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Soon. Traveling will change, forever.
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Fuck off
You can already do this with your phone... plus using your phone allows foreigners to understand your burger language too... not just 1-way
>go to Asian market
>earpiece explodes


The writer makes the case that traveling without phones, internet, cameras or social media leads to a more enriching experience. I know that /trv/ loves taking selfies and pictures so I'm wondering how do you feel about this?

I think it's ironic that the author felt the need to share her digital detox experience online.
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Personally, I only carry a small camera, my mp3 player and go to internet cafes if I want to give my folks some news.
In 2 years of travel, it hasn't been a big deal. I'm guessing the writer (without bothering to read the article) is just adding flavorful language, and probably hasn't traveled much. When I feel an enriching experience, I don't bother taking out the cell phone in my pocket. Eventually, you get bored at any site. I always took a day off per week to lounge around the hostel and rest.

It's the 21st century, tech isn't evil, and it doesn't detract from experiences. Anyone who walks around a heritage site pointing their camera at everything is there for the IG likes, not for the "enriching experience", but live and let live.
I can sort of see the appeal. I spend a week every year camping with my wife and kids in a place with no cell reception, etc., and after the slightly weird first two days it's quite relaxing. But when I'm abroad I mostly prefer to remain at least semi plugged in. I'm self employed and my smartphone is half my office, so there's a lot of stuff I don't want to miss.

Do you use your bank's credit card for traveling?

They tried to push me into it today, but I have also received card applications from airlines that I have acquired a few thousands miles on.
Not sure which to pick. Going to Japan in January.

Richfags don't bother answering, I'm not in your league.
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I have a visa card from my bank that only charges me 1.5% of the amount I withdraw, never bothered exchanging cash.

Just check the conditions and choose the best one I guess.

(I don't live in America though)
Yes, I do. Booking my flights with it also gives me travel insurance.
Meh that's not even important

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I'm flying to Spain in about two weeks with a few friends. We will stay in Barcelona for four nights, fly to Ibiza for three nights, and after that fly to Madrid for four more nights.
Since it was a plan crafted by my friends I assume they already have something in mind to occupy us, yet I still feel the need to scout a bit and learn about all them tourist traps and hidden gems.
Google helps, but I always know that the best advice I will most likely get here. (last time I got such great advices here, pretty much made my trip)
So any crucial info I should stack up on? Thanks!
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pls help
last try ;_;
Would if I could, but I never been there

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How to make money in a foreign country?
I have no real marketable skills or a degree

I'm going to college but I hate it. I don't know what I want out of life. All I know is I want adventure. Please help!!
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everybody goes through that OP
you'll either grow out of it or grow the balls to live as you want
the latter may be suicidal though
I'm trying to live how I want you retard. I just want to know how to make money abroad. If you don't have a good answer then fuck off.
The best ability is availability. Make friends and keep your mind open to opportunity

That sounded like a fortune cookie

Considering all the bad PR on /trv/ lately regarding London and Paris, I'm wondering, are they bad destinations if all I want to do is see touristy stuff/museums and try to fuck hostel girls?
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The central parts of Paris are still gorgeous despite all the gypsies and immigrants.

pls no ban
I just got a blue screen of death as I read your post, so something is going on.

I really don't understand the /trv/ bitching about either city, as if they expect the capital cities of countries that used to rule half the world not to have people from those countries living there. As a port city for a naval nation, London has always been very multicultural anyway, dating all the way back to the Roman conquest. At any rate, I live in London and any complaining about immigrants is usually way over exaggerated, although I can't really speak for Paris. You just have to bear in mind that they aren't necessarily good representations of British/French culture, but that's probably the same with most major capital cities.

They are definitely still very good destinations for tourism, and between them they probably have like 10 of the top 20 things to see in Europe. London has the British Museum, Tower of London, London Eye, a bunch of old Kings and Queens stuff, Natural History Museum, etc, enough to easily keep you occupied for at least a week.

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For a while I've been planning on doing the TEFL thing in China (which I largely picked because it's super easy to find a decent job there if you're remotely qualified). Recently I found out that's gonna be a no-go, not gonna get into the reasons why, but I won't be going to China right now. So I've been looking into Taiwan.

How competitive is the job market there for English teachers in 2016? Is the pay decent? I've looked at the usual sites with job listings and I've seen a few but not a ton -- I've heard that it's more common to just fly over there with a little bit of cash on hand and look for a job once you get there. Does that actually usually work? Is it as risky as it sounds? And do you have any idea how long it usually takes? I don't care whether I end up working in a big city/Taipei -- if anything I might prefer something off the beaten path, so that's no issue.
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Bumping out of interest
>Recently I found out that's gonna be a no-go, not gonna get into the reasons why
Then why mention it?
Tell us what's up or you will receive 0 (zero) replies

Also, just get a proper job.
It's relatively easy to find work here; I only needed to apply for one job here and I had the interview that week and was then offered the job. Could be a little harder, but there's always a need for teachers (you might even want to consider the larger cram schools as they have a lot of support and more opportunities for pay). If you have all your documents with you, a degree, and a TEFL, you'll be fine. My TEFL isn't completed and I was fine.

