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I'm travelling to Brussels from the UK later this season, on a shitty Ryanair flight to the South Charleroi Airport. Any advice on how to get into the city centre from there? I know there is a shuttle bus for about £14, but are there any other options, such as a train? I'm having trouble sorting through these websites in French.
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Taxi will cost you like 40 euro.
Maybe walk to one of the nearby suburbs and take the bus from there, because airport shuttle prices are often inflated?
It is a long-ass bus journey, it's not gonna be the same price as the bus to your local Aldi.
Fair point about inflated prices, just not sure where I can walk to from the airport that will be feasible on foot. Has anyone here made the trip themselves?

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Why don't more /trv/lrs get into consulting/high % traveling for work?

You get your airfare, housing, transportation, and food paid for; you get to hang out with your overseas colleagues (who will always take you out to the best dinners and bars); and you get the most "authentic" local experience possible since you're working during the day and drinking/partying/relaxing at night just like every other person in the country who isn't a hobo, unemployable, or a shitty trust fund kid.

And it's not even competitive. Most people have families/local obligations that prevent them from spending too much time far away, so organizations are stoked when someone expresses a desire to be on the move. Why bother with gap years/backpacking/hostel slumming when you can get paid a good salary + full expenses covered for a far better travel experience?
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There really aren't many jobs like you are describing, and you have to be highly qualified with a lot of experience to land them.

Sure companies are happy to find a guy that will want to travel like this, but only because he is qualified enough to land a job without dealing with the bullshit of traveling.

Even then, expect to work 14 hour days and sleep the other ten, and only see the inside of the airport. They aren't sending you out for charity, traveling for work sucks. Anyone who's actually done it would agree.
Some yes and some no from both points...

Working for a company and you're not a top executive? Yeah that's going to be a lot less like OP described and more like 2nd post.

If you really want to travel world, spend all your time and energy learning another language and join your home countries equivalent of the 'Department of Trade'.

These have to be some of the best jobs for travelling in the world. All you do is travel (or work overseas on a post) helping businesses sell stuff to each other, and it's all over fancy dinners and events paid for by the Government.

Did this for a few years before starting a business of my own. Was a very rewarding experience.
>why don't you just find an awesome job with tons of travel and no downsides?

Gee i dunno op.

What is your preferred seat on a plane? Is there a difference between day and night flights?
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Away from the bathroom is a must, also the emergency exit seat is goat but not necessary.
Mu preference is a window seat towards the back. One
The ones in first class

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I have a couple of questions about New Orleans: is mid February a good time to go, if I go by myself will I be able to find some travel friends in a hostel, is the uber there safe or better to walk around and use public transit, and is 5 days enough to tour around? I'm a 24, male, and great at socializing with new people.
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>cold as fuck
>no hunting seasons active
if you are going for Mardi Gras, i would not advise touching alcohol if you do

This isn't Prague, if you get drunk in Nola, expect bad shit to follow

but i live 50 minutes from there and have been more times than i can count, i'll answer any other questions you have
If I were you, right now is prime time to visit Louisiana, great weather, great hunting tours
>LSU tailgating
crazy part is, that everyone is super fucking nice, all you gotta do is shoot the shit or bring some drinks and food, and you'll fit in just right
i'll post a vid if i can
I'm tying to book a trip from February 19th to the 25th so Mardi Graz is not going to happen. But I've heard the preMardi Graz parties are wild too.
Really, I want to go to New Orleans to see the french quarter and the culture. Where would you go instead during mid February with a student budget?

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Planning on traveling around Europe when I turn 20 in spring, I want to go to newyork for a bit first tho.
Problem is I've never left ireland before and new York looks really expensive, along with a lot of Europe.
What's the best way to get to see these places?
I probably won't have more than 3000 starting the trip, but willing to rough it when I get to europe
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I know this board moves pretty danm slow, but could someone give me any advice on this?
Stay at hostels and take cheap transportation, such as buses. If i were you i would go east, i would hit poland, krakow particularly. The baltic coast and the balkan countries are also a good option. These nations are cheaper and your gonna get your wallet all sorts of fucked up in Western European nations. Try croatia hit bulgaria, you will make your money go a lot further and be able to step out of your comfort zone.
The easiest way to travel, imo, is to make friends around the world. You get people who speak the native language, and show you cool shit for free, and you probably won't have to pay to crash there, just be ready to do the same for them. Seriously the Internet connects you to millions of people, how hard can it be to say hi?

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Me and some friends are planning a road-trip next summer. Graz to Istanbul and back.

