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So thinkin about taking my wife on a vacation for the first time. We're not from money so went to JP then a small travel trip I'd barely call a honeymoon, so where is a good vacation location?
>Budget about 3k to spend
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Where are you from?
Central Texas, round Abilene if you know it.
what do the two of you like? music, food, clubs, outdoors, cities?

Trying to become a meme in China, this will be my first time teaching but not my first time travelling for long periods of time.

Photograph related, which one of the three is preferable? Anyone with experience there can tell me about it? I'm researching them now too but it'd be nice to know something about them in advance.

I don't care about the women, they're ugly anyways. They all seem pretty spread out, I'm wondering about how each place is in terms of probable pay, tier of each place, food, people, environment, etc.

Also the possibility in each of these places of teaching on the side and how good each place is if I want to go travel to nearby areas. Also I'm Muslim and I see Urumqi is in the area with more Muslims. Anyone know how the situation is there in particular? Would I get Friday off and how would it compare to a Muslim country in terms of acceptability of Islam in public? I lived in Egypt for a year for reference.
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Nothing? I've read some stuff about Urumqi that makes it seem kind of difficult and repressive.
Read sticky, this board is slow.
I know but I'm impatient and you guys give such great advice

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Fuck off this is my cozy New Smyrna Beach, Florida thread. Just fuck right off.
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>me and matthew's boat in pic related

Literally, I'm posting this shit so I can look at all the pictures myself. Don't post you faggots. This is MY thread.
>my back deck
>my kitchen view

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Sup everyone!
I've got a ticket to Spain, arriving Nov4th. A friend is coming with me. Return tickets are Dec 2nd. But the thing is we don't plan on coming back home.

I want to go from Spain to Nethl. hitchhiking and camping, then get some kind of work there (I know 3 people in different cities, they might help) to gather more cash

then go to some Russian archenemy in the East (Ukraine or Georgia have an appeal to me). As soon as I get to EE, I can fund myself making 600$ a month online ( in the West it wouldn't be enough). Then maybe Asia

But the most important part is: enjoying Spain and France without spending more than 15euro/day, and getting to Belgium.

Can I go through just camping? Am I going to die to the coldness? Is a farmer gonna shotgun my asshole for invading his property? Tips?

We've tried Couchsurfing and Workaway but didn't find interesting proposals. Maybe hosting two unskilled dudes is not that appealing to most "vegan open minded" people.

I hope this ends up being an interesting journey

pic related is a girl from my country with tons of make up on

would fuck
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forgot to mention : I have 1200 euro on savings. My friend has 2000.
you want to go camping in...november? You're probably going to have to find a hostel. It's not doable in Spain, nevermind every other country north of Spain. So 15€ a day is going to be very hard. In France particularly I doubt it's even enough to eat unless you can cook all the time.
Fifteen euros is what I spend in one meal in a regular restaurant in West Europe. Even if you go full YOLO and get into Freeganims, you won't be able to see/do all the things you would want.

Do you have suitable clothing for winter? It is cheaper to buy it in Europe, but you will lose a bit more of your little amount of euros.

After the refugee crysis, I don't know if hitchhiking for two brown fags is safe in Europe now a days.

How often does /trv/ travel and how do you deal with the urge to travel when you arent traveling?

>I try to plan 2 2 week long trips each year
>last trip was to russia in early august
>been thinking about it constantly the past 2 weeks and how much I want to be on a plane somewhere.
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Work, anime, videogames for the most part. Mostly work
When I get tired of those I go camping.

I've been to eight countries this year, including my own. I traveled from December of 2015 until February 2016. Several months later, in May, I decided to go to Costa Rica for two weeks but ended up spending most of that time in Nicaragua.

I came back, went to work, and started arguing with my bosses a lot. Probably it's not a good thing, but I've realized I'm just not good at having a boss.

Anyway, booked a ticket elsewhere in July, pushed back my trip until August. In South Asia now and will be here until mid-January, which is when my return flight is scheduled home. However, there's a chance I might stay gone until May. If I can earn some money, there are a handful of other places I want to visit.

I still need to finish university - got a year left on my BSc - but I'm no rush. Already have great work experience and was earning ~$40-50k (variable due to commission) while taking classes.

Deal with the urge to travel by traveling, even locally. I recently bought a motorbike and always try taking weekend trips an hour or two or three from my house and see where I end up. I just try to keep busy and find new ways to have fun.
your family must give you money.

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Hi /trv/

I'm motorbiking through southeast Asia over the summer.

What's the best way of crossing the border from Laos to Thailand?

Also, is Cambodia even worth hitting? I would but everything I've read about border crossings sound so hairy.
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I have never crossed the border by land into Cambodia,. so can;t speak to that. But I loved the country, well worth the effort to get there. Unless it's Laos 2.0, never been to Laos.
> it's like some people wish bad things upon themselves
You ain't kidding; for some reason I keep visiting 4chan.
Nice contribution
Everything I've read says you're more likely to be mugged in Europe than these countries.


>don't be a pussy

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image1 (3).jpg
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what are some fun things to do this weekend there. My friends will be working during the day so I would like to explore during the day time. what do you recommend.
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tis mushroom season hit the cow fields!
Bottoms Up is best pizza in the city, Channelo's is the best pizza that delivers late night when you're drunk.