I'm assuming that you'd get 90 day visa-free entry, which you're 'technically' not allowed to use for the purpose of looking for work, but can do it. In that case, just have a plan and enough money to support yourself. Typically speaking, the price of renting a room in Taipei is quite high, and for the same price you can have a flat in another town. Anyway three months is ample time to find a job, if you apply yourself you can get one quickly.

I came here with about £1,000 and managed to make it work, although it involved living and working in a hostel for nearly two months and was less than ideal. But I chose to base myself in Taipei, if I based myself elsewhere it would have been easier.

The average pay should be around 580NTD an hour, which is very good. I work 16 hours a week, most of the other living costs are cheap, but because I can't get more hours I'm a little capped with money (I draw and paint so I don't really mind). If you can do 20 hours a week you'll be fine, if you did 30 hours a week you'll be excellent. You get taxed quite a bit for your first 6 months though, but it works out alright.

Honestly, my life is really good here and I'm really happy. While I don't have a huge amount of money, I live comfortably enough and am slowly getting more hours. Before this, I lived in London, I've gone from working 50+ hours a week just for a room to eat and sleep in, to working 16 hours a week to have a room, and time to walk, draw, paint, learn Chinese, eat, meditate, exercise, all sorts of shit.

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So I posted this itinerary several months back when I was in the "planning" stages of this eurotrip thing, and at least one of you did warn me that this was too much time in cities but I didn't really know what else to do, sure enough I'm one month in (Brussels atm) and just super tired of shuttling from city to city, honestly they're starting to blur together a little. My question is: where would you suggest I go next? I'm not really set on Amsterdam anymore, I'm thinking of just skipping it and trying to get down to the black forest or alps for some peace and quiet. What town/areas specifically would be good? It needs to be accessible by public transportation, and have semi-affordable accommodation (<€100 is ideal). Just somewhere with nice day hikes and fresh air I guess? Or if you have a totally different suggestion I'm open to hearing it.

(Sorry if this is poorly written/formatted, only brought a phone with me >.<)
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I think you just need a vacation.

When I do a lot of city hopping, every 3rd day or day and a half are "flop days" to just swim at the hotel, dine and walk, maybe a spa or massage. Sleeping in. Nothing to do with the city so much as what I would do for myself on a weekend. Getting off my feet, seeing a film, planning my next...meal. Nothing too much exciting. Reading a book. If money is a problem, it doesn't feel like a useful use of your daily hotel rate, but pamper your feet, and plan your next move after a mental health break of self indulgence. Instead of just tourist stuff, do something like plan to attend a concert venue/small club show.
So for Hikes and accommodation below 100€ and accessible with public transport

Colmar, France
>still a city but quiet. great Alsace food and wine yet you're out in the nature in no times
Igels, Austria
>It's above innsbruck (20min bus ride), a small and comfy little city where hikes start right outside of your hotel.
Bregenz, Austria
>it's a city but again it's small and nature starts within the city limit. Great starting point for hikes or day trips to the Arlberg mountains, if you want it more quiet go to Hohen Ems
Herrsching am Ammersee, Germany
>1h train ride from munich, super comfy place bavarian food and great nature...
Elm, Switzerland
>small mostly wintersport village in Glarus, about 1.5h away from zurich, Great for hikes and outdoor stuff but almost zero night life. For Swiss prices still affordable so there's that.

Where ever you go, enjoy it bro.
You can generally do pretty well by looking for day trips from cities.

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I see most of "occasional solo travelers" are between ages 20-26 and I was wondering at what age does it stop to become hip to be a solo traveler who travels around the world and just turns into creepy?
I'm 29 and always dreamt of being one of those but will it look weird and I won't be able to connect to any fellow travelers due to big age gap.
When does "a young soul wanting to explore the world" becomes to "an old failure can't find himself"
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It's good as long as you feel it's good. Has nothing to do with old failure who cant find himself or anything. Who gives a shit anyway? Do what makes you happy and find like-minded people.
Why don't you just lie about your age when people ask if it makes you feel better about yourself?
Older you get, more of ur salary you spend on beers for poor college kids. Stop going after women more than 3 years below your age.

I'll repeat:
Stop going after women more than 3 years below your age.

That's what will make you seem creepy.

I'm currently in London but thinking of moving next year, a lot of the areas have been gentrified or excessively sanitised and I feel the city has sold it's soul in away. I don't think I could live anywhere else in the UK though, so I'm looking at options further afield.

What are some of your favourite cities?
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Depends how much $$$ you got pal
> Berlin

Don't OP. You yourself said you feel like London has lost its soul. Berlin is this but 10x worse. German culture is slowly being gobbled up by multiculturalism, this pleb probably loves modern Paris too.