We'll be in a VW Minibus, fully kitted out with cooking equipment and beds 2 people comfortably. We will also have a tent. For eating and sleeping we will be flexible, not relying on hostels or restaurants.
We will have as much time as is needed, I guess about 2 months, and hopefully enough money for the whole trip.
Interested in culture and and nature, so anything an everything really.

You can see the rough itinerary I bashed out. The map might be confusing. We would start in Graz, make our way to Istanbul, ferry from Turkey to Athens by ferry then drive back up to Austria.

I'm looking for:
- General road-trip advice.
- Local knowledge. If you know of somewhere along our path we MUST check out, or a place not worth going to, do let me know.

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you fuk wit dont go through bosnia, go through the coast road of croatia to zagreb.

ankara is a waste of your time, again do a west coast type thing for turkey, see ruins, beaches and shit.
This, Ankara is a long drive away and not really worth it. Go see the Dardanelles, go to Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

Sarajevo is cool. So is Mostar, which is worth like an afternoon. But Sarajevo - Zagreb is a long leg of the trip, and there is hardly anything worth seeing along the way. If you've never been to the Croatian coast before, drive from Sarajevo back to Split, and then take it slowly up the coast from there. Sibenik, Trogir, Zadar, Istria, Trieste. If you really really want, you can still go to Zagreb but to be honest, I wasn't really impressed by the Hrvat capital.
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Removed Ankara as you both suggested and made route along Mediterranean coast of Turkey, through Dardanelles.
I do want to see Bosnia tho. I added Mostar, thanks for the hint, and removed Sarajevo for now. I wonder why say not to go through Bosnia?
Also added Ljubiana as final stretch before Graz

- The Varna-Sofia stretch is totally off track. Varna-Istanbul would be quicker. Is it worth driving that bit through Bulgaria to see Sofia? I love cities and especially capitals.
- Macedonia/Skopje. Worth it? Or skip it.
- Zagreb? Doing Fiume-Ljubjana would be quicker. But again i do capitals.

Thanks, input already helpful!

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I want to go for a weekend somewhere in Europe in December.

I'm a gay 29 year old loser virgin, and I just want to fuck someone before I'm 30. I want to go somewhere that finding a gay hookup should be achievable, so that's important.

I was thinking Berlin? I could hit up the Christmas markets too. Or would somewhere like the Canary Islands be better? Or somewhere else?

Anyone got recommendations?
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Sure Berlin could work but their whole gay scene is really into barebacking which is bad news.
Honestly if you can't just download Grindr and get some action where you are now, not sure Europe would be that much better.
I was in Prague for Christmas. The atmosphere was nice: people were kind, going out was cheap, Christmas stalls everywhere, etc.

However, I know nothing about the gay community there.

gay sex requires no effort unlike heterosexual sex, because homos are all promiscuous

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Hey guys, this is likely a common question but what do you guys to for work?

I'd love to hear what you all do to fund your trips and especially from those of you who travel for work.
I'm unsure about my career path so i'm hoping to get some ideas and inspiration from you guys
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Made an app – sold it to US company. Would recommend as career path.
At least I'm trying to be one.
I teach English to maintain myself abroad while I try to make something of my artwork. I'd recommend it as an easy way to travel and save some money, but I can't imagine teaching would be tolerable for more than a few years unless that's your thing.

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hello /trv/,

let's have a different kind of thread. let's leave aside the board's standard destinations of Thailand, China, and other places where the girls are cheaper than in the West, and look at some of the finer things in life.
By that I mean ditching your backpack for a suitcase, public transport for a chauffeur, and hostels for hotels.

pic related, the Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary, one of my favourite winter destinations. Although I haven't stayed at Grandhotel Pupp, I'll probably making a reservation for this February.

How have your luxury travels been recently?
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It's still Thailand, but I have a couple of days booked at Lebua, the Sky Bar hotel from Hangover 2, for my wife's birthday

Not sure if that's luxury enough for you, but the InterConti Pattaya (former Sheraton Resort) is pretty nice. Completely with chauffeur driven hotel cars for you to rent.

I've also done island hopping in a rented helicopter on Palau but that felt a bit excessive.
I can't remember the name of the place, but when I was in Beijing two years ago, a five star resort had just opened and rooms were dirt cheap. Inside were exotic birds, a water park, expensive looking paintings, vast, arched hallways. It was ostentatious and gave me an appreciation for the run down hostels I've stayed at. Also stayed at a similar resort in Sharm al Sheikh that had the same effect on me.