Sticky Rice is my favorite bar there but its not for everyone
where is that ? what you mean?

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If you were to travel to 5 other countries for vacation that you've never been to before, what would they be?

Mine be would be:

1. Australia
2. Russia
3. Greece
4. Italy
5. Falkland Islands
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1. Japan
1. Nippon
2. Croatia
3. Australia
4. Iceland
5. Hawaii (I know, fuck you)
No order, but sort of order
3.Yemen, including Socotra
4.Brazil, the amazon
5.Saudi Arabia

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Me and some friends are going on a trip to Salem Massachusetts. What are some interesting things to do there or in the area? We re open to the idea of going to Boston should there be not too much beyond the witch stuff in Salem. Any suggestions?
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I'm from Boston and I was in Salem just a few days ago.

There wasn't really much to do there -- you could stretch out a day trip, but I was done after maybe four hours.
I didn't go into any witch related museums or the House of the Seven Gables -- so you could do that -- but the main witch museum (it looks like an old church) is apparently shit.

Surprisingly enough, by far the most interesting area for me was the Salem Maritime National Historic Site (wharf area) and the surrounding buildings which had nothing to do with witches.
The witch/Halloween stuff is mostly touristy crap.

Boston and Cambridge are far more interesting.
Any recommendations for those two places?
not the other guy who replied but if its your first time in boston walk the freedom trail. you will see most of the things that are to be seen and its hard to get lost.

castle island in southie is off the beaten path but a favorite of mine personally.

eat at Yankee lobster.

go to a bruins game if you are into sports.

cambridge harvard square is cool to see, union if you are into food, davis is good if you are college aged.

salem is cool for a day trip right now just cuz there is a ton of Halloween stuff going on but i dont think you could get must more than a day out of it.

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Hey /trv/

Northern Irish here heading over to Krakow for 8 days at the end of November.

Aside from the obvious things like the salt mines, Castles, Various churches and Auschwitz. Can you recommend places/Things to see and do in Krakow?

We were thinking of heading down to Zakopane for a few days to check it out but have heard its pretty shit in November weather wise. Is this true?

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Dunno, but some of my favorite travel moments were had in spite of crappy weather, don't let that rule you.

Raining like fuck on Icelandic Glacier related.
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Pic even more related when I remember to post it.
stay at the mosquito hostel
you're welcome

Do you count connecting flights as has been in the country?

If not, where does the limit go for telling people you've been to the country?
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No, with one exception. I have a goal to see how many countries I can fly a kite in, and carry some miniature kites to fly in airport concourses to "add a country." For that limited purpose, I think it counts.

So I have flown a kite in Germany, at the airport in Frankfurt. But I would not day I have traveled to Germany.
Wow that's pretty cool man
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kites in kuwait.jpg
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Everybody needs a hobby.

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What are your favorite travel blogs or YouTubers?

Use to like Global Degree, but meh
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Louis Cole

I won't lie. I'm pretty jelly of his incredible life. Sometimes when you travel you meet these incredible restless positive people who just make friends wherever they go and inspire others. I don't have that, I love to travel but I'll always be a bit of a cynical ass. I can't imagine ever being as happy go-lucky as this guy.He's an absolute legend.
Fuck... why is /tv/ so slow?

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hey /trv/, i'm a poor wageslave college student working at Best Buy and today a customer didn't want to ring up with me because she said she uses AAdvantage links and gets flight miles to use.

it sounded pretty fishy to me, but she said she was actually able to get a fully paid for Europe round trip just by doing this for a year or so. How feasible is this? anyone else use this or something similar? if it's true i'm signing up right now, I want to vacation outside the US super bad.
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You can use shopping portals to buy everyday shit and get points for buying those things, it sounds like that's what said customer is talking about.
See the credit card thread.

What airport is hubbed where you live? Closest big one? That will play a big role in to which program is best. I a m buy a delta hub and use sky miles

i'm aware of what it does, i'm curious if it is actually worth the time and effort though, like many rewards programs are not.

i have like no credit yet so that won't really apply to me but i have been trying to get some so i'll check that out anyways. as for the airport, I live in Santa Maria, CA so that's technically the closest airport to me but nearby would be San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and then 3 hours away is LAX. how can i find out about any of their "hubs"?

Why are freight ships so expensive to travel on?

I've been trying to research about traveling by freight and it's cheaper to just go on a cruise. Wtf is this?

Does anyone know about really cheap freight ships to go port to port on?
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>Why are freight ships so expensive to travel on?
Because there's not much room in them and the way they're managed they're not even supposed to accommodate visitors in the first place.

>Does anyone know about really cheap freight ships to go port to port on?
Try third world companies in third world ports.
They apparently always have extra cabin space. Why should it be $100 a day to get one of those extra cots?
>Why should it be $100 a day to get one of those extra cots?
Why shouldn't it?

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hi guys, I'll spend some days in Prague, can recommend some activties/ things to see?
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What are you interested in?
What is your budget?
sluts and drugs bro
OP here
I'm into the bar scene

fuck you cunt

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