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Empire State.jpg
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Best things to do in New York City? Have any sun stories or suggestions? About to go visit!
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Aussie that visited NYC for the first time in June.

I'm a history/artfag so I visited The MET, MoMA, Guggenheim, International Centre of Photography, Tenement Museum, American Museum of Natural History, the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and the Brooklyn Museum. Out of all of them, I found the MoMA and (surprisingly for me as I wasn't planning on going there) the Tenement Museum to be the most interesting.

I wouldn't expect someone to go to all those museums because its so easy to become exhausted of seeing so much stuff even over the period of a few days, but I would definitely go to a few.

I went to the top of the One World Trade Centre, Top of The Rock and the Empire State. The Empire State gives you a good view of the Flat Iron Building and the One World Tower. Top of The Rock gives you a great view of the Empire State and Central Park. One World Tower gives you a great view of Manhattan, Liberty Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

Times Square is basically a meme, go there once just to say you've been there and don't go again unless you need to walk through it to get to another location.

I'm a cyclist so I did use the Citibikes to get around A LOT. You might be too anxious to ride through traffic but definitely ride through Central Park, its gorgeous!!

I walked the Highline a couple of times and loved it. Definitely do that.

Katz's Deli was nice but expect long queues.

There we're quite a few pubs and restaurants I loved but can't remember most of them.
O'Reilly's Bar and Kitchen was really nice.

Hope that helped!
Awesome, thank you. MoMA is a place I will definitely be visiting.

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I've got a check out time of 10am, but my flight is at 7pm. I want to do more shit around town, but what the fuck do I do with my bags? From what I understand the airport and mall took out their short term lockers. Do you think a movie theater would let me kill a couple hours with luggage in tow?
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If you are staying at a hotel, almost certainly they will be willing to hold your bags until you need to go to the airport. Especially if you tip the bell captain or desk clerk. Hostels I don't know about.
Hostel, unfortunately.
>Especially if you tip the bell captain or desk clerk. Hostels I don't know about.
This. Just ask when you check in, if that service would be available.

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china countryside.jpg
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sup /trv/ first timer here, wanna know how ya'll travel the world
Is traveling part of your job? What do you do? Do you save up for trips? whats the deal /trv
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I work so I can travel. Around 35% of my wage goes to travel, which is around 6800€ a year

I have around 28 working days off a year, so I only use them for travel. I don't understand people that take their day off to stay at home tbqh
I travel 2-3months/year.
Save up for it
Usually I country hop, maybe a week to ten days in countries I've never been to. Do that for a month or two, and then spend one month in a country I've visited before but wanted more time in
Where is that pic from? Google shows it's a mac background but doesn't say where it's from.

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Traveling to Japan.

Any advice?

Going to Tokyo, does the flight include a bus to the hotel or do I have to travel there alone?
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>does the flight include a bus to the hotel or do I have to travel there alone?

Have you ever taken a flight before? Unless you're going as part of an organised tour or with a travel agency, it's very unlikely. You can ask your hotel if it does airport transfers, which most big hotels do and can vary hugely in price.
Jezus don't make the first trip in your life to Japan.
Your ignorance will get you fucked.
For anyone in tokyo if you want a bar with chicks I suggest "hub" in ropongi
Far more chicks then men

Hi guys,

I'll be going on a vacation to Ontario, Canada in a couple of weeks. We already rented a car but that would be our only means of transportation. The first couple of days will be all about Toronto and the Niagra Falls (also visiting family arround Oshawa/Ottawa). I'll also be visiting the Muskoka Lakes, Bruce Peninsula and partaking in a 4-day tour through Algonquin Park.

What do you guys think of my plans? Any Canadians who have some ideas for me? I've got some days unfilled so I'm looking for fun activities (been thinking of bouldering/diving/hiking), nice spots for sightseeing et cetera. Mostly interested in nature but id like to check out some chill places in Toronto as well! Any tips or things to look out for, all is appreciated!!
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Killarney is one of my favourite places in the Georgian Bay area, so that could be cool to check out if you have time.

On your way to Ottawa stop by Kingston, which has a pretty comfy downtown, a beautiful university campus, and an old military fort. It's a nice place to stop for the day or if you stay longer is a nice base to explore the countless nearby waters/islands from.

Those two cities are 400km apart m8
Niagara / Canada first timer here, visiting October. Recommendations on nightlife? I prefer bars / pubs (live music is good esp. blues) over nightclubs, and seeing as I am travelling alone it's easier to meet people that way. Also I don't mind Ubering to another town if it's worth it.

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Would it be crazy to go to Germany, specifically to a city with a lot of industry, and try to find a manufacturing monotonous simple job that would help me stay there and pay my bills while learning German?
I only speak English and Spanish and my only qualification is a Law degree that would be totally useless there.
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I would recommend to first try to find the job remotely and then go there.
Chances are you won't get anything done there if you don't speak German. Also you might end up in the refugee camp if they don't understand you.

Though I know one guy who works in a sushi restaurant in Germany who only speaks spanish and english, so he made it somehow.
I won't end up in a refugee camp because I'm an Italian citizen. I've tried looking for simple jobs online and haven't had luck so far in the English language pages. Maybe the German ones would be better. But I haven't seen any simple street sweeping job offers anywhere either. I'm talking about the simplest kind of job possible that I could do speaking only English. A job at a factory would be ideal. Assembling things, packing things, something like that, and go up from there.

You only speak english and spanish yet are an italian?

Your best bet is a restaurant.
Tons of local restaurants, in small towns though, pretty much have to close because they can't find staff. However, you need to be diligent and can't slack off. Most people either don't work well enough or they realize that even a simple job is serious business if you have to do it the whole week.