Head to Eastern Europe to see people's that value their culture/nation.

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What is there to do in Quebec (the province) besides visit Montreal and Quebec City?

I'm looking for general recommendations for places (cities?) to visit during winter that don't involve winter sports and might be culturally or historically significant.
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>visiting Canada for the cities

why do you retards keep doing this
>might be culturally or historically significant.
Québec is in North America. They don't have that.
Most of us can find that some sort of wilderness in our own country, but it's not possible to do that with cities.

Hey /trv/, first time on this board!

Has anyone got information on the city of Bruges? I'm heading there for 3 days on a work business trip.

Any places there that are must-see?
How about the nightlife, what's it like?

Aside from the film "In Bruges", I know very little about the place desu
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For nightlife take the train to Ghent (30 mins, student city but also lots of other partyplaces).
Bruges has a nice historic centre. Not too big. Just walk around, it's literally cut off by walls and canals from the 'rest' of the city.
Belgian popping in. I would suggest dividing your time between Bruges and Ghent.

Visiting Bruges is really easy ask your hotel/hostel for a map look up some recs beforehand and just wander about.

If you're into museums and the flemish masters/primitives period of art you're in luck. Highlights imo: groeningemuseum, st Jans hospital, bellfry, the town squares and in general the architecture.

Ghent is more laidback and less overrun by tourists (No big cruisegroups mainly). Also huge student city so if you're into that partying is pretty good especially on a thursdaynight if you're college age.
It's a giant tourist trap. Pretty, but it's more like a crowded theme park.
I'm going to second all the Gent suggestions, criminally underrated city.

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Please help,

I want to go to a European city with the culture and size of Florence, I went there last year and I was able to walk to all of the tourist destinations. I don't want to drive, I'll be on a budget

Please help, preferably not Italy for France because I've been there a lot
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Brugge, maybe
Vienna or Budapest
If you want something authentically French, I'd go to Québec. Just came back from there a couple days ago and was blown away. It is far more French than France is, and absolutely beautiful. Went there just at the right time for fall colors.

But I'll let you on in a little secret, but you can't tell normies about it, okay?

Lviv, Ukraine

>super cheap
>almost no tourists
>lots of history and culture (mix of central european/slav)
>beautiful architecture
>sexy women (and men)

But when you come back you can thank me and tell all the normies how horrible it was so they will never go there. You're welcome ;)

So apparently you need some kind of confirmed travel itinerary to apply for a Schengen visa.
But it's hard to find information on how to get one other than those half-shady looking "you can try to get one at a travel agency OR USE OUR EASY TO USE 100% SAFE GUARANTEE SERVICE ON THIS WEBSITE FOR JUST xx,xx" sites.

If you ever had to apply for a Schengen visa, how did you get hold of one of those itineraries?
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Oh, forgot to add, if I get a travel confirmation from airline A, have my visa granted based on this and then go on to book at airline B but with the same dates (because it is cheaper etc), will that cause a problem?

Thanks for the help anyway.
typically it just means you need to have your flight tickets (bought), and hotel reservations. Some embassies would insist that your hotel should already be paid. In any case, print-outs of electronic tickets/ reservations are fine, but they might call the airline/hotel to check.

The precise requirements vary both by the country of residence and distination (yes, I know it's schengen). So check the webiste of the embassy of the country for whose visa you apply in your country. Some useful up-to-date info can sometimes be found on local forums.

Perhaps it's worth reiterating: the precise details depend on your country of residence.
oh, and what you do after you get your visa is irrelevant. Nobody's gonna care

I love Thai for the climate, friendly people, food, old school way of dealing with things. I love it all. But it's just beyond me how a country that's dependant on tourism just fucks tourists so hard with the visas.

For example, as an European I could go to Spain or Malta and stay there for few decades and nobody would give a damn. In thailand you exceed a week of visa and get ready to fined, jailed and/or deported.

Any alternatives to Thailand living cost wise, but without the constant visa harassment.

Cheers /trv/ this is my first time here. Pic not related, literally the only picture I had on this laptop.
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>as an European I could go to Spain or Malta
that's not a fair comparison. EU is like half-way towards being a single country. Which is why Brexit. Anyway.

I've heard Cambodia is much easier to arrange long-stay visas when already there. Apparently that's where the Thai expat community is slowly shifting to. Otherwise, all the neighbouring countries (except china) have visa on arrival or visa-free for Europeans, but only short-term.
I know a couple of people who split the year between Thailand (6 mo) and Cambodia (6 mo), the maximum length you can stay in Thailand per year on tourist visas and/or exemptions.

Poster above is right about Cambodia--at least for now one can still buy an indefinitely renewable business visa for a few hundred dollars, on very flimsy pretext. Crazy dictator could always change the rules (about that or anything else), but for now it's still on.
How long are you looking to live in Thailand? There are other visas besides tourist ones

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