score, and, knowing the inner weeb inside me and the actual chance to find what I'm looking for, I'm going to choose Japan.

The thing is that one requirement I need is I need at least N2 Japanese to officially apply. Is it actually viable to go there to study for a semester? or should I try my luck applying to somewhere else?
I really would want to study in Japan but I don't want to waste the opportunity either if it's not feasible, nor Iwant to waste time learning a language that probably could learn later. I've heard Germany and France have good places for engineering too.

What should I do?
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just learn the japanese language
Okay. Newfag here but I had to help when I saw this.
If you're coming here for a holiday learning japanese wont be necessary BUT if youre planning to stay here for years then I strongly urge you to take that N2. That being said even for me, a weeaboo myself, have trouble having a conversation myself and I have been learning for almost a daily basis for 2 years(also I barely failed the N2 by 1 point). 3months in Japan and I still have problems constructing a sentence that isnt ambiguous even for them.
Because when getting a response, you'd either get a very crappy English or just full blown japanese, there is no in between.
Also, studying in japanese institutes can be frustrating at most times with the language barrier and all but also the punctuality and doinf stuff on time. Btw you mentioned software and so far all my reports and studies were done using japanese computers and formats so it will be excrutiatingly hard just to translate in the first place. And also if youre a SEAfag like me then you probably get ignored in class unlike most of your weeaboo fantasies.

Tl;dr coming here is fun and all but if youre planning to study you gotta work very very hard for it. And study fuckin japanese for fucks sake
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OP Here

What's the opinion on the Kumamoto University? It's the only option in my school so far, and I've seen that it's one of the oldest schools right there, but there aren't many exchange students nor is a big school.

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Hi trv/, please your advice.

I´m going for 3 days to Miami with my girlfriend. We will rent a car.

First day we will arrive at the airport at 06:00am and we pretend to spend the day in the big outlets malls and the walmarts/targets/whatever-we-find that are there.
Third day we have to be at the airport at 19:00, so (I guess) we will have time to walk through the South beach area.

2nd day my girlfriend wants to go to Orlando, specifically to the Harry Potter theme parks. As i´ve read, it is a 3.5hour ride using the highways, which i wouldn´t want to drive during a supossedly "relaxed" weekend. On the other hand, she really wants to go.

The question: what could i add to make the trip worth the effort? The best scenario for me would be to find something that also made feel enthusiastic about that trip.
I´m thinking about adding Cabo Cañaveral, is it interesting?. Would it be too much for a day trip? (Miami->Orlando->Cabo->Miami)
Any interesting spot in the Miami-Orlando road?

Any comments are welcome. Thanks.
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If you're taking the turnpike there's a plastic dinosaur between Miami and Orlando. That's about it.
wow, that sounds hopeless.
It's more like a 4.5-5 hour drive, and that is if you get out of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and clear north of Palm Beach outside of any rush hour windows, which are nothing to laugh at for S. Florida traffic.

No one would do it in one day if they are driving. T our buses might with a bunch of high school kids, who can get up at 4am, and return home at 3am the following day after a full day at the theme parks.

I guess it can be done.
Day 1: 6am. shop all day in miami heat, nap at 4PM get on the road at 7PM to Orlando and check into a hotel after midnight.
Day 2: Wake up 8ish, get to the park by 9, spend all day til closing fireworks. Spend the night again.
Day 3: Get up early, depart Orlando 6am before HORRIBLE downtown Orlando traffic, get back to Miami-Dade 11ish (hitting west palm/ftl after 10am).

Options: Have lunch Little Havana, shop Dolphin mall (can even shuttle back to the airport with your purchases on a bus). Allow 2.5 hours if international flight, and rush hour is 3-7. You can have a good night late night on Miami Beach esp a weekend, and especially 10PM-2AM. Midtown art walks and food options are good too, but tourists can end up in crime areas very quickly. You could enjoy Venetian Pool, Biltmore brunch, great options for lunch in Coral Gables plus shopping and it's also close to the airport like Little Havana is, just take Le Jeune Rd right back.

Personally? I think your trip is short, and its really a half day in Miami on either side of your orlando trip, where you will essentially spend 12 hours in a car to from including restroom stop/food break. Seems ridiculous if you consider you have only 3 days to spend one of them in a car. Right?

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Let's get some Travel book recs.

I'm going to go ahead and recommended this great book for anyone who hasn't already read it.

It's about a guy on a triumph motorcycle with the simple motive of traveling the world, and still, things aren't as they seem to be.
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Excellent idea for a thread, OP.

The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux. He travels by train from England to Japan and back (taking planes and ships where no train is available).

I can't recommend this enough. Extremely well written, funny, informative, exciting, and really makes you want to travel.
I like the classics of exploration.
>Desert Sands by Wilfred Thesiger
his story of traversing the last non-explored (non-arctic) wilderness on earth.
>The Royal Road to Romance by Richard Halliburton
a true story of the golden age of travel when you could work your passage on boats, climb to the top of the pyramids, and get invited to stay with rich maharajahs
>Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes by Robert Louis Stevenson
about bumming around France; I like this book because it reflects my travel style exactly, minus the donkey.

Also pic related.
Everything by Paul Bowles, fiction or otherwise.
The Sheltering Sky is a great novel if you're not afraid of meaty prose.
All his essays and non-fiction are lucid, inspiring, wonderful. He had a crazy life.

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