I think coming from America, it's hard for me to value luxury more than the interesting crowds found in hostels. If I wanted excessive comfort, I would not need to travel.

Going to TJ for a few days what should I expect?

*inb4 head cut off.

Anyways, if this trip goes well I will have access to $20 hookers and cheap beer/food every other weekend. This week I will be going with a bunch of friends who will bring their gfs, however I am looking forward to going solo for obvious reasons.
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>cheap hookers

It's 2016. MX ladies charge the same amount as in the US (adjusted for NEW Peso use), so you get the same bang for your buck as if you had stayed home....plus actual bang if you get shot but more likely robbed at knife point.

You fell for the old TJ meme.
I have to respectfully disagree. Maybe in places like Hong Kong TJ. And maybe the average "safe" place may approach the average street walker price, but the quality you get at the price point, nah. What you could get for under $100 in TJ would be $150 or more in the USA. Not to mention the places the dirt cheap boystowns close to the Texas borders in Mexico.
I just got blown for $20 or 200 Pesos, the same would have cost $100 here in California. And in California is covered, this one is uncovered and she swallowed.

So just how expensive is Zurich for a traveller ? I mean specifically for beer, local food (mid range) and transport.

t. Londoner
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Very. If you have been to Oslo, expect it to be about similar.

t. Zuricher
Food and drink are very expensive. A 9 Franc beer is not out of the question. Street food is a bit cheaper. I was there a few weeks ago and we survived on street sausage. That said it's a really cool city worth visiting.

The only thing that is not overexpensive is the trolley, think it's about the same price per day as in London.

Eating at a restaurant goes from 30 to 60 CHF (just main course and drinking)
Beer is 7 for 0.5l at a bar

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Tell me something you like about venezuela .
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curacao sunset.jpg
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Well, I guess I like that the oil they send to be refined on Curacao makes the sunsets there amazing. Though it also makes it smell like crude oil
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Also, it just looks like a happy place.
ok anon that's just cute

I'm Turkish and have a same beard like him. (Turkish Minister of Energy) Most people - including me hate Muslims and i will go to most racist place in Europe (Ukraine) soon and i don't want any negative energy around me.

So, does he look like Muslim? Should i cut my beard?
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Just stay home
Id say yes, shave it and get a haircut too to make yourself look like you lived there your whole life.
Not sure if you know but the vast majority of people who do still go to Ukraine are muslims from Turkey...

Ukrainian people are happy about every and all foreigners that still come and they can just not afford to scare anyone away. Turks bring good money into the country and they arent even much worse than the gopniks they already have everywhere. Just go and find out yourself. There is no danger whatsoever.

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I intend to buy a house in SF after I graduate from doctoral school for pure Mathematics. Big money I'm gonna get after striking it big in revenue from a massive website I'm going to make. But I was thinking. Is there a better city than SF? You know, mostly cool weather, with especially rainy winters and gray autumns? Can't beat that gloomy gray feel. I've considered Reno, NV, and New York, New York. Post cities like this.
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Seattle. Also Vancouver.
SF is ok for that weather bubble, if you get bummed out by bad weather you can be in LA in 4 hours.
It never rains here, man. You want further north for that.

I'll be going to Hong Kong in December and I'm going to book a place to stay in the next few days. Is it essential to stay in Central? Hotel prices are a lot cheaper in the other areas so that's a bit tempting but I don't want to be too far away from things. I'll be travelling with my girlfriend so I'm not going to be out partying all night although I'm sure we'll be having late dinners and drinks.
I've also thought about Airbnb. Does anyone here have any experience with that in Hong Kong? We'll be staying in the city for 4 nights.

Also, general suggestions about things to do in Hong Kong will be greatly appreciated.
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no it is not essential to stay in central. the subway is easy enough to figure out
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I'll join the party if you dont mind..

Me and my girlfriend are also traveling to Hong Kong next month. First time in HK. We booked a room in Tsim Sha Tsui in a hotel called Just As Inn. Anyone know the place? It's in Harilela Mansion by Nathan Road.

I booked the hotel through Booking.com. Seemed to me that hotels are slightly cheaper than AirBnB accomodations.

Of course I'm also interested in hearing about things to do, see, smell, eat, etc. Going to see Victoria Peak, Stanley Market and other markets in Kowloon, maybe see the Buddha.

How's the safety in Hong Kong?
>How's the safety in Hong Kong?
HK is very safe. You have absolutely nothing to worry about if you don't do something completely careless.

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