Or try to cold call large companies that might have somebody who speaks english.

Then again, without speaking the language of the country it ain't easy anywhere.

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Is it possible to buy Weed in Budapest? If yes, where can i buy it?
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No. It's just not possible.
You ask for the impossible, OP.
There is literally no weed in Budapest.

Which city is the best for art and museums?

I'd say London just because of the sheer amount.
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Wut, what do you even have there?
Only because they literally plundered it all from every other country, but the fact remains. Best part is it's all free.

Im an argentinian going to spain for the first time, its my first time in europe also, I plan to travel there in between countries

what should I consider?

bear in mind im a huge manchildren who rarely travels, im scared and stupid.
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Relax friend. Research Spain and the region you are going to on the internet. Then read the Spain general. If there you don't receive the help you need, start a new thread with the basic info:

-Your age/interests
-Region you are headed
-Time/money at your disposal

trv is slow, no need to bump as often
another fucking sudaca in my country.
If you travel around your own city in Argentina, then you'll probably have the required street smarts to not feel too unsafe in Europe. What they say about the Basque region in Spain, is true. Tourists don't get the warm reception they do elsewhere, so don't be offended.

This board is good for specific questions. You won't get fast results, or much in the way of answers when you are vague. Like another said, post questions like regions, age, money interests, for requests for ideas that will not just get answered but be relevant to you. For instance, we don't know if you're walking the Camino de Santiago, or going to visit family in some small town.

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I've got a girlfriend in LA right now, I haven't really been out of state myself (I'm from Florida) And she wants to know about good places to find celebrities in. I tried looking places up, and I'm not very good at looking things up. (I'm fucking awful at that shit) And I would just like to know if any of you guys have been there yourself and if there are any good places to see celebrities in.

This is the first time I've posted on this board so, be gentle if I'm doing something stupidfuck.
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Try the fancier supermarkets on the west side. Whole Foods or Gelson's in places like Malibu, Santa Monica, Culver City etc.

You can find musicians and more B-list actors in Echo Park and Silverlake.

I've also seen occasional random celebs in the valley. Encinco, West Hills, Calabasas...

Thanks so much, bro! That's some mighty fine info. And it was well needed, she appreciates it.
Lol please tell me this is some weird cuck fantasy shit

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Why should I care about travelling? Same shit, different language.
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in most cases i would argue this fact, but in your case, you are absolutely right. im sure that the entire rest of the world has absolutely nothing to offer you.
well, like any hobby, the appeal is purely subjective

some people like ATVs and beer

some people like gangster rap and crack cocaine

some people like books

no one can convince you why you should be excited about something. try reading a buzzfeed article if that's how you think
Please don't care about traveling. Please please please stay home so I don't have to deal with shitheads like you.

Hi /trv/

I'm going on a tour of Europe for 13 days, pic related.

What are some must-see or seasonal events that I shouldn't miss? Tour starts on Sept 16 in London.
Hopefully I'll have time to check out Oktoberfest on the 3rd day.
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I would recommend going to less places and spending more time in a place. You can't get to know a place in just one day.

Florence: the most famous museums have hour long lines. Buy tickets days in advance or go an hour before closing time, lines have disappeared, plus the Uffizi and the Galleria del'Academia are not that large actually. Michelangelo's David is at the Galleria. As far as statues are concerned there is no need to see artworks by other artists: they are all so obviously inferior in talent to Michelangelo, I felt bad for them.

Paris: French and former Parisian here, please do not think negatively or positively of my country from two days in Paris: this place is only representative of itself and not at all of the diversity of France (the country is rather large).

Sept. 17-18 are the European Heritage Days: access is often possible in places that are normally not open to the public. Lines though. Use your google-fu, each country is supposed to have a website about these days.

You're missing La Mercè in Barcelona. Why u no go to Barcelona?

Check out fest300.com to find out if there's a seasonal event in the places you're going.

Have a nice trip!

Fest300.com sounds like a great place to start

Seeing Michelangelo's work was honestly not something I even thought of
Definitely going to check out as many of your suggestions as I can!

and thank you!

As a side note: this is a tour with Contiki as I have no confidence in traveling alone as of yet. they dont have Barcelona on the itineraryfor this one.
Have you booked and commited to this particular contiki yet?

If you're deadset on doing a Contiki, maybe pick one of the slower paced ones that spends 2 nights in each city. On this, you only spend 2 nights in Rome and Paris. You're gonna spend half this tour on a bus.

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I'm thinking about traveling, where should I go?
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Hi, have you tried www.boards.4chan.org/trv/?
Go to Kyrgyzstan...
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' '.png
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Go to 'go and bring me some 'za

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Hi /trv/ I have a question. What do people see in Miami?
I get visiting for a weekend, but living there?
I feel like there isn't much to do except beaches and parties.
>very little historical architecture
>everything looks the same
Am I the only one that feels this way?
I'm up for discussion
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Beaches, parties, Latino culture, gorgeous women. That's pretty much it.
I'm going for a weekend. What do guys wear?
>Am I the only one that feels this way?
Yes, OP. You are.


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R8 my late august/early mid september hitchhiking route, /trv/bros. Start: concord, in bay area. End: LAX int airport
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Read the sticky fool, you don't need to bump hit thread after 14 hours
Anyway you are missing Arcata/Humboldt which is a hitchhiking mecca. You are missing the coastal redwoods as well. Go further north and spend more time up there because it's one of the best areas in the country for hitching (central is a bit shit in my experience and I can't speak to SoCal)
Theres redwoods outside the national park though. And i think i can fit arcata in there

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